Man faces 12 counts of felony attempted murder

Robert Williams was in court Friday on accusations of opening fire on a New York Police Department van and a subsequent shooting at a police precinct.
2:54 | 02/14/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man faces 12 counts of felony attempted murder
At NYPD shooting suspect Robert Williams just indicted on a host of felony attempted murder charges. After the twelve hour Rampage over the weekend prosecutors say he shot an NYPD officer in a ban on Saturday night and then stormed a police station Sunday morning and shot a lieutenant. Eyewitness News reporter Donna miles live at the court concourse village with the details problem. Good afternoon David and Shirley a grand jury has returned an indictment just. For this Sunday and today and they are still hearing the case for Saturday's incident and that indictment is expected. Take place later on today but we were in court this morning it's is video inside of a Bronx courtroom this morning where grand jury that judge announced the grand jury returned an indictment. On twelve counts of attempted murder against NYPD officers and civilians it gets 45 year old Robert Williams. Eleven of those counts of foreign my PD officers one is for a civilian this is the second court appearance in one week for Williams. And just like we saw on Monday we had dozens of NYPD officers and union leaders inside the courtroom arriving early. Packing those seats. In support of the two officers who were injured in these two shooting incidents. Now again investigators say that Saturday night Williams approaching NYPD van in a long views at longwood section of the bronze. And opened fire inside that van striking one police officer and they say just twelve hours later he walked into the 41 precinct again opening fire. Injuring an NYPD lieutenant. But today we great vote that this judge followed suit and his re mending its part to prison. We thank both that it district attorney's office. For the way they presented a professional case in front of the grand Jerry. We're thankful today members. Of the bronze community who sat. In that grand Jerry took this take seriously. And made show are that this park was indicted. And kept behind bars. Those are the boy says of the suspect's family 45 road Robin Williams they were in court Robert Williams. They were in court today to support him. We east they did not get added that official comment after court today but they did tell Eyewitness News always spoke with the family. On Sunday bags he may suffer some emotional distress. In terms of the deck of his son in 2018. Now in terms of that second indictment for Saturday again. That indictment is expected to be returned later on today. And Williams will be back in court for the arraignment on both of these indictments on March 6 reporting live in the concourse village section of the brunt starlet miles channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Robert Williams was in court Friday on accusations of opening fire on a New York Police Department van and a subsequent shooting at a police precinct.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"68994535","title":"Man faces 12 counts of felony attempted murder ","url":"/US/video/man-faces-12-counts-felony-attempted-murder-68994535"}