It's Morning, America: Monday, April 15, 2019

White House defends plan to send detained immigrants to "sanctuary cities," Tiger Woods' historic Masters win and more.
28:10 | 04/15/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Monday, April 15, 2019
Good morning I'm Kenneth about Jane Harmon near the top I think should know this Monday number one at a masterpiece. Of a comeback by Tiger Woods' words is that masters champion again after he tapped its final shot of the tournament claiming it. Fifth masters title in its fifteenth major championship victory. He started the celebration with a zone tiger roar we're coming off agreeing to gives kids. And his mother would put on the green jacket fourteen years ago after his last victory at a gas that no one has ever gone that long. Between mastered winds eighty know people will be talking about this today. Number two the White House that the controversial plan to bus migrants from the southern border. To so called Sanctuary Cities is on the table a proposal has already been rejected twice by Homeland Security by the white house Press Secretary is here Sanders. And they're now doing an extensive review because president trump. Likes the idea mayors and cities that chose not to cooperate with the immigration officials say they'll welcome the migrants. They're accusing the president using them as human pawns on to number three now congresswoman a lot of art says she's facing increased number of death threats. The president completed a video about her and said many of the threat to reference the video House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is calling on the president to take down the tweet and she apps. Capitol police to conduct an assessment to ensure a march safety. Democrats accused the president of trying to incite violence against the Minnesota lawmaker the video seems to imply that oh mark trivialize denial of an attack during a recent speech but it omits the contact supermarket. Which focused on the treatment of Muslims following the attacks number four FaceBook is back up and running after an outage Sunday morning users are locked out of the social site for hours according. Outage monitoring site down detector dot com at the peak of the outage more than 121000 people couldn't lock on the FaceBook. While 3000 people reported issues with what sap and over 7000. Including me couldn't access their insert the issues were mainly in Europe and Asia and finally number five though not a way to return. The final season of the HBO mega hit again last night but don't worry no spoilers here. High demand on HBO's streaming service and on Hulu reportedly caused problems. For some fans HBO denies there were any server issues others got a head start watching thanks to DirecTV which could get million leaked to the episode. More hours early now the top nineteen trending topics on Twitter overnight all nineteen related to the show. Very union count during the show is high but the body count was surprisingly. So that. You have to wait till next Sunday it's not to get the whole season at once and that's that's turning some yes it is. Wore a low lots more to talk about it. Singing our way into Monday because they're Smart and America all of it. The crews back. The big big big. Okay yeah the big today. That big should the big today the big curls the big and it drove her back. Even now I I've I rival G on the curls with a little. And now he did can it looks really good and that way ending he wanted to free the curls. As best he could since there are new apparel and Barron's news now that we gave young Friday Friday ahead of game of drones premiere yesterday which so many peep. Well we're talking about everybody everybody I will watch. A couple as the few to victory there that's that HBO no spoilers here right wants violence and we're gonna have a lot of fun talking about it ha but first we're gonna get to that big development story over the weekend the White House. Defending a controversial idea to bus migrants detained at the border to so called Sanctuary Cities like San Francisco. Now the plan was already rejected twice for president trump wants to revisit the idea Democrats claim it's illegal. And they accuse the president of using humans as pawns ABC Serena Marshall has the new. Good morning Serena. And it today good morning now let's get step back here on and where exactly we are in this plant disease the White House has gone back and forth on whether or not as women they're looking now when it first came out this is something they wanted to do. At first they looked at in November during the election and then in February during that standoff over border while finding. The White House telling us and they it was something that came up bright and they quickly rejected it as it not a real situation that they were going to embrace then the president came out not only tweeting about it is speaking out saying it's an idea that he likes. Now the White House is saying is something they're exploring as an option here's this here's Anders had to say on this week. What this is an option on the table I mean that we talked about. A number of different things over the last two years that we'd love to see happen. Certainly this wouldn't be our first choice because. Ideally we would be dealing with a massive influx of illegal immigrants coming across the border the crisis that we have both from a national security and humanitarian standpoint. Is it Democrats would step up and help the president fix the laws. This all could go away we wouldn't be having this discussion and that would be the best thing for the country. And that would