It's Morning, America: Friday, May 17, 2019

President Trump hopes not to go to war with Iran, fighter jet crash injures 12, Taiwan votes to legalize same-sex marriage and more.
25:37 | 05/17/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Friday, May 17, 2019
Good morning I'm getting Norman and I cannot smoke here at the top five things about this Friday number one that ongoing tensions with Iraq president trump has reportedly told the Pentagon he does not want a war with the line. It tells us photos of young cruise missiles are running in both with the Wall Street Journal reports the tension. May be a misunderstanding the journal also reports of Rhonda may have thought the US was about to attack first number chewed the jet crash in Southern California a fighter pilot ejected moments aboard this F sixteen crashed into a roof. Of a warehouse injuring twelve people hydraulic problems are being blamed that pilot. Amazingly is okay on to number three some school brought skiers caught on camera they are hard to watch but look at this. The far greater Minnesota nearly hit by that car illegally passing a stopped school bus. The cart driver recently pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and Ohio surveillance video shows a car hitting cute kids who had just gotten off the bus. Police say the driver took off but later some rendered. Credibly those kids were not seriously hurt he spoke to one boy who was hit and his mother. Polls are from France and I've and here I'm. Very very apps that she. She could have killed my son that day better than the last time that I hugged and kissed my son. So listen to this researchers estimate there are 80000. School bus stop violations and today some lawmakers are taking out. Can impose stiffer punishment. I'm bill in New York would attach cameras the buses to take photos of cards and illegally passed and Florida statewide education advertisement wants to make sure kids and parents. I know how. On to number four now it was a battle of the Brothers again last night in the NBA playoffs staff curry scored 37 points to lead the warriors who another win over the blazers his brother Seth. Scored only sixteen but each brother may fourth three miners and sap stole the ball from his older brother or tie it. Reconnect their parents they meet again Saturday and finally number five if you're planning to not back a few this weekend. You're not alone a new global survey ranks the drunk gets nations and the world based on the average number of time of the year people say they it were. Number one is Great Britain where people get drunk an average of 51 times a year to me upon. The United States is the close seconds. With fifty times a year give me a Bud Light. Canada Australia Denmark rout out the top. Five sending US that's about one it's once a week it's fair that there were no work and for the weekend. What I've found about people getting drunk. If the country saw you guys know it. Anybody. We'll figure it out. Now that's not bad there's thing in my here I'll also drink responsibly America let's go. I've got to. Drain to did drugs. Here's they're. Could he came up with a sigh if you got the lire up Williams junior thing if they fare well do you drink we did not. Why dear you've smoked. Roll smoked. We can't. There got it out. It out for the health club celebrating the digital age goodness sakes you let's get to the big story. The growing fears of war amid rising tensions with Iran the US is flexing its firepower within striking distance of Iran after warning. Of an imminent attack as congress gets more details about the threat president from now appears willing. To take the diplomatic route ABC's Trevor all passed the new. Jane can a good morning to both the U there have been several rising actions in the past week or so between US and Iran of course. We're seeing all of this play out we heard those reports that the US is preparing to send in a 120000. Troops in response to an attack. But some members of congress say they and the American people are really being left in the dark here. With the US carrier strike group now with the ready in the Arabian Sea president trump asked directly. Concern rising after the sabotage of three Saudi oil tankers in to ship off the coast to be United Arab Emirates and nonessential American personnel ordered to leave Iraq. On Capitol Hill legislators say they want answers Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats holding a classified briefing Thursday with house and Senate Leadership. But the rest of congress won't be briefed until next week. We fast we'll have classified briefing for the entire. Congress for the ballot can only adds to the House of Representatives. We asked last week that said that couldn't be ready. The Wall Street Journal reporting bull sides may have misread each other intelligence gathered by the US shows Iran's leaders believe the US plan to attack them. Prompting preparation for possible counter strikes American officials tell ABC news there are images of missiles loaded onto