It’s Morning, America: Friday, Dec. 6, 2019

Deadly highway shootout, House to proceed with articles of impeachment, migrant teen dies in U.S. custody, and more.
25:50 | 12/06/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Friday, Dec. 6, 2019
Want to count. And I Marcy Gonzales here are the top five things to know this Friday. Number one of the deadly highway shoot out more people are data from high speed police chase ended and a hell of gunfire on nonstop for a highway victims including UPS driver. A bystander. And true robbery suspects number two a major step in the push to remove president trump from office. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has instructed Democrats to proceed with articles of impeachment look at that the president dealing from Ukraine should he abuse his power for its own personal political benefit at the expense of US national security. That congress must act swiftly because our democracy state the president has called the process a big fat hoax. And is looking ahead to a trial in the Republican controlled senate. And number three disturbing video is raising questions about the death of his sixteen year old. While in US Border Patrol custody Carlos Vasquez was diagnosed with the flu at a Texas processing facility about a week after crossing the border. Into the US from Guatemala has clearly distressed video and claps at least twice. Worth lifeless body was discovered the video which was obtained by pro public suggests officials ignored protocol but the Border Patrol says the teen was given Tamiflu. And at that time on the video is incorrect several moreover is out with the first of its kind safety report which says the company counted more than. 3000 sexual assault during riots last year including more than 200 read the report also notes that 99% of override had no safety issues over says it's already implemented stricter background checks for drivers. And added safety features on its app. Hoover's mean competitor lift is also under fire facing dozens of lawsuits from women. Who say the company should've done more to protect them and probably never find something that won't surprise anyone who's walked down a busy street lately are gone to the mall Americans are more distracted than ever thanks to their. Phones. A new study finds it 176000. People have suffered cellphone related injuries since mobile phones first became popular. Injuries to the head are especially on the rise and the iPhone came out because of people lock and into things. But half of the injuries were people. I'm very serious report there but that video right Eric. Blair read yes. It all out there please the and don't forget ABC news after all the turning stories that you probably shouldn't read our your phone while you're walking. Got a warning everyone it is Friday we meet it. I would point out something that. Martin is an office blanket that anyone who battles and watch this. Today Norman literally thought perhaps have a giant blanket on her body it is freezing in here now the team called me out for a can I'd gotten out I. Your Heath yeah that you really can't just a cover up your mind just wanna hear you write a OK it is so I hope that they instituted through like today always has liked the producer of the show like a giant blanket on her body. But to see where he's the guy. But does she does today where on there yeah fight for during this morning America capacity doesn't told me that I wouldn't cereal how little the latter that we tell on Friday. China looked profession all have at all put together act yeah for nothing and I'm not that there yeah all right well I wanna get to the news of the day and that wild police chase and shootout that left four people dead in south Florida highway it looked like a war zone as police opened fire still UPS truck into robbery suspect nearly a dozen officers fired their weapons in the middle of the busy evening commute. Shots have been fired. This is you're watching this unfold this season all those shots and. This morning the chilling video of a deadly shoot out. Multiple police agencies in Miramar Florida quarter in two suspects in rush hour traffic. You can hear a bullet ricocheting off a car eight start shooting. And at that point we just lot. On everything here under SS Lewis flyover by the vehicle. I would find it all they reduced. Concerns that being Santa life. Kick sand and you do what you can to protect yourself and your family. This was the end of a massive chase that started more than twenty miles away in Coral Gables police say two suspects held a good jewelry store that opened fire as they took off in a van all of a sudden we hear like Peter Chan. Backfires which clearly were gunshots this is what. Dangerous people do. To get away at one point a bullet hit Coral Gables City Hall which was on locked out. The suspect then carjacked a UPS delivery truck. Taking off with police close behind the suspects running red lights hopping curbs packages flying out into traffic. The truck coming to a stop on that busy highway in Miramar as police vehicles close did. The chase ending in a barrage of gunfire. The armed suspects. Engaged law enforcement opened fire there was exchange fire between law enforcement and the suspects. And I am fortunately. The suspects are now deceased. But two additional. Innocent civilians were also deceased. Among those innocent victims killed the UPS driver and a bystander in sight another car at the scene of the shooting. And still unclear if he UPS driver in bystander were shot by the suspects or by police. An investigation is underway to determine why a black hawk helicopter fell from the sky after taking off from the military base in Minnesota all three national Guardsmen on board were killed. Chopper left the airport is safe Clough for a test flight and disappeared from radar about nine minutes later. We are going to be on scene for multiple days. Assisting them will be assisting the Minnesota National Guard with the investigation. We offer our deepest sympathies to the families of these warriors. They revealed no price and service to Minnesota and the United States of America. So tragic weather does