It's Morning, America: Monday, June 17, 2019

Trump cuts ties with pollsters after data leak, tensions high between Iran and the U.S. and more.
21:29 | 06/17/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Monday, June 17, 2019
Good morning cannot and acting army had a tough I think since Monday number one rising tensions with Iran after the those attacks on oil tankers in the Persian gulf secretary of state Mike Pompeo says the US has unmistakable. Evidence that Iraq is to blame and he says all options are on the table when it comes to how the US will respond. Including possible military strike meanwhile an official at Iran's nuclear program now says within the next ten days. Iranians will surpass uranium stockpile limits set by the play fifteen million deal. Number two the Chinese Government is closely watching what happens next after an estimated two million people. Protested in the street Hong Kong Sunday they're demanding Hong Kong's leader resigned even though controversial extradition bill with. The mainland has been suspended critics want the bill completely withdrawn. Fearing it will be used to target dissidents and journalists overnight leading activist for democracy in Hong Kong dropped what Wong was released from prison early and throwing protesters outside a government building. On to number three president Trump's campaign has cut ties with several. Only experts say it comes after the leak of internal polling numbers that reportedly killed the president trailing in battleground states. That he won in 2016. Elect George Stephanopoulos he doesn't believable than that quote. I'm winning effort where we have to Florida for number for this story proves the motto if it seems to went to be true. It probably is and bought them property at auction for 9000 dollar not bad he thought he got the deal of a lifetime on a house but he didn't read the fine Fran. The online auction was actually selling a strip of land that runs between two houses yet just that one foot wide open graph. Local government ran the option is send a lot does not allow refund and our equipment. And I never fiber growing mystery in the sewers beneath Portland Oregon surveillance video captured groups of people climbing out of they am hopeful like if he's there. Starter check the video after seeing. Random shoe industry. A little more kicking revealed this was the second time. We'll find out of that sample this month city officials aren't sure what those people were during underground but they have not found any signs of vandalism they do you call it. A manhole. Europe it's more in America curls are back. Good morning everyone we begin with escalating tensions between the US and Iran after the attacks on oil tankers near the Persian gulf. Secretary of state might Pompeo now says the US. As unmistakable. Evidence that Iran is to blame and he says all options are on the table when it comes to how the US what was. On and that includes possible military strike CBC's voter closer Abdi is here at the latest not a good morning. Good morning today good morning Tenet as he mentioned secretary of state Mike Pompeo says. It is unmistakable that the Islamic republic W brawn was behind the attacks on the tankers in the gulf of Oman but it appears. That the entire international community has yet to collectively reach that consensus. The trump administration point to this video was clearing indisputable evidence that links he Ron to brazen attacks on two fuel tankers in the gulf of Vermont. Pentagon officials say it shows Iranian revolutionary guard patrol removing an unexploded mines from one of the takers whole. Secretary of state might Pompeo says the evidence is concrete. It's unmistakable what happened here these were attacks by the Islamic Republic of Iran US Central Command adding the evidence also shows Iran attempted issue down an American drone like this one. Monitoring one of the tankers on fire. Pompeo spending the weekend calling his foreign counterparts to garner support the world needs to unite against this threat from Islamic republic or right. However US allies remain. Let us allegations and hot Japan expressing. While Germany's foreign minister stating the video provided by the US is not sufficient proof. Pompeo bristled at the remark saying some countries quote just wish this would go away. This was taken for an American cameras has the stop this is the real data. But UK officials say they completely back US assessments the Pentagon is reportedly considering sending around 6000 troops of the gulf region. Over the weekends on pay it would only say all options will be looked down we will always do the hard tasks it takes to protect American interests wherever they are. Iran's foreign minister denies the US accusation. Now Saudi Arabia says it agrees with US intelligence and says it will not hesitate to deal with the threat to its country's interests. Today and a Mona think you we appreciate it. Facing pressure from the US Rex has reinforced contracts to curb migration flow authorities been checking identifications of pulling migrants off public transport. On Sunday for trucks packed with hundreds of migrants were intercepted the national migration institute says. 791 people were taken to a migration facility and the drivers of the trucks were arrested. And eight. Year old boy is recovering from a shark attack while swimming off the coast of North Carolina authorities say the boy was near bald head island when the shark grabbed him by the