Living in Micro Apartments a Growing Trend

Glendale, Calif., apartment building offers small units at an affordable price.
3:00 | 06/14/13

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Transcript for Living in Micro Apartments a Growing Trend
With a name like elevate you -- -- trendy and with more than 200 apartments the downtown Glendale complex is no small project. Until you actually go into one of the units. Everything is under 400 square feet. That makes it might grow apartment one that rings in at 15100 dollars a month it's a growing trend in the residential market squeezing all the necessities into a footprint. That's roughly half the size of an average apartment. It's a one bedroom one bath fully finished full kitchen closet dining area all of this done in less than 400 feet three under 75 feet to be exact. Acted in a unit this size every inch counts -- units like this make up 13 of the elevate complex -- It's your -- people who won an urban experience and don't have a lot of stuff. It's nice if it's done a smaller side is but it's just me and my dogs I didn't really -- about -- But. If 375. Square feet -- seems a little too small for you that is where the roof comes in high on top of the building. Is -- sky -- some 26000. Square feet. Of outdoor living. We've got private combines we've got spots we've got -- media center. A movie screen for an evening screenings the roof even sports. Hot dog park -- to be able to spend a lot of time appear on the roof and get out of there because those get a little. A little claustrophobic. Claustrophobia can be -- downside of trendy but with a brand new building to fill the developers are betting big. And people living small. In Glendale Robin Hayes ABC seven Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Glendale, Calif., apartment building offers small units at an affordable price.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"19404310","title":"Living in Micro Apartments a Growing Trend","url":"/US/video/living-micro-apartments-growing-trend-19404310"}