It’s Morning, America: Monday, Nov. 11, 2019

Nikki Haley claims John Kelly and Rex Tillerson undermined Trump, public impeachment hearings set to begin, Hong Kong protester shot and more.
26:22 | 11/11/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Monday, Nov. 11, 2019
Good morning I'm coveralls and none of us are asking of the top buy things to know on this veterans day number one. Former UN ambassador Nikki Haley is speaking out she's accusing former secretary of state Rex Tillerson and former White House chief of staff John Kelly. Of trying to recruit her to undermine the president. He says that you claim they were resisting president trump to quote. Save the country meanwhile public hearings in the impeachment investigation get under way on Wednesday. Number two breaking news overseas protests in Hong Kong have escalated. It was dangerous new level police opened fire and hit at least one protestor today and chaos erupted across the city. The man is reportedly in critical condition a man was also set on fire anti China protests in the city. Have now lasted for six months at number three and Arctic cold front is moving through the midwest bringing snow and rain and winter is here in the morning commute is a mess in cities like Chicago. And behind the snow and rain the bitter cold we'll arrive. Stretching into the deep south this week that temperatures expected to drop by nearly forty degrees in parts of Texas tomorrow. We have in New Jersey for number 42 people are dead after a shocking crash a Porsche slammed through the second floor. Of an office built both victims a 22 year old man. And a 23 year old man were in the car police say the Porsche. Hit the median and went airborne no word on how fast the car was going to building was empty at the time but what's that opened a few hours later. And finally number five Trevor is devastated because this week. Your answer brown likes could disappear everyone knows I'm an influence in the platform is hiding them on some US accounts on a trial basis this is an effort to make the site less than the competition. He'll still be able to see how many lights your post gets but other people. They walked. You have to find the issue having come. After the Atlantic slayer likes the to change. All the for the following built plane the effort that it all 200 they're going to be gets up hope addicts. I relatives friends this and I'll love never gonna get to that big story the explosive allegation from former ambassador Nikki Haley. She claims that the former secretary of state and White House chief of staff. Try to recruit her to undermine president trump to quote save of the country. Healy made it clear that she plans support the president 20/20 as the impeachment investigation goes public this week ABC's negative receipt and joins us with a new details. Good morning. Good morning Mona and Trevor public hearings and impeachment inquiry begin Wednesday first stop will be William Taylor America's top diplomat in Ukraine. He's already testified behind closed doors that it what's his clear understanding. There was a quick probe while. The impeachment inquiry about to enter a new phase going public this week. Expected up first William Taylor the top diplomat in Ukraine who Ari testified behind closed doors it was clear millions in military aid would be withheld and less there was an investigation into the president's political rivals. An arrangement Taylor called crazy this is say very strong case of bribery. Republicans want to hear from the anonymous whistle blower who first raised the flag but they don't call the whistle blower in the house. This thing is dead on arrival in the senate. They come as a former UN ambassador Nikki Haley in a new man more out this week claims former secretary of state Rex Tillerson and White House chief of staff John Kelly. Undermined an ignored the president because they were trying to save the country. Haley spoke to CBS Sunday morning about that exchange. That definitely happened it absolutely happened and instead of saying that to me they should have been saying that to the president. Not asking me to join them on there. Side bar planned it shouldn't then coat tell the president what your differences are and quit if you don't like what he's doing but to undermine a president. Is really a very dangerous thing and it goes against the constitution and it goes against what the American people want that was was a sense of. And now the New York Times is reporting a lawyer for one of Rudy Giuliani's indicted associates told them. Giuliani directed him to deliver an ultimatum to the Ukrainian government that the US what exactly you last would freeze aid if the country. Did not investigate Joseph Biden or his son hunter. There is no evidence Joseph or Hunter Biden have done. Any wrongdoing and president trump and Rudy Giuliani have repeatedly denied these claims Mona. I think you Brian for that report. And even watch those public impeachment hearing starting Wednesday right here on ABC news line. Well another news the FBI has been invited by authorities in Mexico to join the investigation into the deadly ambush of American families that attack last Monday its. Being blamed on a Mexican drug cartel. 