not appear to have been a factor the crew was on a meet its flight may have been. Checking out our recent repair on the chopper. And navy officials say tomorrow's Pearl Harbor remembrance ceremony will go on as scheduled despite Wednesday's deadly shooting. They say an American sailor dressed in uniform shot and killed two Defense Department employees and injured a third before turning the gun on himself. The navy says two things are still unclear the Steelers motive and whether he knew the victims. Now to the other big story impeachment showdown House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have announced the house will begin drafting articles of impeachment against president trop. Overnight she addressed the claim by her critics that she hates the president. It follows a combative moment when she told a reporter don't mess with me. Meanwhile on the campaign trail a tense confrontation between former vice president Joseph Biden and a voter clashing about and your vitamin business dealings in Ukraine. ABC's Andrea for GE joins us with all the developments Andrea good morning. Good morning Kenneth and Marcy. Now this all comes about two months after the speaker announced an impeachment inquiry meanwhile president trump continues to call it a hoax. After two months of investigation the house will move to impeach president trump is fully not to proceed. It would say any president any future president whoever she or he may be. Democratic or Republican. Our democracy is gone. The investigation started after it was revealed the president asked Ukraine to investigate his political rival Joseph Biden. As the administration withheld nearly 400 million dollars in military aid to the country. Pelosi had initially resisted the move but says the president left her no choice but to act the president says he's not worried no matter. A house Republicans argued that the Democrats plan all along with the speaker. Announcement she has weakened this nation. It was not new news they always had this. Tree written timeline. From the day they got sworn in. The house speaker told a reporter the decision isn't personal it's about the constitution. I don't own any guns. This is about the constitution of the United States I don't hate anyone. So don't mess with snake when it comes to words like that. Meanwhile on the campaign trail in Iowa a heated exchange between former vice president Joseph Biden and a voter. When the man hasn't yet been biding helped his son get a sweetheart deal in Ukraine in exchange for access to then President Obama. Let them live in that's not true and no one has ever said that no actor that Biden in fifteen after the exchange that he didn't lose his temper. On Monday Democrats leading the impeachment investigation will present their evidence before the committee and is now drafting the articles of impeachment. With his timeline it's possible the president could be impeached by the house before Christmas a trial in the senate will then follow. Kenneth all right Andrea thank you so much we appreciate it. And president Chubb is again asking the Supreme Court to block the release of his financial records this time he's objecting to a congressional subpoena issued to his accounting firm. Triggered by an investigation into hush money payments to a porn star. Just last month the president filed a petition to block a similar subpoena from New York prosecutors. The justices could decide by next week whether they will hear the cases such. -- administration is dropping plans to require US citizens to have their faces scandal when they leave or enter the country. The Department of Homeland Security now says if facial recognition process which foreign visitors face it airports. Will not be expanded to include Americans officials were facing criticism from privacy advocates. And several workers training to become prison guards in West Virginia have. The suspect after giving what appears to be a Nazi salute the state released their class photo with the faces of the pennies blurred. They're making the salute under a sign that reads hell bird. That's a reference to their instructor the governor is calling for anyone involved. To be fighters. A bright light in the sky has people buzzing in and around Texas what appears to be a meteor was captured yesterday morning on a door bell cam in Houston. The American meteor society says it received at least fifty reports morale Matt time from Texas Oklahoma. And Louisiana. Pretty cool there are often full coming up. May the force be with you hear from the caps Star Wars the right skywalker before the big premiere. But first the new charges against. Pardon me after that's. Welcome back we turn now to new questions being raised about the death of a migraine teen in US custody at the border officials say he had the flu new video shows him dying and a holding cell. With absolutely no one caring for him. This morning outrage is growing up for the release of this disturbing video showing the final moments. A six year old Carlos Basque has this life in a Border Patrol sell nearly one week ever crossing into the US the Guatemalan team was diagnosed with the flu. At a Texas processing facility with a fever of 103. He was supposed to be checked again two hours later and be brought to the hospital of symptoms got worse. But Carlos was taken to a quarantine facility he and his cellmate who also had the flu we're seeing sleeping on cement slabs with pools sheets. I think was negligent homicide. I mean someone needs to be held to account it is completely. Unacceptable for a sixteen year old child. To die of the flu. For nearly thirty minutes the camera captures Carlos struggling in pain. Wearing a surgical mask before he also the floor necks of the cell door he then manages to drag himself to the toilet before he collapses again. The video which Border Patrol later gave to police then goes black for the next four hours during mag dapper records indicate well for checks were done. But when the video returns Carlos is somebody wakes up to find him on response that and alerts the guards Democrats in congress are now demanding an investigation. The chairman of the house