Michelle Obama Channels 'The Good Wife' With SOTU Power Outfit

The fashion-forward first lady surprises watchers in her stylish Michael Kors skirt-suit at Tuesday's State of the Union address.
3:37 | 01/21/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michelle Obama Channels 'The Good Wife' With SOTU Power Outfit
She's a fashion forward First Lady her husband delivering his plan for their final two years in the White House. While she delivers this stylish grade tweed skirt in suit. But her up may be one we've seen before hello I'm Michelle Franzen in New York from Cardigans stepped. Form where no matter the printer color First Lady Michelle Obama is known for defining looks that start trends. But this time at all motor trend joining us now to talk more about the first lady's fashion last night. ABC's married Bruce joining us from outside the White House Mary snow in north line. Primary. Hi Michelle. Well social media of course buzzing about the first lady's dress and always it does but what Alba hoopla about this time. All the firstly created a lot of buzz last night wearing that on trend Michael cores tween scene showing once again that she is the first lady of fashion and tell us something of a departure for hurts the first time he's worn a suits to the annual State of the Union Address and it's really not that often that we see your cover up those famously buff arms Evers. All right so fashion faux paw or not what's the word in Washington about her choice of attire. You know she may have committed a cardinal fashion thinning here the First Lady despite. All of the attention that she's getting for the outfit it doesn't seem that another. Famous political fashion east has publicly warned me outfit before. A leash a floor the character on CBS's the good wife also another fictional First Lady wore the outfit in the recent at this. Well maybe she watches the good life we don't now what maybe now today that out that sold out though through many. Retailers what's the price tag for this competency Oscars usually. It cost you a pretty penny we just put it up and Neiman Marcus in you can buy the outfit there for 700. Dollars a little bit over 700 dollars but you know Michelle high fashion. Comes. It not the First Lady like designs from different designers over the years though has she chosen Michael wars. He just be a pretty steady favorite of hers we know there that he is she wore one of his designs just this past. Summer she's also 11 of his dresses before to the Kennedy Center honors. And actually her first official portrait as First Lady she chose Michael court she wore a sleeveless black dressed by him. And the First Lady not the only one starting conversation about fashion yesterday what can you tell us about the president's wardrobe fake out. That's right not the attention saved for the first lady's fashion in the White House had a little bit of fun with this yesterday right before the state of union. Tweeting out a picture of a tan suit. And saying the president was suiting up for the big speech you'll remember of course he gained a lot of negative attention for a tan suit that he wore at a press conference several months ago that he's not the only one can have faction. And I think the only time that we've seen him NN tan suit that may be the only time. Yeah I think that's probably they wanted only time they'll let that one up. But they did have a little bit of fun everyone was waiting I think it's the first time actually had ever seen the press waiting to see what the president was going to Wear to an event it. ABC's Mary Bruce by the White House thank you very much for Jelena. And for the latest headlines and more just download the ABC news app for exclusive updates on the goat. I'm Michelle Franzen in the Iraq.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"The fashion-forward first lady surprises watchers in her stylish Michael Kors skirt-suit at Tuesday's State of the Union address.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"28380011","title":"Michelle Obama Channels 'The Good Wife' With SOTU Power Outfit","url":"/US/video/michelle-obama-channels-good-wife-sotu-power-outfit-28380011"}