It's Morning, America: Monday, March 4, 2019

Deadliest day for tornadoes in 2 years, House Dems investigating the Trump family and more.
21:20 | 03/04/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Monday, March 4, 2019
Good morning and I'm Tenet I'm getting on or near the top I think snow this Monday morning number one of the deadly tornado outbreak in the south at least 23 people have been killed in the storms making it the deadliest day tornadoes. Two years. The National Weather Service says mile wide tornado hit Lee County Alabama with winds. Up to 136 miles per hour at and the northeast this same intense storm system is bringing heavy snow. New York City could get up to six inches areas of Pennsylvania and Boston could get up to a foot. Number two are sweeping investigation to the president and his inner circle house Democrats are requesting documents say for more than sixty people connected to president trumps administration or business. Including his son John junior they're bound to open investigations into the president for obstruction corruption and abuse our. Overnight the president slams Democrats aren't Twitter accusing them of hurting the country had to say about opened two investigations. On to number three the family of a California man shot by police is demeaning accountability prosecutors announced no charges will be filed against the officers who shot. And killed sap pot Clark officer shot park at his grandmother's backyard after he was seen evading authorities. After allegedly smashing car windows cops thought attic god but it was only his cell phone. Protesters took to the streets as the district attorney explain why no charges are being. Files plus eight crime committed when you look at the facts and the law and we follow our ethical responsibilities. The answers that. Simply put on stances pistols bar. These officers need to be charge. And the DA. Should be fired. Notices and has been made in the wrongful death lawsuit filed. By Clark Stanley seeking more than twenty million dollars from the city officers. We have to California for number four a story of survival. They care processors vanished from their home in rural bent though Friday afternoon. More than 200 people scoured the wooded area using twelve K nine even a Blackhawk helicopter. Then after almost two days to volunteer firefighters tracked the girl's blue prints and ultimately found that almost a mile and a half from home deep in the woods. And finally number five more proof that the NFL is filled with very day very fast men. Limon mine test sweat ran the forty yard dash and four. Point for a second that the leak on the vine he the 260 pound defensive lineman of the best for defensive line minutes since 2006 and has better than most of running backs the. Combine that we got much more to talk about coming your way it's morning in America. It. Happy Monday morning everyone. Did you run out fast. Yes I'm back in school continue to track until I did yeah I remember that's the other everything's you YouTube hasn't acted totally right. I can only good at some what was running after yet or there's something really bad at that. What would have it gets beyoncé if it stop it got to keep going on that and I also think it he's going that fast actually if there that you need to put someone like me next they had many days he had just about you know give breaking records. There's that's pretty cool well a lot to get to this morning we'll get right to the big story and that is in the south where a tornado outbreak is to blame for widespread destruction. ABC's Elizabeth herd joins us with the latest this morning a Elizabeth. They're saying as many as twenty people. Who were killed in this rare outbreak. At last check today with 23 but unfortunately that number is expected to rise and the full scope of the destruction. It still be an asset but officials in hard hit areas say. There is debris just about everywhere they look and that damage done is just heartbreaking. Down south. Cleanup already underway where this one turned deadly leaving a path of destruction Alison their strained as lord protect everybody around it. More then a dozen tornadoes were reported across parts of Alabama and Georgia. Knocking homes off their foundations toppling trees crushing cars and knocking out power to thousands. This man in Georgia showing the devastation in his neighborhood while on FaceBook lied. In Alabama the entire state under a seat of emergency all they went from door to die as Washington is something clouds and am residents. Still in all but stepping in to help pick up the pieces. But here my whole life me personally this is especially get now to open this is this is the worst. With officials in the county warden Deb cold beer is expected to rise. As crews get back out in the daylight to resume their search and rescue operation. Officials say they worked late into the night last night trying to look survivors even fine to bones with heat printing devices attached to them. Again their work is continuing at daybreak