It’s Morning, America: Monday, Nov. 18, 2019

Trump lashes out at aide to VP Pence in impeachment probe, Mayor Pete Buttigieg surges in Iowa poll, chaos in Hong Kong and more.
28:21 | 11/18/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Monday, Nov. 18, 2019
Good morning I'm gonna vote. And yet this calendar year at the top acting as she needed at this Monday never won a big week in the impeachment investigation. President drop is going on the attackers were witnesses prepared to testify this week he's already targeting an aide to vice president Mike Pence ahead of her hearing tomorrow. She testified about that controversial phone call which Ukraine. Also this week lawmakers are eager to hear from Gordon when he testifies on Wednesday he's the EU ambassador who recently revised is closed door testimony. They never actually developing story from Fresno California the scene. The deadly mass shooting overnight police say at least four people were killed when a gunman enter the backyard of our homework family gathered to watch football six others were wounded. The shooter escaped police have not revealed a motive they see no children were. Spot to number three new violence on. College campus there and Hong Kong today at the government protesters who were barricaded on campus all weekend tried to escape this morning. But they were turned back by police using tear gas it's unclear. If any protesters were able to sleep campaign over the weekend from demonstrators who slingshot and those and arrows against police one officer was hit with an arrow in the leg. Maybe keep in panelist there. Nothing sends him pale and can't Atlanta black. Welcome the Pope doesn't it wouldn't advise him in front of them wouldn't. The police are now saying that the protestors continue to use things like bow and arrows attacked vehicles and threw Molotov cocktails then that will respond with the necessary force. Which could include live ammunition. Overnight Hong Kong's High Court struck down a ban on face mask it was aimed at protesters trying to hide her identity. Number four Ford is hoping to redefine the American muscle car unveiling its new electric Ford Mustang that battery powered at CBS sports attempt to challenge Tesla. It has a new mustang logo and one of its driving modes but out of cold war in case you missed the most things V8. It's a market in 22 anyone starting at 45000 dollars. And following number five and his stop on Connie Yates Christian conversion and thousands filled a mega church in Houston to see Connie west honey said. At the devil had been distracting him for a long time but he's no longer. And the service of fame and money he says he's now in full service. All it. Dad ever again send cop and dancing hockey news that you are seen me use. Before it got us now use it for him seemed as though that people are. They're skeptical living as we don't try we do my mom says trying is failing me we go to the prisons and we go. Then. Do an energy would Joan it's overwhelmingly. Positive response. Last night with findings in latest Sunday's service concert he's been holding them around the country since January. Morning everyone happy Monday and we've got candidates McAllen here from WABC. Felon and happy to sit next few friends exhibit to sit next year as well as her very first it's morning America absolutely it's fun to be here we're so happy to have me over you just walk like a couple steps over couple hundred feet nine WABC for those who don't know the we're all in the same building all the same family have ABC our flagship station and I watch every single morning I'm usually out in the streets of New York City and now it's cold. But now your inside. Nice morning make it a network debut I love it. Perez gets about six or the drama expected on Capitol Hill this week with the most crucial testimony yet. In the impeachment hearings ambassador. Gordon someone will be among those taking questions. Meanwhile president up is lashing out attacking an aide to vice president Mike Pence who testified about that controversial phone call with Ukraine. ABC's Andrea for GE is here with more good morning Andrea. Good morning connecting Candace at least eight witnesses are scheduled to testify this week in public hearings and over the weekend. President trump lashed out at one of them. As the house impeachment inquiry prepares for three more days of public hearings this week Democrats and Republicans are not wavering. The president of the United States used taxpayer funded military assistance to pressure a foreign leader. To help him in his reelection campaign so Republicans are pushing back I think the evidence is crumbling. Over the weekend the committee released transcripts of the closed door testimony from Jennifer Williams a member of vice president pence is staff she's scheduled to testify tomorrow. She was on that July 25 phone call in which president trump brought up investigating the body and 12016 election. She testified she remembers to mention number Reese not the Ukrainian energy company were Hunter Biden served on the board. But the transcript of the call released by the White House makes no mention number Reese not. The president treated on Sunday in response tell Jennifer Williams whoever that is to read both transcripts of the presidential calls she should meet with the other never trappers. That tweet coming just days after he blasted former ambassador Marie Yvonne and that she she was testify. I think part of it is his own. Insecurity. As an impostor. And so he has to diminish everyone else. She used the word imposter. Talking about the president of the United States. He 63 million people voted for and on Wednesday the most