It's Morning, America: Friday, June 14, 2019

President Trump says former White House counsel lied under oath, U.S. blames Iran for oil tanker attacks and more.
28:54 | 06/14/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Friday, June 14, 2019
Good morning I'm cannot move. And I'm on a vacuum the top five things to know this Friday number one more of our exclusive interview with president. The George Stephanopoulos interview has been making headlines because of the president's comment. That he would consider taking dirt on its fleet when he opponent from a foreign power. Now another apparent contradiction as president trump says his former White House counsel Don again lied under oath when he said that the president ordered him to fire the special counsel. And that from pressured him to deny that he had been directed to do so equipment. The board I was over the fire mom. I never suggested firing moment. It's his of the philippoussis to cement him. That was to show everyone. What a good council he was so why would god we have there's no good lying under oath to do why would you answer wanted to make himself look like the good lawyer. More of that exclusive ABC news interview coming up shortly and number two president trump is still no sign of complying with the federal watchdogs recommendation that he fire one of its closest advisors Kellyanne Conway the watchdog says com we have repeatedly violated the hatch act which is. An ethics law that bans federal employees from engaging in political activity at work. Conway supporters call the law outdated and say it's been be used unfairly target the top administration. The watchdog has no power to force the president to act on its recommendation. He roster are Sanders is out the white house Press Secretary is heading home to Arkansas she has. Three children under the age of ten and said that her most important celebrate now is being a mother. President trump is encouraging her to run for governor Arkansas. On to number three the rising tensions with the rock. The US is blaming Iran for the attacks on two oil tankers near the Persian gulf Thursday one of them was operated by Japan on. Video reportedly shows that are raining and crew removing a mind from the sign of one tanker today Japan said it will not be sending troops have been region in response. We head to Toronto for number four where about party is still knowing the raptors are NBA champions for the first time in franchise history after being thrown in Golden State kept Curry's list late jumper with the warriors last chance. In game six moments later it was time for finals MVP quiet manner. And if he meets to celebrate the 114 to one and went and the first NBA title heading to Canada. Just. Working hard work our. I have my mindset on this go right here this is roughly rebels full quarters and we'll work out work blossomed during the season. Noon every demo were cut off. Are you heard this but drain in the big. Big big fan of the raptors and he is dropping to new songs to celebrate their way. And finally number and Harry Potter fans could have you still managing to make the lines disappear at the new Harry Potter roller coaster at universal or land yet as people waited out that ten hours to take a span on the new coaster which opened Thursday that's about half the time it would take advantage. All eight of the Harry Potter movies but beginning today fans can save us bottom line by using an app which alerts you when it's time for your ride. We've got much more to talk about coming your way it's more in America. Good morning heparin wine. Happy Friday we got the news NBA champion and we feel like champions this morning because we've got a lot of that here. Make AM this morning America debut and. Great to me hair. F and she's gonna give us a rundown of what happened with the NBA finals I might go. OK so there are these two gay they're ready to put Tino is now I Saturday after you know I did up stepped curry. Met. Yeah. GAAP book out about that in just a little bit we wanna get our big story that ABC news exclusive George Stephanopoulos spending 48 hours of incredible access the president trump who says. His former White House counsel dom again lied under oath when he sent president dropped. Ordered him to fire the special counsel and that trop pressured him to deny that he had been directed to do so. No special counsel should have ever been appointed you know why his there was no question hey don't choose me. They have no evidence of crime he lays out a lot of evidence including the episode. Were you ask your White House counsel John McCain talent Mahler has to go you column twice convincing Mahler has to go. Call me when it's done and it now the stood in the very simply. You're born I was able to defy a moment. I never suggested firing moment. Do what he excuse I think it would patients just a matter. That was to show everyone. What a good council he was so why would data we had just totally lying under oath to do why would you loser wanted to make himself look like a good lawyer or. Or he believed it because I would constantly tell anybody that would listen including you including the media. That Robert Mueller was conflict it Robert Mueller had a total capacity leftist. And that is an instant if you answer these questions to be now why not answer them to Robert Mueller under. Because. They were looking to get us alliance. For slate misstatements I looked at what