It's Morning, America: Thursday, May 2, 2019

AG Barr defends handling of Mueller report, protesters clash in Venezuela's political crisis and more.
21:33 | 05/02/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Thursday, May 2, 2019
Good Thursday morning and he named Norman and I'm kind of movement here the top five things to note this Thursday number one the battle between the Justice Department and congress attorney general William Barr is refusing to testify today before the House Judiciary Committee objecting to the format. Barr is facing growing calls from Democrats to resign over his handling of similar report in over allegations that he misled congress and the public. About objections from Robert Mueller himself. Number two venezuelans are expected to field the streets again today F political crisis in that country escalates thousands protested president Nicholas under a regime Wednesday but so far. The military has not thrown his support behind opposition leader won quite go that. The drug administration is weighing its options in Venezuela has not ruled out military action on to number three a cruise ship in the Caribbean with about 300 people on board is under quarantine after a confirmed case of measles was found that more. December owned by the church of Scientology's now I think leisure where government officials have ordered crew and passengers. To stay on this ship while they investigate the CDC is already tracking the worst spike in the US in decades. With more than 700 cases across 22 states number four severe weather storms are threatening more than 21 million Americans today from Texas all the way to Pennsylvania dozens of tornadoes have ripped through Texas and Oklahoma flattening buildings are spreading debris for miles. Two people were killed meanwhile a new round of rain will worsen the flooding in Davenport Iowa after a temporary river barrier collapsed them following number five a big night for the music industry the stars gathered in Las Vegas for the billboard music awards. Drake also known campaign topped the one multiple honors including pop artist giving in the most billboard music awards of any artist. Ever and the got to perform her new single Medina with hologram before other Madonna's. Reportedly paid five million dollars for the technology. And be Mariah scary thing I met in the upper hits including hero and always be my baby. We're taking home the icon award she think billboard for allowing her to grow up on those charts. I've started making music out of a necessity to survive. And to express myself and I just managed to create something selected field. Worthy of existing. Ends. If nine. Anybody who anything and I'm right if that's truly all things are possible with done. We do do do. This you along lower back in. It's a mind game from Africa earlier. Good morning everyone. Paula Abdul riot Cary jade. Multiple Madonna. The only Madonna's via the billboard music or through so big that he off the charts the high Harlow look at hah hah I'll be at 88 at five Madonna flew. Got it with the gifts via. Jay is now one of the most billboard. Awards. Anybody I mean he winner on their crappy today. I've been on the bottom valley variable rent and yet. This show and Paul was still so that's why. We shouldn't ever complain about gore did the gem. A wife easy Goer Al ad you'll know the CSC choreographed that dance. Yeah that Barrow very talented. Article let's get to the big story than a standoff between Democrats and attorney general William Barr he's refusing to testify today before a house committee. During a contentious hearing in the senate Wednesday bar defend a president trump and pushed back against critics who claim. He deceived congress and misled the. Look about the Muller reports this morning there are new calls for Bart to resign ABC's Ron Zach has Philly is including a new interview with president trump from last night Lana good morning hey good morning to you guys so you know attorney general William Barr was scheduled to testify before the democratically controlled House Judiciary Committee today. That is off. The Justice Department says that they are pulling him over objections. But the committee wanted to have part of their lawyer their legal team actually join in the questioning. House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry now other is upset that he will not be questioning attorney general William Barr this morning is trying to blackmail the committee. And now a growing number presidential hopefuls are calling on bar to resign this attorney general lacks all credibility. And has I think compromised. The American public's ability to believe that he is a purveyor of justice. Are resigned I plus the current visitor to pick I think he should those calls after more than five hours of often tense testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Marmara in the business of determining when lies are told of the American people. I'm in the business of determining whether a crime has been. Just hours earlier lawmakers learned that special counsel Robert Mueller. Had complained about bars characterization