Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Moves to Curtail Protesters at Shooting Victims' Funerals

ABC News' Mary Bruce reports the latest news on the Louisiana movie theater shooting and the afternoon's other top stories.
5:19 | 07/25/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Moves to Curtail Protesters at Shooting Victims' Funerals
Good day I'm Mary Briggs at ABC news headquarters in New York with this digital report. The two victims of those deadly movie theater shootings Thursday night in Lafayette Louisiana are being linked to arrest a day. As Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal issues an executive order authorizing police to enforce state law that protects against disturbing the peace at funerals. After reports that certain groups had planned protests. Mourners held a candlelight vigil last night amid a steady stream of bouquets of flowers laid at the Peter. And now we're hearing from a witness who was sitting in the same row as the shooter 21 year old Emily Mann says she crouched down. When she saw the gun flashes. And that's katic as that situation can be there was that there's an understanding amongst everyone there that we are in this situation to get there and that's the community here. So as chaotic and as loud and the screening it was all T warn each other and to help each other. Meantime we're learning more about the shooter 59 year old John Hauser a drift where he exhibited exhibited extreme erratic behavior had mental problems. Plus a criminal record. And he obtained his gun legally. ABC's Ryan Owens has the latest. The weapon was purchased. At a bunch. He engaged in Alabama. In February of 4014. Purchased legally police say even though in 06. I'm mr. Hauser a plot for a concealed carry permit. That permit was denied before his name meet national headlines. John rusty house or earned a law degree from Faulkner university in Alabama he was politically active. Even running for office as an ultra conservative in Georgia. Expressing controversial views and online forums according to story full one post reading. America is so sick that I now believe it will be the enemy of the world in 2001 hells are placed a swastika on the outside of the bar he owned. But denied he was a Nazi sympathizer. The drifter spent the last few weeks living at this motel six in Lafayette. What detective discovered in his room. Only deepens the mystery. We found weeks. And glasses and this guys is basically in his room. But there's no disguising hell's there's troubled past. His last known address was here in Alabama where he was evicted last year after the owners say he booby trap the fire place. Like tampering with the gas line and trashing their house nobody did it also didn't want him to hurt us. He is marriage fell apart two. In 2008 his wife and family ask for a protective order saying hells are exhibited extreme erratic behavior including various acts of family violence. The court filing says he had manic depression and or bipolar disorder his wife so worried she removed all guns from their home. ABC's Ryan Owens reporting from Lafayette Louisiana. Now to the west the big story today is those out of control wildfires. More than a dozen of them are consuming hundreds of thousands of acres. Forcing evacuations. And threatening California's venerated wine country. ABC's Cano went where it has the latest. With extra dry combustible fuels everywhere fourteen large fires have ripped through six western states. Where nearly five times the amount of land has disgorged compared to this time last year the planes. Growing quickly and in extremely close range to some area homes. Nearby Napa Valley residents being warned to evacuate. With the flames nearly 300 feet high reinforcements have been called in members of an elite team assembling to battle the inferno. Firefighters coming from as Far East as Merrill. Wind is a major concern here in Montana firefighters expecting gusts of at least thirty miles an hour but it's not uncommon to see gusts of fifty if you get too high the they have to ground their aerial attack. Forecasters predicting more gusty winds and dry conditions through the weekend. Can a whitworth ABC news glacier. Chrysler has issued a formal recall of nearly one and a half million cars and trucks that may be susceptible tech hacking. He I Chrysler's distributing anti having hacking software after a WIRED Magazine report about software programmers. Who were able to remotely take control of a Jeep Cherokee. All is being driven on a Missouri highway. End to a man in Florida who lost control. Police in winter even say this man got off this bus but then decided he wanted to get back on the bus driver told him he'd have to pay the two dollar fare again. Before he got off the bus lock the door and headed to get into the terminal. After few minutes then apparently angry passenger hurled himself into the boss's door breaking the glass and knocking himself out. After a few seconds the man got up and ran off. Police are still looking for. ABC news is monitoring these developments are around the clock to get updates on these stories start them on the ABC news phone apps. Cecilia Vega will have a complete wrap up later on world news tonight I'm Mary Bruce in New York advocate.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"ABC News' Mary Bruce reports the latest news on the Louisiana movie theater shooting and the afternoon's other top stories.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"32684920","title":"Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Moves to Curtail Protesters at Shooting Victims' Funerals","url":"/US/video/louisiana-gov-bobby-jindal-moves-curtail-protesters-shooting-32684920"}