Man Gets Court Summons for Loud Laugh

Police issue New York man two tickets for disturbing the peace.
1:55 | 03/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man Gets Court Summons for Loud Laugh
A Long Island man's hearty -- Is costing him some big box US find hundreds of dollars for disturbing the peace Eyewitness News reporter Tim Fleischer tells -- this so called noisy neighbor. Isn't paying up without a fight. Infectious as it is Robert Shapiro -- -- has put him in a precarious place. At odds with his neighbor and in trouble for disturbing the peace. Can't -- out -- window in my own home. Robert who lives with his mother -- has and he says at odds with his neighbor Donald -- -- for several years and -- 5 morning me -- I personally did so until. So our interactive thing -- there was wire trap. The latest incident came last month when Robert says mr. -- -- was outside in his driveway wiping down his car. Robert standing -- in the bathroom with the window open -- used. Status Myanmar Meehan mused it's the -- thing Robert then began laughing. It. Soon after that -- Rockville Centre police officer appear. I'm sure someone in this house -- us. When he personally did so but it looked like -- set up. -- come down -- right now. They didn't two appearance tickets each one for disturbing apiece for that night and the previous night. On this state police were back in the neighborhood and officer telling us deal -- -- no -- to enter their property Virginia old and you was quoted in a published report as saying quote. The police did what they thought was best and quote each one of these -- carries -- 250 dollar fine or fifteen days in jail. No longer -- laughing matter Robert and his attorney -- -- village court and they are now fighting this. Criminal mean -- -- approached around and tell what the war reporting from Rockville senator Tim Fleischer channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":18670250,"title":"Man Gets Court Summons for Loud Laugh","duration":"1:55","description":"Police issue New York man two tickets for disturbing the peace.","url":"/US/video/man-court-summons-loud-laugh-18670250","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}