It's Morning, America: Monday, July 15, 2019

Later today, a judge will decide if Jeffrey Epstein, a financier, gets bail. ABC News gets an up close look at one of his properties, the private island of Little St. James.
20:35 | 07/15/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Monday, July 15, 2019
Hey good morning we begin with a case of Jeffrey Epstein in the spotlight again this morning as new accusations emerged he's due in court today fighting for his freedom while facing sex trafficking to. A judge will decide if the welcome finance surrogate spell I think investigations press who has fluctuated states. This morning back in court a judge is set to decided Jeffrey Epstein will get bail allowing him to go back to his Manhattan mansion or stay locked up while he awaits trial. The politically connected finance here pleaded not guilty after being accused of hiring teen girls to give her massages at its mentions in Manhattan and Palm Beach. Allegedly assaulting them the charges are very serious and carry with a maximum sentence of 45 years in jail. Which to someone of at scenes age is basically a life sentence -- seems attorneys want him to be detained at home. With the GPS monitor using his 77 million dollar Manhattan mansion and private jet as collateral. But federal prosecutors are blasting that bill request noting financial records show Epstein is worth more than 500 million dollars. And saying that electronic monitoring would merely give the defendant less of a head start in fleeing we think he's a significant fright flight risks and that is why we are seeking detention. Pending. Trial. He has. An enormous wealth ABC news is getting an up close look at one of Pepsi's pristine properties his private island of little saint Jean's. 75 acre island includes the temple how a pat. Private beach even a lifeguard stand. And just this weekend more possible legal trouble for Epstein the attorney general in New Mexico were Epstein have the sprawling estate called Zorro rich told ABC news in a statement that their office quote. Has been in contact with survivors and is investigating this horrific manner and now three more women are speaking out about have seems arrest and why they say he should be denied bail today. At their request we are not naming them were showing their faces and have altered their voices who served. The right to rule. Women his manipulative fused if he's very. Pre calculated the there's some some apparent. Reference clearly not start so wounds Bart would have stopped now. Epstein is also facing new allegations of using his money to buy silence prosecutors claim EP two potential witnesses. A combined 350000. Dollars to stay quiet. Turning now to president Trump's explosive tweets triggering new allegations of racism. The president declared that a group of democratic congresswoman of color should go back to the countries they came from. The lawmakers have been critical of his immigration policies including a nationwide crackdown that has many undocking. Families are afraid to leave their homes this morning ABC's Monaco's our Abbie has the latest from Washington good morning Mona. Good morning Hannah and good morning Q Jeanette the president who for years pushed Bertha conspiracies questioning. Former president Barack Obama's citizenship was widely criticized this week and for telling for democratic congresswoman to leave the United States. Using language similar to what he's used towards undocumented immigrants for the past week. Had of his deportation rates. This morning new tweets from president trump targeting congress women of color still not naming names but criticizing Democrats for defending the women who in an earlier tweet he told to go back and help fix the toll broken and crime infested places from which they came. This time writing in part quote they're disgusting language in the many terrible things they say about the United States' let's not be allowed to go unchallenged. A group of people. Hey I don't know where they came from. The president directing his tweets at four freshman minority congresswomen. Three of the four born in the United States the other a naturalized citizen. Democrats have been quick to condemn the president's comments calling it quote Dina phobic and hate. Phil I am freaking appalled that the president of the United States conducts himself in such as. Graceful and racist way. All four women have been highly critical of trans immigration policies in the president's long threaten deportation raids at launch Sunday they get it take people out. They get a break up back at their countries the major operation to arrest and deport up to 2000 undocumented immigrants. Or nationwide protest instilled fear in migrant communities. But so far immigration groups and local officials say they haven't seen that New York's mayor tweeting quote no confirmed ice activity. Ice however confirms it out. There. And for the past week it was actually House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was feuding with