Meet the First All-Girl Quintuplets Born in the U.S.

ABC News' Amna Nawaz meets the first all-girl quintuplets born in the United States.
12:17 | 11/14/16

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Transcript for Meet the First All-Girl Quintuplets Born in the U.S.
Hey everybody what's up on in the here in new your act they have a special treat Korea has this for a Monday iPad with special guest here. Whitney. And these collisions these are the birth at her all girl couldn't top with born in the US and of course. Their parents could Danielle and adamantly from Texas think he's the McKinney you got into. Come and banners are hoping to let me hang out in the game in May to the girls just for back on just woke up from and that. Everybody's having lunch and this is this is pretty much standard term for what happens in your household. There's a ski area we vote saying the same schedule every day. Base taken at midmorning by Cathy Martin's order. You gotta be great about the schedule and now to tell me this is your first checked the coughing here you. You do it first trip to New York percent traveling with the girl strengths. A lot of Ernst. Did what many think it hurts them earth airplane. Coats and union Britain Rinko sit through wedding is not. How would the play had the girls to. They actually didn't yeah they also worked out honorable thing our money and your Hazen. It's not that it was a three hour flight they also let kind of about forty minutes and rest that time since its next next next sugar and ski mad. But that they did even know they want to play and then smothered by the the pressure he. Took the fifth. OK so let's see who we had here an eight Olivier hazel Reilly Parker ray who is here. Riley. How. I've heard about you actually I've heard stories about noon and eleventh place in Yemen is now. And she's a runner rates to just take off homer run that routed through. Army. Except. As we there's. OK and Olivia and eight hour right down my. It's. OK since it is day. That's OK and next Wednesday as he had any. The only red. Not a drug empire Verizon's. News read his let nominees different. And you she's the rarest and other air base it's. His. 8% of Agra it's good yes and it is rare is that yeah. Coming. Chance and then hazel she's got red hair blue eyes and says she's the own BN. That that is uniting prayer echoed the minutes. Guess who's. Though they're doing. And pay any. And sent lesson imagine 1% in the world population has re here. OK I know you've been looking illness or death as any and I get it it's I totally get it. Ingraham that's right you are laid back grinch you have OK let's hope. That's one thing when it is being quince apple it to me. Everything from and I agree that it is going to hand street so it's just grabbed a handful of law partner and again. And now everybody's walking right when it happened like that change they agree. Can he keep track of them he's penned them all the time happy that I I mean this northern wedding re does. Multiple like. Octagon gays yet yes. Isn't hurting something. Sometimes there any. It's just gates to all around the house. Adam room for began. Connects lower it's not that hey there Ali I'm. And the into the hands yet have you got that and it's like CB big you know I am. Yet there have gone up and down play. They would be out. Sure it's everywhere they're not supposed to be grant is that hey what can grab that my hurt me on them. Had I have to say I was I was admiring your packing and because there is that lock bags are a thing of beauty. You always. Are at that I quit I'm always been organized. Orderly person. Emea. A little bit. Highlights and yet and so there is honoree teens play. They you when it came to pass it angers me when that morning and and may again. Our and I did well. Do we have worth the efforts we're there yet. That they. He. That. You definitely. About is that blocks a couple of difference you have higher multiples it's. It's a little bit tedious. Can arm or is it an eight. Day. Yeah I don't seems to make sense that Elliott out the F hello error share that. Even and a renewed and I wouldn't eat something. When we made it Bobble. What I think it's it. The I take that thing you know that's the way. Like you see and hear anything really and Chara into. This is big sister play quake lakes how old are you can't. UR five can I ask something. He went in I think. This. Ole Ole Ole. All isn't imminent there I. Now I heard something I heard you are an incredible helper are you. Yeah what's your favorite thing to do it your sister. Soul. 25 what makes them actually try. They like honeymoon with that. Dig them. OK we try tickling someone. At. Yeah. The dealing being take them. It. You have simply you took your first plane ride too didn't you with that night. Was it fun to get to look at the window. How cool was that. And do you like New York City and answers for I'm hearing. You think it. No you on this day. When it come hang when that's. Yeah. When you what day. And that's very precise just when he TO the rank it in her but. So like every milestone is like kind of a tidal wave of change for you guys for an immigrant like. First solid foods for stats all of us that they just need your whole world must shipped. Any news and it lost on me yeah. Society completely new set of adjustments we have yeah. And just go in for. In formula. It's changing registering their home yeah. How much are you looking forward to potty can. I'm. Actors. We are also serves about hope high tree. And now to discuss and answer no matter where we. Them. Kinds six or eight. You have never been about. It is babies kids all day and night every use that. All right so we're gonna let you give them a watt if anyone fed now anything. And if that eating what's the leading them at a French. Yes yes. Stay hydrated. And then we were hoping to keep you guys a little bit of a break when he thank you then. A little choice. You had a chance to get away as the tune you. Not just yet it's early again what we wanted to thank you out for element though I will assure you your girls are in good hands. And I have help. On says. Lay out there are so what do you think yes and a half relevant bet if you ask. I think that's a look at parts and copy and freezing use its. Ray okay okay. They GAAP and may well ominous and Ewing UA that. It. Yeah I don't know if you. OK I ain't. I at east lake even hang with mediated ago mommy daddy. You can read up on say yeah. Like you have to day you have to say okay. All Rattay it may eighteenth what are we doing here. We think that they Keenan is that this ends. All right whereas the other one who is this. Is it yeah and how. And that continuing me. Yes oversee the pain. Like this little plastic mat bank permanent UN approval this thorny. You in Columbus planning you know. Where. She's looking at Munich. I don't know you that well. Ahead Biggs is catching accountant hugely over this when he. Now at Keck. And she sees an opening on she used. Miniature. Oh they see the Padgett. And pop up to the rescue. Yeah yeah and then yeah time. And then on their own. Rightly. And won't. Patches what did people do more pageant if you like good tour can go. Again. Atkins. He's been doing approach. You when he and let's change it let's train. At street c'mon having it come out of him. And then she wanted back on my goodness only going to this I at least what you we talk about. Who's got a story to tell me. Who's got a story to share her to talk about bubbles ray but you're breaking would be in charge of this OK. Dealer like to sing the song. What song sit and I. They like it see fifty occasionally sing equipment. Ready. Harry girls. Ready for a performance they can I gonna sing ready and we got 123. It seeded he's ballet there when up so moderate that. Daryn key. Even with and and up all the rain and eat heaping he's a big cleanup that the addicting. Do you think he.

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{"duration":"12:17","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz meets the first all-girl quintuplets born in the United States.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"43532302","title":"Meet the First All-Girl Quintuplets Born in the U.S.","url":"/US/video/meet-girl-quintuplets-born-us-43532302"}