Follow four families on their IVF journeys l Modern Baby

Over 40 years ago, the first 'test tube baby' was born. Now, ABC News Documentaries examines couples combating the emotional, financial and physical hurtles that come with infertility.
48:09 | 04/25/19

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I. I meets girl Pat Paulsen author Carol look I cooks for hero and then here we are. I always knew that I wanted to be a mom we knew we both want it to actually have a baby ally ally kids minivan were. First trying to conceive naturally it was definitely. Odd feeling once it wasn't happening it was this stressful. Doctor CA I recommend idea and that really our last option. We can afford to do this once. I think it's a lot more involved than you ever realized act. Housing that you and. This is the deal. She's doing did not do that. Based specialist is going through for us just for hers. For the first time in history a human being conceived in a laboratory has been delivered successfully. The first test tube baby Louise Brown was born this could become too thin applicable. All over the world. There can sometimes be a lot of shame with infertility so it's a huge problem. But it's also silent problem this process and bringing together eat your heart. I husbands and now. In my body is not need to be dragged it I don't know anymore. We came straight to the hospital we've gotten through. The physical part of Latvia. And now squarely in the national park and that's the part that's really. Ready. It's. Acting happy and I'm chosen this field for the science and for the medicine that does that. For the drummer for the excitement yeah. Things that we can do for people who can't believe that. Honestly as Koreans in Vienna says. There was me. I believe they create and support a family that you and possible. Talk about having kids are accurately. We decided that you know weevil wanna see you have kids we want to start since where he. Infidelity I don't think it was even a word in my vocabulary but now it definitely hits close to home and first trying to conceive naturally it was definitely. I'm feeling considering. 38 years of my life I've been trying to give the exact opposite. What's it wasn't. Definitely stressful and that's when our doctor told us that I had an extremely low ovarian reserve. They can't make break Scott. We decided to being realists. And not bankrupt ourselves. We can afford to do this once he wants as than our own IVF and go from there. Thing if they wouldn't. I'm so happy he. Until glitz and countless incidents house thing remotely. Through. A moment alone inside that I had and you lowly. And it was like a few seconds. And allowing it. She's starting at the baby bump we had arched when we can point and that's when things change pretty quickly. We ended up delivering at six months into. It was devastating. To. Lose our assigned to realize like man. We are hopeless souls. For legacy started her family. If we were writing our story you're right. Yet to be okay with not getting pregnant the natural simple means. No it is not the IVF process that weird but and I hope in and I hope you. Protesting. Favorable out. IDF we mimic what happens inside a woman's body that we do in the laboratory we can take sperm and eggs. Combine them create embryos and then we can transfer an embryo which will then hopefully result of healthy pregnancy. Step on what the IDF processes where the female takes injections to stimulate egg fall bolster growth. Here it is all after. Great Canon or any further questions your own shot. Tee it up people you. When the can take upwards of an average of a 10220. Injections. And I gotta get beyond these shots he starts cannot stop me that. Now. And. That would you wondered every night. How long. Yeah yeah. Where a team like going to this together and I might be the ones getting shots and waking up early and that he's on my team he's supporting me he's. You know even if he's not going through it physically accurate emotionally. As much as I am. It's pretty special which is going through her for us not just for Hertz for both of us in the pool. There are. I noticed a lump. I had testicular cancer. My doctor had told me. You know with testicular cancer your chances of having children is pretty much in. Afterwards so you know go in. Give a sample to bank. And you know me be so lucky dog catcher and a couple dozen sperm at this point but you know your chances are pretty. Okay Adams plus we gonna do you. Or that Larry and I think it's a guaranteed right that it. I have. What that was more. Come poll that having a big family. Monday's first serious that it knows visions like three or four maybe even five kids and how things go. Really lucky that period of illness from the country pretty soon we decided to start having performed. Yeah carrying many. We actually had a discussion about it. Trying for a second child before I had my diagnosis. Cancer became focused number one in devious on the back burner for awhile. After Adam had finished his course of treatment we sat down together and planned the course of in vitro fertilization. Almost everyone knows somebody either friend or