those four democratic congresswomen over support for the border aid package. And it took the president's comments to unite the Democratic Party. Today Kenneth as Pelosi and others came to their defense ahead so far noticeable silence from GOP lawmakers neither condemning. In the work criticizing the president's. Comments there Mona thank you for joining us. More problems for Boeing a new report says the company 737 Max jet may not fly again until next year. It's been grounded after two deadly crashes American Airlines and Southwest Airlines have now extended their Macs jet cancellations. Into the fall. Some dramatic video from Pennsylvania the six people in this wrapped. Recovering after plunging thirty feet down a water fall at a state park there one half flipped over. Park officials say the group unexpectedly went off course missing three cents a warning signs along the way and they did not have a guide in their raft. All six of them out there like Jack it's gotten so when it went over the balls out that was probably the thing that. Save them and that's why are with us today. Also the weekend a swift water rescue in Georgia ten children and one adult. Had to be pulled out of the fast moving water it's illegal to be in the water in that area. So we could take weeks to figure out what caused the blackout that left part of New York City in the dark this weekend hundreds of people were stock and site elevators. And thousands were stranded on the subway. ABC's area Russia has more on the investigation. This city that never sleeps is very much a wait to. And I. After that major power outage sent a large swath of Manhattan's reaching to a halt multiple. Power midtown and the upper west side of the city plunging into darkness around 7 PM on a steamy Saturday night. Experience a significant. Servings have one or more electric. That eventually it disrupted power from park. Emergency crews racing to about 400 reports people trapped in elevators. Yeah. Fidelity. Total hours. This dog leading the way up the staircase by glow stick. Early on terrorism ruled out. I was in contact with the miracle office the FBI. They said it was not a cyber event there was no criminality involved. Some subway stops partially paralyzed many passengers stuck underground. In iconic Times Square normally vibrant billboards pitch black and on Broadway lights out. And did Jennifer Lopez concert at Madison Square Garden stopped midstream and acid venue in evacuate it. Con Edison says it has identified the location of that malfunction but hasn't yet determined exactly what caused it they say that could take up to a couple of weeks to figure out. Officials say everyone had power by midnight and that was their top priority. Arie L rash at ABC news New York. A consumer alert this morning just as millions of shoppers head on line for Amazon's prime data security experts are warning people to go to Amazon directly from your browser rather than during email. Or a link at that sent Gil that's because fraudulent links could redirect you to web site that may look like Amazon's. Actually set up to steal your credit card data and about as promising more than one million deals over its Judy sell those include up to 50% off some TV's. And up to 40% off select always alert and other retailers are offering competing sailed on big ticket items including TV is appliances. In computers while coming up a new twist in a decades old mystery at the Vatican said tourists tries to take on a momma bear. And looses the video just ahead statement. We're back with a growing mystery at the Vatican the disappearance of the young daughter of a Vatican employee has gone unsolved for nearly forty years. Vick case is on the subject of many conspiracy theories including the plot to kill Pope John Paul the second. But now investigators hope a new discovery just this weekend will lead to a break in the case. This morning a growing miss three inside the Vatican. Investigators are searching for the truth behind the decades old disappearance of fifteen year old in me and well or Lee and the she was fifteen years old in 1983 when she was last seen leaving her home on are we to music lets from around. For decades the Vatican has been accused of covering up evidence in the case. Which church officials have long tonight the daughter of a Vatican bank employee or lady's disappearance fueled many conspiracy theories. With people claiming the case could be tied to a Vatican bank scandal the mafia or even the plot to assassinate the Pope. And 2012 police exhumed the body of a reputed mobster after a tip suggested the great held a clue toward disappearance. But that search turned up no new clues. Last week Vatican investigators pried open the tombs of 219 century German princesses. After or Levy's family said they'd received an anonymous tip that her remains might be buried there the excavation was carried out in this cemetery on the grounds of the pontifical to tonic college next to saint Peter's. Both tombs were empty. But the tip