Mollie Tibbetts' dad pleads for his daughter back

The father of the missing 20-year-old college student doesn't believe anyone she's with actually wants to harm her.
8:24 | 08/07/18

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Transcript for Mollie Tibbetts' dad pleads for his daughter back
So we could. Out how that's seen since I signed a few days ago. You need the attacks the report in town that he didn't report any problems it's my senior USC chapter Iraq. Will we worked with crime stoppers of central Iowa and other crime stoppers action present right. And established through ward. Bond for Molly on Thursday police and so on Thursday Friday and outs of this morning upon was that. 260000. Dollars I believe it's over 300000 dollars today. But it's important to note is that since we established the fund. Crime stoppers said that as of this morning generated 479. New leads and tips. What you think. Eight refineries. It's back. I think everything about this story. Especially for the folks from Brooklyn. Underscore. The way the people of Brooklyn felt about while you feel about Molly but time. I think that the rest of the country. Has tapped him to this story because I think it I think it has struck a chord with them something deepen their own hearts. It it's not really just Molly. Everyone has a daughter or sister or girlfriend. Like Molly and I think. That this is so random and so senseless. Scary. That. People have adopted my only of this story. It's my it's me that that's a big honor for updates on how the patents you. People facts not one Hoffman. It is a big number and it's only the crime stoppers number there's also all of the leads and tips. That these interviews all of them. Yards lines of all the stuff that we've tried to do to create that interest driving information that the authorities and so. I've said all along community like Brooklyn. Everyone knows everyone and everybody sees everything and so someone knows what's happened. Whether it's trivial piece of information. War. They know. Which involved and that's and the reluctant to come forward because they don't want to get someone in trouble when they don't want cause trouble for themselves so. We need to help urge those people to think rationally. Think. About Molly and not about themselves and so one of the aspects of the crime stoppers number. Is that it's completely gone so so hopefully that'll give people the incentive. Now it's sort of freedom. Come forward with information up her home. Yeah. So thinking about what might happen really one. This thing happened when you think is right now because. But that's something else something so what. And it's totally speculation that based on any back story that or any information we've heard from the authorities. I but I do believe. Molly is with someone. Who she knows probably someone. Who cares about her. That that relationship was misguided this interpreted. And went wrong. They our you know place with Molly they go now to get themselves this horrible situation and so. We need to give them. The freedom of the space to process this. And to get themselves out of this amount of trouble before they get themselves to deeper. Think they Aaron but. Hi I'm hearing person she is that you just it was instinct actually hurt you think it's possible. That somebody. Mid red backpack in the first Time Warner and Larry. I do I think Molly is by nature very passionate outgoing person. And so I think that way you are that kind of person. Sometimes people can misinterpret that kindness. Ward different kind of infection so. Again I don't wanna go too far in two I think we're doping because just personal speculation. I'm her father. Obviously pretty distraught about this whole thing and I have spare time like everyone else and so. What I think may or may not add up to anything that's true but I do. Really believe. That. What happened while he was someone that set out. I think because they happen now Molly. That Molly is still some place. And we can get all. Hearing. Immediately. It's very my own property. We have let our home. She acts seats you at old guy that some years you know how it it's never her and. Now nothing like. You know they're. The law enforcement is terrific team they've exhausted every one of mostly took the little things that they do you share with us one it is. And hundreds maybe thousands of interviews that they conducted. Now one. Has shared anything even remotely negative about. It's a small town and so. You don't get very far and small town if you become sort of irritant or negative person so. She's just a really good positive person so. That's why I don't think. I don't think anybody set up our bill. It. Why fiction psychologically. The capable of navigating her way through something like this she's extraordinarily. Points partners. And for the most part I keep site Molly's just like. Daughter or sister she's there's not the remarkably special about her we think she's remarkably special but everybody does so. But one thing about her. She is very comfortable. And difficult situations and in front of large crowds she won the state speech contest. Or sophomore junior and senior year and she has said again and again. That. Where she doesn't understand how people get nervous in front of the camera a crowd. And so she doesn't feel that anxiety that I'm feeling right now. And so that weighs. I think would serve her well in a situation like that. Just. He of their own. Come home. You who made a mistake. We've all witnessed this. Don't come and business. Work your way through. This listen tomorrow. This. Hearing a little bit of trouble now. Don't make it worse.

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{"duration":"8:24","description":"The father of the missing 20-year-old college student doesn't believe anyone she's with actually wants to harm her.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57072539","title":"Mollie Tibbetts' dad pleads for his daughter back","url":"/US/video/mollie-tibbetts-dad-pleads-daughter-back-57072539"}