of his report in a letter and on a phone call. This letter was an extraordinary act a career prosecutor would be you came the attorney general of the United States. I you know if the letters of bits Nady and I think it was probably written by one of his staff people. Democrats demanding to know wine bar didn't tell them about Muller's concerns when he was asked about it during his last testimony. Well I answered a question I talked directly to Bob Mahler not members of his team those are your IPOs. Her answer. This purposely misleading. And on Fox Business praise from president trot and. I heard he was sir really performed incredibly well today. So what of the big questions of course is still going to be whether special counsel Robert Mueller himself ever testifies before congress over on the senate side. A Lindsey Graham that Judiciary Chairman says he's not interested in that anymore he's ready to move on. But over in the house committee chairman Jerry Nadler says he hopes to see him in the next two weeks and guys. To add to the number of democratic contenders who are calling for bars resignation. In addition to Biden in Harris he just soft. I've got just made a list Cory Booker Elizabeth Warren Kirsten Gillibrand bullying Castro Baidoa work just name some of them. Democrats seem to be pretty united on this front at least at their running for some of them get rid of you and on the whole list I mean there's potentially twenty. But I what are your exactly Ambac on Capitol Hill lies so Graham dropped the F bomb. It was crazy M I think contends is not a given us the right word to describe that back and forth testimony of complex areas and attorney general William Barr there. You know and and president trump also in that interview talked about Harris as well he said that he and seeing that she who has. Pretty nasty in her questioning. And now we will see well Natalie that top Democrat there in the house will he. He's threatening to actually. Holds barred in contempt if they don't complain if he doesn't comply acquire operate. With house Democrats we will see if that happens out of that thank you my friends good to see you. An economy to many presidential candidates are among those calling for barker resigned does bring again bride looking for more on what their argument about rap. It has yet Democrats seemed genuinely frustrated over this confrontation with William bar that's because in their mind as we all drinking in the findings of Robert Mueller. The attorney general they say had already poisoned the well. Remember in a letter to congress or said he decided there was not enough evidence to see president trump obstructed justice what we now know that right after. Moeller vote to bar saying it. You just confuse the public and yet for three weeks or refused to elaborate. I spoke to ABC's chief legal analyst Ian Abrams and he says that is they take away from this weather this big independent investigation we brought promised. And that compromised by politicians were. It matters in terms of bars motivations here. Barr has portrayed. Himself and his role is that of a a straight shooting attorney general. Who. It weighed in on the decision. That Robert Mueller was you know unwilling to decide. And suggested publicly that you know there wasn't real. Dissension. Between he and Mueller and now you see him throwing some pot shots at Mueller. You see this and this letter from Mueller and I think it's pretty clear now that Mueller expected to. Report to speak for itself again says regardless of whether bar testifies again in front of congress today that key thing is to hear from Robert Mulder himself because Barr said. Mueller was it really is angry as his letter made it seem course Robert Mueller. It's the only person who can answer that would have a lot more on William Barr's testimony on start here later this morning. Listen on apple podcasts or if if it podcasting app. And I can have some other headlines this morning a sixty or award from Guatemala has died in US custody after crossing the border without its parent. Officials say the boy became ill after he was taken to a shelter in Texas he was hospitalized for an affectionate underwent surgery but never recovered. This is the third recent death of an under age migrants in government custody a boy in the girl pulled from Guatemala died back in December. The Homeland Security Department will soon be giving some migrants DNA tests when they arrive at the border the pilot program could begin as early as next week. Officials say it's aimed at stopping migrants from falsely claiming to be parents of children. We're not bears they insist the testing will be voluntary and not use for prosecution. Meanwhile the top administration is asking congress for an additional four and a half. Billion dollars to address the record number of incoming migrant. Statements that testing all hospitals no Florida governor run Desantis is expected to sign a bill that would allow more classroom teachers to carry guns. Legislation is the latest. Response to the Parkland shooting massacre which killed seventeen people last year if there