It's Morning, America: Thursday, Aug. 15, 2019

Six officers shot in Philadelphia standoff, recession fears grow as Dow drops, Hong Kong clashes reignite
25:08 | 08/15/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Thursday, Aug. 15, 2019
Good morning I'm cannot vote and Jane Norman near the top I think snow this Thursday number one the standoff and. In Philadelphia police say a gunman who barricaded himself inside a home for seven hours of the shooting and wounding six police officers surrendered to police shortly after midnight. This morning he's now in custody suspect has a long criminal history. Amir made a plea overnight for tighter gun control number two growing concern that we're headed for a recession. Asian stocks fell overnight following Wednesday's selloff on Wall Street that saw the Dow lose 800 point index has dropped more than 5% this month amid the escalating trade war with China. President trump suggested talks with Beijing can wait until China eases its engine let Hong Kong after days of violent protests. Number three now breaking news overnight from Rhode Island where a truck from rolling to a group of people protesting outside at the. Tension facility they were protesting the treatment of immigrants from Mexico border some minor injuries over. Reporter police have not immediately confirm. Who was driving that truck. On to number four and a big concern about a so called Smart that some people who in June Smart up and say the devices have turned on. Overnight on their own. One and turn out around 3:30 AM and boiled at 400 degrees for hours the issue was reportedly caused by errors in the way this markup and receive commands from connected devices like Smartphones. The company is issuing a software update to address the malfunction and finally have a fight a terrifying close call for some crackers and Michigan a massive piece of Clara. Bell right there near them right into lakes and why I hear. At least eighteen people were on the tour and thankfully no one was hurt the cliff fell. About fifty feet away from them a tour guide says they were paddling away with a collapsed just barely missed them. In two minutes. Pryor and we are under that spot where all of Iraq's Al. Which is absolutely treason in my mind all of sudden there are clerks just started seeing crack and section by section. These rocks and sand stone to stone some water and. Have changed. The way he won't kayak from now on geology professor. Notes that it's rare for what happened to be captured. On a video. We've got much more to talk about coming your way is more in America. Breaking overnight and Philadelphia that hours long standoff finally ending shortly after midnight this siege and that neighbor residential neighborhood began when officers tried serving. A war it's suddenly a gunman opened fire. Within minutes swat teams lined up you see them take cover their police officers. Trying to fend off the un relenting barrage of bullets. The siege folly and that when the suspect walked out of the house and or deal even the most experienced officers will never forget. This morning that firefight on the streets of North Philadelphia officers ducking for cover behind cars a gunman spraying bullets from inside a house. We. Are gunshots heard in the background has officers executing a drug worn call for back up. Police quickly fell back but two of the officers trapped inside the house we're. Real. Bullets decreasing ricocheting off nearby homes just feet from officers. The shooter fired multiple rounds. Officers returned fire many of whom had to. Escape through windows and doors to get from a barrage of bullets. And. Six officers shot a total of nine heard several were thrown into patrol cars and rushed to nearby hospitals and other seen limping hit in the leg. Dozens of officers surrounded the house took cover and locked down the neighborhood. Primaries so many gun shot was. Then it was and I got skier. As tactical units and armored vehicles moved and the suspect kept firing. Reporter Maggie can't from our ABC station WP BI live on the year. We've just heard more gunshots and again. Everyone in the neighborhood is kind of perked up. Overnight swat teams were able to rescue the trapped officers plus three suspects were taken into custody. Before the shootout negotiators worked for hours to give the barricaded gunman to surrender sources say the suspect identified as Maurice hill has a long criminal history. Philadelphia's mayor angered the man was able to get his hands on a weapon. I told you earlier the two little boys that were officer had his head grades just a little bit more and those two little boys were brought out the bad. For the summer because this government both the local federal and state level don't want to do anything about get these guns off the street to get about it from. The six officers who were shot suffered non life threatening injuries sources say the suspect is possibly live streaming on social media during the shoot out. And our ABC station to be PDI is reporting this morning that he's already out of the hospital has been taken to jail. There is also new information about the gun used to kill a California Highway Patrol officer during a traffic stop this week. The Los Angeles Times reports the suspect who shot officer Andre Malloy used in AAR style rifle described as a ghost Scott. The weapons are untraceable and built from mail order parts or pieces bought on the black market. About 13. Of guns seized and Southern California were part purportedly ghost guns. And up to the other big story this morning your money and growing concern about a looming recession Sox suffered their