prompted officials to also investigate inside the college were over the weekend in May need a new discovery. Two containers believed to hold human bones were found under a stone slab leading some to wonder if they could belong to or Lundy. And forensic investigators will open those containers later this week to try to determine if they belong Tora one plus six over the other and national stories this morning. ABC's Joseph McBride has across the pond in London and Juliet Tulsa you're working on this morning. Hey guys hasn't saying well fuzz and and pray today and you can separate assets by the use. Foreign menaces to try and the fuse as escalating pensions. In the gulf the foreign secretaries. Of judgment of Germany Epperson and bronze they have signs this tripartite last which expresses Ken sun. The fact that Iran has exceeded has sets claimed it has exceeded its limit. On enriched uranium in response to the US sanctions. The US of course pulling out of the Iran deal. That was negates incident when he fifteen. How other European countries are working to try and keep that deal of late but there is so much pressure on Iran because of increased US sanctions. And Iranians have responded up by upping the ante and then of course says that whole standoff situation in the gulf. Britain is trying to read back lost me the UK seized an a Ron in royal time cut. That they thought was possibly going to buy that sanctions on Syria by sending oil its area. Britain has not said that it's considering letting that tank again. And Julio were gonna switch gears here got a shout shout you out for that vacation tan we see you yeah I have your pick. It is not I don't know you're out there in the London at least sobbed British royalty meeting. American royal mayor Lanier are lobbying. Hundreds of that I didn't you can ceemea. But I am reflecting. Again. Random turnout at last I was. I haven't heard about. But yes. So exciting the primary of the Lion King happened here in London yesterday and the glitch Rossi for led the wild came in and of course. Magid and Harry how does say upstaged by beyonce and Jay-Z who a ride with a loss to arrive but they they finding mats. You they could be ahead having a little bit of baby chit chats and talking about the coming new parents. Beyonce touting. Mag and she looked beautiful Harry saying we'll probably just as busy. Your world web no busier than you guys. And say that was quite nice amendment caught on camera beyonce of course is the voice of knowledge he sings songs. And the new version of the film has just come out I don't know if you guys have had but that's soundtrack dropped on Spotify last week. I'm I have to tell you. Either emotional listening today's jeans a labor doesn't that music is just saved his foot. It's got to the sun today I don't the film last week a big premiere this week for everybody else to go there and see if it's amazing. I'm so moved by it and we also the was shot goods are big Bob Bob Iger was also and that not receiving line as well so. A lot of folks there a big week ahead I'm so Juliette sit four across the pond and don't know what you can not go. At the crowd. We had a magnet on this deal we have eight. We does mention earlier back from holiday. People go check it out really cool pics I've realigned to muffle our a couple of guys. About reminiscing and correctly there was a bet that we made the right World Cup final hi. US beyond. England right AM as we knew that they will at that we. And always and yet so. Can we won't say I asked to England for winning the World Cup cricket cricket Mendes whatever yes but. And the that I believe Julian please correct me if I'm wrong is that you would deliver this next story. And a southern. American. Accent. Is that correct. We'll give gray and why bring it. And gallons talk about the man that is seen here comes. I can tell you what Hank and with the cricket because I spent my weekend watching video. Land the your words. Hello yeah. I can't say why half and went back creek today. I thought I would sure love to tell it all the school or. But. That we go. Theory he's done my whole weekend thing worked there in effect Didier is of frank undo it Powell Lowell of the necessity asleep. I can't. It puts the powerful men all Bambang. Well liked. You kids make my way. Deliberate and I eat very minute now on a bit Hepp any added it was a stupid idea that. I hop hop hop. Really got to Illinois and in Bridgeport in America right now and he's been on the net can go to that right there very bad. Nights. Guide Julie I think Vladimir color. Over the weekend like the History Channel giving history lesson of the southern accent and now we're actually I started really work. How close are the southern region is very close to inland right. State yeah because they were talking about different southern accidents and how those and fled from Scott's ire edge from the Keba cloth pretty interesting actually though while I've still put should not look beyond folks aren't. You know what that I would bet