Maddie Bowman of US Wins Gold Medal

Maddie Bowman wins first ever gold medal in the halfpipe freestyle skiing event.
3:00 | 02/21/14

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Transcript for Maddie Bowman of US Wins Gold Medal
Yeah -- yeah -- special ABC news at the Olympics day fourteen from Sochi. We'll feature a showdown for years in the making -- the US it's Canada it is sixteen minutes at least a hockey for a shot at gold. And that is ladies' figure skating less than 24 hours -- -- championship was crowned controversy is brewing. First though -- -- Olympics and sixty. The games are winding down one last weekend in Sochi and they're watching it all forced ABC's Matt Gutman -- -- -- with some. Hockey heartbreak still sinking in today for hockey fans team USA's women who want to beat rival Canada. So badly. It was so painful to watch -- The US team had. Not for most of the game it was 21 towards the end of the third period and the Canadian team just -- a goal and then in sudden death overtime eight minutes in. Canadian scored again -- heartbreaker you could see it on the faces of those American athletes. That that ice hockey team -- -- so soundly throughout the entire tournament there was never any doubt that this was the rivalry and that this is going to be the gold medal match. It's been going on for about twenty years Americans have -- Canadians in women's hockey for four of the last five Olympic Games. These guys have brawl before in North Dakota up three months ago was a five on five brawl they all went after each other -- shows you the intensity of this rivalry and also you know they won silver you think that's a great consolation. Not to these women wasn't that none IA is it certainly was having that certainly put their heart and a soul until I was that would hockey -- -- -- and the American meant. Getting their long awaited rematch with candidate today the Russians eliminated from medal contention is there still some -- for what's really. A marquee matchup -- Right I mean this is essentially the gold medal match today. These are the two best teams still left in the tournament. I asked Zach Parise is the captain the American team whether or not he still which the Russians -- they could have a rematch he said. -- thank you happen to be through with them but this is really at the pinnacle. Of international hockey a rivalry that is also just dissolve the US loss -- the men's Canadian team in 2010. Also taking the silver they are hungry they want this very very badly and -- This rivalry is so wanted to goes all the way up President Obama tweeting trash talk. To Stephen Harper of the Canadian prime minister yesterday. Bidding in the case of -- that the women would win they didn't. And -- in the case of -- that the US men's team would actually win as well so -- is hoping the president gets his your back. I don't know what branded Beers that don't ask -- well I'm guessing most everybody can on the US side if I suspect then but are still would do whatever is gonna happen at a -- other has been -- -- teen USA thanks to a girl from California named. -- -- -- -- Bowman -- -- -- the first time that the half pipe skiing event has been at the Olympics it's here in Sochi. You know the interesting thing about -- pipe skiing is that they actually go faster than the -- -- they had. Four edges on which to ski at propels them through the pipe -- greater speed to get greater air her spins. Were absolutely dizzying it was incredible how she landed -- she clearly impressed the judges there. And she got gold the first US gold again in one of those X game types sports we do very well those -- -- that I know it's a team USA didn't medal in women's figure skating yesterday America's Gracie gold falling placing fourth defending champ -- unit Kim a shocking Silber. As Russia's at -- -- -- cola struck gold and today. There is a growing controversy that we're hearing about a change dot org petition demanding an investigation and -- read judgment if that is signed by nearly one point seven million people there's a lot of outcry over this. A tremendous amount about right now I will say this -- Obama was graceful she was beautiful she was elegant. She's incredible skater but her previous best score was a 131. -- got a 147. Tonight that's like. You know batting triple -- airplane triple and then going -- the major leagues so a lot of controversy about that. Two of the judges -- question here today. One of them is -- to the head of the Russian ice figure skating. Federation the other was booted from the game actually banned. After the 1998 Nagano Olympics associated with with fraud during the games if those -- We're still the panel still a tremendous amount of anger people thought that you -- him was the better skater that she was beautiful she was elegant. She should've won the gold and there are others also say that even the third place the bronze winner an Italian. Also did better than so he called and she should've had a -- a lot of at this is not gonna go away. Any time soon -- know now -- a change our petition is growing just almost by the mid eighty's keep CA tally up there. All skated to reports this morning that a German athlete not a medalist. Has failed a drug test in fact it's the first evidence of doping that we've seen at the Olympics do we know anything about this alleged -- Not much what we do know that it's good news -- this is the first incident of doping that we've seen. In the Olympics so far the bad news of course is. That the German Olympic Committee reported that one of its athletes failed to what's called her AAA sample -- take a couple of samples of blood. They're now testing her B sample we don't know exactly who this athlete is we do know that they've failed. And obviously the repercussions are pretty serious if they do. There are reports there -- not confirmed about who this -- is but we're not gonna go into that right now. There are sometimes false positive