a Ronnie in boats on the sea of Oman. That they feared could be fired at ships. But some Democrats calling that intelligence reminiscent of previous instances that rushed America toward war. I don't know from someone at the White House waiting for gulf of talked a moment here. To initiate military action against Iran that would be a serious mistake. Now the focus is on the administration's next move which are hoping to do is to show them that we have military capabilities in the region that if we are attacked. By your proxies we are going to respond to that forcefully. And among those who want the US to retaliate is Saudi Arabia they have a state run newspaper there the just ran an editorial calling for surgical strikes against Iran so we will have to wait and see here because of course there are those reports that president from says he doesn't want to go to war but. We have to wait and see he's just saying that he hopes we don't. Go to war definitely a wait and see Trevor and we also heard a little bit from the senator Dick Durbin there who have seen some of the Intel and Iran. Referencing a Gulf of Tonkin moment what's he suggesting. If yes so senator Dick Durbin sort of famously voted against the war in Iraq what he is insinuating here is that. This might be an instance of some of this evidence that the US intelligence community is gathering. And then may be in his opinion hastily moving towards war he thinks that. Walton the US is not necessarily. Starting up this war right now they aren't necessarily doing anything to alleviate it. He also has very critical of national security advisor John Bolton he called this whole idea Bolton strategy. And said the while John Bolton supports what we're doing there. I Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu wants to see more rising actions the Saudi crown prince wants to see more rising actions. He is not a fan right now and thinks that the US could be. Moving towards a war without the proper evidence based on the intelligence that was. And Trevor given us a little bit of history lesson on this Friday morning Trevor thank you for breaking it down once again now I'm better than its carrot they always yourself if well away Trevor do you went away and on the drug if they drink bag will try and never get the talk about anything fine thanks. You pick right now what is the one fun loving you wanna talk about this morning on it only in America I'm gonna guess. Iran has not on the list of no Nellie. I'll. Other than that the drug amazes that UK are surprised by that UK's number one. I'm surprised about the gap would be larger as early like one drunk sash behind the effort here. Yeah stated your me to come out of Washington we'll have a broad weekend rush yeah it doesn't know he's Downey out how the economy expanded Trevor need to. Iowa yes we're all just gushing over count every person who had a sense are you never get to have any fun but that's because it's now early this has been great I'm overwhelmed the so Carrie Lee for a couple weeks go back. If I forgot actually about eighty of but again. Have a great weekend candidate he needs you know the president's new plan to reshape the immigration system is already facing an uphill battle in congress. And Rose Garden speech drop laid out a mere days proposal that favors high skilled workers and those with advanced degrees or job offers the president says immigrants won't compete for American jobs. The move put up in long hell US policy based on family connections. Future immigrants will be required to learn English. And to pass a civics exam. Prior. To admission. Lawmakers say the plan has little chance of getting through congress Democrats are upset that it doesn't address so called dreamers who were brought to the country illegally as children. And it doesn't cut overall immigration rates as many conservative Republicans. Like. Meanwhile the battle over abortion is heating up across the country as another state pushes a talking bill a step closer to becoming law Missouri's Republican led senate voted to ban abortions. At eight weeks with no exceptions for rape or incest. Governor is vowing to sign the bill the move comes on the heels of Alabama enacting the most restrictive abortion law the country getting virtually all abortions at any stage. Capitol Hill Democrats and even some Republicans say the legislation goes too far. And now to that spectacular and terrifying crash of an F sixteen fighter jet in Southern California the jet came falling out of the sky at the end of a routine training mission the pilot managed to reject before the jet smashed into -- of warehouse. Yet dozen people injured. Now ABC's Martha Gonzales reports the investigation is underway into what went wrong. This video showing an F sixteen falling from the sky before crashing ripping this hole through the ceiling of the California warehouse. The pilot who was coming in for landing at march air reserve base in Riverside injecting and surviving according to authorities. You could see the seat and hairy issues