family. Who is going through the challenge of infertility. And thus because it is so very comment. Her experience when times cancer and then now with IVF are definitely. Connected to one another but I must return not to focus on. We thank you. Without hard and done. And we can focus on idea as being. The next staff. Today is our egg retrieval. This is one step close to begin in pregnant got to get that expects. Does do his thing. We have about thirty something I'll move back. He has specialists NFL game and retrieve and we and I hope that there is. Let today in us filed. But I really love about my job is getting to know these patients like the time person. She has damaged sugar cubes which is limiting her ability to you premium on her. In vitro fertilization is really the only option. Kidd conceived through customs. Here. I'm a little nervous because. After this week it's a completely out of our hands you know sent to you. The doctors and the embryos and up to god. Bigotry lows were under sedation. We can then collect the aches and fluid from each fall. That's who it is handed to the and we don't just who's right nearby. And the imbalances will identify the it's. I. Strengthening. Those news. Okay. Yeah she still true. Or. She's really true. Were. Number. Weighing more than what we usually get we true. That's more NC for. Let go amid. Embryo creation capabilities. There's a little less than that I have thing of course is not north the first time because that's just the way you're you're has been going here in the past two years. And no. I'm really really hoping that's not the case. Lose. Just work. So hopefully in the communities. I think that's the magic of idea is that for the first time we can see this permanent and Barack underneath the microscope. For the first time we can see embryos and we learn a lot from. Yeah. Lady lake. Here. Burning home. I never imagined. Moscow news this way it took so long. For me. Get that out of my the stigma of it. And he. Twenty its. Yeah Maria. See him playing well and they're steals several things and he's happy. In order for us the horribly. Really miracles. A lot of pretty heavy Madison protocol because I wasn't. Getting the tanks. Went into the retrieval of thinking we are getting three ex mayor elect me work Friday if you didn't need saying. And we were like on the cloud nine and then he got a phone call the next day letting us now that three of the aches. Fertilize. We have three potential. Lives in a Petri dish and then it to me it felt like I was sick horror movie that won every day we got. Works news works news source news. One of embryos had completely stop crying. And be the last embryo was not done while it didn't look like it was going to make it but they want to get it one more day. And sex. I'm impressed that he can't that. That was the hardest thing. It was literally a light. And losing our children. You the grieving process was that. We knew we were doing a fine thank a sad so tell us that was you know that was our shot at our our own biological child. The changes were often. When night came out I've this thought that Ocalan now I've highland it's actually. Have a child. You know me I met Jesse ands. We knew we wanted to family. We knew we both want it to actually have a baby. And feel that as a mother. When and that's our I told her that I would be doing and we wouldn't Foley was having a family it was just about who's going I was. You know who's who's gonna it would first Spanish. I'm six years old and in Tarrant. We knew that I would be the first one to be considered it's the start trying to have a baby. When we have the failed pregnancy that was heartbreaking. It's a hard word to say that Jesse felt like failure. I was in the state of shock and was very sad. Zone pass anything happened and lives the babies I began to remain alive and this is one of the poems and vote. No one tells you. How small hope floats when most cops. Still makes its. You know it took some time. To move past that. And I kind of wrote like a reflection peace experienced loss and learn what it meant to her and possible he'll. I was never against him being the one being pregnant marine I knew I would do it gracefully and message out I couldn't. But you know I was prepared to do it regard. We are always going uses themed donor. You're gonna accuse us firm does anyone accuse the healthiest ones. Picking out donors it was it's hard. If you don't legislate. Spike laughter swipe price paid by air Q you're cute. We read that donors SA and I think that really changed things for us it was really beautifully written. And talked a little bit about you know. All families deserve to have children so that really got to us and made us feel better that it means we might not know you. But we know that you would fill. You know OK with month raising a child. I propose three different options to press. One being traditional adoption. To being. Egg donors and their evening embryo donation. Basically somebody else had gone through process and had leftovers. That really spoke to me and it just made me feel good have now. All the people that would be getting help us. In the process of this. Embryo