certainly be the best way to solve this crisis and sings this problem and we don't wanna put all of the burden on one or take border communities. And Democrats have stated time and time again they support open borders that supports Sanctuary Cities. So let's spread out some of that burden let's put it in some of those other locations. If that's what they want to see happen in are refusing to actually help fix the problem. I can't today there are a lot of questions about this plan of first and foremost is it legal now the White House Hussein and the president has treated today is absolutely legal but according to some of the reporting we have it doesn't president was looking at specifically moving in these migrants to Sanctuary Cities a political rivals. Now that's something that the federal government could it do targeting political rivals of course. I'd buy it they're looking at spreading this out all over the country that's another big question how to funds and of doing it Democrats are saying absolutely this is not legal an assassin and we should be focused on screen this is fascinating because I know the mayors of some of those so called Sanctuary Cities they're saying hey look sent. We will welcome the migrants with open arms but they claim that the president is using them as human pond and it seems almost. Counterintuitive to what the president wants to do because it's like if they come over the border. You you move this density cities were they're being welcomed with open armed. That is seems like incentive for more MP tells us unless it's them being deported which the president wants. Yeah exactly the eyes of the president wants these people eventually deported our member a lot of these folks are claiming a silence and I have to go through the court cases in order to actually have that claim process that can take years. So what the White House is doing because along the border all the detention facilities are maxed out is there of returning to that policy to the president has derided over the years of catch and release. Essentially taking some land processing them releasing them into the interior and tell other court cases processed. Now the president wants the bus these folks a Sanctuary Cities where you are a 100% right those Sanctuary Cities actually. Do when they intend to make it harder to deport people because what they're doing is or not complying with waste containers they're saying that you don't hold this person. Longer than what ever we pick them up for that I need an arrest warrants not just a request to hold them because that's putting at a added. And need on our community as seeking funds from our community and a make it less likely. For and they get immigrants to report crimes so how actually worked of the president's overall goal of deporting these people as big. Question it's something that the White House hasn't quite answered at. Three before you go. I am going back to the White House whip latch on and the responsiveness and in the present it then it first White House saying we were not for this it was taken off the table quickly and the president goes I'm not a good idea. I'm curious did this come from the media coverage of it first being reported out in print and then. All the media jumped on it and said this was something that the White House is thinking about. And the White House says no within the president who was an avid news watcher Steve that it says it. We should go back to the. I can't get so that leaves you wondering what out what kind of places us but other Republicans then because Howard they gotta support this went again. It seems like a goes completely against what their goal. It's now. Well the White House whiplash has not something where not exactly used slowdown here the president has Canada history undermining his own administration officials speaking points now. Going back when this was first floated apparently in November remember it was the mid term elections immigration was a hot topic and of course they're the dealing with this influx of migrants the southern border than in February. That's during the government shut down during that standoff a reporter while openings both kinds administrations as they quickly shut this down because according to some sources DHS officials the lawyers within the Department of Homeland Security said. It's a legal we can't do that bed then. When this story broke the president seen it as you mentioned it was all over the news stations and they said you know what I liked that idea let's explore as of now they're trying to see if there's a way they can do it legally and with these border towns in the 1980 Sanctuary Cities. Not who new mayors and governors eggs that are up saying okay ascent MR away. Or trying to call it a political win for both sides. Yeah we'll see if that happens and the White House what lies were all being fitted for neck braces. That's easy he can't add color. How clear through my Fred. Other shrubs growing warts as his reelection campaign is expected to announce that it raised more than thirty million dollars the first three months of the year. That is more than any of his predecessors race this early in the race that I'm campaign says it average donation was about 34 box. And it's set a goal of a billion. Dollars that cigarette politics people would a judge has formally kicked off his presidential campaign after saying for months it is time for a new generation of leadership. The 37 year old mayor of South Bend, Indiana as a Rhodes scholar at Afghan war veteran if he beats the odds he would be the youngest and first openly gay president. We judge who sparred with vice president -- over gay rights is taking direct Dave. President prop. The idea that security. And patriotism. Belonged to one political party needs to end today. We are here to say. But there is a lot more to safety and security and putting up a wall from sea to shining city. There's no question we care about from gun safety to emigration from climate to education to paid family leave. None of it will be handled well unless our democracy is in better shape. Judge is running third place in some polls and has already raised millions of dollars more than a million poured in after his announcement another Democrat California congressman Eric Falwell has also made it official launching his campaign that is all high school. He's making gun control is top priority. He complained that congress has done nothing and the week of several mass shootings. Austin band and buy back every assault weapon in the country we're seeing that crop field of democratic candidates more crack former Obama White House counsel. Greg Craig returns so federal courtroom in Washington today is expected to surrender his passport after pleading not guilty to charges. That came to light during the Russian investigation Creag is accused of lying to the Justice Department consuming work he did for the Ukrainian government possible violation of. Foreign lobbying rules. Both the university in new York at buffalo has suspended all great life activities while a possible hazing incident is being investigated an eighteen year old freshman is in critical condition after an incident at sigma pi house. A published report says the victim had no alcohol or drugs in the system. The Buffalo News says he went into cardiac arrest during possible hazing that included forced exercises. The student was recently treated for a respiratory ailment. Please apparently have discovered a treasure trove of information for their investigations. Hours Smartphones sources tell the New York Times that request for a location data. Have risen sharply in the last six months some ass for data for every device that passed through a given area. Google removes the identities from information it hands over but will provide that information if the police can make a case for it areas and I'm curious. It's so interesting because isn't the same as surveillance video. Essentially yet so we handled walking through an intersection and they please let's fight units of its camera right so now is that it puts as an invasion of privacy that's the question and it. It's fascinating and just knowing me you know we care fund we are so reliant on Arafat that we're just finding out. Just how many people have access who were tracking you know you don't go clear that Tom data there so and so. Don't commit crimes threaten U world's tallest building you've got to expect some lightning brighten the Berkeley Dubai I was struck several times story yesterday. The ten else that's papers more than twice 700 feet tall. Other parts of it. United Arab Emirates flooded from the heavy rainy. For interstates from a heart like in the taught us building and world is sure her book coming up Tiger Woods is back on top after a fourteen year dry spell at the masters. Some are calling to win the greatest comeback in sports history floor after this. Here it is. And. Back now with the master piece of a comeback fight Tiger Woods this morning tight here in the mass. Masters champion again after reading his first major title. It'll lead then. Years few people including tiger himself bought it what happened after as many professional. And personal setbacks. With this signatures Sunday red. And fist pound Tiger Woods is back on top. The legendary golfers fifth win of the masters has already being called one of the greatest. And perhaps unlikeliest comebacks in sports history. Worst tweeting overnight to not only be able to play again but to be able to win again. It's something I will forever be grateful for his jacket sure it's comfortable. The first degree woods his ten year old son Charlie wasn't even born the last time tiger won a major. They're embrace was reminiscent of the one tigers here with his late father Earl 22 years ago. After his first masters win tiger's mom and daughter Sam were also right there waiting for him. For them to see what a slight to. How they're dead women were a major championship. I hope to sort it will never forget I had affairs. I cheated woods famously battle scandal in his personal life more recently crippling back injuries led to four surgeries. And a DUI arrest that was blamed a prescription medication at one point woods was not even ranked among the top 1000 golfers in the world I heads in a serious doubts after you know what trust article two years ago. I'm not a bird walk. Couldn't sit and lay down I really can be what anything. The 43 year old now has fifteen major championship win. Three behind the record held by Jack Nicholas Nicholas tweeted a big well done for me to Tiger Woods I'm so happy for him in for the game of golf. This is just fantastic yeah. Yeah. Nike one of the few sponsors to stick with woods over the years release an emotional video Sunday after the unexpected win tigers receiving praise on Twitter from both president trump and former President Obama. And on the basketball court in Houston Rockets star Chris Paul paid tribute. With his own tiger's shoes. Fans also noticed something new about tiger's golf game. A lot of gum chewing he says that health suppresses appetite and now you'll be able to buy a whole lot of chewing gum with that two million dollars you'll take from this masters win Yucca that's what you read it rises go by. Right. Yup. So