Miami-Dade County chairman: ‘We’re praying that we can find more people’

County Chairman Jose Diaz discusses the ongoing search-and-rescue operations in the Surfside, Florida, building’s collapse.
5:11 | 06/25/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Miami-Dade County chairman: ‘We’re praying that we can find more people’
Let's bring in chairman Jose Diaz with Miami Dade County. Sir first of all that we thank you so much for joining us if you can just gonna give us a sense of what your day has been like. Busy as thin and an incredible day. Of health issues of soreness. Thinking positive book where. It's just been cool with emotions. This is an incredible Sprewell situation the something that we never thought and our community was ever gonna take place. And but I'm very proud of this community is self comment strong and ordinary but he's working together. From all the way from the federal side. All the way to the to a local cities everybody that our governor everybody is working together. So it's been one of those days that does it doesn't stop. Because we're so much to do in the most imported thing. There's two to make sure that these people the information. To these. Families there are just desperate to know about their loved ones and what the status is this very heartbreaking. And and as we find out more and we are really give them information. And brain that we could find more people in this rescue. Procedure that were taken place at this moment. Heartbreaking really is the word you said at their best day you're near the scene right now can you give us a sense of the latest information at your receiving from hard news. Well we had a 102. People already there we know the whereabouts were still missing ninety's died. It doesn't mean that there there are just means that we cannot account for 99 people. We're where we're praying for the very best we got a couple of sounds coming now. That's it was stated before the represented ago it. This is something that. We have the most sophisticated. Equipment nor is cameras this this sonar. All the issues that equipment that we have are you sort team is one of the best in the world. So. Were working nonstop words were taken it to the other phase. Brett it's a rescue still bringing in more equipment. To continue. Two people looking in and and we hope that we pray. That we could find more people. During this rescue procedure. And that's what it's all about right now that's just the full focus is on death. Now almost sprained right there along with you as far as is 102 people who we know. Managed to survive can you give us a sense word it was or large percentage who are coming out of that. The portion of the tower that remains standing at this moment or or many of those were were from the collapsed portion. It's actually. Putting people with the relatives and making sure. Who were there or would they are doing. You know though once in the house burn they were starter was 352 wounded and one deceased. And then the numbers kept growing up I need. People. That relatives were or are looking for and there were supposed to be there and we were able. To find them. And that's war we're at right now. The 99 are still a number that is still missing and loved ones or are praying and hoping for the best. And that's poor right now. And you know what I keep fit. On rescue whistle on this weekend. Before we switched to the next mode which will be the recovery stage. Right RR the dog still getting some some hits that they keep your hopeful live that you will find some more survivors. Hi I'm not haven't been there now for for a little bit a couple hours. A murder close to it for warm I heard last time dated there were concerned area. I'm not down there where there arrest. But I would tell you that. They did. Look like it looked like there was an area of interest and also. They you know we heard some sounds that came out of there and that's to hold so we're praying and hope for. Or for survivors. And firm nearby residents. Who are concerned. About the buildings that they aryan. What is your guidance for them tonight. All I could tell you is for Warner are valuations have shown though the buildings Jason are safe. There was a for Carson's of Surfside inn happily Miami Beach in the two other buildings just people evacuated. Because of anything that could possibly happen with the rest of the building. That the collapse. But they've it is our understanding that all the other buildings are pretty secure by the again if somebody feels are comfortable. And doesn't. Feel that they're safe for the moment maybe these two goal and stay with friends or relatives and that would have put it may these and so they feel better. Aren't chairman Jose Diaz with Miami Dade County thank you so much for your time.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"County Chairman Jose Diaz discusses the ongoing search-and-rescue operations in the Surfside, Florida, building’s collapse.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78478506","title":"Miami-Dade County chairman: ‘We’re praying that we can find more people’","url":"/US/video/miami-dade-county-chairman-praying-find-people-78478506"}