happened to people. And it was very unfair very very and very unfair. I gave them one point five million pages of documents right I gave them for a 500 witnesses I let down again. Testify led him to use a White House counsel. I let him to check in whose interest in who you didn't answer questions on struggling and it went in and I can't answer questions they answered them in writing not I don't know what is I don't. I answered a lot of questions. They gave me questions I answer them in writing not an obstruction. Look like you being otherwise okay do which is you know typical field to see and Stan. Very simple it's very simple there was no crime there was no collusion. George there are holding his own against the president really pressure him and pushing him. Because again he didn't answer on obstruction. You can see all of George's reporting from that incredible 48 hours of access stirring up prime time special next week but now we turn to the rising tensions between the US and Iran plane out and the waters of the Persian gulf region conflicting accounts have emerged as to what caused an oil tanker to erupt in flames and burned for hours off the coast of Iran. Another tanker was also apparently attacked Iran has denied any involvement what overnight. New images were released which could be key evidence against Iran ABC who lives with her is here with the latest good morning Elizabeth. Kenneth Illini US officials maintain. This morning US Central Command releasing new video showing what it claims are you running and forces removing I exploded mined from the hole all the Japanese tinker. Along with what US officials say are new pictures shielding weird the mines were placed. That Japanese tinker one of the two vessels crippled by Iran according to secretary of state might Pompeo. This assessment is based on intelligence the weapons used. The level of expertise needed execute the operation. Their crew of the Japanese tankers seen here receiving treatment from American sailors aboard the USS Bainbridge that according to US Central Command. Beat anyone you patrol boat also racing to the scene to try to get their first. Anybody can shift did they covered 23 members of the other came for that was attacked. The army and police are shown pictures of that crew watching TV and in Banja port city. The attacks occurred in the gulf of Oman about 45 minutes apart. The scene waterway where US officials have also going do you want for attacking four oil pink first last month. These are intended to disrupt to drive up to global price of oil to drive up insurance rates which benefits are wrong. But this morning he Ryan denying any involvement of foreign minister tweeting in part. The US immediately jumped to make allegations against Iran without a shred a factual or circumstantial evidence. And there are new reports this morning that crew members on the Japanese tankers solve flying objects just before the attack suggesting that the ship wasn't damaged by mines which would contradict what the US military has said. Still a lot of questions but the US making it clear we are basting and can. All right Elizabeth her thank you. Now some other headlines this morning a major new development in the Flint, Michigan water scandal estate's attorney general has dismissed all criminal charges against eight officials. Including involuntary manslaughter. The office is launching new investigation saying the first one was flawed crisis erupted in 2014 when this force of the city's water supply was changed. To save money. New supply was tainted with lead which has been linked to twelve death. David Ortiz whose daughter is thinking everyone who has been praying for her father the former Boston Red Sox stars and guarded condition and a Boston hospital are for Sunday shooting. His daughter Alexandria posted a message to and it's a Graham saying the man known as big poppy. As not once look for tears are pity. And the Dominican Republic five suspects in the attack arrive for scheduled hearing under heavy guard hearing was eventually postpone. According to ESPN there are now nine suspects including two when a man. Three more were charged yesterday acting US alleged shooter. Broke the theory air op crews who is still on the loose is now charged in a 2017 armed robbery in New Jersey another suspect Lewis rivas. Costs say it's believed to be wanted in an attempted murder last year in Pennsylvania. Southwest Airlines won't be using the Boeing 737 Max at all of this summer canceling about 100 daily flights. Southwest had planned to scrub the jets through August theft but expanded it into September Sackett. American Airlines extended their cancellations to the Max through September 3. And united did the same through August 3. The planes were grounded globally in March following two crashes that killed 346. People. Actress Jessica BO it's clear find her stance on vaccination she posted on mr. Graham she is not against vaccinations. But supports giving families the right to make an educated medical decisions BO has been facing criticism for joining. And he backs advocate Robert F Kennedy junior posing a strict vaccination bill in California that would make it more typical for children to receive medical exemptions. Nothing that's really troubling about that is that there. Not Beale when she posted it said that she has friends he's. Child wasn't able to have vaccinations. But there are so many children that. Better