leg. And left several puncture wounds he was rushed to the hospital and is expected to meet a full recovery the type and size of the shark it's unknown. This is the third shark attack off North Carolina this month and white case a teenager lost her leg three attacks were reported during all of last year in North Carolina. Also a North Carolina not in a boy is being out after using a machete to defend his family's home against an intruder. We see eleven year old Braden Smith was home alone with a suspect entered the house through a window. Breen says he told the man that he shouldn't steal from people and then Breeden took action. Went into the living room to grab my time to make sure I didn't called nine men and Arrington when I song try to put in his pocket. I grabbed my machete off from my wall and went ten hit him and I handing them back of the head. My degree here. The suspect suffered a back captors had is found police custody. Bring says he normally uses the machete to cut down trees he says that taught him to protect himself and he was hesitant but not scare. Now to the chase that brought the nation to a halt 25 years ago today 95 million people watched live as a convoy of police cars followed OJ Simpson. In his Ford Bronco. Simpson would later be charged and acquitted for the murders of his ex wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman and now Simpson is turning to social media to quote set the record straight. This morning OJ Simpson making his digital debut trek toward the world this is Louis truly coming soon to Twitter you'll get this. Read all my thoughts and opinions don't just about everything. The football hall of Famer is now on Twitter giving followers ahead of what they can expect you'd Oprah you. Years people have been very loosely what ever they want to see a bubbly. Would know yeah. What I didn't challenge. Yes that's correct street and then this cryptic message has to be a lot of wild card guard Luke duke and even the good. And another video Simpson addresses the longstanding rumor that he's quote we car dash against biological father all of these stories are just bogus Simpson says he was never romantically involved with Kuwait's mother Chris Jenner. At the time of his trial general was married to OJ's friend and lawyer Bob cart Asch in some parts of the murders she's not mind. We really don't know where it's going in May just be driving endlessly if he is threatening. To kill himself. Today marks 25 years has the infamous white bronco chase before Simpson was charged in the murders of ex wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. He was trying to what became known as the trial of the century and found not guilty if it doesn't fit. You must acquit. Simpson was convicted on unrelated robbery kidnapping charges a Las Vegas and spent nine years behind bars. Now a free man he says he'll be tweeting about everything from sports to politics his lawyer tells ABC news mister Simpson has the most positive person I've ever met. He's also very well informed on current events. He will not be negative nor would comment on the LA things as for who he's following online so far only eight accounts. Most of them sports related put the me just say. To my fellow father thought there. Happy Father's Day. Simpson was found responsible for the wrongful deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman and a civil suit but he appears to be trying to put the past behind him. Telling the Associated Press the subject of the moment is the subject I will never read this it. Meanwhile the first mass was held at an adjunct at the comparisons it's catastrophic fire the archbishop of Paris and everyone else and attendance or our house because of possible falling debris. Mass was held Saturday which marked two months that day since the fire countries attended the mass causing the destruction inside the cathedral. A shop. But nice to know that they are backing him from wounds while coming up millions into the street and Hong Kong and why the city's move to suspend a controversial bill wasn't enough to appease protesters. Welcome back now to the video raising questions about excessive use of force by police in Phoenix a shoplifting investigation quickly escalated with officers. Pointing guns at a young family. Major differences are emerging between the police report and the video captured by eyewitness. Mrs. This morning this family's encounter with police in Phoenix is the subject of a ten million dollar lawsuit. Claiming excessive force. 22 year old trade Von Ames and his partner or Asia harper a pregnant mother of two. Were stopped by police responding to a shoplifting call. The couple's four year old daughter had walked out of a nearby dollar store with a doll without paying. And without her parents' knowledge of at one point and officers filmed kicking aims harper and enhance her children off to a stranger before being handcuffed. They did marry as scary situation that never. Comments I apparently am I doubt. In their report the officer say they feared that she was hiding something or reaching for a weapon. Writing that the couple refused commands the couple was not charged with any crime. Appearing on ABC station KNX beat the police she apologized. Into the incident is under investigation. We're running investigations were being transparent. I'm frankly we're rolling out body want cameras much faster than than DeKalb and this morning to Phoenix mayor is slamming. Police saying there is no