Michael aims for the Carolinas

The massive storm barrels through the Carolinas as they still recover from Florence.
2:25 | 10/11/18

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Transcript for Michael aims for the Carolinas
I'm Michael now a tropical storm is barreling through the Carolinas either pilgrim is in Charleston, South Carolina this morning and eve I know you're an area. Wasn't as hard hit as expected a one of the big concerns is that all of these areas. Suffered major hits from Florence just a month ago and they're still recovering. That's exactly right as it moved through this area it's giving pretty quickly at this point. But Michael is now moving in the same area as that war it's hurricane Florence did just a few weeks ago and a lot of those areas. Were inundated with rain we saw that flooding I remember talking to you as we were standing in some of those flood zones in North Carolina they are seeing that rain now just getting dumped on there is a threat for life. Threatening flash flooding. From Charlotte, North Carolina all pulling up to Richmond. Virginia. And the governor of North Carolina today coming out and saying that this store. As battered as it is in the remnants of it. It's actually adding insult to injury because these Erie are still trying to recover from hurricane Florence. He reported that they are already doing water rescues because of flooding in the western part of North Carolina. And so as this storm moves through there are a lot of people just. Waiting and hoping that it goes faster and doesn't dump as much rain at their congress much as nine inches of rain in parts of North Carolina and Virginia it really is a wait and see situation to see how much rain they get. And exactly where he. It falls but there's not much room for this water to go anywhere in some of those areas because the ground is already so saturated Diane. Get a Stephanie feels like the last thing they needed and that's act kind of where the good also becomes a bad you know this is a fast moving storm which means. The areas along the coastline weren't as hard hit as they could've been had it covered. But it's moving so quickly that even as far north as the court Carolinas. It is still packing quite a punch. Absolutely and and a lot of those areas yen from. They had such severe flooding during hurricane Florence. And those people are just beginning the recovery process and a lot of that flooding happened for days and days they were under water for almost a week some of those homes and so. In this is literally the last thing that they wanted to see coming their interaction and even government trough in South Carolina even thanks.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"The massive storm barrels through the Carolinas as they still recover from Florence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58437817","title":"Michael aims for the Carolinas","url":"/US/video/michael-aims-carolinas-58437817"}