today with help arriving from up off the region Kenneth. Just incredible and I know the work will continue Elizabeth her thank you so much and as Elizabeth's Honda that's on that same system moving in northeast bringing snow. On its letter I'm meeting is. A winner and then there's cold comment on top of that that marks coming in like a lion York city to be at a lot of inches of allow us now to brace themselves for not. A president rob slammed Democrats on Twitter overnight accusing them of hurting the country as they got open new investigations into potential obstruction of justice and much more. Apprehend or former tropics an attorney Michael Cohen had to say the House Judiciary Committee chairman is seeking documents from dozens of people including the president's side. This morning house Democrats are prepared to launch a sweeping investigation into president trump and his inner circle. We will be issuing document requests over sixty different people and individuals. From the White House to begin investigations. To present the case that two American people about it that obstruction of justice. Corruption and abusive past. Jerry Nadler chairman of the House Judiciary Committee that would lead impeachment hearings included Donald Trump junior and Trump Organization CFO Alan Weiss oberg. Among those who will be contacted today. President of the United States. Thus wrote a personal check. For the payment of hush money. As part of a criminal scheme Democrats are claiming the bombshell testimony a trumps former fixer Michael Cohen showed more evidence of potential criminal behavior. All of a sudden. They're trying to take you out with. In a two hour marathon speech trump denied the charges is no collusion so now they go in morph into. Let's inspect every deal he's ever done. We're gonna go into his finances wig and a jet ski is deals Wiggins checked. These people's. The president's Republican allies in the house are standing by him I think congressman Nadler decided to impeach the president that day the president. Won the election. On North Korea president Robert suggesting that congressional grilling of Colin. Contributed to the failure of the summit with Kim Jung room. Tweeting for the Democrats interviewer and open hearing for convicted liar and frost or at the same time as the very important nuclear summit with North Korea. It's perhaps a new low in American politics in May have contributed to the walk. The president is also facing him in Couri. And to our son in law what do we gotta top secret security clearance over the objections of career intelligence officials and the White House counsel office. The house oversight committee is set a deadline for today requesting the White House turn over documents related to his security clearances. In your view even though the president has a right to distribute thanks to anyone he wants to give it to is that an abuse of power. Yes I think it was an abuse of power look at the president has a right to do a lot of things but he can abuse his power in doing there. There's another possible political setback for president from there appears to be. No votes in the senate to block its national emergency declaration to build the southern border wall enough Republicans say they will join Democrats in rejecting the move but it doesn't appear congress. Has the numbers to override the president's promise to veto. So we will see what happens there. While group of migrant families made their way back to the US border. After they were deported without their children ABC news has learned that at 29 parents are now at a crossing in California waiting to reunite. With the kids they haven't seen in nearly a year some of them say officers tricked them to signing deportation papers they couldn't read because they were in English. A gas explosion lit up that sky about two hours away from Saint Louis and natural gas pipeline ruptured in rural Mexico misery early yesterday. No one was hurt the cause of the explosion is under investigation. The blast came from came a month after the pipeline owners parent company energy transfer Al Pete. At present a permit suspended in Pennsylvania due to an explosion last fall. An Ohio teenager who got vaccinated against his mother's wishes. Is set to go before congress tomorrow eighteen year old Ethan lender Berger says so testified to a senate panel on how misinformation about vaccines. He stepped outbreaks of preventable diseases since post on read it. Asking if he could still get vaccinated at his age went viral. Yeah man who owes his life to Taco Bell fire Sox deep snow kept Jeremy Taylor and his dog. Trapped in Taylor's Carter force outside Eugene organ for five days. Taylor didn't have any food it's separate three taco sauce packets he managed to ration them out until searchers found him. He diddley had few survive once we got him back out of the room and reunited with the Stanley I'm sure that's something people for the first things on the agenda. Taylor also had its slinging back to keep them warm it neighbor help