situation in which this is ever close to acceptable the incident is also catching the attention of rap mogul Jay easy. His roc nation company has hire high profile attorney Alex Piero to work on behalf of the family. Little girl around the world that probably pizza but actually there's something in the phrase getting shot for picking up excellent. Listen to Nancy and a stellar. The police chief says there are more facts in this story in the officers. Are on desk duty while the case is investigated. The same time the mayor is calling for a community meeting tomorrow. Hundreds of thousands and perhaps nearly two million protesters marched through the streets of Hong Kong yesterday even as the city's leaders to spin of the effort. To pass a controversial extradition bill and he's doing McFarland has across the pond in the London bureau. Been watching this story all weekend and good morning Julia. Good morning Tenet good morning today obviously these so when that the Hong Kong government announced that they would suspend. This controversial extradition. Bill committee they tapes that that might stave off some of these mass protests and we've seen the last week but I have to tell you. Over the weekend we will watching the pictures coming in from Hong Kong and just. An incredible. Sea of people. We will watching on these massive six lane highways across Hong Kong badly off slim moving crowds. Fat how is on Sunday police say that of around 340000. People took pot. I have to say I mean we were watching these pictures streaming live at several hours. I think you'll denies as estimates. That I would more than a million maybe even two million it did seem like there were more than the police sustenance of a couple 100000. Joseph show won't hear you're seeing right now he is a student activist here was 1 of the central figures in the 2014. Protest movement he has just come out of jail. He was jailed from month to taking pond days. And there's protests several years ago and so that may be he helped increased. The crowd numbers he's seen as one of Hong Kong's buzz political prisoners because he had a number of other student activist. They would jailed some people taking part of those protests back in clinical achievement is the umbrella movement. Now chief executive carried on she put out a statement on Sunday saying that she apologized and says she understood the protesters' grievances. But she made no parents protestors say that she was not contrite enough Josh along the still calling for her resignation. All right and Julia power's been mostly restored after just thought all of Argentina Paraguay and your wife parts of those countries are also without power. Tell us about that. Tonight this does. And extraordinary story around 44 million people. What without. Inside Mac on Sunday this is because of this big power grid that suspect Argentina and Europe ride. Was hit with an electric cloak of failure cause trains to be hole today coolest traffic. Signals a failed. And this happens on other on Sunday morning the and it electricity supply company. But in Argentina. Code and add to storage that's that manages lot of energy providers for the country it said that this was unprecedented it said this is the fuss on something like this has happened. Across the entire country now also what's interesting is that Argentina was preparing a two go to the polls in an election. But Argentinian. One of the interior ministers sorry the energy minister he said that were not ruling out any possibility but it doesn't look. Like it was a cyber attack plot. And interest interesting timing tonight but Mays. Analysis initial analysis seems to point to an electrical fan area of this -- grain but I mean. Full million people. Without power one thing that I've been looking forward to see if there were any casualties could you imagine if you know hospital generates is. May have been distracted with things like that's haven't been able to find anything but will be I expect we'll beast haring the days to come. What this cost. Yeah and Julie we have some people who are casting their ballots had to use their phones yet to see those bouts Julie think he's not for joining us this morning. Now let's get a check of our notification starting with the new world record more than 600 divers tour turned up. To clean up Deerfield Beach in Florida breaking the record for the largest underwater. I think quite impressive also this right here this adorable newborn gorilla being cradle. It's mother's arms looking adorable. Series there and then mama gets the wealthy might get has and then this rare blue a lop stir have a new home or restaurant found this one and two million crustacean and donated to. The Saint Louis aquarium. 