It's Morning, America: Friday, Aug. 2, 2019

Trump escalates trade war with China, U.S. could pull troops out of Afghanistan, restaurants try phony guacamole due to avocado shortage and more.
22:09 | 08/02/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Friday, Aug. 2, 2019
Your morning I'm well read Andy Norman near the top right things here this Friday number one new tragedy for the Kennedy family. Robert F Kennedy is 22 year old granddaughter has been found dead at the Kennedy compound on Cape Cod. She reportedly died of an apparent overdose during high school she wrote about struggling with depression and mental illness. Number two North Korea has launched yet another round of missiles the third weapons test in just over a week officials in South Korea believe at least two short range ballistic missiles are fired into the seat. The north has been frustrated over stalled nuclear talks in upcoming military drills between the US and South Korea. But president trump is playing down the launches saying they won't stop him from negotiating. With Kim Jong-un. On to number three a massive burn scars left behind after a gas pipeline explosion in Kentucky one witness said it looked like an atomic bomb went off as flames. Climbed 300 feet into the air one woman was killed. She was apparently overtaken by the heat after leaving her home at least five houses were destroyed the cause of the explosion. Is under investigation. Number four Ronald Reagan's daughter says there is no defense for her father's remarks in a 1971. Phone call with Richard Nixon in the newly released reporting then governor Reagan is heard describing African delicate today UN as monkeys. Is Dyer Patti Davis wrote to the Washington Post expressing shock. She says racism was not tolerate. And her family and she believes her father would have asked for forgiveness Davis said quote legacies are complicated and for people to be judged fairly the landscape of a lifetime have to be looked out and finally number five a jury has ordered Katy Perry at her co writers to pay nearly three million dollars for ripping off a Christian rapper. That panel found that Perry and her collaborators lifted the beat from markets raised song. Joyful noise for her hit song dark horse. Perry is personally liable for 550000. Dollars of that award. Gray and his co writers were seeking twenty million dollars but their lawyer says their pleas. They felt that they had been wrong. It's something of value have been taking without their permission. And they wanted. Justice and if your favorite team just. Katy Perry's attorneys say they plan to fight the decision. Without much mark coming your way in its morning America. And Friday morning. Now let's get to that big story that trade war with China president trump threatening even more tariffs last night he held his first campaign rally. Since that race is champ erupted among his supporters last month. He told the crowd in Cincinnati until there's a deal with China. The US will quote be taxing the hell out of them ABC's Megan to breezy and is here with more on what these tariffs could mean for consumers good morning mega. Good Maureen well these tariffs expected to start less than a month from now. They could affect how much you paid your kids' toys and he television sets or the price of the new cell phone. The president touting his new trade policies at a rally in Cincinnati overnight. We've taken the toughest ever action news stand up to Chinese trade appears. President trust now slapping a new 10% tear off. On 300 billion dollars worth the Chinese products starting in September. For the last one he is Jain is taken hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars out of our country and now we're stopping this map. Of American jobs. But the tariffs mean American shoppers could see prices go up on everything from clothes dean to Smartphones to TVs to told lays the chamber of commerce saint the president's move will inflict great pain on American businesses. Farmers workers and consumers. And undermine an otherwise strong US economy means that the tariffs affecting Wall Street to. The Dow plunged Thursday closing down 280 points the dues that are now going to be targeted or are ones that would affect. Warner consumers this latest development part of a long running in costly trade dispute with China. Only d.s after both sides resumed negotiations. The president also mixing politics. With his China trade policy. They would love to see a guy like sleepy Joseph Biden who has no. No clue what belies do it. And renewing his attacks on Democrats vying for his job and the form a Noory congresswoman he's targeted for weeks. This time the crowd refrained from canteen Centre back. China reacted overnight to president Trump's latest tariff announcement sane its quote definitely not the right way to resolve trade frictions well. Thank you meg and. And on Capitol Hill ailing black Republican in the house announced he will not seek reelection congressman will heard of Texas. As classic president Trumba over race and immigration he's the sixth the Republican. Member of congress to announce her departure in less than two weeks. Now to another story breaking overnight word that thousands