in that position that book that meet other children who can have vaccination. To do it so there's herd immunity and has moved a moved away from that those children who can't do it medically are in danger against. Well congressional subcommittee will hold the first hearing in more than a decade about pain. Preparations are the descendants of slaves. Actor Danny Glover is among those planning to testify at a hearing next Wednesday lawmakers will consider a bill that would create a commission to study the consequences and impacts of slavery. And make recommendations for reparations proposals. Back now to the NBA finals and that the really to finish the warriors have a shot at the very end last night but the night all along to the Toronto Raptors it's their first NBA title. ABC's TJ Holmes is there for all the emotional moments after the game. Toronto Raptors have now hold Dunn would no team before them have done and they have brought. BA championship. North of the border for the first time ever in what was really an exhilarating night here at ORACLE Arena and what is the last. Time we will ever see the Golden State Warriors. Play in this arena to these warriors who have been wounded the and have absolutely did dismantled. By injury. Klay Thompson. Go down with a knee injury in the third quarter. And the warriors still had a chance in this game stepped curry got a good look in the closing minutes a moment of this game it didn't fall pursuit of the rental raptors. Behind the why letter who of course is your finals MVP who put on any record. Official performance throughout these NBA finals he is your NBA finals MVP and the Toronto Raptors in doing the moment doing they can't wait to get back to Toronto. For those fans a Jurassic Park have been party and all night. Put Toronto Canada regret preservatives. So I called it you didn't drained right and let it out to a news songs. To celebrate those big win senate paint. We are can't wait here. I'm sure reply gonna play it here I'm sure I'm fair and criticized that. Yeah there are down we're really excited about this coming up bands of the west wing are crossing their fingers. What creator Aaron Sorkin and star Rob Lowe have to say about a possible my well let me. We're back now the case against Cuba Gooding junior he was in court last night pleading not guilty to accusations. That he groped a woman at a New York City bar. You surveillance video obtained by TMC appears to show him place his hand on a woman's fine. A few seconds later his hand appears to move up to her breast. Meanwhile a second accuser has reportedly come forward every ABC's Josh Steiner was at the courthouse last night as the actor faced a judge. This video unearthed in posted tonight by TMZ. Appears to show the moment Manhattan prosecutors say Cuba Gooding junior groped a woman. He's sitting with his girlfriend when the alleged victim sits down next to them. And Gooding appears to touch her leg then her breasts before either she pushes his hand away or he pulls her hand away and kisses it. Just four nights later the actor appeared at Manhattan arraignment court pleaded not guilty of charges. He groped her. Show me the money that 51 year old Academy Award winning star of Jerry Maguire had been out Sunday night at the magic hour a rooftop bar in Times Square. It was later that night the woman called police. Putting who'd already flown back to LA returned to New York today to surrender voluntarily to the NYPD. For detectives who specialize in sex crimes placed him under arrest. Mark Heller as his lawyer. Frankly. Shocked and horrified. That this case is being prosecuted. Fourth highest hope you. Is that you George is still. Look at the video. Individual choice why that didn't want a movie or book. Those police do in this Matt. Getting spacing to different charges forcible touching and third degree sexual abuse. Both misdemeanors a judge released him on his own recognizance shall be back in court later this month. Josh Honecker ABC news. New York our thanks to Josh turning out to Indonesia where tensions are high over a court challenge to the country's recent elections. Now authorities are boosting security around the capital Jakarta as hearings began Julie McFarland is across the pond in the London bureau watching that taking Chile and good morning. Headed on a great to see you hate Kenneth yes you're obviously right that is beefing up of security tens of thousands of police and security forces out on the capital. All due content because. The failed candidate for April's general elections power base and young take he is OSCON the constitutional court to invalidate. The results of the election he is alleging. A lot of bench of role if he claims that police and state institutions like intelligence agencies wife. Biased in his Fave. And he says that the results of the election when an adjustment. And movement of Vietnam. Julia authorities say they've seized more than seven tons of ivory and so much mourn a giant wildlife trafficking bust so what's the latest there. Yeah this is a huge pool Kenneth more does he say more than seven tons of illegal animal materials. I'll offense I agree and kind gunman's scales this is one of Vietnam's biggest. Pools. Of illegally trafficked. Wildlife pots now. Pine garlands. They was most heavily trafficked. Animals they these sort of small on the delay is like create says and they have furiously hunted for that scales the scales