donation and even know if that's what I want and that most analysts worry that Chris would not be on board for at because it would be removing his DNA from our child. And no carrier statesmen say this but part of me said while it's only fair it's not carries DNA so Washington. So this is that he intends profile. That eat she sent me. Their first mass edged. And she was slay you know what like the top. More about you we have to now amber. She always says that we're the ones doing where she wanted custody of their parents and she wants her way at have a chance great life. They went down to move the clinic in West Virginia. We have this tank that looks like RTV tail that's what they call at. And they've put everything and sign the paperwork and all that and honor a whaling land on our first Stanley Erekat. Now we have the embryos. Now this is happening. We're not apparently not barely broke in Carolina already glanced. And we wanted to share this eighteen to meet with youths seen be a part of this next season. Now we're asking you ought to really. Partner with us and join us in this process as we raise money. Four IVF process. We're actually have an unpublicized. Brad and fertility issues. None of our fertility treatments covered bar insurance. The medicine is where. The cost of flocks a lot we decided to be creative and and and exploring the different ways we can cover the difference. Hey hey there. I'm Patrick OK. Nina. Marcus I won't news. And these in canyon. De La abdication poor. Section now. His deep blue. Three hello. I kid you. I miss any secret facility. Thank you sit in a tiny cracks. It is really very honored to extend our congratulations. You from meeting. And Mary I mean. Repair needs to start. At BofA now. When James you know shared with me on Mother's Day it secured a loan like and you suddenly act like. Have met. You know they proved that but then I'm like wouldn't you. People get loans for cars he would get loans for houses you know for us bring him home for an something when they realized. And that's its star and. Settlement. I. That many Casey is basically. Telling the body tape. Prepare for Craig C we have a green light for a transfer at least art hit shots college thing it particularly general wanted to budget. Booty. Who antioxidant. Lighted. We'll packets out. We already know. We rejoice. He'll get knocked up. Literally moments away before. Transferring. Just let me guess you know we're doing well we're excited. We can transfer those embryos into the years completely bypassing the tubes. So for a patient like ours look Tonya who has had severe too will damage. We can now create embers in the laboratory. And transfer them out into the uterus itself in hopes of getting her. Yeah well more pressure on me. Because. He had just my buddies. Steve Miller can use. We can't potentially. It. There are a lot of national planning yeah we carry guns and working really aren't taking us to this point you. Honolulu. Community. And and his client have with us here he is yet but caves and who have pressure. Would you whenever you can do to comment even down that you should be doing the thinking here who have been there. There is about what can happen yet. And unfortunately we don't have. At any control over them. That's the nerve racking. Needless to fill B they're most of competitive person in the room at the you know through the. A love of couples expect us to be magicians but we're not we're at the mercy. Biology. But biology is still full of surprises. If the UT that little weight. It's really who have your your mind candidate. And hopefully we will needed and nine month. In the successful cycle she can be pregnant just after the embryo. He is transferred to her uterus we usually don't know that until about ten days to weeks later when them pregnancy test is done. Well and wish you best of luck. And the they said before but happiness will be shared and hope you can give you goodness. Eaton and being an. He I he had at last my answering appointment C news me and my lining is that an ounce and ready for our our Andrea chancellor. I'm feeling really really nervous yeah. But Cassel feels really positive last appointment went pretty well and everything is on track. Reader of nice beautiful number you ready to go. Want to be sure your body. The depression. How's everything McCain. If congress. Serious man. Yeah OK I'm just getting. Don't let me ask you aren't welcome to. Students from other hat community. Restless and it. But one of them is -- bullets what is breast feeding you'll see and we can't argue with him. You're just finished but we want to finish communities and adds that planes at a remote possibility that we could be. Now that's a successful because these brands prematurely. Or failed to address potential drug in the war room. That made this is a good terrorists to reassess that. My lining last week when he came on Thursday and was at a thirteen. And today it went down two and eat. So we decided to him due to my keys estrogen and also increased net so as much as it's frustrating two week. And upsetting it's easy and silly. It's Harry it's really hard it is all alone on the government's