you a million can always be my cousin missing I'm not saying yeah. Edinburgh today picked up on thank you guys levees their lives my days that a good idea asking the Atlanta. And let it. I thought I'd take our notification isn't this morning and let's start where this one right here this. Bare necessities. Yep through this guy goes to try to get a picture of these bear 'cause but mom let's not play in the EC. And just scared off she left the bottom known not by my baby is not let us in a scare mop and a double checks that the third baby needed buying she's on the way up. May have been de 18. The bears. The wedding photographer begging people to pulling their phones at weddings. After this memorable moment was ruined in Staley says purview of the father walking down the book walking the bride Delhi I was blocked by a wedding guest. Trying to snap their own photo right. Percent FaceBook now in the Euro might shop but it took this little Italy from the ground the father of the bride and the bride app has been shared 150000. And there's a four day old baby in Saint Louis we just know it's going to be elected the little girl was born last Thursday July 11. Also known as 7-Eleven. Her time of birth 7-Eleven. DNA and her weight. Six pan. And or no it was seven pounds seven ounces you mean allow an eleven out there this with their backs that up that's better seven now. I've been out things they're guy. Our mom jobs plan it's out of convenience store about it did vowed the you know the several on the chain may be should get a preschooler being. A lifetime of them may being. All right up next we take you back in 1977. And the great New York City blacked out it wasn't there re different from the blackout this weekend Peter Jennings reports. Coming up next. I. You're allowed certain television personality is we're very excited. Bubble lights coming back on after this begins blackout here in New York City this same cannot be said. Rather apart from the great New York blackout 42 years ago. I looked kinda familiar as I. Think I an element of whatever happened to them in and yet. We're open a baby he's ball here's Peter Jennings back in 1977. For more than twelve hours virtually every facet of urban life here was crippled. No electricity meant no refrigeration no air conditioning in many cases no water. And of course no light it was a rigorous repeat of the performance of 1965. Blackout people trapped in elevators and subways. When first light broke over the area this morning it was still not electric. Late today there are still sections of the city which have not had service is restored. The New Yorkers seem in many cases less inspired than last time. For one thing it was hotter ninety degrees again today as city officials urge people to stay at home. Not everyone did. Looting and vandalism have been disappointingly widespread. In short this blackout unlike 1965. Brought out the worst in people as well as the best. James walker explains what that meant last night. New York's clocks were frozen marking the time when the city is ugly as night began. Thousands of New Yorkers under cover of the blackout started looting roving gangs set fires in Brooklyn to Harlem section of Manhattan and the Bronx. Firefighters battled eighty degree temperatures as they race through the city's Five Boroughs police department operators received over 5000 calls please for ambulances to exist and for emergency crews to free people stranded in elevators and those that I tell also came from volunteers some who knew. Moved into the streets to keep traffic flowing. Others entertain like in this lobby while residents waited to get to their high rise apartments James walker ABC news New York. Though much is change including preparation by the new York city police department things are a lot more modern than they were go back then and so the way they prepare for these types of incidents. Let me ask you can imagine there are still some panic I mean think about I didn't know there were reports what 400. For the report to people stuck in elevators I cannot imagine of course and subway issues. Thankfully everyone took. Yeah my freezer was stocked with goods and I was with a concerned. The pal Mike perishables. Personal problems career they are all located out there okay. I say let ABC news live throughout the day. We'll be governed Jeffery have scenes bail hearing also former vice president Joseph Biden announcing its health care plan today. Am from Washington will be monitoring those nationwide immigration raids they would ABC news live. Have a great day do you guys.

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{"duration":"20:35","description":"Later today, a judge will decide if Jeffrey Epstein, a financier, gets bail. ABC News gets an up close look at one of his properties, the private island of Little St. James.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64338550","title":"It's Morning, America: Monday, July 15, 2019","url":"/US/video/morning-america-monday-july-15-2019-64338550"}