Martin Luther King III: We Need More Love and Forgiveness

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s son speaks about challenges of realizing his father's dreams.
3:14 | 08/28/13

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Transcript for Martin Luther King III: We Need More Love and Forgiveness
Doctor -- side. Mr. President. Out of First Lady. President Carter. President Clinton. Congressman Lewis and -- program participants. I'll. This. Is an unusual -- went in our world history. As we observe this fiftieth anniversary. And I'm so thankful for the opportunity. To really think America. For help me. To realize the dream -- although I must say it is not yet relaxed. And so we must redouble want parts group -- -- efforts. So much has been said today. And I was five years old. In nineteen. 63 when dad delivered his masses. And so I'm blessed that we were able to bring our daughter -- hopefully candidates -- three years five years ago. So that she can appreciate this history. And continue to participate. Two quick other things that I want to say. I've been speaking all week is many of us have. But I'm reminded that -- challenged us that's what he did challenged our nation to be a better nation. We're all God's children. I'm reminded that he taught us the power of love -- got bailout. The love that is totally unselfish you love someone of the all -- -- -- too poor black. The white native American or Hispanic American or Latino it does not matter you. Love them because god calls us to do that. Love and forgiveness is what we need more help not just in our nation but -- throughout the world. -- -- rushed to tell you. Dad said the ultimate -- of a human being is where one stands. Not in -- of property convenience. But waste and don't have the challenge and controversy. -- on to say don't some questions how what is -- -- the positions they get speed. Did you ask in the division politic vanity yet in the position popular that something deep inside all options apps in the position rank. So we often talk about Santana we must take positions that are neither say nor popular. Nor politic but we must take. Physicians because our conscience tells us they are right. -- -- they say. This afternoon. We got a lot of work to do. But none of us should be anyways -- Because we -- -- -- borrow and where we start. You see no one ever told any of us now -- would be easy but had no our god. Karen god. -- not did not bring any of us this spot to leave this thank you god bless you.

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{"id":20099331,"title":"Martin Luther King III: We Need More Love and Forgiveness","duration":"3:14","description":"Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s son speaks about challenges of realizing his father's dreams.","url":"/US/video/martin-luther-king-iii-love-forgiveness-20099331","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}