homeland security committee saying now only get Border Patrol whole Carlos longer than the legal limit and apparently fell to care for him while he was sick. The agency seems have been on troop what congress and the public about the circumstances around his tragic death this is inexcusable. Border Patrol officials say the agency was overwhelmed at the time with migrants and they insist welfare checks were conducted on the boy. The report indicates that he was prescribed Tamiflu but doesn't say whether he got the drug. We know that Border Patrol does not give flu shots to people in custody Homeland Security says it's investigating the case we just Mitch in the flu shots there. Obviously in this case before this young man. It already said is already sick and it would not have done in he gets so again we don't know if he got the Tamiflu. Or not but watching that video watching that sixteen year old die. And that federal custody. Where there are cameras in right we are cameras watching. This foul and so did some things that this went on for so long with no one noticing right how serious his condition was it's just there are a lot of questions that answer that. We're getting our first look at a drug tunnel discovered below an Arizona border talent. No got less. Border Patrol agents say the entrance was hit and sign an existing drainage system the opening minutes wearing feet wide and four feet tall and extends. Twenty feet and to the US. But today is day two of a massive nationwide. Strike in France the first day some violent clashes between police and protesters angry about a plan. To change the retirement system they say the pension changes will threaten the French way of life. Fires were burned at subways and tourist sites including the Eiffel Tower were shut down. And prosecutors say Kelly Bryant in Illinois government employee to obtain a fake I. Then fifteen years old the ID was allegedly used to obtain a marriage license that the sitter ages eighteen and 1994. The marriage was later annulled Kelly has long denied being aware bully its age she died. A plane crash in 2001. Right now let's check our notification reasons we're starting off with a heroic rescue in Florida a distress call about a dog in the waters off. Fort Myers came in Wednesday evening the Coast Guard crew. Track it down as the dog paddled pretty far away from the beach after pulling it into their boat when crew members said. The best person I tomorrow rescued the dog was reunited with its. At another attempt to rescue and animal hit by a car turned into a nightmare our driver in Canada picked up an unconscious. Wild ideally placed the animal in the backseat of the car went to work to call authorities. When he got back to the Carty got a coyote sitting inside. Wide awake. Animal control eventually. Got it out and it's in good condition officials are now warning people not to bring wild animals that to your car. Heard I don't know if it's if this is really the case but because I thought it was a dog US savings of Fergus right because otherwise which really pick up the coyote and knowing there's a chance they could wait up let me think it is he wasn't in the vehicle it's time. Check this story abouts. I family of South Carolina I think each they picked up a deer on the side of the road but it in the truck thought it was dead I was the kid. I was in the back seat it was not dead and it started freaking sort of freaking out of the back again. Luckily because deer are lightly can kill people when they do something like Canada and I was lucky. That we that we ticket to someone's house and they like knock it out and then. Little arrest home who lives that's owns traumatize increase you can now make it not okay. Maybe I wanted to inexpensive. Everyday items that are now all apparently passing for a very pricey works. Art banana. Duct taped to a wall is now selling for 150000. Dollars at the Miami art festival the pieces title comedienne. Two earlier editions have already sold for 120000. Dollars each is not clear if or when the rotting banana should be replaced. I'm selling this this work I got together. It up on the long this straight here with Patrick tape of that. I was gonna sell for 110 that for you are making hundred grand bargain price this art that at bat of the art it's art that it. He went that banana and tape you have to read and are calling it can be a enemy and the ads. Next Colin -- predict remains an employee nearly three weeks after his and it they'll work out but. Guys he was throwing Q has actually been signed wide receiver Jordan BC is now with Washington he joined the team's practice squad on Wednesday. He's he caught a fifty yard pass that sparked thousands of retool. Their what. Or wow I NN olive garden waiter is Washington State is going viral because of his voice Nicholas and. And. And that as Alfonzo Nichols giving customer. Nearly half some birthday serenade his performance as more than a 100000. Views on FaceBook. Nichols isn't just some restaurant he's open for usher Chris Brown claims that he lied let's actually goes on and on silk. You get them skilled U. Good death doesn't mean by that big break and then he can do that full time. Kelly this could be one of those things film and get to see that video see the post on FaceBook and bring on board but I'm as a way to try to break. We'll wanted to give us here vendors are happy birthday. Now we think that if you say an all morning hours I had. Now shocked. Hey Star Wars fans they're counted out of date until the final Star Wars movie comes out and just 2 weeks and this morning we're getting a few behind the scenes nuggets from the star studded cast of the rise and sky locker. Here's ABC's Chris Connelly. Do you know but millions await. What takes place in the rise of skywalker. Climactic episode nine of the Star Wars saga. Fans. And for members of its cast its conclusion. Whitfield. Joining his Canucks assembled at Disneyland is forthcoming rise of the resistance attraction. While director and co writer JJ Abrams. But in the blow in this trilogy. In 42 years we're at. Of the biggest movie franchise ever. Part of the fun of working on this new trilogy has been sort of embracing what is come before as the history of these characters are doing their think they'll. Taking a lot tossed soaks up. His blend of the fondly remembered and the freshly a mention rekindled Star Wars fever. 