they are in the grass. For some reason where there was loss of thrust or loss of control ability this pilot was so close to the ground that he or she felt they had to pull that ejection handle. And get out of the airplane. Firefighters staging nearby but keeping a safe distance concern that the plane may have been loaded with weapons and ammunition. Got them. Airplane inside the warehouse workers who were just you don't wait incredibly managing to a ski. I see this feeling from all over the building to start collapsing. And then the sprinklers are going who just like sirens going it is chaotic news who has a madhouse. I mean a run for it. Add witness saying only one of his colleagues was injured. You still conscious. I guess like them to type the sprinklers the beginning of the basin with a little bloodied. Use of the for the most work. Experts amazed this crashed didn't ignite a fire sprinklers have obviously been. Activated latency sprinklers dousing the wreckage the plane's tail visible through the debris. The investigation just beginning. The real mystery is as the plane was landing brought one way. But it impacted a warehouse almost ninety degrees off that will be the question for investigators how did it go from here to here. Marcy Gonzales ABC news Los Angeles. Crazy video yes incredible there and the fact that there weren't more injuries. An explosion right out. Wall watch this is school of rays summing up the coast of Australia. It's actually pretty incredible video nailing an Olympic style synchronized. Swimming routine is a great in it those are actually call how nutri. Oh they're named for the shape of their heads which look like towels noses snow Alatas. I am me. The comments civil and an hour earlier this suggests that said Steve Maria colleges that Alley missing grades. Well coming up the new school work college admissions boards will be looking at it's not is that it's based on the adversity this student has never more. High school students taking at did you also have another data point colleges consider their admissions process. If the new system out of five applicants are scored based on the environment and which they grew up the score will not be seen by students it'll only be shared by schools ABC's Brad milky. Has more this morning. I guess yet later today a lot of students who took the SAT a couple weeks ago will be able to see their scores will next year. A lot of colleges will have access to a different score so called. Disadvantage score this is a project and the people that administer the SAT college sports and basically it summarizes all this data about where you come from. Average income the crime rate in your neighbor how strong your school is expected out in a report college can look at. The idea is a student might have average test scores but then a college looks at all these other factors. Accepts a really exceptional young person I talk to the CEO of the college sport and I asked him. What do you do about a student whose challenges don't qualify how do you measure adversity. Well the good news here is that. Colleges are working together with us to use things this long to look at but not have easy access. They've always been asking for the data latest inhabit. The EU totally get it so it with a breakthrough here is not like. New data or new approach it's just formalizing psychologist happened during an S you know the personal essay none of this reveals personal information about one kid's life. That can be done to personal essay when they might share hardships that are unseen by any data. May say they already have fifty pilot schools testing this program from Yale to Florida State. And they say these schools are excepting a wider range of students because of it have a lot more on start here late this morning. Listen on apple podcasts or your paper podcasting app. Today Kenneth. Let's go across the pond after gentlemen Eddie in the London bureau good morning Joseph so let's start with a very big first and Asia Taiwan voting to legalize same sex marriage. Yet I Kenneth good morning yes that this morning we've been watching things play out and not in the capital Taipei. Thousands of gay men and women are on the streets celebrating today's court ruling. On it it it now allows for the first time at least in this region in Asia and hit that legalizing. Same sex marriage which is a big deal obviously is in this for the world. It's still kind of controversial and in Taiwan. It is quite liberal but there are still pockets of of conservatives that conservative. Feelings and and and and and and and oceans in in Taiwan where this might not be seen as a clip. A big step but it is and Taiwan is also long been a leader of gay rights in Asia they hold the annual gay pride parade marriages and marriage certificates will be issued starting next week while credible. That absolutely is and yelled back where you are prime minister Teresa may she's she's gonna offer a timetable. For brags it batten that hopefully we will stick to. Her own departure. Oh my god I mean