Marine Vet Pitches Idea to ABC's 'Shark Tank'

Rob Dyer's caffeine-free energy drink gets sold on "Shark Tank."
2:33 | 08/08/13

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Transcript for Marine Vet Pitches Idea to ABC's 'Shark Tank'
If you could -- perfectly you would need -- something. That's a whole point to hardly anybody has that time to eat perfectly every single. And that's where we come. My name is rob -- And CEO of the nutrition company called -- -- It's a great about rock -- combination of good design. -- -- -- All we do is. Fill that void of nutrition that you're supposed to be getting in food and there's on my second quarter and -- were worth more Sox. That we started talking about creating this company and doing this supplement things and making -- pieced together we didn't know they know how we're going to do it loses -- a great idea and yeah Alison my money -- -- the timing of everything had to work out from there we started talking around what we needed what we thought would be applicable for what we're doing. The shark tank experience. I'm sure they want -- to say that it was you know the hardest thing -- ever -- in my life but really wasn't. Typical mission for us last up to a week or more -- -- only food we have the food we carry with us. Because of this virtually all of us are taking some sort of supplement our energy -- and energy shots that are out right now -- I knew exactly. -- product I knew my story and I knew that I wasn't gonna change no matter what question now is being asked about. -- within myself and within my bottom -- company. Nuts are -- I needed to do so once the first offer started coming out. It just fell off. In the beginning you know it. While we're in Afghanistan -- and I still -- that the drive that I wanted to do this and cash out and put everything I had in Iraq I really wasn't that bad. Stress flies it wasn't -- you know wasn't worse than anything we're already facing -- when -- can't come back. New homes -- with your family and you realize you've taken every ounce of cash. Away from wired future planning we're their family -- subsidence come -- deficit stressful that are all the bad. But I think what happens is all the things all the positive things and take up the military that you -- businessperson or senior staff. On -- civilian owned company. Do your homework and know that it's not going to be easy we know that you're going to be crying a lot know that you're going to be working your tail off to make this happen. I absolutely do it because all of those qualities that make you -- all those qualities that help you get for your entire military career are what. He's going to combine to make you successful. Once you -- your own business.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"Rob Dyer's caffeine-free energy drink gets sold on \"Shark Tank.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"19909408","title":"Marine Vet Pitches Idea to ABC's 'Shark Tank'","url":"/US/video/marine-vet-pitches-idea-abcs-shark-tank-19909408"}