a lot of people are going to be talking about this. You know it's a story of redemption and it's a comeback story people like fat. That tiger and been through a lot. In the years some of it self inflicted but also some injuries also. Severe way it to shows overcoming adversity and he is. On hearing them talk about his back injuries back injuries and enough to just make you want to retire sure the Reyes says for a golfer. And what we saw yesterday was. I don't have the words are really describe it the shots he was taking what do you mean and it. I hate the cajon is. Yeah. All of this man to. Maybe these shots and really there at way. Appears at the top of his game but I think we all seem to remember you know in the early two thousands and is also the top of his game yet in his twenty's. And he with a beast then. And what we saw yesterday where if one thing would have gone wrong when he was I it was a five way tie at one point one thing once stroke something gone wrong. He would have dropped down. And he's ever come back from behind before yes this time to get it so congratulations to you tiger 'cause we know you're watching. Well that brings us the question of the day isn't it the greatest comeback by an athlete in sports history and you tell us by tweeting act AT scenes the human and Jordan. Phelps and is it. I don't know but I didn't tell us late in its end to show your wallet and well Paula call ahead. Now they tell us if it is but that show your work how was it who it is and you of the guy a 140 characters yet. Let's go crock pot out ABC news London bureau or Julia McFarlane. Keep the biggest international news and Julie good morning let's start in Finland. Where an election just took place what are those results show it. Morning guys happy Monday it you're out of this isn't. They shaping up deteriorating interesting election now what's happened. In it they results is that they left wing party. Has come up on top of the social Democrat posse they've become the largest party in Finland. Fussed time for them in more than twenty year is but why not behind them. On the far right fins pop T now of the social Democrats they got seventeen point 7% of the bags. The far right Finns party got seventeen point 5%. Two point 2% of of the of the difference. In the diet now what's gonna happen now is that the social Democrats are gonna have to have some. Very tough tools to try and figure out if they can make a coalition with some of the other policies. A bunch of bodies have so that they will not pay they will not join. The from the far right fins in any kind of coalition. Say that's going to be checking up in the coming days but look this is really interesting because you know we took a lot about Europe. Increasingly. Veering towards the far right rising far right parties across Europe and here we could see unless doing leads old. Of Finland for the first time in many years but I've got to say that these elections are important because Finland is -- take up the day European Union presidency soon. But also somewhat interesting to watch is on the far right fins they struck up an alliance with far right parties elsewhere in Europe. With the Italian far right parties on Germany's intensive but Deutschland. So a lot of interest in meeting pots plates clean on the European constant. And Julia history was made with the first speech me live under water from the submarines so what was this all about. This is extraordinary guys so all across over the weekend across the well these images being beamed out of the president of the Seychelles. Until warns 400 feet underneath. The what does says he I've made the speech lie if both costs and live from this underwater. The muscle that you can see him and I just love those like he's wearing a T shuts. That is on the left to bring and he showed what those say Shell's flag on it he'd done pop top. Cross ground to do interviews with various television not wise still wearing a tee shot up what is. Schultz knows that clubs and why did they miss while he is trying to appeal of the global action to protect. Our patients now. The Seychelles that this tiny islands nation as a string of islands east of Africa and the middle of the Indian nation. And it faces an existential threat from climate change and rising sea levels say if he feels very strongly about it and he says not enough is being Don to tackle. Climate change pollution and old things that threaten all of us not just tiny island nations like this they sells. Fascinating when they're seeing those images and it Juliette so workshops that you're here today we are gonna call in sick after staying up all night to watch. Game of drugs but here you are. 00. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. We're proud we love a good way we really do well burying your. That's all it. And it's. Tim eyman fallen break britney's mother. Get up at my husband my name. On guys and I did tell you this is a concern and we want to miss three cat and up to three million Britons are expected to call in sick to why today. He does and so this series the series and Crimea. Is being a broad center will cost of the US that's going to be the case back everything up so that this statement. The same time as it out in the US say that one is anyone's idea Atlantic doesn't get it would be about. Which means that president have to stay up until 10 o'clock in the morning every Sunday night to what that is how it though insist poll of a cup. A thousand people assay would you consider calling him guy coming in sick calling in sick to wax figure what scam assigns. I'm from mother what other three million brits are cancer