so. Maybe this is not really doping scandal but we'll probably -- the next couple hours are well -- coming up -- today a long list of events today Alpine skiing curling speed skating of course. The hockey semifinal match today between. Team USA's -- in the Canadian team. So that's got was to be Kate you know a lot of our attention -- -- -- a couple of hours but I understand -- Matt that you have a new passion. Thanks for your time in Sochi there what is this quitting that's going. Quitting is the art of bursting through anything you can Quinn -- Clinton -- used -- right there that's winning it's the bursting through something it's aimed of course after Johnny Quinn who famously took that picture at the start of the games in -- -- out. He was stuck in the bathroom naked without a towel or phone. The door was jammed he couldn't get through he was in their for an hour. So -- -- that are deal above -- doesn't stay in the bathroom alone. Bob senator burst through the door that's what he did. It climbed out of there are gingerly got -- towel. Told folks that he broke in the door down and this picture just became viral re tweeted. Tens of thousands of times -- -- means -- where. And now there is the new hash tag quitting everybody's using -- you can. Quinn a bottle of why they can -- an envelope became clear and a bag of chips anything you want and even at the University of North Texas is all the moderate. Have now built a monument to quitting the lie that -- that the next -- -- Join us is gonna say that you could actually watched Johnny -- tomorrow night and something that is not breaking something down -- that is. The four men bobsled. He's part of team USA two and they're gonna take the ice. -- going eighty miles an hour down. An -- -- -- as exciting as breaking regular well look forward that will also for the -- for -- edition I'm sure that's going to be time anytime -- now I still weather but it is budgeted because -- that we -- in with you were chasing -- right down history. Yes. Well it they're still here I think still staging protest but you know given what's going on -- he had. I think some of the focus shifted away from from their political activism in more towards there but. We're still keeping an eye on them if something happens major wolf of course -- you now. We certainly appreciate that the time of the inside ABC's -- governance OT Matt banks. Well -- literate world obviously still buzzing over the results of yesterday's women's figure skating with Russia's Anna-Lena outside -- Kia. Taking the gold medal over Korea's Kim -- now. -- -- -- joining us on the -- -- Christine Brennan USA today's sports columnist and ABC news contributor -- -- -- with us in your column today. You -- some pretty shocking details about the figure skating judges. Yet and -- no shot at getting what ticketed but there -- currently. Remember Alec daddy -- -- -- -- look at but it. What -- -- that won't ever be able I didn't by the judges now at an amateur judging but. That -- -- marked by security job one. Ukrainian guard number two last night during out of. In 1998 in Nagano he actually -- The Canadian judge trying to work a deal with -- We're like yeah -- -- the Ukrainian skater actually the competition. The port alarmingly only one here. -- -- -- -- -- -- Our band is bad and -- with accurate judge numbers from -- -- And the Russians are -- eight married -- -- Russian Federation's Secretary General basically the -- -- -- Russian figure skating. That -- -- -- and you play -- are very direct Albuquerque uncovered at one country -- Panel members he -- Belgrade jump double -- Very important point the -- Moaning oh got there -- -- and went over the plot. We've seen. The entire -- and took out ceremony last night. The -- that they are at an interest bill -- and figure it. Well the question obviously is that how are these judges with those kind of backgrounds allowed to still take part in the Olympics. The board its current -- candidate it's ridiculous I mean really -- and larger -- more -- the a goal against. One of the judges but even made it more important in deciding -- -- Court she -- a -- have been built up over the double. The leveled on the bench. -- village and I got crushed by president never got any federation. -- -- -- -- -- -- Hard to explain -- we're trying to come up our air and it looked at a huge whale once every four years. -- -- -- -- -- And then. Everyone at our secret people who like that I covered -- ultimately. I don't ever anywhere near you're -- book about it. But it is other than that yeah its attention and credit card back into -- -- -- -- It's cutting its good clarity. Or what security allowed -- to go on. But it's the IOC. Member under what is president of the risk of getting -- union federation -- Keynote at the -- only are they -- -- going on and they don't -- your mind old boy love girl girl can't be European. -- -- -- Russian mafia whatever it maybe it is alive and well here and urged. Well that the other New York Times also breaks down some. Pretty good detail about the gold and silver medal performance has come at a conclusion that. -- a couple of simply up performed camp that her program was more difficult more challenging you were there though means what did you think would you agree with economic assessment. I think he could stay on the technical -- they actually -- do comfort don't I don't get any any. There. That by itself doesn't mean anything because -- got program on the court and good reentry might source spirit and I've got another call but coming up got a lined up about sweater but they do it or not would not -- government competition. But that -- carried out -- -- Italian. And you're younger. We didn't want to what are up quite better -- audit score which have been I don't know -- -- now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- be could be a -- and big -- the point here is bad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now the