119 women and children dead. And we're hearing exclusively from a man who lost his wife at two of these kids in the violence. David Langford says his thirteen year old son DeVon is a hero because after the shootings he he and his siblings and walked fourteen miles to get help. Lankford says now he's leaving Mexico with the rest of his family. Not only have a lost a wife and and two children. Have income grew. Dressed in my hammered. We're truly know placed ago at this point I believe in forgiveness but I also believe in justice and forgiveness doesn't rob justice. And and justice you don't get justice too much in Mexico. Walk a little while to commit carried no more and so we put him spend time bush and I wasn't head are nothing. So Oster Walken. What eight children some of them infants survived that attack in you can hear more from his hero son. Later today on ABC news lines. And the search is on for a former marine who is wanted in connection with the murder of a man in southwest Virginia. Authorities say Michael Alexander brown EC and there shot and killed a man who lived with Brown's mother. He's believed to be armed with a high powered rifle and may have access to other weapons brown was last seen. On a store surveillance camera on Saturday well now to the latest twist in the race for the White House Democrats bracing for the likelihood of a new competitor with some pretty deep. Pocket now we ask former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg appears poised to make at a late entrance. Into that crowded field armed with his fifty billion dollar fortune. ABC's Rachel Scott. Has reaction from the campaign trail. Would the first no less than ninety days away the democratic candidates for president are bracing for a shake up from billionaire Michael Bloomberg setting the stage to jump in the race and the national early front runner former vice president Joseph Biden saying. Bring it on. I have no real problem and get them. Stand and in terms of he's running because we are the last polls I looked at her pretty important. Sources close to Bloomberg say he's worried that the current field of candidates won't be able to beat Donald Trump. And he thinks he can the progressives are criticizing the former New York City mayor. We're relying on his immense personal wealth to find a path to the nomination fight. Our elections. Cannot be something that I bought what billionaire sorry. Yeah a total body this election. This weekend Vermont senator Bernie Sanders on a multi stop swing through Iowa. Campaigning for the first time the congresswoman Alexandria O cost you Cortes a key endorsement for his campaign. I sat down with the two of them an ass so cost you Cortez where she supporting seniors over senator Elizabeth Warren. It's about a personal story in a personal history and and I think the senators' history and commitment is unique. And Sanders unleashed on the Bloomberg campaign planned to skip out on the early is voting states. Iowa New Hampshire South Carolina and Nevada. When you're worth fifty billion dollars like just. You don't have to have town meetings Europe to talk to ordinary people what to do we should take out my guess a couple of billion dollars and you barred the slate of column for. And an unconventional strategy from Mayor Bloomberg but he clearly understands that those key early voting states only make up a fraction of the delegates that he would need to clinch the party's nomination. But he also knows that the rest of the democratic field has a head start there so if he does get into this race. His advisors say that they are confident that he can win in the states that vote on Super Tuesday. And beyond. Rachel Scott ABC news Washington. Our thanks to Rachel now to that apple credit card that's being called sexist. Men are being given higher spending limits than we've made it even when the women have better credit scores Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak among those complaining saying. His limits ten times that of his wife even though all their assets are joint. Goldman Sachs is behind the new credit cards says. It doesn't make decisions based on gender. Get ready for something rare and Wisconsin the planet Mercury's gonna pass between the earth and the sun this is an event called a transit. It is scheduled to start at 7:35 eastern this morning you'll last about five and a half hours scientists say Mercury will be visible as a tiny pin prick. Across the sun's surface and then the next transit second happen for another thirteen years. We haven't yet determined hot look at it. Without that he actually repaid into the sun like you were told not soon. Mercury is in running gait retro Mercury news and granite stated it off rogue. If it. And it's an retrograde so I derive site again able soundly means something it interpret what that Aztec Indians. Always coming up the Turkey takeover in in New Jersey town. Let those Angry Birds are doing that has the baseball star of the not plus a World War II mystery solved 75. Years later the American suffering