'cause the blues. Are in the new. NHL. Chance yea and watches fox. Figure ride on a car you're the person they're saying I mean she recalled animal control who talk wouldn't move I don't wanna fly all the time. You mile ride values need arrive while your B and fly. Full. Yeah she's back in third at girls' school lace bigger of the girls. To the overwhelming response we've been getting to to make free in the curled. Yeah and what do you I mean as. It's it's so I didn't you know they reach out to me about this couple until I was so excited I. Hope you would be impact bowl and enlightening and I raise awareness to the fact that this isn't just a hair do and I'm surprised how many people really had no idea that this was even a sort of a struggle for so many people. And the response has been amazing a fellow reporter treated representation is very important nothing feels better the meeting young girls who say wow. She looks like me her hair is just like mine another mother wrote. I've a two year old daughter and we watched him every morning I want her deceased are confident female role models growing up your great example. Thank you for representing Crowley girls and you know though the part where I talk about the mom who reach out means that are daughter says. Oh mom she looks just like me. I sold it a really emotional and see that because. Every hit every kid decides is he so deserves to see someone who looks like them yet CB. They do and I think we can think of the person we saw in broadcasting we were coming not been what really inspired us to you know. To to go into this field and I think about people here this network every day. I'm people who look like me and they've been here from Deborah Roberts or Robin Roberts to all these folks who just really pave the way right I'm in this TV news industry ends so for you I'm really proud of you it was it was a revealing. I think get to it it just showed the challenges so many face I'm across this country when they just want to be themselves out. Think a good job well done. Well coming up the viral deep take video targeting gave up her experience learn how you can identify these doctor videos. After that. You're not watch out for today the Paris air show kicks off and what's usually an upbeat celebration of the aviation technology but the grounding of Boeing 737 match up to cast a cloud over the industry. Boeing CEO address the air show yesterday saying the couple made a mistake in handling the issue and promised transparency as they worked if you're grounded planes back in the air. And TI is lending his voice or project. Mean that's not stopping mass incarceration or as the rappers teaming up with Martin's routines. Two years hold much church in Atlanta Ebenezer Baptist for a three day conference to address the issue also one of the men. From the battery of five formerly known as the Central Park five is also part of this project. Yes and plus ever get students to the debrief for an update on our top stories and the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines. And politics and this morning there's a viral video that's been during game of the road fans into a frenzy. See them aid had its share of critics and now a new video has what appears to be one of the stars throwing some major shaded the show our own. They were belongs to repair will dance is here to sort it all out the sorted out like aria sorted out the night king. Spoiler alert but at this point each are now okay one point six million people assigned to change dot org petition to redo the last season game of garlands. And now it seems like John Snow is on the same page. Or is he. It looks like John Snow. It sounds like John Snow I'm some apologies but that's not John Snow. It's a deep faith. Very isn't AI generates that needs to be near constant. Sense and so it's a real video real person speaking. So it seems like they're saying something they never sat. This morning it's happening in west to rose. John Snow himself seeming to apologize for sees an eight game of throw the voice and near mats to kit Harrington. Exhorting her this is not six days. But it's not hits a deep they just like this one recently surfacing of Mark Zuckerberg the more you express yourself. The more we aren't so how do you spot a fake in a deep fake step one check for blinking. Artificial intelligence builds a video based on previous photos of the famous person. And celebrities aren't often photographed with their eyes shut so deep fakes have a hard time programming a convincing link. Other signs wariness and at around the face but nowhere else in the video. Double chains are eyebrows. Something in front of the pace hander of food or drink. Causing the video to blur but in this case an apologetic John Snow. May actually help some white blocker level angry geo T fans get over their season eight hang ups. This and the scripted seasonings. And FaceBook released a statement about the fakes saying we continue to look at how we can improve our approach and the systems we built. Part of that includes getting outside feedback from academics experts and policy. You know here from FaceBook is important yes gamer throngs this whole appear anything was funny silly sounding units were heading to the point where election Kerry so much else bake things out they are on the head of that back and do people. And so this is important to bring attention to as well. And could take aways from your peaceful about what US home kin think about paying down used to try to identify those deep faith and that brings us to the question of the day. Do you think you could tell the difference between a real video. And that deep faith tells her comments or tweet us at ABC news five of course thinks it will speed he's hopefully now you can but your private but to the test. I mean I don't see you guys blinking a lot. So you better if you want to let people know that this is not a deep fake right now circling are battling to get away at me telling you about a summer there's if you see something crazy that we say. Right here on this anything that offends you entity could it break up. Yeah quake. All right thanks what we appreciate it guys we'll see you tomorrow. Agreed that.

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