district intending not but there isn't a huge huge thing in this country he loves. Dame affairs of a lot of British parallels it isn't course at least lead based on the war of the raises which was in the a series of civil wars in England. Between that the houses of lying cost lot of summer right buses the house if you look at this was. A series of bloody battles that George Martin has said influence on his fantasy saga and of course a lot of the cost of pretensions there. It's got a huge fan base here in the UK. I would like this I think that the Americans here know that little bit of history and the fact that and seeing this right now and have really. Really tells that we should have graduated from news now we're sorry for that. As I'm would have been and we also know you like of the blonde now yeah. And we want to I ran it. I mean there's probably. Their discussion whether I'm putting missile from a I don't. And did a great job it is coming up before the final episode I think he's going to be so emotional I mean struggles you've got. Might it's clearly ad saying you so much for joining us and for putting out that way you haven't made Monday all worth it yes. Pilots get jaguar notification speaking of the mother dragons this Comodo dragon. Appropriately names added there is celebrating. It's birthday on the same day as the game of drones premier. Happy birthday deer drag in. One the ago. And this kid a must be an aspiring Barbara. Found his that's razors sort of practicing shaving his and his sister's. Head start mama isn't here like you went back open now. Don't look you bash and embarrassingly loud. Who. Old again. Natalie that's prayer rugs. Do the darnedest thing in case your -- at the end she was issued in that spirit says they'll hair. And they're back anti immigrant racquets yes you got nervous ago and about it. Well his fifth and I so looks a bit chilly for swimwear. There and Siberia envelope. He's got hope for their celebrating. The end of winter except we all know that when time is the it is here and it's beer still because I would not yet there. In the fifty's. Who could and I and Zack Anderson threw cold. I'd probably you can feel the poorest this morning the trailer for the next Star Wars fellows racked up more than twenty million views on YouTube. This will be the ninth and final bill and the triple trilogy. And it comes from Disney the parent company. A baby soon regarding no Carrie Fisher appears in this movie even though she died more than two years ago we don't know much else take a look. You're one of the few people that has read the entire script. Can give me a word to sum it up hope. There's a lot of conflict in this movie. But I think where it goes and what the resolution is is very hopeful the the actors clearly came. And brought like their triple A plus game you know that the crew was did things and worked in a way I've never seen. Triple A plus game for a triple. Trilogy Abrams says it was just too good opportunity to refuse entries Kennedy says Star Wars the rise of skywalker will live up to all the hype. The story she says. Is free great. You know JJ Abrams is one of my favorite directors of other relating I mean I'm bad about you and a little known fact about me I have a friend his name is Justin. Abrams and I'm Twitter people always confusing but really it he always gets all the treats it as to tell people like I'm not him. Obviously directed to and he and bad robot winners production. Company they directed alias. That Jennifer Garner show on ABC. In the early two thousands when you were saw elementary school. And I hate. That's the I want to tell an eleven did you ever a yeah yeah. When you're in your thirties coming up your oh coming up. Coming up to the rescue. Yeah. Ending says they are friends or they just have been good for the we'll let. Welcome back a few things to watch out for happening today starting with the 143. Running of the Boston Marathon. Oldest annual marathon in the world memorial honoring the victims of between thirteen bombing is expected to be unveiled today that luck to all those. As president front heads to Minnesota today for a roundtable discussion on economy and tax reforms. Plus everything tune into the debrief for an update on our top stories in the briefing room for breakdown. Of the latest headlines and politics. Now to an incredible rescue caught on camera and you won't believe for the hero it. We'll dance has the TV star. From 1950s. And. Not Jeff but someone else needs rescuing from this real life lassie to wallow in Quebec. Crossing the snowy street unaware of the blue SUV backing up towards him and just when it seems like all hope is lost. Holy cross the street dashing and at the last second plucking Mitchell all of from harm's way. Take another look hero hound saving her little friend in the nick of time. The woman behind the wheel realizing what almost happened stopping to give hugs to both pops one person on YouTube writing. Put a cape on that Border Collie and others suggesting a juicy steak dinner for the hero either way the miracle rescue almost like divine intervention. I'm gonna take full. And pain and let me. Loved that story that god dog gone good clips C mad dog sick leave that other dog like that I mean get it is advising me and I just told that I don't wanna hear thank god I'm dog gone it ever if tax day we need the Mets and Adele and is sex they don't forget about those taxes that you haven't. Only two things are certain in life that. In taxes and we like talk about both on the news but I think for us on this Monday morning. I think greatly.

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