2015 is the fourth awakened and he's back added. Its own to you. How to embrace. What came before it looked familiar to tell a new story and go somewhere else because if you look at this is nine films not. A trilogy or even one movie but say it's the end of nine chapters. This chapter needs to connect. All those that came before. Product of Lucas film which like ABC is owned by the Walt Disney company. Much of the movies beating heart is thought to be focused on daisy with please read through confrontations in the ruins with Adam drivers Kyle low rent. Their favorite John boy. Pleased to see his every min did getting screen time with his cohorts of the resistance. Often lost that I just some in the I'm mixed to easier just have been daisy consistently. Or on a day to day basis is have an Oscar de it changes the entire movie when you're able to not interrupt people who you actually have close relationship we've been real life. My use of solemn plea to get thrilled the franchise's fans with this in the grim video. Celebrating his on and off screen romance with Oscar Isaac plays pilot towed to hammer. Oscar you're the recipient of the very tender video that John of course it on your behalf. There's way too much time on his hands the biggest takeaways system. Deep love that of quite suited for these people that I got to work with over these many years and how rare and special that is. Rare and special. Devotion to Star Wars fans to believe Carrie Fisher eternally beloved layup. JJ Abrams and co writer Chris stereo needed to find a suitable weight to feature her one final son. So we went. And I looked at the footage that we had not used from the force awakens and what we realized was that Chris and I could use that footage and write scenes around. Kerry. Which credible is you know she is she's wonderful in this movie. The heartbreaking reality that she was no longer with us. You know is so surreal because literally she's been alive in the editing room every day. For nearly a year. And the idea that we're sitting here talking about her in the past tense. Is is still crushing in and an impossible to imagine. Even now her wit and her compassionate insights continue to inspire. And the thing she said was this really maxis to people. But this is an important thing it's not add to take itself too seriously I think that in viewing this whole experience with that eleven of importance. Is important in itself because this max's you know to millions of people for Nightline I'm Chris Connolly in Anaheim California. First in line to go see that. On December 20 Marci Gonzalez people camping out hardcore can't wait can't wait and and it's so nice of you to volunteer to come with me you know I'll be right there with you. Bribed a Scott Walker kicked in the plan Baja and that's our question of the day. What are you most excited about and the new Star Wars movie what are you most excited so many there's so many things have excited about. Bat I think it would most excited about four to be over now for the conclusion that that's what this jail. Right and Loretta it right this moment so ever again standing in line waiting for it. Tell us tweet us let us know in the comments section lettuce and ABC news live morning your opinion coming up will tell you what's on the horizon for this Friday December 6 and he can't start the weekend before you see the adorable story out next that we'll touch your heart a little boy inviting his entire. Kindergarten class through the adoption hearing. This. And here's what to watch out for today president trump is scheduled to participate in a roundtable. On red tape reduction accomplishments. And a Christmas reception at the White House. And First Lady bloody a child will visit patients and their families at the children's national hospital. Before joining that Christmas reception Democrats running for president are on the campaign fell speaking of Iowa farmers union form and the local America. Presidential forum. Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is due in a Manhattan court for. A bail hearing in his sexual assault case and thousands of young people are expected to marched through cities of. Around the world and a climate change strike during the United Nations summit in Madrid. Plus don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on all of our top stories and a briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines and politics. And finally from us on this Friday a child in Michigan invited his kindergarten classmates to see him receive the best Holley president of his young life. Think that's what this story Michael Clarke junior was among three dozen Foster children in a Grand Rapids courtroom yesterday for the annual adoption day. He also brought along other securities you see in right there but do his classmates. The kid held up Hart signed sticks as Andrea Melvin and Dave eaten became Michaels for for parents. It is ordered Michael that you're forever a mom and dad. We'll be David Andrew Eaton and Andrea that we use Melvin. Me. That why I. This does Cuba it loses two months. So much but when everything with a official Michaels climate classmates and his new family broke out on applauses teacher says. Family doesn't have to be DNA because family support. And La congratulations to that family the holidays are going to be. Specially nice this year to us national and that it is just the most loved playing him full of personality that no. Lucky parents speaking of lucky we've been like you have Marcy Gonzales you're all this we gave you my friend you're headed back out west homes heading home so that we can do GMA and world news this weekend we'll will be watching will be watching you great to have a sofa and spending time with friends anytime if you listen thank you so much for joining us has a wonderful Friday enjoy the weekends have a good one I now see on Monday.

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