Los Angeles Dodgers opening day

Dodgers looking to land in the World Series Championship for the 3 straight season.
1:06 | 03/28/19

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Transcript for Los Angeles Dodgers opening day
And Ashley -- hearing Dodger Stadium on a day many consider to be a national holiday it is Major League baseball's opening day in what better place to do it. Been here in the heart of Los Angeles. For the first time since 2010 cling Kershaw will not be making the start on opening day he's dealing with some shoulder issues. So I'll be hunting a redo making the start. Now as fans would like to probably forget the Dodgers did lose in the World Series last season of the Boston Red Sox in five games. The Dodgers are now trying to get their way back into the World Series for a third consecutive season. That journey all begins here today. There were some big trades in the off season a couple of big names have less now sealed week. Matt Kemp and Alex would are now with other teams but they're also some new faces that have joined the Dodgers roster that fans will get to see here today. With first pitch beginning at 1:10 PM against the Arizona Diamondbacks. The gates open at 10 AM here at Dodger Stadium I'm actually during ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"1:06","description":"Dodgers looking to land in the World Series Championship for the 3 straight season. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62012924","title":"Los Angeles Dodgers opening day","url":"/US/video/los-angeles-dodgers-opening-day-62012924"}