of Americans could be heading home from Afghanistan. Up to 6000 US troops may be withdrawn according to the Washington Post. As part of a peace proposal that the US is negotiating with topped with the Taliban. If the withdrawal happens it would leave about 8000 troops in Afghanistan that's about the same number as when president trump took office the top. Commander of the Navy SEALs is sending a blunt message we have a problem and a new letter rear admiral Colin green says a discipline problem among the seals must be addressed immediately. It filed several incidents in which she'll teams are accused of sexual assault and using alcohol and drugs. In the meantime another disturbing headline from the military the air force says it will pause operations for one day to address a suicide crisis. 78 air force members have committed suicide this year that's nearly thirty more than at this point. Last year. A man from Texas has pleaded not guilty to charges he fought for ice is in Syria. Omer cousy who made his first court appearance yesterday in Dallas federal prosecutors say could to end his brother joined rice is five years ago. He was captured by the Syrian democratic forces earlier this year before being handed over to the FBI. If convicted he faces up to twenty years in prison. And up to the new tragedy for the Kennedy family the granddaughter of Robert and Ethel Kennedy. Has been found dead at their family compound in Massachusetts in overnight we learn new. Overnight tragedy striking the Kennedy family. Total falsehood call it now or want Marchand. They're important for buffalo did. ABC station WCVB in Boston reporting to grand daughter of Robert F Kennedy died of an apparent overdose at the historic FEMA compound in hyannisport. Yeah. Nolan and meaningless. And how much. The victim seer she Kennedy hill the daughter of Courtney Kennedy hill. The fifth of RFK's eleven children with his wife Ethel first responders Russia the compound Thursday after reports of an unattended death. The 22 year old was taken to the hospital were she was pronounced dead a young's your shows seen here in 2000 placing a white rose on JFK's grave site during a memorial at Arlington national cemetery. Such as the family but the whole nation is troubled that we can learn from. It's hard to get help in this country. They're high school newspaper three years ago Syria should described her struggles with depression writing. My depression took root in the beginning of my middle school years and will be with me for the rest of my life. This morning her parents say their hearts are shattered. And her 91 year old grandmother Ethel Kennedy released a separate statements saying the world is a little less beautiful today. Searches death comes fifty years after Chappaquiddick when the late senator Ted Kennedy's car plunged off a bridge. Killing his 28 year old passenger Mary Jo compact me so I can see a lot again. And Malkin the Hyannis cry for years the Kennedy family use this six acre compound as a retreat. President John F. Kennedy famously vacationing there with his family using it as a base for his 1960 presidential campaign and later as a summer White House. See your show Kennedy hill as a member of Boston College class of two point Tony her Philly says she found great joy and volunteer work. The specialist she helped to build schools and Mexico all blood tested attacked possible signs of alzheimer's is in the works researchers in Missouri say the test measures. Protein deposits in the brain that are risk factor for the disease scientists say it identified those deposits faster than brain scans they really the procedure is up to 94%. Accurate. But say it will be years before it's widely available. A father and son in Maryland are being called heroes for fighting off. Well would be robber at a 7-Eleven. Paul shatter and his dad GM more at the counter when a suspect came in dropped his weapon and then picked it up. And announced a robbery but Paul grabbed the gun wrestled the guy outside a struggle ensued this suspect took off. Now Paul has a big shiner. Our fight again. I have a daughter have a girlfriend and all I could think about was. Well about. Like him losing him right now and I was again knowing game. His father how fun suspect who's arrested. Police advise against taking on an armed gunman but they see the gun didn't fire because it was it loaded correctly good thing. Thank goodness and Cape Cod long no beach was shut down temper rarely after a state police helicopter crew spotted some great white sharks. They were swimming close to shore marine mammal experts warn summertime is peak shark season out on the cape although attacks on people. Are rare they do recommend that you don't. Venture past waist deep water or swim with seals. Diocese can't you can't really get under it and now he's just tan on the beach region book go in get a little wet. Yeah Mary you heard that every book picture falling out what I want read a book why not tell us about it coming up at the Fries thing counter the bear caught on camera. And what one jogger did to survive. That's after this. Welcome back now football's fall for talker who came face to face with a big bears a lot of photos reporting as the animal