finally found. After this. Welcome back today is of course veterans day when the nation formally thanks those who have served in the armed forces and president trump is here in New York. We're going to be delivering remarks at the city's veterans day parade. There will be commemoration Zain observances from coast to coast and today marks the start of a new campaign by the US army that's aimed at filling its ranks. ABC's Brett Nokia has the details Fred. A as we honor veterans today the inevitable question is where the armed forces find their next generation of service members who this morning the US army is announcing. A new ad campaign. And this is a lot different from the ones you grew up with think about it army adds fifteen years ago were all about. Com that he was right after September 11 or high school senior graduating next year wasn't alive during September 11. Which is why the army is blitzing this new message on social media. ABC's Louis Martinez covers the Pentagon and he says the visuals here are set of a marvel movie the slogan. Is who's your warrior but the message is less about firepower and more about cyber power. But there highlighting these nontraditional military role self. One of the people that are highlighting is a cyber warrior. A US army captain who specializes in cyber warfare themes that are not traditional in US army. I'm in the highlands campaigns typically see in the last couple years have been focusing on combat rules. There's still going to be talking enough but now they're looking to see he's nontraditional. They want to surprise their audience. Isn't coming through on their Smartphones. In the CO look at DNA specialist here's somebody who worked with senator and we'll await their army soldiers. And one of the thing I thought was interesting Louie said. In previous generations you had a -- World War II veteran in your neighborhood you had a Vietnam veteran in your family. And those people who really instrumental in convincing young people to serve the safe where the original influencers will now the army. Is turning to online influencers instead. Have a lot wants start here live this morning listen on apple podcasts grief if it podcasting app Mona Trevor. Thank you Brad well now to breaking news overnight from the ongoing protests in Hong Kong. Police there shot at least one protestor at point blank range and the shooting was shown live on FaceBook. So let's go across the pond did you leave McFarland in London bureau for the latest Julie good morning. This is obviously very fluid situation to what extent does this kind of market escalation in this conflict between protesters and the police. Morning when a morning have a yeah exactly I mean we have seen protest of being a shot by way Lybrand before a protest has actually died that happens. Lost week oft the scuffles in a Cobb parkway a riot police and pertussis. Clashed so what we've seen before this latest incident today was we still a protest. Was shot by a police he. But covet a protest of last week died off to scuffles with by police and got the got death of a protest a for the first time. Every weekend led everyone to fear that violence was gained to a climax once again in Hong Kong an out of his to be the case now with what's happened today. Is that a police money was he was going rock playing. Where the protest in a central district and he had already Jordan has gotten Wally he hides protester and a kind of headlock. And then when another protest a war towards ending with a dress and black and he was wearing a mosque. Now this team was quite clear the Annan today the footage. Unsafe to meet their sales have with a songs by his sides not. Not sort of carrying and it any visible weapon. But then he moved quickly towards a police man who already had his weapon join. And that not name it he opened fire shooting him in the torso and now he was rushed up to hospital. He undone has undergone this Jerry. Police say he is now in a stable condition but summing outside has also happened today. Is a mine. A man who is believed to be a pro Beijing support. He has allegedly been doused it with some kind of flammable liquid and set on fly. Buy a protest as he is also in hospital he is an a critical condition. Situation definitely escalating there but we want to turnouts of Bolivia where president Morales abruptly stepped down yesterday after weeks of sometimes. Violent protests there over his disputed election so. Julie where does this leave Bolivia. Right tab ten times for the south America's poorest country Libya if Omar around as heed this is a very divisive. A situation in Bolivia but cause his support says cooled this acute. And his opponents say that this is a step in the right direction for democracy now what's happened is he's resigned up to fourteen years. Of Powell because the elections lost month. Independent. International. Monitors from the Organization of American States that's sort of a year and United Nations body made up. Not on board the State's in the Americas north and South America. They said that they had found evidence of manipulation. In the elections that were widespread