Massive economic package gets the president’s signature

President Trump signed a $100 billion Families First coronavirus response stimulus to establish free coronavirus testing to all and paid emergency leave.
3:01 | 03/19/20

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Transcript for Massive economic package gets the president’s signature
We're to turn now to ABC's Kara Phillips is in Washington DC with all the latest headlines for us good afternoon Kara. Hi Amy will here's what we're tracking for you right now we can confirm. The first members of congress to test positive for co bid nineteen. Longtime Republican represented it from Florida. Mario Diaz Allard whose 58 years old aunt also 45 year old freshman democratic congressman from you dot. Ben make Adams we're learning about this while at the same time. A massive economic package. Gets the president's signature. ABC's Rebecca Jarvis with the big picture force Rebecca. Your out while many Americans may not yet know anyone. Who's tested positive for corona virus. Most Americans very likely know someone. Who is lost their job in the last 72 hours overnight the senate approved and the president signed into a lot a 100 billion dollar stimulus package. Which establishes freaked rotavirus testing including the uninsured. And paid on emergency leave the trump administration is proposing two rounds. Of direct payments totaling 500 billion dollars that would start April 6 and may eighteenth. And those checks could be F thousand dollars or more each if you lost your job. Apply for unemployment insurance as quickly as possible you do that through the department of sleepers website there's also. Disaster unemployment relief because of the fact that this has been deemed officially in national emergency. Keira. Rebecca thanks well some banks are waiving fees now and allowing clients in need. To actually delay payments on things like mortgages and credit card statements Bank of America Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase. All making efforts here JPMorgan Chase actually telling ABC news that the company is temporarily closing. About 28%. A branches now to keep staffing customers safe. Drive up facilities are not affected though and as so many of mustard to bending on Amazon for deliveries of groceries and other household staples right now. We're learning about at least one employee testing positive for the virus and is now quarantined. This development coming from the queen's delivery station. In New York City. That station now temporarily closed for disinfecting. The company however say they have proactive measures in place to protect employees and drivers that are currently making deliveries to customers. And Wal-Mart stores will adjust operating hours and offer a special hour of shopping reserved exclusively for seniors during the credit virus outbreak. US stores will now be opened from 7 AM. To 8:30 PM until further notice and this word from the largest owner of the nation's shopping malls Indianapolis based Simon Property Group. Is now temporarily closing all its malls because. The outbreak aiming at love to see the special treatment for our seniors they definitely need it right now they certainly do Keira Phillips thanks so much from Washington.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"President Trump signed a $100 billion Families First coronavirus response stimulus to establish free coronavirus testing to all and paid emergency leave.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69687745","title":"Massive economic package gets the president’s signature","url":"/US/video/massive-economic-package-presidents-signature-69687745"}