anticipated hearing EU ambassador Gordon's Tomlinson to testify. He originally said the president never asked for a quid pro quo from Ukraine but has since revised that initial closed door testimony mr. Simon asked to decide whether his primary loyalty is to America. Or whether his primary loyalty is of the president of the United States. And as the president and Republicans have argued over the process of these hearings. Amid a weekend House Speaker Nancy Pelosi invited the president to testify before the committee in person or writing. To defend himself. Candace Andrea thank you so much a new poll from ABC news and it's just conducted over the weekend shows overwhelming 70% of Americans think that. President Trump's request to a foreign leader to investigate a political rival was wrong. A slim majority of Americans 51% believe Trump's actions were both wrong and he should be impeached and removed from office. 58% of Americans say they are following the hearings very closely or somewhat closely among those who said this. 60% think that trump should be impeached and removed. From office. The White House insists president traffic is as healthy as can be but a physical exam of the weekend is fueling speculation the president's previous annual check ups were announced ahead of time but sources say Saturday's visit to Walter Reed hospital. Did not follow protocol the white house Press Secretary denies there were any health issues. She's at the president underwent portions of his annual physical a few months early because. Get a free weekend and expects next year. To be busy. President trump has reportedly backed away from plans to ban nearly all beef flavored. Across the country the Washington Post first reported the change of course saying advisors warned the president that major restrictions on BP could cost him votes and take we jobs. Is also facing an intense lobbying effort by the beeping and history. Now to the Democrats want to defeat the president next year's election the top ten candidates will debate each other Wednesday night in Georgia and many of them will be expected to attack South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete indigent. A new poll shows he's surging and one early battleground state ABC's Brad milky has the details Brad people and it's right you know. Hole is just a poll but now we've seen several polls showing people reject right there in the top tier leading into the Iowa Caucuses and now. A brand new poll shows him surging way ahead of his rivals. They couldn't come at a better time for the third and seven year old mayor with the caucuses less than three months away. I spoke to ABC's political director Rick client and he said in a state that would lead values moderate Democrats the object is quickly got a reputation for winning in the middle. A lot of I'm. Noises from doing the right way fighters campaigning in the state putting together the infrastructure and the organization is cutting across demographic groups in which people. Are telling pollsters is that they like the fact that he's just kind of just right on the issues he's not too far left is not too far right. And in this fall and others we've seen Democrats barrels premium on the ability defeat Donald Trump and got routes seem TV with a candidate of the center and one other thing to keep an eye on this weekend Michael Bloomberg actually apologized to black voters for pushing the stop and frisk policies when he was mayor of New York City says he got it wrong. And people of cover the mayor for a long time told me. This guy doesn't apologize. For any thinks the fact that he is doing this six years after he was mayor says he is really serious about his potential run for president while more on the 220 race on start here later this morning. Listen on apple podcasts where he favored podcasting app. Kenneth Candace. Bret thank used Turkey's university has suspended all fraternity social activities after the latest. In a string of racist incidents Saturday night a group that include a frat members used a racial slur towards a black female students. At least ten incidents targeting the black Asian and Jewish students have been reported on or near campus this month state officials are now investigating. New video showing the please take down of a kidnapped friend Texas Michael Webb was sentenced to life in prison last week. Brooke ducking an eight year old girl in Fort Worth snatching her from her mother's hands as they went for a walk. Police track down the kidnapper and nearby hotel. They left when there was no sign of a child then they came back two hours later found the girl hidden inside a laundry basket which. I just thought she is such brave little girl as she's making progress she's incredibly resilient he's committed to ordinary things when thing. The ordeal lasted about eight hours part of it was caught on a door vote camera you see there the mother tried to fight off the kidnappers jumped in his car. But he pushed her out. And it sounds like something found a TV series breaking bad debt to give us your professors at Henderson state university and Arkansas. Have been arrested or charge of making mapping using drug paraphernalia. Both had been on leave for more than a month after a chemical odor was reported at the science and art turned out. To be a chemical used in making math. That's like a big goal no no no no no don't do that. Hey coming up Bennett's swamped by historic flooding hit by the third record tied in the week what authorities estimate the damage will cost. But first they're growing fallout after prince injures an interview with he said about his relationship with sex offender. Jeffrey Epstein that's