charged shatter. And but being a veteran of the outdo. Lawrence she knew exactly what to do. Won't this morning a dramatic close call with a bear. Still the. Sherry Moore was jogging on vacation in Canada when she stopped to take his cell feet. And then as soon as I clicked that a bear came down from the side of the mountain looked at me and start walking towards me watch the dramatic moment as this bear first trots toward her and then charges. Until. And it's full on charge me. Came riding out to me and it stood up finest kind lanes some right in front of me it started making these popping noises and it started making these crunchy noises with its tease and I thought. That's it I'm done I'm gonna be mauled I just remember that peer. Fear it's I'm about to die. She began to shout at the bear like a dog just saying it no get backstop you'll get down Sherry continuing to yell and back away slowly the bear deciding to retreat. I ring and as probably the fastest I've ever read in my life. And wall some may have found this situation too much to bear. Sherry plans on hitting the trail again. I need to get back out there are I'd let a let this run my life and I can't do that. Experts say more did everything right she stayed calm somehow and walked away slowly. My goodness lets you check right and Haitians. Starting ahead and this you guys that joy ride in a school that make approximate and Michigan police say they guys on this surveillance video broke into a high school it's under constructions of the alarm wasn't on detectives say the trio may have been drinking that's a quote. Before hopping on a force robber riding in around the building a smashes. It smashed it into furniture they stole some snacks. And they Brooks a musical instruments my goodness. And next to a little boys inspiration from an NFL star. Then browns cornerback TJ Kerry is about to start his sixth season. But the NFL but he took a break from practice shares story of his risky open heart operation when he was just fourteen years old. Talking with the young fan dealing with his own serious heart issue. At ten year old CJ did John has undergone numerous heart surgeries already at a young age he and TJ the NFL player showed off their scars TJ. Telling CJ. To never let his condition hold him back. That message then of course and you know Jeanette usually being named for an item on a Taco Bell menu not ideal wouldn't be confined. I don't know that I agree light hearted nor will his be apart on yeah but if you had faces like this look at little jury goes logo. Case or read out their part of the litter puppies from a for adoption in Oklahoma City their mom was saved from a shelter kill list. Her Foster humans named her Taco Bell with an. Their puppies have been given many names as well such as cinnamon twist crime traps Supreme Court. Okay now lovable adorable right and admit I was wrong and you see here ego if you do you dogs to hot dogs hot dogs and ice cream. We the ultimate summer treat for you hot dog I scream. Eight ultimate is a stretch but Oscar Meyer. There emulated they're out with a hot dog ice cream sandwich a blogger called it both real and terrifying. Guys in it that's how it looks to me it's made the bits of hot dogs. That have been candied there's spicy designed. To Lotto calmer. Than I am all set that you. And how they taste like tied to I don't want an out in the next though all of millennia old's killing the razor industry did not miss guy out. Cliche that. I have no choice. I can't proficient. But this week Procter & Gamble reported a sales slow down at Gillette in fact the market for men shaving products. Has decreased by more than 10% the last five years it runs. Ground have but there's also competition from subscription services like dollars shaved cup club. That hurts the traditional market negotiate November all your long exactly and finally imagine waking up trying to leave for work in the morning and you see this. Hot that's dozens of elk invaded the saver right along the Oregon coast say out of Brenda house before. Clapping their clothes out in the street there are so many of them how many that we do account they've been the scene you know we have in this town. Not in such big numbers and I would assume not a dispatcher residential Iraq may now but what I now about a OK so. Also not sparkle and fans you know struggling have to pay extra for the good stuff on your breed open it's okay because you want the block. Now there is another challenge phony block a lowly. What I know I don't I know it's there is out on rising price. About condos authorities are looking to squash this problem as fast as they can. KBC in Los Angeles has that story. Check out Japanese business location for more than sixty years for Carlos the home was called displays his work home for eleven of these years. The price above economist has been a battle he's waged for a while. Okay. Greenland since it's like he showed a big change where I meaning they were at thirty dollars for his volatile until now we're at 6570. Dollars per case. Nowhere is that more true than just pretty average shopper insights radar to market today the price of two large avocados cost pennies under six blocks. Last month the average price