reports. Although election fraud and say there are weeks of protests in Bolivia the army has not court and ever brought us to step down. Off they'll all of this. On stability and chaos following there's reports of election fraud but this is a new thing put attending point four Bolivia I'm sad Marat as he was he fast indigenous leads of the country. And he is credited with a taxing a lot of inequality injuring his time in pop. Julie I hate to spend the entire time we have you on awful an unfortunate stories but that's kind of what we're doing it's getting really cold in new York and imagine the same is true in London. In Australia there headed into the summer months and we know that there at New South Wales that declared a state of emergency they have wildfires that have. Destroyed more than a 150 homes 3000 square miles. In what the emergency services minister says could be the most dangerous bush fire week the nation's ever seen I mean. We've had some wild fires every here in the US how bad is it over there. I mean guys this is kind of hard to sort of but. Put in sit and submitted it in to pick chest so how widespread these flies off. In Australia which is of course a huge huge island but just get this there is that that the blazes have scorched. Almost 2.5. 1000008. Cases. I can't even think to how how big that is but I'm sure it cub is 71 or two states of the night of the United States that's a 12120. Blazes covering. That area now since astray the made a new set of what fires categorization a decade ago this is now for the first time hit the unprecedented level they've never had that before. Say that queens on a New South Wales they've declared a state of emergency as you say more than a 150 houses have been damaged. You know it's in the consent of government is also coming. Under intense criticism in a stranded because they are refusing to say whether. These wildfires have been impacted by climate change. But a huge operation onto its try and get these. Flies out of control but I do say these on this summer months so much of astray the entire trip particularly in Queens on a New South Wales is is is at Boston boss landscapes which is very very pry into Busch buys so. It is a huge operation for the Israelis to try and tackle there's places. Julian McFarland and our London bureau always so informative Julie thanks for your time we'll try to give my interior stories next time if. Paying for May have its Maher and Nia. Right well let's check our notification starting with the team effort at a Waffle House. When that there was a clone employee working the late nights that this man is in plea of the year customers had to step said. And help him bussed tables and washed dishes pre presidency we'll next that Turkey takeover. In one town in New Jersey and. It's gotten so bad that a baseball star is now crying found about sixty turkeys have been running wild in this town. On the Jersey Shore breaking windows and attacking residents know it's not stacking you know. Ahead that's a different terror now Todd Frazier of the New York Mets is tweeted a picture showing Turkey's surrounding his Jeep it's series business. He says they've ruined his cars in the if trashed his yard what you call getting the turkeys animal control officials say they're not licensed to trap the Turkey's. Because they're wild animals Frazier is now asking the governor to do something about it interstate will those turkeys do need to watch out because Thanksgiving is just a couple weeks away in a study has just released some important info for those who have cooking to big meal. Maybe don't work too hard on the cranberry sauce now that's our question of the day what's your least favorite Thanksgiving food. Giving us a Thanksgiving give us your Thanksgiving hot takes and the comments or tweet us at ABC news slot. I don't know what cranberry Evers has ever done to you people be it's been a staple it shows up every hair hate. Do you count on mind insects or watch the cranberry sauce every year yet so the reason that we mentioned Kramer's house that the did a survey of what's your least favorite. Right and cranberry sauce was the winner is suppose or the loser in the 29% of people said. Cranberry sauce their least favorite night green bean casserole was number 2.4 percent. I have said earlier my thinks giving hot take as I just don't think overall it's that good thing people at the tradition which boosts the flavor. But if it was that good we have and I think that he wants to start sell around you have a spicier take than that. We would love to hear it or you would just wanna tell me what an idiot. That I've lot of people don't hesitate out of that are ready so I don't know you really want to get the conversation going. Send a picture or post a picture of your Mac and cheese on Twitter. People roast okay promised you that as the ones most divisive topic via onto in his timing advocate upkeep at the back pocket externally good roasting it. Next up a message in a bottle has been found in France after ten years act C. This kiss is off the coast to the United States it was written by a young boys name's Max. Threw it into the