sparking he wheeled black. Backlash. Welcome back we turn now to the royal fallout after explosive interview with Prince Andrew for the first time the press this answer questions about his ties to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. He's defending himself against accusations that he had sex with one a that's teen's alleged teenage victims but his defense. Is coming under growing scrutiny including the claim that he made about not being able to slacks this morning Prince Andrew coming under fire after speaking publicly for the first time. About his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Joy regrets front that blew it that he has quite obviously conducts himself in a manner unbecoming. Yes. I'm becoming he was a sex offender yet. I'm sorry I'm being polite and all the time. And bearing in mind this for some years before he was accused of being. Sex offender. And and who's having roam they and. At seamless convicted of soliciting prostitution from a minor in 2008. Just months after his tenants their prints with seen in this video obtained by the mail on Sunday. Appearing in the door vaccines New York home. It was a convenient place to stay. Does that mean I mean and I've gone through this in my mind so many tones. At the end of the day. And with the benefit of pool hindsight that one could have. It was definitely. The wrong thing to do. Earlier this year at teen died of an apparent suicide in jail while awaiting trial on child sex trafficking charges. Prince injured maintains that despite multiple visits to several of Epstein homes. He universal any indication of unlawful conduct. Involving underage girls Virginia Roberts you phrases she was one of at scenes teenage sex slaves in court filings you free claims. Which she was seventeen at scene ordered her to have sex with some of his powerful friends. Including Prince Andrew you don't remember meeting him. The prince denies having sex with you for as for this now infamous picture of the two together the prince says he doesn't remember it being taken and says it to be date. It is a photograph of a photograph of a French girl. So it's very difficult to be able to two took to prove it. I don't remember a photo of him being taken if you also claims that on the day of their alleged encounters he was with his daughter getting pizza. Why would you remember them so specifically why would you remember a pizza express but the ending hunt because. Getting to peace are expressing working as an unusual thing for me to do. She was very specific about that night she described don't seem with you in that I'm you profusely sweating. I'm that she went home to half. Ball thus possibly. This is slide program with distressing because aren't have a Q you have many of position which is about don't sweat like didn't stretch of the time because. Thought it. Had suffered what I would describe as an invitation of adrenaline in the Falklands war on my emotional threat and it was almost impossible for me to sweat. And it's only because I have done a number of things and in the recent past. And I'm starting to be able to. Do it again. That interview is all that anyone in England is talking about today so let's go across the pond to Julie McFarland in our London bureau for more good morning Julia. Morning pandas yeah how are people reacting to the senate. How. Well I mean that word now on the feds say of the news wolf the fourth day really ominous headlines from that and he fest started imagining. On Friday the full fifteen minute interview airing on Sok tonight this Saturday night here in the UK. And it's really I I have to say it all anyone can talk about still dominating. The newspaper is today a lot of people taking issue with. And juice that claims that he does not remember a meting one of his if you has accused of Virginia Roberts hit claimed a two. Have been forced to have sex with the Jacob York when she was seventeen when she was a mine. And do denies that he said he doesn't ever remembered meeting. And he claimed that he had been. At a pizza restaurants. In a city way outside London that on the day that that was supposed to happen to lot of people are taking issue with the story. But I but I have so a lot of people of this morning I'm have been talking about how prince on June. Did not make it did not make any mention all of the victims of Jeffrey Epstein and he did not seem to indicate any remorse. Florida and he said he progressives having stays the disgraced finance his house. And also people are now asking web following this very d.s head into he may eventually have to speak. To federal investigators looking into. The abstained in case a lot of people have been digging into his in the media for my palace aides describing me into the eyes excruciating. Max the former press officer for Buckingham Palace said that it was not so much a cop crossed but an articulated. Lorry crash of an into it into view. And the soul comes of course is well. Amid news that depends on Jews and one of his advisors has PR advise left side this few few days before the interview took place. But palace sources have been telling the BBC that the duke of York stands by his interview. And then he doesn't regret speaking to Newsnight and we made less. Wow Julie before we move on to the next and Ellis thing about. Think the winds down by where he's what's yet to correct them Mars and you're really just point out that we're coming up sex offender here. From that too that's you know it's obvious he's facing that he. When it comes sustain at his sap properties that it was easy. Four royal there was this it was very what comfortable easier however he put it. It wasn't really weird and awkward and