Mission to Mars

The Perseverance rover is on a mission to find signs of life on the red planet.
4:28 | 02/18/21

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Transcript for Mission to Mars
NASA is just hours away from hopefully landing its most and Manson robot ever sent into space on the surface of Mars. The perseverance rover is on a mission to find signs of life on the red planet but half of previous Mars landings. Have ended in disaster. Jim many dozens more on what we can expects today. Are we alone. We only want. I think we're just fundamentally serious an honor please deposit is. We live it big even about the possibility of life on other planets 400 some years now and this is our first opportunity. To perhaps find and. She. I that is the incredible mission on March 20/20 to determine if life exists or has ever existed on one another plant have. Drina billion years ago when white was just getting into a war. Here marriage and Morris was wet and warm and Jerry similar environment that I wish her and so there's a possibility. That. Early Muller's that was habitable for life. Literally could have. Also started. He did. To answer that question NASA scientists have created the most advanced robot ever sent to displace. Perseverance has within it the most complex and sophisticated robotics system endeavors and outside at her. Brittle and didn't attend his humor. It's terrorism abruptly decided to car it's about ten people on. She is the biggest rover the heaviest rover she has gotten. With the bursts. From the bottom to the top. It's part of a mission that has been more than eight years in the making her with a price tag of two point seven billion dollars. Its destination and ancient dried up Blake called jazz are only three and a half. Billion years so yeah. Based on everything we know about that in part. It was habitable life should have been there. So I think we're very optimistic I'm very optimistic that we will find signs it seems like there if they ever existed on Mars. There's no reason why they shouldn't be there. Don't expect them to find creatures like we've seen in movies like for Mars attacks. Using cruise. What they hope is to find something much simpler. Ancient evidence of tiny microbes slice slice Barbara Barbara Barbara Barbara but none of this will happen until the rover safely on the planet are. The space is hard. When I started this work over 65%. Of all look missions that we. Went to bars and field and we had ended in disaster for the competitive so difficult that only one country has been successful. Elated or whatever so far. And that's United States. Looking forward this NASA mission is the first of three portal plan called the Mars sample return. That will ultimately retrieve rock samples perseverance gathered from just a rogue trader. And bring them back to earth and hopeful yet definitive proof of extraterrestrial. Life. We did find evidence of life on Mars. And we're gonna realize that we are all bigger part of the life story is not just an old story this universe stories. I hope that happens W Scripps anything and didn't see. There's a lot of things that have to have been in order to the oldest daughter. When and how we can do it absolutely yes it isn't easy absolutely not let happen. I don't know I also. One sweeps through the new questions are rocks not are we lose. But now what or who is out. Now when will we actually see images once this land will hear the full scale model perseverance you see that mess right there there are five cameras on that alone. The whole thing has about 23. Cameras seven of those cameras are going to be dedicated just to those seven minutes of terror so we're gonna start seeing that role in. Later tonight and you're gonna see right here on ABC news line Diane so many of us are peaking out over he energy this is awesome thank you.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"The Perseverance rover is on a mission to find signs of life on the red planet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75975110","title":"Mission to Mars","url":"/US/video/mission-mars-75975110"}