local school districts approved. Teachers would have to undergo police out training and the psychiatric evaluation before being armed in class coming up. Two foul balls we'll tell you about it. Just. Hot hot spot naps and no one in here we're Doolittle parlay into QB in a close eye on the situation in Venezuela and Juliet good morning we have seen. Some violent clashes taking place in Caracas what is the latest there. Morning guys know yes today on May Day international Labor Day one going day. In trade at interim president all opposition leader depending on where you stand out he was calling for widespread demonstrations to help oust. The embattled president a new classmen dirt from pop. That one violent scenes between his support is between police. At least one woman was killed and 46. We'll just have been injured in the violence yesterday. And last night he. Has colds for pushing to keep the momentum getting seeing once a series of escalating strikes he wants people. To walkout from though from that dogs to add to pressure on unitary government and he wants that's escalate to add to the pressure on him. And a new report out Julia saying China is using an apt to collect personal information and its citizens so essentially turning one region. Store surveillance state so what kind of information is being collected here. Guy this is a many disturbing story is so this is happening in China's Xinjiang province whack you might already know that is already under some pressure of how it's treating. It's ethnic Muslim population that reports of widespread countess what people and an inhumane conditions according to write scripts. But doesn't sing apparently Human Rights Watch have found that the Chinese state is gathering surveillance on. The people living that it keeps an eye on its bank on People's Bank accounts than blood types. They have a checklist up suspicious activity which could include. Things like enthusiastically can collecting money from mosques. Lodge amounts of Internet you know at an interest in usage at hand. Not using your front door your backdoor to exit or and to your house and these also doesn't occasions that can leads a police during unscheduled visits. On these people and just investigation is really bizarre in a wily and it sounds absolutely. Very bizarre and Julia we've got some pictures of princess Charlotte celebrate while because it is Herbert. Yeah sandy you know as a women love into it says open shot. If she's boy is old today and in a public appearances have more and more Pope passed out he had coming out she's been to the cheeky so and not kinda comes in the playfulness of these pictures taken by Hamas. Duchess Kate's. And of course a question everyone's minds today is if Megan's baby is born today. It's he knows she will shat a bus day what that cousins say there's another picks avenue staple Rolston along. The great baby watch. As you know had needs and how that I get those extra half its highest so Americans we just get now wait. Until this baby is born aren't about things that I am strong diet. Here thank you we appreciate it's a lesser garnered vacations. This Dodgers fan went all out war. Not one but two powerball watch he dumps feel a little waddle. As far as cost about 48 dollars. They didn't buy it. We know they get through it it's he would he would idea he's ever had a second powerball cave that he wanted the page that more than one at that drive the ball by fifa there again and only got one of the two you know you've got a souvenir from the big gain but he's got an empty stomach. And bank account from Biomet food edible art and this is going viral it cute little girl and it but heard. Not so cute she trade numbers to attack when she screamed. And it's frightening. Stuff of nightmares. It's pretty that. Sooner favorite new correspondent the ability air traffic on the commute. Remember we told about the seat go yep my. My mind now that Siegel have the Fran. My best and ram and here comes your canoe hit hurt. Our Steve they're calling them. You Ingraham and there is. Did the two than and the traffic backed up at the Donald backed up the title everyone how bad did the black about the title here. Back about the top all my. Love it coming out Alastair back opens up. About his cancer battle jeopardy host is down one on one with our Robin Roberts. There's some things to watch out for today the president and First Lady over to speak at a national bus service for the national day of prayer Rose Garden at the White House. Extradition proceedings are set to begin against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange who's expected to appear in court via video link from prisons. Assange has already been sentenced to fifteen weeks in prison for skipping bail seven years ago and pulling up in the Ecuadorean embassy in London. And the world of video game hall of fame. Yup will announce the inductees for its crop support in nineteen finalists include favorites like. Candy crushed. NBA two K and Microsoft's solitaire. Clark don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update our top stories in the briefing room for