you know we we talked about this I think the last time I was with you guys a month ago. We're back at it again. She has set another vote on on a bill on a wreck that deal it has failed three times is gonna tried again. The week that Donald Trump is here on June 3. The papers this morning a talking about her you know last night you know thought populated being careful. Last night while she was told that it doesn't it this bill does not pass. On June 3 that she should step aside and it's something she's obviously there's been considering in it and she probably should. When there aren't there are no short of any candidates are looking to replace or soldiers have to wait and see but it's gonna play out on during during we can Donald Trump here's equivalent drama. Wow and after this process and even probably while our president is bare in the UK she probably a glass of red wine. Content which alleviates do. This next one we know England isn't exactly known for why maybe that's why restaurant mistakenly serves some lucky diners the wrong bottle. Worth how much. Again. Well it's that the sounds like this the sort of a joke to man walk into a bar and order very expensive wine. And get it even more expensive wine to drink so this this bottle of wine cost. 300 dollars. On an it was served as bottle of wine and and then and drank a bottle and they asked for second bottle of wine and that's mistake was caught and the second bottle on cost seventeen times more than the first bottle. It was 6000 dollars six and thousand dollars. That first of several platinum and I'm guess if you order a 300 dollar bottle wine you would 6000 dollar bottle and looks like so and they may enjoy the first all the lines of to have the second body after second bottle of waiter came over and so I'm sorry the manager cannot that we made in the state. Known get in trouble for this no one has the paper this but it but it is insisting that the restaurant tweeted a picture of both bottle side by side. Saying you know they look similar on an acute and the picture that showed both bottle I that's I actually don't look similar policy. Is that they look like bottle of wine woman gold label as a red label anyway you don't have to speak French they obviously enjoyed for much. The restaurant obviously has learned learned its mistake and not beholden to respond when power but I'm pretty sure this week and restaurants going to be kind of disease where he went out looking for similar I bet. They can make it up make up the profits there I'd Abu wanna know that was drinking at 6000 dollar bottle you don't know what. I what I know I wanted to know could that be upset to let it really favorite but I would say they I would like I smell an excellent comment on the. Listen I'm a ten dollar bottle on myself man but you know if your ordering a 300 dollar bottle of wine I'm pretty sure you have a pretty good idea. The right Yang Yang kind of pretty good at doing Nickelodeon show you bottle let me come on let's known that what they were doing and was a key feature under the table. And so that's blistering as anywhere they think they never did and they enjoyed it and who wouldn't mean Ada. It will Joseph thanks guys joked that he does not much maligned Kaiser you're still doing it from the box and it is astonishing me because there's nothing wrong with boxing day there anything you slap that bag and she should pay a bit let. Started out. We didn't envelope flap the bag and yet. Look at every visit a question of today. It you got there more expense old. Bottle marred by mistake would you tell the body. Honestly what would you even know the difference I would different. Let that bank doesn't comment or to meet any need the news five's. You get that little stick kitten and that's what we call it out now that ticket via a wide street tired of that ticket. Though it's Kathy grip that he's the say that her mother she to tip it. Fit it fit that he took the box are oh oh has he always yelled Tippett was she fear her mother and that that. Our thoughts and our notification starting with the literal rom and life. Pack watch this guy took the broken think would do that noodles. Season that what do you think permit though because why would you ever have like season don't last very true but this. But I think is the mileage on the sink on all right Barnett. Will it. But I don't know. It looks weird to me as well it does but he work and women law perhaps also it scares me because people put. In my people I mean me back in the day not a Romany in my body. Beth Harmon built man built Manet and yeah speaking of food. Taco Bell had planned to let. Weary travelers won't be Hamas the fast food chain as wet but must be lobbying dot com. There are opening a hotel but Bell's Taco Bell hotel resorts coming to Palm Springs, California in August. The company's promising everything will be infused with the Taco Bell twist guests will also. Get Taco Bell brand it robes and they can book salon appointments have received restaurant inspired beads. Yet the hotels are seeking