Mini-Van Driver's Mental State Called Into Question

Investigators are looking into whether the mother intentionally drove her car into the ocean.
3:00 | 03/05/14

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Transcript for Mini-Van Driver's Mental State Called Into Question
This is a special. The scary scene that turned a sunny day at the beach into -- an unbelievable. Scene a woman drives minivan and accountants are. Three small children in the car lifeguards rushing to the rescue -- the big question today why did she do it. Good afternoon everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York with an ABC news -- report that dramatic rescue and Florida. Joining us live from Daytona Beach where ultimately more on -- story WS TV reporter Steve Barrett Steve. Well this is the area where she would've driven onto the beach right here or there you're looking at some of the rough seas there were very much like that yesterday when this woman was driving back and forth on the beach something you can legally doing here but it's difficult to inadvertently just drive into the water. A Canadian tourist captured the dramatic rescue along Daytona Beach yesterday as a mother and her three kids ended up in the ocean inside their minivan. Now investigators are looking into the possibility that the mother intentionally drove the family into the ocean it appeared that way to witnesses. -- that this woman's China and it drive into the ocean and Sharon that she -- that van and drove -- I mean just straining videos lifeguards and beach goers and helped in the rescue. The three children ages 109 and three were pulled from the van. We learned this morning. The mother's mental state is now being evaluated under Florida's baker act the children are still hospitalized him being evaluated and questioned by department of children and families investigators. Who want to know if any instances of abuse or neglect have happened in the family in the past the rescue was captured on video around 5 o'clock Tuesday evening. It was a bit terrifying all the water. Like. Over to car so I was afraid like people -- -- during. In part of the video the mother can be seen -- wandering away from the vehicle. As her three year old was still inside and lifeguards went through the back of the -- to rescue her. Now we've learned just within the last few minutes from the sheriff's office here in volusia county Florida that. These kids either have just been released from the hospital or -- apostles of being released and we're told. By DCF the department of children and families here in Florida. -- when that happens these kids will be placed with another relative in the meantime -- this investigation continues Michelle back -- -- Well Steve give me an idea what else are we learning about the woman who was behind that -- Well we've just learned that this was a North Carolina plate on this vehicle -- mom's name has not been released do we know she's being evaluated right now. There's a legal debate correct here in Florida and they can basically take you for 48 hours and if you are deemed to be a threat to yourself. Or others you can be essentially evaluated by doctors that is happening right now and we do expect a lot more information in the next few hours to come out of the sheriff's office -- said that they'll give us some more details on her and that may very well include her name at that point we'll have a lot more information about her. And Steve I want to ask you to set the scene for us we see the water behind due to serve pretty pretty heavy back there -- the recurrence. How is she able to drive up on to the beach you mentioned this is an area where you can drive. -- Daytona Beach is a unique place where you can basically go through these gates are closed right now because it is -- hiding you can't drive on the beach during high tide. But yesterday -- -- about 5 o'clock would have been low tide that means that water would have been significantly out there are plenty of room to drive up and down the beach and when -- Happens there are usually a lot of folks -- doing that that's why they're ended up being so many witnesses out here unfortunately so many people out here to help these kids. Is there anything we don't know the name of the woman behind the wheel but are there any other -- -- that we're learning from her there are some reports that she. Also may have been expecting a child. -- we have heard that as well but we haven't been able to confirm that information that some of the information that we expect to get from the sheriff's office this afternoon they're also reports from witnesses that the children may have been signaling as their mother went into the water somehow trying to get help. Or something like that again hoping to get a lot more information on this when that official sheriff's office report comes out later today. All right Steve Barrett thank you so much for joining us from Daytona Beach. And this has been an ABC news digital special report. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":22786419,"title":"Mini-Van Driver's Mental State Called Into Question","duration":"3:00","description":"Investigators are looking into whether the mother intentionally drove her car into the ocean.","url":"/US/video/mini-van-rescue-mothers-mental-state-called-question-22786419","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}