breakdown of the latest lines in the politics and that does bring us to the question of the day. Which of the finalists for the video gain hall of fame would you vote for what toll get your vote. Here's the bullets again can address senate Pete colossal cave adventure with colossal came adventure we're to the Texas based gain from the seventies. Dancing is revolution. Half life. Microsoft's solitaire there's so Connolly masses seem BH UK. Super Mario Kart super smash Brothers what wasn't melee and the other years if everything is right here right for the tweet us. ABC divide that is an. Yes if that shot and realized it was a very good lighting when I'm sitting back. Like this. Who identified the Atlantic I've come is senate seat the snake game. I hate it gives us in the PG. Like the insect you know anti now although I like the snake game we will just have to see how long making it. Oh run pretty sure like the ones from my child and her in the hall of fame right now on reading yet the shooting death funds. I did liked outline. Yes I got really angry at the duct in that Nintendo game. It may last that you are the dog willow who live view the dog the dog will Latin a year he let. Let the ducks. So it's been about two months now since long time in jeopardy host outstrip banquet public Britain's diagnosis of stage for immigrant cancer. And now in an ABC news exclusive he sat down and Robin Roberts on GMA talking candidly about his condition. And his struggles with depression during chemotherapy. You walk through an earlier thank you thank you for you for your grace I hope you understand how many people you are helping. Watching do you go through this journey people who are walking a similar path. It's great to be considered. An inspiration to other people. My wife created a web site sometime ago called inside wink. In which the premises share the good and that's really what I've been feeling for the past month or so. People all over America have been sharing the good thoughts there advice. Their prayers and I feel it is making a difference in my well being I've had. So many contacts from people who have survived cancer. For ten years twelve years fourteen years. I am now a thirty day cancer survivor. I'm gonna catch up to those other people but they have been an inspiration to me. And that's really what it's all about it's drawing attention to this particular type a devastating cancer. Making people aware of it telling them that they should take certain precautions before hand. To find out because we never discover pancreatic cancer until it's too late unfortunately how art can do it. My oncologist. Tells me I'm doing well even though I don't always feel it. I've had kidney stones I've had ruptured discs so I'm used to dealing with pain but what I'm not used to dealing with. It's these surges that come on suddenly. Do you. Deep sadness. And it brings tears in my eyes I'm I've discovered in this whole episode ladies and gentlemen. That I'm a bit of awards and but I'm fighting through it my. Platelets my blood counts are steady my weight is steady. The numbers that indicate the cancer in that the cancer indicators those are coming down it. So I've got another chemo next week and then will do a review to find out where things stand. Let's talk about the end of this season's Jerry games yeah. For you as a host it's exciting it's fun I watch it every night. And like most of America. He has forced me. To change of view that I have held for many years and that is that the Ken Jennings record would never be broken. But I looked at James and I said oh my gosh. Look at what he's doing now. Winning a lot of money on jeopardy is not that difficult if you hit the daily doubles and you're good you're responding to those clues by yourself. But winning on 74 games in a row. That's the tough part and that's what America should be concentrating on right now. Is James going to make he's at a million and a half already twice as fast as Ken Jennings did. And when you look at his performance. He is. He has no weaknesses. He's only missed one final jeopardy I believe he's missed four daily doubles he's. All AM so often he knows how to play the game as Ken did try he has a strategy he's a gambler he knows when to go all in. When to lay back a little bit. Eric Close the other rebel army that little that was an interest in he won by eighteen dollars. He won no I don't but. I'm in Vegas it doesn't matter if you win by a dollar or twenty dollars if you win this new one that's. Absolutely not. West by all the hard at all where all port before we really are just watching him with Robin Roberts assists and it's just the words and the comfort as obviously he's comforting. The fans in the viewers to say I'm doing okay I'm fighting this and he's a true legend and we. Obviously we're praying for him and as he goes through more treatment over the summer yet and gets ready for seasoned 36. And take the summer off and hopes to be back on TV in September yet we're all opened we'll have a great day that's it frosts. We'll see you tomorrow for the day.

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