license is there anything to do it because. Something is changed it's in the genes it's also hard when you know I've put my body through so much already for a stormy days. He can't prepare because every time is Earl poster and. I made a Lion King is not getting any better Evander wins the added pressure cannon. It is really desire to think it's beetle the obvious reasons. Putting myself. Drew ominous the emotional stress team physical stress fee. As seated hatches the ashes series that he did. It's also terrifying to really think that these may never happen for every day is. You know in my body does not need to be pregnant. I don't know hitting more. We had news. And RTC that rhetoric. She has totally. We are praise music. It's didn't see here's and. You know and the beginning in fact this passes similar interests. We over regulate it and the UN BC news. Every tenth. Wearing LA active back they gonna back out let's get to see him let us. Another herd has been cost Wi. You're gonna. Include babies playing at least if they ease screamed at dairy fairy is being maintained mindless. Leery that hits. Every single career advancement Creighton. We were going to Austin adjusted. Hang out for a week. And every day offices. We would take a test and every night it got dark in the line that part. Of my god this might be an issue could be hit. We came back. And went to the doctor and they attacked and atlases. It if it had taken it was positive and he had a heart beat and they turned up clouds apparently. We both started crying I mean you this. The facts found that the error in my life and they like canceling visas has sent let's let's keep it going keep the gun. I think that worry me the Moses you know how is Jesse going to feel. Me being pregnant with my Andrea. It is our relationship going to change for the better. Or is he gonna see this like I failed. And now you get all of you know this part that I didn't get the hat. And it had an ounce of back to be honest it. Really in that piece of. We are and what is going to become debate here. The right now we still have a bed in here but he's going to be a baby near street. Mia baby's name and I mean the name of lions had been with us since we started. This process which is nearly. DREAM Act yours again now. And it just kind of became. You know I don't even know we knew what it was gonna become to mean to us we looked at other names because we thought that news was bad luck to keep his name. But Elias as cat. Eight in an hour ahead we couldn't change it so we knew it was parliament to be. And I hope. Stands. Little app street. Sleep -- Japan and now we just weak current traffic plus. Non technical only reporter I can put that in certain. We obviously we want this to lower back. He hits and we sent into milestone for an important time. No medical and. Now. Collins me it. Until we didn't forget Michael calls to 9 o'clock is there he keepers. It's your ring on you. 100 thank you know here on Sunday. Few. Yeah. Exactly happy. You're my mind he you know. I've been doing this for very long comment about have to give. There's some people thank goodness of people. Fortunately I don't have to deliberately bit him because you are pregnant. Some big. We think that think yeah. Seen it as saying is giving up it will. Of course. It's only a start. Is the biggest hurdle. Me but this they only let bill you have to get through it and ordered to so great. You can but that there are looking very good right now and god willing everything will go well. The closure committee called call. And because of the finer things get this call. You teach me can't you don't want them all night and her companion seats hands oh okay. Feel I need. Today is our chance very day. So worry here that doctors stop us getting rain against Aaron ended. So the daughter mom sent us care package she sent this really cool surfer mean whoever transfer day so I can also be in the spirit of things I'm constantly in communication with her back at a donor. She sent me messages rally and a daily basis this morning I woke up to one this anxious sending us love thinking of last novel today. Sending as positive vibes. You're not gonna happen weren't answering yes. Live now the last little guy. And after and it's fun. I'm going. Taking possible. Okay. We've been through very long journey is again it's here it's that hey this is the last embryo this donation and they feel. It's been ups and downs and now we just have to have faith that there's a reason as a reason why are going through and hopefully. That raises about be put this could be peaking at. And possibly her. Comfortable. I'm her or someone. You know a bad result would do actually care. When I learned about life is that she is. If the roles are reversed we wouldn't be doing fertility treatments. Because I don't think I could do it. It. You can actually see a white streak he. The me. Baby M. This is our version of making him maybe this is now intimacy to us at this point of what it feels like art conceiving. Oh and he's finding all home and there are any. Who really. This is something terrible happened. And scrutiny that Heatley who I hated. And analysts now. They're