ME obviously you're saying he's been skewered over the air but. Was a real no forethought about. This interview and yet he fired at him buys there art I'm in a by the LAPD what a couple weeks before but you thought that the sort of more planned out. Yeah our war reader in our area at it's suddenly not been reported that he thought he testified that but any that he laughed. Not whacking footage you could York. But as you say a lot of people are finding it got quite a difficult thing to believe that this son of the queen. Stayed at Jeffrey Epstein house in Neal because it was convenient surely those name shortage of hotels and Manhattan that he could've. Taken instead on on not know it's a cartoonist for the times of London newspaper picked up not exact point. That depicts the queen. As the head of the royal fiber dates a not speech bubble says quick. One his Andrew's parents may be on fire after a lot of people already having some trouble believing. Prince on GE's. Hit his claims as to why. He is innocent of the allegations against him but he did say that he regrets it is decision. Staying with Epstein often his conviction. And I let's move on to the tense standoff playing out a university Hong Kong after a weekend a fiery confrontations. Anti government protesters who were barricaded on campus all weekend tried to escape this morning. They were turned back by police using tear gas what are we hearing from our team on the ground that we know that Ian panel is there. Exactly kind of and it seems every time we visit Hong Kong that we the say things like you knew the violence is reaching new heights that things are getting less. But it really really does it yet to be taking a ten hit now be Polytechnic university protestors what occupying it for. A number of days now and what happens on Sunday night was not riot police and police stun outside. The campus and they gave students until. 10 o'clock at night local time to evacuate supremacists. Now and that the course of the night and it's from Barry Alley this morning. Very very ugly scenes the students. Inside fighting against the police outside they have been throwing Molotov cocktails. And protests is of also and being seen. Using it stays and IRAs and a lot of the building has been set on fire there's smoke rising. From the buildings. Medics have been afraid to Graf to being arrested outside along with report says. And the police have Mays a cordon around to university building and they are trying to prevent people from getting outside there's a lot. Of the human rights. That defendants saying that this is Bob Barr eggs Aladdin preventing people. From the from leaving the building when when there are some pots of it which are still banning this morning. A pro democracy legislate to says that a thousand people. A still inside. Many of them students meanwhile some mid extraordinary scenes from across the city. Someone tweeted a video of white Colo black is in central Hong Kong. Bar K blocking the raids in huge numbers chanting save the students. Just around the financial district and just glossy Kenneth. A lot of faith is have been circulating on his mission need to of people is showing by mocks on the skin. People. Are asking whether the riot police on the elite rap to police. Have been using a very highly toxic form of tea gaffes. Thank you said like it just seems to be escalating and right escalating to shore let me switch gears and and then as hundreds of people had to be rescued. And the historic flooding there and now authorities are saying that the damage may top a billion dollars. Yes so few days ago the man estimated that the damage was number was fit to be numbering in the hundreds of millions. All of you're is that now mixed to be by some estimates have reached a billion. Here is in damages but that's because as as you can see. So much damage to also some very ancient buildings and that's why a lot of that the costs increase farther because. A load of Europe has a going to be about a gonna have to be. Done to some ancient and iconic. Buildings such is a saint mark's basilica in a you've got. Malvo than staying that is hundreds and hundreds of years old and this war so it is incredibly corrosive. Four these very very fragile materials. And who residents saw becoming increasingly angry about how the authorities. Have handled the threat that the threat of flooding from Venice is not a new one and since 2003 there has been what put in place. For a dam project that's still. Has not been completed and it has racked up hundreds of millions of years and cost. It's really sad sight to see there are it will to a crawl in our London bureau thank you so much we appreciate it. Acerca notification is now starting with a fond farewell for bay today the giant panda. So it was down in DC it makes that he's headed back to China. Yeah he's been here for error was four years or he's four years old and he's sacked. Now headed back on a federal express plane which they're calling the panda express. Okay not like the restaurant know that's weird place that sometimes out of wars chicken and FedEx has some experience transporting animals like that they sure do so we figured by today's game. And that's I watch this hockey fans smiling for a self beat but apparently it's Toronto. Maple Leafs they were lose them. You no lack. The word unhappy that he is upset about the game I think whoever his female companion it's just me intently. I got an indictment I was over at the moment he takes fancy maps and pathetic he was right back to avoid that we looked at it felt like what's up their prove it that's nice mild disease like. Yes. Comex an update on jeopardy Jane. The deputy superstar who won 32 regular games in a row over the summer took home the 200. 