of an avocado was two dollars and eighteen cents. Last year at the same time the average was only about 26. That's an increase of 72%. Creating a very large avocado here but in real life it means it's just Smart to pay to keep avocados in house. We're known for big humongous portions and certainly love to welcome all that we just kinda no likable that I think. You try to keep our customers happy. And in previous years I mean they've got himself within 100 on this time 100 dollars in case. That's not good for business the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or know what says this year's avocado yield. He's much much lower than normal due to a heat wave in the state last July. Plus between that time and this month the State's experience the second hottest year history so this man have here a brawl says this is only eighty to something called. Follow lock Pomona you make this fake one using the dusk was summer squash that looks almost like as a cleaning. And I'm not the people say that all toward the beginning. A new blend them and you and you get to that texture that as it back in a welcome let. It's so that's it's pretty you really similar in texture Carlos discredit. I don't like the taste and I gonna get anything for the customers. Our guys and that's our question of the day do you think you could tell the difference between. The real deal avocado walking early in this wash concoction and would you just go ahead in pay more even more for the real deal. I think at. I assume so read on these intellectuals are going broke because of opera Scotto toast yes hello I know the difference and tell us what you think the comments or treat a city ABC news. Coming up in the one show that has country superstars coming back it. Again and again. And and again where it all behind the scenes of CMA fest after this. Get a watchdog board today president trump scheduled to make an announcement on trade with the European Union at the White House before traveling through his golf club in New Jersey for the weekend. Singer. Battery for some of the victims Sudanese him on the road for illegal sex the defense claims the alleged victims sought out Roberts attentions. Even. Fought each other or involuntarily from. Contacted him. Embattled Puerto Rican governor recorder roughly oh is set to step down today but it's still not clear who will replace him. The governor was forced to resign after weeks of protests triggered by an offensive group chat that was leaked. Puerto Rico's House of Representatives they're scheduled to vote today on the man Ross Seau tapped to be his successor. If he's not confirmed the justice secretary would be next in line but she's already said she does not want the job. And finally. Don't miss mr. worldwide himself the one and only pit bull live in Central Park it's GMA summer concert series this morning. At 9 AM right here on ABC news lot. This material five Vista worldwide dominated closed their parents don't forget the incident debrief for an update our top stories and the briefing room. Breakdown of the latest headlines and pop acts. And were hitching up our horses and ride down the old town road to one of the hottest music events of the summer CMA fest this country music's ultimate fan experience. You really got behind the scenes exclusive. Peek catching up with some of the countries. So country's hottest stars. The one show every country superstar returns to again and again. You may cast is unlike eighty other. I know others honor music hasn't fixed the stadium crowd is seeming quest is absolutely insane act. Everybody just has outlined a great time this is morning can't mess if you're a fan of country music you've come here this weekend it's like Disneyland the annual CMA fest. Thousands of fans forty's it music and nearly a dozen country legend really. Art ever very exciting religion does that mean like your god and 919092. When a first for my first single out. Nobody asked law partner and I ended up. Cleaning up and tearing down to boost sort of Siewert CMA fest has become. It's pretty special for me it's only Hewitt he made that movie hits a moonlit lake vets. This was a magic moment this song is just say it's been such a fun ride it's by honest I ever got to be apart. What is it about old town around what is it about own town. Old town ruled somehow manages to. Every in the grassy. He loved me. It's like imagine some fear learning from aren't really what viewing tonight. What what I learned tonight with Keith Urban joining us in this magic moment and the fans being walked. This week is really all about 66 of respect and fair. Yeah it was crazy love the songs that much this weekend bringing people together. My first back on the stage and abandon filling Estes it creates an iron and energy they elevate to perform. Yet big party taking over Nashville it's just amazing to be able to see all your favorite artist Kevin one spot on the music scene Roland tambourine bus with. Some surprise sing along guys runaway June. And bad news ABC news New York. Looks like a fun does no one has more fungal las sex right there you go back as scale it back. At that press this week. Over the weekend sale.

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