and made out of carrots and then they often padded up and used in traditional med sin not wildlife campaign is off. Off are aggressively sort of campaign against us because they say that these animals are in danger of extinction. But taxing the illegal wildlife trade is really made it difficult does not criminal investigation. That started in Vietnam on this particular case because they're trying to. Figure out who awarded these materials and whacked they way they were headed fool. I know there's been a campaign obviously to educate and two Mimi and people say urban legend folklore. Just myths that Tom. That these are having a type of killing properties so. That will in modern medicine and study needy animals and and trying replicated but they can't if the animals become extinct but there is good news on. There is some good news this morning out of Paris where that Saddam cathedral is that to hold its first not since the devastating fire there. As we know renovations are still ongoing. I was an Adonis of this is the fast time a service will be how to not to dump oft about devastating fire. Back in April now it's going to be a very small Savvis numbers of very limited and it's gonna take place in one of the side chapels. So you might Oscar won't what's the point and I'm having this well I think beyond that's got as novices. Up will be very good for morale as we covet back in April. Not to dam is of huge symbolic and emotional significance. To the prairie to the prison people fronts is of course a secular republic right now and there's not really about not Saddam that touched but not Saddam as and I caught in. Of a French is on particularly of Brazilian life the people. We're incredibly unique why defy you sort sort of people pledging donations trying to help fix it present my clone. He has borrowed Stotts. The building blackened net and the rip pads will be completed within five is about the steep steep mosque. But I think as a holding a mass tomorrow is just gonna baste a little bit of morale for one. Anderson is going to be tell a televised Mac correct Julian. Yes I think it will be put cost lives there's about today the small number of people he will be able to beat up physically not distribute them going to be ability to take pot. Absolutely yeah Julie my friend is good to see you have a great weekend we appreciated. And let's check our notification is now starting Western Australia gramley who was looking back get pictures of a vacation in Bali last December when they spot it. This my skin around they are a bit that during a visit to long tell Mathieu preserved they squatted down because what picture and that's when one of the primate. Vote Obama shot and offered up shall we say one finger salute. I love and I love this photo of a monkey photo bombing of him because. We'd been on vacation before my husband and I and had a monkey steal our camera that you get it back taking any kind of into a tree in any drop it down. Thank you if it is case the perfect ad war for the case because the didn't shatter anything like that and so that we have the footage. Of the monkey and basically it looks like a monkey but luck as the I'm running out there that she. That he flip you off to now look at life Fenton. And dead by the Canadian women's soccer team was feeling all right I'm gonna let it all hang out on a bus ride in France. Yeah we pray that asked about delaying continents collide getting hyped listing division I had twins and now I feel element. Later admitted the video herself with a message let's go girls we been singing at all yeah. As go girl. I would've been definitely lets go of this happened in the cold blooded passenger may get a slow wave that mainland US. Why does lack a race there. Snake my passion I had I had deposit that video managed to stow away in a man's backpack it wasn't discovered until he arrived amount earlier this week. And on debit venom at stake is about a foot long. It mainly found in Florida authorities determined that the man did not bring the snake to Hawaii on purpose if he had any would have faced a fine of up to chew. Hundred that loans and dollars bank Hulu. On her best. Yeah yeah I don't know that it passes through some crazy things. Can you believe at that seek guidance was backpack out and he had no idea. No idea at all that's scary yeah running back to Matt backpack pewter very surprised that he did have sex no. Since make eggs can expect yeah accumulate from Ed reams gobbled up all right Larry. TV show them in 1990. At the one that lives on on what I can't. Do you remember that all my I'll also go west wing may peak led back. That's. Rob Lowe gets in his way that he be willing to start a reboot of Aaron Sorkin writes that if Sorkin recently fed he's open to the idea but only if he gets a good night. I have a good idea right. Well it seems like this is rob Lowe's idea as well making him rob Lowe's K parent are. Rented he of the young man. Him on that show in the ninety's and so now he's an older gentleman he could be the president would be it could be he's past that age of 35. About four hoop Joshua Lott who loved me. Days ago IRA there you have coming up our own today Norman is changing how women and girls of color are looking at themselves one curl have a. How's he made the decision to free that crawled in where her natural here on TV. After this. Here's what to watch out for today president that's scheduled to meet with secretary