ocean back in 2010. It wandered around probably knew hung out with some sharks may be some whales made its way over to. The land to both strong safe and that they connected over social media that he that the message survived. And the man actually wrote back yeah they're pals now via social media speaking of social media this girl has taken an associate of ice storm she authority. She only this four years old. The rap star Renee of the Sahara and the heart of being in and the concern the warriors games there wasn't. Team. Oh yeah. He's got a future man for four years old and that level. Not good discovery off the coast of Japan and that has solved a World War II mr. A team of explorers has just found submarine went down in battle and it wasn't seen until now here's ABC's Tom house. 14100 feet below the surface off the coast of Japan a Timo ocean explorers just discovered who resting place of eighty American sailors. This is the first time the USS gray back. Has been seen in 75 years and two with the people to force learned the news relatives of those Americans who went down with the submarine. We haven't. Broadcast this and we want to be the first ones to tell you this is the greenback. And we wanted to be do this in person. Hi this. Is where your uncles are. Gloria attorney who lost her uncle Raymond parks and electricians mate first class and Kathy Taylor she lost her own goal in god father John Patrick king. And electricians mate third class the USS gray back. A World War II sub credited with sinking fourteen enemy ships. It set out from Pearl Harbor in 1944. To patrol the seas south of Japan never to return again. I am committed to from the very beginning. Than a little girl that I was going to find him or follow him or keep his memory alive to whatever I could do. Is this we may catching glory at the Carnegie science center in Pittsburgh's musical. Read and it says these ships and having to. But now it. The gray back you can even see the plaque intact after all these years discovered south evoking ala. Tim Taylor and wife Christine Dennis and discovered it with their team as part of their lost 52 project. These two explorers have now found five of the 52 lost US subs during World War II. With the technology they were using any ability to. Cover. Large swathes of ground we're looking at potential to find several more. That cutting edge technology includes a morsel bulls that can reach the ocean floor. Ought to made it to help create 3-D renderings of the sub providing clues of its final moments. It's very vital that we remember down. And that they feel that they haven't been forgotten that their sacrifice for a sentencing. A tribute to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice and for the families that discovery is a type of small remedy for all the use of pain of this combatants from. And put. So turn up the whole problem and was that years ago they had a Japanese who had informed Japanese information and. That it was supposed to guide in the where the ship was and it was miss translated in so for years and decades they've just. It should be over here battles and it wasn't one digit turned out to be the difference checking them wrong location and the whole time measure twice cut once. They got the Thanksgiving recipe but I'm and me. Well coming up outside you about the Veteran's Day celebration going on around the country today plus we're gonna hear from a World War II veteran his family never knew he was part of the that's coming up after this. Here's what to watch out for today just a few hours the 100 annual veterans day parade steps off here in New York City president problem ceremonies honoring all who have served in the military. Also lay a wreath at the eternal light memorial in Manhattan's Madison square park. Plus don't forget to tune in to the debrief for an update on all our top stories and in the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. Or one of the many vets being honored today is as old as the New York City celebration. Itself that's right solution basket of Texas turned 100 in September. But until recently most of his family members didn't even know that he took part in one of the most critical events of world war to deal. Mr. Baskin was part of the more than 350000. Allied military personnel. Who took part in the. Blessed India. I really knew Hoover days. But is this bad this. It's happening to the people of Poland. Color on you and then as temple did people in this kind of room. And honey is used to. Mr. Baskin is among the fewer than 400000. World War II veterans they're still lives sixteen million people served in that war. Powerful story in an excellent man. It's hard to relent I could see that yep for sure. Both say thank you add to all of our veterans out there everybody who served I'm sure everybody knows somebody in life as a family member friends of life that we're grateful for everything you've done people or service currently. We're grateful we're grateful for you as well in the fifth grade veterans day in degree Monday. Take it easy. Longley to have. It always.

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