reservations next month and said that you would go to the salon and did what your top of me out. I'm gonna after the Chiluba can just take it up like a Chiluba yeah however that is its I didn't he's gonna. You're the case of the year room yes grew indicates that the accord that smells like she's out to meet with me if I succeed him out of the highest how about this. I knew from her and her facial Broder is. It's triggered other not a response both Mac chat from today. I'll alerts OC BS elevate visited thing it's a gender swapping feature Miley Cyrus was among the many to try it out the filter. It'll change a woman's features for what's traditionally considered a man's features and vice Versa so the mail quote on quote look gives women. Squared off stubble a short hair and quote unquote women look gives guys smoother stand on top longer hair. Make up it may get it looked like Adele hall aren't using the oddest big beautiful. I was beautiful. Thing and there's the pearl ways. I don't we decided to do this gavel and gave out Callaspo. Right now. You're good looking man there. Look you better way to build man I know your husband can't wait you guys. Now it is really thick of the pictures of me. And Matt how bottom line. Hello I'm highlighting. How good this and it looked up there it later. Let you collect pretty if he noticed he looks O. Maybe first strike yesterday in Atlanta I'd tell you can't if he didn't want to do it was reluctant if you put it up. Yet it's not that and smiled so big and in my. Oh my god. Allow my he was very brat they always say we're left with a ourselves to users anywhere and with good reason. Coming up we check of the man running across America and the hundred miles anybody's got all O ago. More to do. Syrians want to watch out for this Friday. Activist groups are taking president trumps national emergency declaration the board. Open for an injunction to prevent the use of military funds to build a border wall. Patriots owner Robert Kraft is due in court for a hearing crap is charged with solicitation of prostitution in connection. With a wide range of human trafficking investigation at a forum massage parlors. And president drop is due to speak at the National Association of Realtors trade expo after returning to Washington. Plus don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on all our top stories and a briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines. In house. Sort of an update this morning on a young man we've been following on a speck tack. Your journey he's running across the country from the Jersey short of California to raise money for mental health awareness. The war against checked on his progress. Brady's still who has real life Forrest Gump running across America this America visited today. Yeah. Now almost two more than a hundred miles. Trek California I'm doing honestly better than I thought I would be you know it is snack game almost runs cross country hates let's go the as get a you like this and literally just down his slices of pizza and other spots the eminent Gejdenson a little bit recovering statement more than just comfort food really treated my body well I'd seen him. Getting good impression. On your muscles of some days are tough. But they're dead just woke up then. The body was just not Zealand's candidate but some days are stats in every direction. My grandma. And she lives and a retirement home in Norris town Pennsylvania. I just added a murder. Retirements that are there are Ralph Phillips that Phillips uses doc she just looked at me in my eyes you know like this she's done in their ninety's and I don't get this year too often and it was just there's such a special moment and it is like that Brady choosing not to focus on the finish line when he 900 miles away. Instead drawing a post run party where every time sound the whole thing is the celebration and it's all for a good cause this month. Brady running to raise funds for mental health where. No matter what EUR. Or. Where you come from this is a run for all kinds of people we'll dance ABC news new. And you may have to run to stay healthy but you apparently do have to at least walk back. Researchers looking at the histories of nearly half a million adults found that people who generally walked. Briskly lived up to fifteen years longer follow on average and people who generally poked along along get out more leisurely pace. Interestingly enough the study found that ratio held true. Even if the walkers a fax walkers were severely. Overweight so it paced you know what some pat. In your stent does and also just another reminder. All the folks out there including my mother get out there and walk walk walk walk walk you got the run. No you just get those shoulders arms that you this image yeah not a solo I don't Syria was but pitcher hit. It obviously Friday for us right moon were about that would block grant it and I don't out of here real briskly after Brad. Have a great weekend we will see you on Monday.

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