if they might Pompeo and education secretary Betsy boss and give a speech on health care. For small businesses in the rose guards. The seventeen year old victim of a shark attack off of North Carolina beach is speaking out in a press conference paid between whose leg had implicated after the attack said. Last week that she's staying positive he wants her right here on ABC news five. And coming up at 9 AM eastern Washington inmates summer concert series period and it pulled them out live from Central Park in New York. But don't forget that into the deep report of the overhaul our top stories and the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines and politics. Or there's a quiet revolution going on in that TV news industry it appears it started right here. Our engine laying Norman made the brave decision Monday to embrace her natural hair on camera and since then she's never looked better and she's nap. Answer Fremont girls I first had to Freeman minds. Oh. And that may sound like an overstatement. I really. Thank you shinning armor for nearly thirty years I was too distant bystander who did that left out. I just wasn't wounded. TV magazines society by omission hoping I was beautiful. A report lighting climb yet gene Norman BC seventeen news my hair needs people and straight my eyes blue or green my skin fair. And I just didn't. But I got pregnant back and went seventeen I know yet if I was having a boy well but I knew that I want my kids loving themselves. Still to this day I hope that my son is confident and knows that he is beautiful and perfect as its. I believe kids learn best by example. So I knew that I had nobody got confidence that sense of self fourth myself. And a big part of that was accepting my hair as a my. So I was battling this internal conflict undoing years of conditioning I think you do theater that I would never. At this think I'm learning to appreciate what makes me you. While reassuring myself I can still be taken seriously. And see it as a professional pineapple hair. For many women like in news there's also an external factor we struggle is in deciding to natural. We worry about what they're wearing our natural hair will impact our career trajectory and how will be perceived at work. We worry for good reason there are news directors right now who will not allow black supporters black anchors where they're natural hair on here and that is machines. Still I was ready to challenge that and though it's been one of the most liberating decision of my career it was not an easy one and it took some. I was pregnant. I can't street in my hear less and less. And eventually I was wearing wigs to protect him and a Carl. The first time anchored the overnight showed the hair stylist convince me un break my hair and to Wear my natural hair on air as a lives. The feedback that warning was fantastic. Surprising the overnight in her short time later I decided I want to find a way to bring more my natural sell to that well. Most of the time I do the twist out manipulating my frozen 01 Monday in December eyes that's when vacation and I didn't have time it's my hair. It's like the Washington which is just my natural curl pattern with a crow great. I hadn't nailed down my routine or found the right product and I was still self conscious. That was the first morning I was on that you may sat with Robin Roberts. Moment in the hair. And which. Account this morning that one event here. That was it. My husband still lasted me because for months years even encouraged me to Wear my natural parent Air France too nervous I was too scared I was so reluctant. Once Robin Roberts signed off spotted on national television. Address it's me. Help the young girls growing up coming up. Behind me don't ever have to worry about how they're perceived. Just. Here. And I hope that his question. And I. I imagine Reuters. Black actresses of the old black reporter for all market Watson went after him this year. I've looked like hey. I students and his parents can do it I can do to you. Beautiful beautiful beautiful and we're so proud of today I'd like to joke with third teaser this is my little sister. About three in those curls. But I will say that we're so proud of her and says that revealing testimony of what she's been through and I think will be. Really inspirational to others. And so remarkable to hear Jeanette who is a dear friend of ours and we pleasant gorgeous women on television one of the most gorgeous woman around. That she didn't feel that her that she fit into that interior of the standard beauties. And what she's back on Monday we plan to talk all about it and to really passed through it and we really want you to join Matt conversations that brings us to our question of the day have you struggle with. Where your natural hair at school or in the workplace. I know that I have it because. I really even today out there. Now did the right now she would call you. She whipped situation like this army that took region yet tell us your story in the comments or tweet us at ABC new line who want to hear from you. And you know what we have to respond here from lot of that. I'd hate her it's more American days. Here on the deaths it was great having you my friend thing come back as he has some time when today suffering in this curls. And not at work right. How great Father's Day week ahead. Capital city on Monday have a go.

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