out across. We tried to be careful. When her teen. Andrea Greenwich keydets. And then they sent parents currently. Kelly excellent. Tells her PP. And I think back now to. When we got the news that the implantation is successful. And do wish feeling that I can carry it's that memory. Old. Moved here. And for. Kenneth very literally can also. Just emotionally. One can send me pence. Here in. Problem when it's. It's a blessing to happens part of this. Though as it will be. A hundred times harder. And this is for yeah. For me. You know for baby. GAO is that they be back to sleep this week and we have my mom here tonight to have her part of putting them or any other brand. Furniture. I'm three. Catholic and sisters. Years ago it was just very much and warm to have a husband a wife. And you got Mary first. He had left some anything. The world more Christians and and the joy that I see these two women and the excitement. Here in every thing. She's my baby him. For. But this kiss a perfect science. Today is it and we'll find out of where frank man and if our chance I was success. So right now we are waiting for the foam cob. I really have no clue what's gonna happen I know what I want to happen in this. Focusing on when you know hopefully in a positive phone call and just really really there. Us this experience has never been you know positive ones and still kind of find myself. Talking to him bring down until now we are hopeful sign in there I keep trying to. And friends. I keep cuts hugging him and again that Al hopefully indicated here BAB kids day and beat us. I'm more care out of feeling as sad as they did last time they know it's gonna feel even worse this time because. There is no harm embryos sitting. As of that. Hello I'm. Me. Yeah. It. Our kids that. It isn't a good number. And don't. Make them. That. EM. IRA. They yeah. I left me. At that day but the feeling. And he if you believe it. Today. Yeah. Strong arm around. We're Creag men. Yeah. We just got that call. Whip red. All I'm thinking a good and came back saying he. Should I call Becky an English and I wish I had this mountain town. And hello. For a pragmatic. Kinney and both in the death benefits. And good. Eight. We just wanted to the in this moment sound Aaron. Me yeah I'm Brad and ask. Me. A pet Larry I didn't. Move group. I can't believe. It. I think it's the coolest thing in the world that we were gonna have a little boy who had this to others apparently. Be reached and major milestone and I feel a lot better about my body I feel like. They can deal way. I can't believe that. Life has changed so drastically. One minute everything was fine and then the next minute it was a. At week 22. We lost both heartbeats trip. Both babies were stillborn. Our faith has been a staple in who yard and even wreck happened to reconcile world. The walk of faith. We if the outcome. I have acts to guard why I have asked why me I just miss my babies. I'm I had missed what I don't keep tab with them I mean it's that. Our time was socially. I did the best that I could do. To view their mom who lack it and you know as last stated god I say. It hurts. And I miss. And how long from. Thank you for. Her friends that you've given us lower we exit to bless this food. What has held season is to have community Taft family have friends to have support. Our goal is to continue to build our family. My water broke today at 5 AM yes it can. So exciting only your super excited it's slow going but alliances is taking his time it is. He took a little while we had did you know kind of pressure candidate to going come out I had nice clothes not just trying to get through it then. My doctor he says can't open your eyes open your eyes and came out he's put in on me Ivan walks. Currently. Higher life. I'm so kind. Sound asleep and plain bragging. So excited. Okay. Standing alone. Throughout the whole process that kind of Bill Clinton's milestone he felt happy. But you're worried about the nothing. In that going for any action. Exchange a C section. Also are looking up and there's my son. You know this is what was always meant to happen when you learn Nancy hands and we are meant to be patents to you Brian. You guys have way elephant in the room. In those. If you. Big mean anarchy. I literally thought about idea was in his I met him and he thought. I was just so happy like lounges because of that a mother. You know. We went into this a lot of thought. A lot of you know talking. A lot of research. So this case by me the most wanted Kidd in America. In order to go through this process. Have to be strong and every. Act back. It does not mean that you cannot fry it did not mean that you don't break down but it means that you think he's fighting side. That's what us fertility war is down we'll keep fighting we don't give up until there's this baby and. My train you. As always issues. Now mind you not to have it today. Eat cats. He started 82. And he asked. And now about seven months later. We aren't telling expecting needing two months. When sound years. Don't want I can't go out here. New homeowners spoon and not jokes he. Fun being.

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