Monkey missing from Palm Beach Zoo

A 12-year-old monkey named Kali is believed to have been taken.
0:45 | 02/12/19

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Transcript for Monkey missing from Palm Beach Zoo
And at Lancaster in West Palm Beach where investigators are looking for a stolen monkey they say that someone broke into the zoo here in west on about one thing. AM Monday morning came to the enclosure here. And slashed the match here you can see it's about three feet wide about a foot in wit. And they just took the monkey an escape the zoo. We're told that the reason for beef that's here is likely because the monkey in question has a resale value on the black market. Of upwards of 121000. Dollars they say that she's even more valuable. For half a for her ability to reproduce. Right now they're following strong leads in terms of surveillance video they said the monkey is microchips. And hopefully someone will come forward and possibly know something. It's the very latest in West Palm Beach I'm Anthony is during you're watching ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"0:45","description":"A 12-year-old monkey named Kali is believed to have been taken.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61025918","title":"Monkey missing from Palm Beach Zoo","url":"/US/video/monkey-missing-palm-beach-zoo-61025918"}