50000 dollar grand prize in the tournament of champions on Friday night he ended up beating the contestant who ended his when he street. Emma Boettcher. James holt Sowers winnings they now top two point seven million dollars. So there goes jeopardy games and there SCANA song may it and pay at the police officers and for a got a big scare from a tiny alligator little Beatty Allen look at this thing about this carry out Erica little lizard. I you know. Police officers in Florida they're used to dealing with alligators yeah they called wranglers and they know it is like I'm. Having her time and that Florida why exactly do you why they run and yes. Maybe if I guess I think you mentioned earlier right when one person runs or screams. Hannah every wider contagious even the law enforcement protect and serve we're in the badges that I. I don't think about it there are building was probably not like powerful enough to fight. Wow man. Well are probably not a big questions this morning surrounding controversial and a pro quarterback Colin Capp Bernanke was supposed to take part of try to work out for the NFL this weekend but he abruptly canceled the event. Holding his own work out instead and now many are seeing the last minute change me hurt its chances of ever playing again. This morning new fallout after calling camper next ultimate quarterback sneak. You don't want to play. He wants to be a monitor. The NFL surprise the polarizing player by offering a worked out of the Atlanta Falcons facility this weekend but just a half hour before the worked out Capra nick changed the venue. Moving that nearly sixty miles away. Our biggest day when everything today. It was making sure we had transparency of what went off. The league says 25 team showed up for the scheduled workout but only eight made it to the change being you. According to cap predicts camp they moved to work out after the NFL rejecting tempered its own camera crew for filming I suspect. What would've happened is they would respond it is. Or released whatever they would have thwarted to cherry pick whatever footage this was a pulled publicity stunt on the part of the NFL and we called their bluff. It's been nearly three years has camper nick pleaded NFL game. In agreements he claimed team owners colluded to keep him off the field because of its National Anthem protest against racial injustice and police brutality. The case was settled in court. This morning tempered ex warrior says they've gotten feedback from four of eight teams that watched his work out but many are saying his decision to move the venue. Hurt his chances a plane again. Any PH showed how I'm here to tell you. I believe he would had a job sucks two weeks. But it didn't happen. As heating ship supporters are Kaplan it fired back an analyst Stephen A Smith. Including Eric Reid at the Carolina Panthers accusing Smith of tap dancing for the NFL is council also trust organization that Bible room. Not enough and I you don't want to work. You just want to make no place. He won a controlled narrative. So. NFL released a statement saying it's disappointed tap predicted not appear for his scheduled worked out. So that is our question of the date that the work out help or hurt cap predicts chances of plain and NFL again. What was that the back and forth was all the hot pretty much the hijinks the PR stunt. Really coming from. And you wonder teens even accurately Stevenson tape and how talented he was or is at an excuse and I get him back on the field a lot of people have a lot of opinions. And they do I have you we saw Stephen A Smith there there's a lot but he's taken a lot of heat as well for his very strong opinions but we're used to that from Stephen is that. And now please let us know answer that question of the day tweet us that ABC news lie comment here. The comments section want to hear from you. It's early. Well coming up we'll tell you what to watch out for as we begin the week plots are high school janitor gets forget about life time. After this. Here's what to watch out for today president. There's trouble receivers intelligence briefing before meeting with secretary of state Mike Pompeo. Missouri governor Mike Hart senate set to announce details of an awareness campaign on the dangers of deep and the chiefs and chargers will face off as Monday Night Football returns to Mexico's city's past. At Scott stadium last year's game scheduled. There had to be relocated LA after the field was being un playable. Let's don't forget to tune in to at the debrief for an on a date on all our top stories. And the briefing room forty breakdown of the latest headlines and finally this morning a high schools editor just north of Birmingham Alabama is slipping behind the wheel of the car industry. A truck actually two students at Jasper high school presented Travis Kennedy with a brand new truck get. The big game Friday night the fruits of a go find me campaign that ended up raising nearly twenty. The boy is Sam heists impressive Reid started the campaign after seeing that Kennedy was driving around in a thirty year old clunker. This student started the fund raiser earlier this year on national custodial workers for helping out your school your community septic good I think as an incredible fundraising power they surely you forgot they certainly did. And we use can't dis barred dead. Here on his way America values. It's been great to have you but he did a great job you're coming back tomorrow I'll be back won't get me. Willfully thank you for joining us every white we will see you tomorrow have a good ones.

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