find them. And alerted authorities he said he still has to dig his car out from about. Two feet of snow I think are does leave that car right there happily and if enough time if I did I take a bag of food if stick it just in case but Taco Bell sauce packets dollar price over so am I the sodium kept Milan's. And I just didn't know how that matters. A darn about this are all born yet you say about how to Taco Bell cloth bag is really very soon. Maybe it was like all the salt can't just. Now I don't know but I do ask for extra miles. I can't get despite you've got to talk about when I east again. In that my mother. Got. In a crunch. Hot hot hot I'd get the couple about a bad I was at the same exact order to do it taco talk about. That's gotten. When you're about streets pretty Couri coming up. More and Jeep curious about this food fight goes on disadvantage others. Look I'm a lot more great jokes after. Yeah. Welcome back let's go across the pond out to the London bureau Julia McFarlane is keeping an eye on the biggest international stories happy Monday Tia Julia. Monday guys say today. We are watching Venezuela because Venezuela's interim president one glide day of he is announce that he has gained zero attending hay and today. Now of course remember he left the country under. A travel ban. Two to lead Venezuela to trying to rustle up some international support. For ousting the current president nick last month you're out. Amid all of that instability that's happening in Venezuela and on the board is that the maiming he treats it last night I cool and venezuelans to gather across the country tomorrow that's today. At 11 AM now he's calling for a lot of people to come out and take to the streets. Today and tomorrow now of course it is carnival seasons there dog and a lot of people expects out in the streets. All right. Quite he recently he was in Brazil he was in part by Argentina say he's been doing us a little international tour trying to rustle up support and put pressure. On Madieu and trying to force him. To resign. When not sure exactly how he's gonna get back into the country. But of course people are wondering if you might be arrested on his attack and John Bolton he said that if he was to be arrested on mr. ten by the Venezuelan authorities and Venezuela could expect more US sanctions he treats it. It's been an Israeli interim president on glider has announced his plan to attend Venezuela any threats or acts against assay pretend will be met with a strong. And significant response from the United States. And the international community. All right enjoy island are following the battle for the Islamic State's vital foothold in Syria what's the latest there. So if you're my ambition even bacon she was not British school go here left the UK and far between fifteen inches fifteen years old she's got a lot of pub Essex she's recently spoken out. Because she tons up in this cut his company northern Syria now nineteen and she said she wanted to get back to the UK she's had a citizenship stripped. By the British authorities now her husband has also been found in a cut has come actually not too far away. From his wife this guy his co. He's 27 has Oden he has also been speaking to the BBC he says that he wants to it's on to the Netherlands wants to bring his wife. With ten back to you I'm Saddam I as well as a new born son. Who is born and a couple of weeks ago and he has set that he is sorry for joining Islamic state and he also. He painted a much doctor picks all of the terror group on his wife and how media interviews he said he witnessed the standing of a woman. Four fornication charges he said that he fought in the battle of come Bonnie against the 'cause. He's actually wanted to in the Netherlands he's expected to he's expected. If he comes back. Around six years for terrorism offenses. And so it's also unclear whether they would exception Neiman pagan. Because a pop underage marriage they wouldn't see it as violence touched me. All right I think you for their whose latest developments there Odland book before you go Julia. We switch it up a little bit. Yeah I'd say take a look at these pictures from northern it's Lee just getting back to the Condit will. It's. Seeing that we're getting on this Monday morning now have a look at this. This is a northern city of and they want the kind of a season with the annual. Goksel all of them oranges and it looks vicious no wonder then where can helmets this is a historical. So it should descend. It dates by. Right to the twelve cents three. When that was. When there was a story about the daughter of a medical meant. Here's. The headed to this noble men. C sets the the town free and so that this whole like historical reenactment of nobleman best as common as. They'll get they'll get out and they do this and epidemics a lot of fun most. Dangerous and or into the not exactly like. So thin fluffy about anyways 500 tons of oranges a ship from Sicily. To the north this region for that let. Lot of fun the united being in the office for the battle