Man Describes Moments After Best Friend Allegedly Stabbed Wife

Nation Hahn said he ran downstairs when he heard his wife screaming.
1:48 | 03/11/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man Describes Moments After Best Friend Allegedly Stabbed Wife
If it was awkward and it had to be nation hon never showed it hunt took the stand knowing as the star witness who was his job to help convict his childhood buddy Jonathan Roy hill of murdering Khan's wife jumps into the kitchen. So whenever and im kinda surprised he asked that because days earlier Boyle announced a hunt and his wife Jamie that he had terminal cancer he had already told let me -- MS and -- while earlier he stayed with them after he said he had gallbladder surgery all the ailments were lies investigators think they were distractions designed to keep Roy hill from having to answer questions about tens of thousands of dollars in money missing from a campaign. That he helped manage for Jamie's political consulting firm. But minutes after Han hug boy Hilan went up to his bedroom he hurt his wife yelling as he ran down the stairs she cried out again. She screamed he's trying to kill me there was blood on the floor and I could see James lags. The sticking out from toward hot like. Here's the doors patsy relax work and lower torso poking out from there. Has immediately went to that now looked up and heat John was standing over her with a knife. He -- turn and then proceeded towards. Towards me. Hahn grabbed the knife blades severely injuring his hand but that allowed Jamie to get away and he ran to they reunited outside where she had collapsed on the ground. I asked him remember. Tyrell laughter you know we would say we sent it back and forth you know it. Promising her that. We would panel hump anniversaries and totally get back the beaches have issues matter. But Jamie didn't survive and now nation wears as wedding band on his right hand because of scar tissue on his left.

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{"duration":"1:48","description":"Nation Hahn said he ran downstairs when he heard his wife screaming.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"29558388","title":"Man Describes Moments After Best Friend Allegedly Stabbed Wife","url":"/US/video/man-describes-moments-best-friend-allegedly-stabbed-wife-29558388"}