worst day of the year when state without plunging 800 point. ABC's Elizabeth her has been watching the markets overnight she's also watching what president trump has. They're saying good morning Elizabeth. Kenneth originate investors may be nervous bracing for another turbulent day but president trump is tweeting that we are winning and our economy is strong. This morning recession fears melting on Wall Street and around the world following the worst day for stocks so far this year. The Dow sinking 800 points the tumble due to a number of factors including what's called an inverted yield curve. Which essentially happens when the yield the interest rate the government peace to borrow money on the ten year treasury is lower then do two year. A move that rattled investors according to ABC's. Chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis think about it like this what it's telling Wall Street. Is that a recession it. Could it be coming in the next six to eighteen months the last time this happened. Back in 2007. Right before the Great Recession clearly investors are looking for some clarity. And trade issues and about a how much should be Europe being enact economic contraction. Will affect our economy. Experts say investors are also nervous about the rising trade war with China. President trump has backed off his earlier threat to impose new tariffs on Chinese goods. Now in this series of tweet the president insisting. Unlike others our economy is strong adding of course China wants to make a deal. And believe me the Federal Reserve Chairman saying China is not our problem our problem is with the Fed. So what does this mean if you've been saving for the long term but despite the major losses experts say your 401K should still be doing better than it was. Last year. Having to make. Some some good news there Elizabeth her thank you so much we appreciate it. And president from past disputed claims that is inflammatory language is leading to violence. There are dozens of examples showing an apparently a nationwide review conducted by ABC news. As identified at least 36 criminal cases for the president was invoked in direct connection with the violent acts threats of violence or allegations of assault. And most of the incidents the suspects are whiteman and the victims are minorities. Republican congressman Steve king of Iowa is facing new calls resigned this time for questioning whether humanity would exist without rape in incest. He the controversial comments while defending legislation that would ban all abortions even in cases of rape or incest. But it was okay what are we went back through all the family trees and just hold those people out of work everything it is that's. Will there be any population. Were all my outfit and get back considering all the more than all the Reagan village has taken place. Earlier this year. King was stripped of his committee assignments after questioning why terms like white Nationalists and white supremacists became offensive. Boy scouts of America is being flooded by lawsuit separate New York State begin accepting child sex abuse cases once blocked by the statue of limitations. The child victims act offers a one year window for accusers to come forward and hundreds of men who say they were molested by scout masters. Decades ago now plain to see you the Boy Scouts release a statement saying it strongly supports holding sexual abusers. Accountable there is an urgent investigation this morning at the. Nearly two dozen cases have been reported in the midwest including a 26 year old who had to be placed. And a medically induced coma after using a beeping device. That was apparently bought on the street meanwhile a Florida teen who suffered a collapse long says he thought he was having a heart attack. Doctors warned there are many unknowns when it comes to beeping. Something that is assumed by the public and certainly by teens to be relatively safe. Actually has been associated now with at least in this type of acute very aggressive the injury to otherwise healthy lungs. The FDA is also investigating several reports of seizures linked to be picked. A setback for the US women's soccer team in their fight for equal pay mediation talks with the US soccer federation of broken down that means. A showdown in federal court is likely the team filed a gender discrimination lawsuit before winning the World Cup. US soccer said quote instead of allowing mediation to proceed in a considerate manner. Plaintiffs' counsel took an aggressive and unproductive approach that follows months of presenting misleading information to the public. A spokesperson for the player said the federation intends to continue to compensate women players less than men and they will not succeed. Last month's European heat wave is being blamed for potentially dangerous situation in the famed notre dom cathedral. Officials say a number of stones fell from the terms as vaulted ceiling temperatures near 110. Degrees caused the mortar holding them in place to dry out. No was hurt repairs on the fire damaged cathedral are suspended due to lead concern. So coming up the standoff in Hong Kong clots is in the street reignite S China malls. Its options. ABC news stay here. After this. Welcome back now to Hong Kong where street clashes resumed between police and pro democracy protesters. Officers fired tear gas at demonstrators outside a police station. The battle follow follows a protest at Hong Kong's airport that force nearly 1000 cancellations. Over two days ABC's crank and L is on the ground with the latest Clayton good morning tell us what that scene is like out there now. Hey can