program important -- court made Italy -- -- aren't -- damaging your big ticket -- -- junior. Beat beat you. I incredibly -- older mature gators in that mark and that only score at unthinkable that she would win that. And again that are currently -- part of the comfort station. And -- -- -- -- the color other. They're eating guilt transition interpretation. And that quite every door and talk there's no way it could be ahead of either of our organic him -- the -- Which is which is why the conversation has certainly exploded. Christine Brennan for such -- Christine thanks much we look forward -- that article as well. So here's an update on the latest medal count from the Olympics are back on top US leading overall medal count with 25 but host nation Russia not -- the 123. Then the Netherlands Canada tied with 22 and Norway. With 21 look at the gold tally Norway taking -- ten medals while the US Canada and Germany all tied with -- -- Then Russia rounds at the top five with seven gold medals. Well on the -- now or join of the fountain which congress Meehan Chris Cook Chris glad that -- today. It is an exciting day for the hockey world this game is the rematch -- between ten gold medal game -- not. This isn't going to be terrific hockey game. -- double teams are playing very good hockey. Put them -- needed a favorite in the terminal look we played very well the -- they defeated Finland and the one under the old -- -- But it's covered in that is very targeted -- very I'd be carried out. And these players are -- or they really want to win that gave. -- -- -- players against each other and teammate Perkins he made particular factor that in addition to the intensity of the energy level. The -- the the Americans have been the most potent team and it turns up by the Canadians. Their -- have struggled -- powder that continuing today. Well you might get -- -- turn around a little critters and hitting its stride but certainly be your basement. He'd better look he took part of the tournament you know that he was built not opinion about the American players are built -- be -- -- important probably still a threat a probably especially. They were figured there'd be tripling of the larger -- their prisoners or their -- community -- So your regular credit to a statement that they any kind of force vote happened here in Canada loaded weapon itself Bart and you're talking about or -- or line. Three perspective very acquainted being created though the vertical branding but penalized -- -- just certainly part of that -- If you -- -- coming together becoming another rec time is what it -- in my final -- needed a hero builders. Well the -- -- the game and a team USA -- today we're going to be talking about tomorrow. Well can be talking about maybe -- -- -- of probable black. Guy -- -- and it still would have not done very well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're looking at -- Canada. Start don't and there's Sidney Crosby or better in -- and -- a -- program. And I believe there is great very -- -- -- whoever the predator. Although it got to be -- stopping US -- -- line. Her delicate respect American the year but it is front government -- -- -- -- theater people out of the board. -- -- -- -- And what about for the cure for the Canadians. Well I'm metadata mentioned you don't get well Barry I like but he brought -- certainly be -- -- do. Appear to be deemed to have been known to be ready for the all the -- -- one returned to pick sort of be York break it really replicate the look could never be. Now Olympic hockey this year and most others is played in a larger service that we see in the NHL -- 15% larger. Of the answers to -- this benefit is that the Canadians are -- her the Americans. With the Taliban for the Canadian because these guys and get some time at this early -- But part of earlier that would benefit. If you are very American and even -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- They're big. -- past and a -- think people on the outside of -- middle. The marketing and export but you've got I think right now with a few -- -- that the bigger -- particularly the bacon and other organic yesterday record. But look for but -- -- bigger factor you know our political people. They typically -- -- going to be there are you going with a lot of great answer and apparently. So -- does -- take a look ahead -- this game. We'll get Sweden and their all world goalie Henrik Lundqvist how are they looking and and -- the favorite going into gold medal in a matter who wins. Well -- a picket favorite that they suffered -- -- and a -- and Rick got a -- happened during the current American -- aren't confident. There in the courts and are there are indeed two very elderly or what if you would start but they really have that the -- look very good. The president very arguments -- -- well equipped equally obviously. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're they're really coming from America but I -- Quebec Canada and you know brave the winner of that figure bearer of belt level and -- -- right now. Chris for let's go explain to us a bit for the American audience. -- watching too much NHL. Why leaning on to Toronto Maple Leafs players as the Americans have. After could come back and bias. We believe that the overwhelming and it doubled tripled in the ordered a -- maybe you could not immediately to your point and argument and an equally if not -- -- public. But sparkle pretty well in the permit you know it -- -- -- at our is that it and every that it you know -- labor -- -- -- -- He's doing two -- three week you can really -- around and you'll be accurately predict anything that what -- resulted in part because -- North American a couple of days. Right right. Of course stay with Live updates -- -- -- -- today's US aid and -- semifinal. For now this is that it -- digital special ABC news at the Olympics and -- -- York.

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