and looks fine I was gonna happen and to say about what happens over there in Europe but you know we've got. Mardi Gras happening right now Sarah go we knew we had no room talking. I thought of getting out throwing oranges up let me get arrested probably so this ticket to the and a boy. I couldn't get. They Juliette is there thank you my friend. Jessica take a break from the news and check our notifications he was trending now on social media. Oh yeah this is ago and a whole new level soccer celebration missiles and friends yesterday. And how radical than Mario ballot tally gets his boat repairman and goes on in server and live with his teammates. Yeah after that they'll be celebration was British he got it yellow card or is it takes. That video has since been viewed more than one point six million. Times the rate it was worth. It worth the yellow card maybe. And this is reform borrow over the weekend a professor stepped up. When a student had to bring his baby to. Class that student couldn't find the baby sitter for his sweet little baby there so the teachers that hate. You take some better notes I will take care baby and he's got baby strapped out of this he keeps teaching. It takes a gantlet it definitely does say they shoot we batter a for a beloved baseball. Fans are excited by fancy B me we're excited about this and a TV series inspired by the sand lot. Is in the works incredible the director and co writer of 1990 three's. Hit there says he's got the go ahead from the streaming network for two seasons and he says he's been able to gather the or Reginald. Cast members the original cast so the show will be set in 198422. Years. After the films in 1962. Saying this is so exciting mostly though they have the original past mistreatment sir as you think it's a Catholic. If candidates we experience there's been efforts are right what exactly which we would another person were glad I mean there's Amazon and there is. I if she's who's found out that I had Amazon's streaming recently and I'm like prime. Oh well I have this service and wants Jack Bryant but yes that whenever there. I mean there's so many others out there and obviously they're trying to build up but yet could be. Anyone of those. What's your favorite out part of him. Com highway below when the DC makes his debut. I love the swimming pool C yet when he peppercorns with Wendy pepper corn. And I'll. Full and Burr. Up next the inspires survey. Young athlete overcoming a big challenge day Kelly at multiple sports. More after that. Welcome back you're watching us on other great streaming services broke through Hulu. Brokered definitely. About half of that street there at this holiday every day. Later today at ABC news five new protests and Venezuela's opposition leader won why go calls for people to take to the streets. Against embattled president Nicholas the bureau will bring back to you lock closed over isn't it into the debrief for an update on all our top stories. In the briefing room for a breakdown on the latest headlines in politics. So we told you last week up. A young boy who is refusing to allow his physical disability to outshine his sheer force of will or his incredible talent and this morning he's sharing with us some of his inspirational words of wisdom here's ABC's Tom dominance. That's eight year old Toni Morrissey and the baseball diamond at his hometown season opener in palm beach gardens Florida. And that's him again hitting a monster shot off the gulf T. Trap a ball hit accuracy and lands. Honestly and a. Tommy was born without his right hand due to a congenital birth defects but his parents refused to let that slow down. We. And and that type of attitude coupled with the strong work ethic. Put Tommy on the radar of some of the world's biggest school scholars including Tiger Woods Arnold Palmer and Bubba Watson. But he really gained national attention wit at Egypt three hit a golf ball 100 yard. And on national TV and showed his skills to Ellen. Now he's one of the top kid golfers in the US nationally ranked but he still plays other sports is lower. Soccer. And saw yeah. And. But it's not just about winning Tommy is also trying to help other kids. Who faced challenges growing up. Today he'll be eerie Gary brown and known act. Kids. Or land. Pepper. Tony's hard work paid off this season in their home opener after it hit that shot to the out it was a home run it really poor. We'll be riding her and. And this inspiring athlete may still be still young but yes some words of wisdom for other kids. Any. Of them and. Little Tommy an inspiration. To yet many kids end to so many thanks to Tommy Morrissey and Tommy comments. Yeah I'd like to come pot he likes that. I helped. I'll note Tommy it's great. Such an inspiration because of what you can do for kids with disabilities and for those without so just across the board there and his peers are doing an amazing job as well. Well that's it for us we hope you have a great Monday come back and see you tomorrow.

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