Manafort's legal team has been briefing White House on Mueller's questions

President Trump continues to slam Special Counsel Mueller in tweets, Paul Manafort's sentencing is scheduled for the end of February.
3:09 | 11/28/18

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Transcript for Manafort's legal team has been briefing White House on Mueller's questions
And we are going to turn next to the special counsel investigation of Russian election meddling in the collapsed plea deal. Involving president trounced former campaign chairman Paul man a fort. It turns out now we've learned that the man a fort legal team has been briefing the White House about what men affords been asked by special counsel Robert Mueller. At least until his plea deal fell apart ABC's Catherine folders joins us now from Washington. Catherine what's what's behind these legal maneuvers. They Yasser this Aron it's an unusual law arrangement between. The president's lawyers Ann and Paul man a force lawyers but it's not. Illegal wryly so what they're doing here what Rudy says he says about about -- for its attorneys quote they share with me the things that pertain to our part. Of the case so Giuliani is saying that man a fourth. A lead attorney Kevin downing through. A man affords briefings and meetings with the special counsel after he pled guilty which we know that he's. I met with them nearly a dozen times that. Downing man fourth attorney is sharing that information with Giuliani which of course will help frame they're legal strategy in some way there approach to the special counsel's. Investigation that involves the president Giuliani dinning get into what specifically. I'm downing shared with him but we know that man of forty was a former campaign chairman he was their critical and crucial times. During during that campaign that trump tower meeting for example so it definitely an unusual arrangement and could possibly be a source you know contention between man afforded in Muller's office you remember we reported earlier this month that talks a war breaking down shore earlier this probably has something to do it that parents Yahoo! wanted to. Ask you about that could it not only be a source of of fire among the special counsel team that media a pitch for a pardon when it comes to metaphors relationship with president trump. I look I think that's the big question we've been talking about. Apart and for area over a year now as it relates it to me and a fourth there's been critical times throughout the trial. And when metaphor was was found guilty for example that the president in tweeted in support. Amanda Ford today he was out and again say. That. In the mall our investigation he cited three major players I'm reading his tweed who says. They are intimating that they're being told to lie about facts in they will get relief he sang three major players and assume one of those could. It could be Mann a port so the question here is. Is there a part and on the table what is the timing of that what does that look like is that after. Is after mall are issues his report or does the president just let this go all together and as the questions are posing to the White House. And man Ford's defense attorneys and in the meantime sentencing has to be scheduled now for metaphor and BS a sentence saying it you know we remember there were two trials there was 1 in the eastern. District of Virginia where he was found guilty on those eight counts of tax and -- fraud. That's sentencing is scheduled for the end of February of course there will be another sentencing scheduled. In this DC case but we don't have that date yet. ABC's Catherine folders where this from Washington following the latest developments. In the Russian investigation and special counsel Robert Mueller cavernous thanks to you.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"President Trump continues to slam Special Counsel Mueller in tweets, Paul Manafort's sentencing is scheduled for the end of February.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59471496","title":"Manafort's legal team has been briefing White House on Mueller's questions","url":"/US/video/manaforts-legal-team-briefing-white-house-muellers-questions-59471496"}