affect today you know it right now it's calm a lot of the protests that we've seen. Spin up late at night we actually went to that neighborhood that you were just talking about there where. Protesters and police got an a clash last night there were firing tear gas at protesters. When we got there was well after. Midnight 1 o'clock in the morning and protesters were still there sort of antagonizing the police they were. Gathered outside the police station shining lasers. At the police officers as a way to kind of antagonize them to annoy them but also those lasers block. The view of the cameras that may be recording some of those protesters. We also saw people who had been tagging the front of the police station wins. Insults against the police officers basically. Calling them corrupt but we did go through the airport yesterday things are calm there nothing like what we saw in the last couple a days where protesters essentially shut down. The world's eighth busiest airport getting into these massive clashes with police that even protesters. I believe probably went too far a lot of them or even apologizing. Yesterday Alibaba itself right now the big question is. What is the response is going to be from the government we just don't know at this point yet. The world is watching Clayton leasing Chinese troops appearing to move near Hong Kong. I'm president trump is reaching out to the Chinese president sane. And he is zero doubt that if president she wants to quickly mainly solve the Hong Kong problem that he can do it. So what comes next. Yeah exactly that the question is is this going to be more talking a diplomatic political solution or. Is it going to be use of force and right now we don't know but we have seen Chinese military vehicles armored personnel carriers. Just across the border in the city of Shenzhen here a short drive. From Hong Kong they've been massing their doing military exercises. So. Right now it's a it's a big question but the State Department says they are very deeply concerned about about those military movements and we also heard from some of the bipartisan leaders of the house foreign relations committee. They are urging Beijing to not undertake a violent. Response like the one that happened thirty years ago this year in tenements where of course in 1989 where hundreds and and possibly even thousands of people. Were killed as you said the world is watching and the optics ups of a response like that. Would be devastating here. And it and Clayton so we know that this began a weeks ago over that controversial. Extradition bill that was withdrawn so what are the protesters demanding now all these weeks later. You write this all started months ago at that extradition bill but if you take a step back one of the big concerns here. Is victory concerned that the rights and freedoms that Hong Kong has enjoyed are starting to be eroded by. Beijing and that extradition bill was one of those concerns that would have allowed Hong kongers to be extradited to. Chinese mainland courts and the justice system which critics say are unfair and can even subject's people. To torture so. That is how this started but. That that law was tabled by the chief executive here in Hong Kong Kerry lamb but. She did not formally withdraw their matches kind of threw oven to fuel on the fire and so the demands have now increased not only did protesters want that bill. Formally withdrawn they want Kerry land to resign they want the protesters who were arrested. To be released. So all sorts of things they they want more voting rights here they wanted to have more say in who they choose. For their leaders and one of the biggest concerns here we sought at the airport we've seen it around his. This concern over police brutality protestors say that Hong Kong police have been quick to fire tear gas to fire projectiles. Into the crowd. There's actually symbol here that is taken root in the last couple of days a woman an aid worker was hit by some type of projectiles the police fired. RI was severely injured and so now you see protesters around all wearing these eye patches as a sort of symbolic show of solidarity so. Those are a multitude of demands to the question is will. Beijing will Hong Kong tried to meet some of those demands saw they haven't to this point so what Seward ghost. And we will continue to watch what is unfolding there Clayton glad to have you with us this morning. Let's check our notification is now starting with the Kentucky team named Doris Lee who was trying her best it tweet. You get a whole of some type of electronic to communicate with the outside world despite her mom. Confiscating her electronic. Are the uses her Twitter account mostly to treat out Arianna Ronde which Yasser privilege issue started tweeting through her family's LG Smart refrigerator. That prompted the hash tag free Dora the thank you next. Collects up but young man right stick across the Danes third Anna's mother ideas. He takes this guy interviewing at this time interviewing guy on their ring dorm. Our camera you can be there is like. I listen listen. I saved like how I got to feel a little that I Google. Well a lot better than having the shotgun. In your face like that that's used to do back to no avail I guess. Slaying of a rebel camps this lizard showed up to take someone on a date someone do you think. Aren't made for pray for. Help. How so there you go lower than on the doorbell campuses. Fear a lizard lizard lizard. And you know we are celebrating all types of animals and endings reminded blatant kick off of the college football season. And Sports Illustrated is releasing their list of the greatest mascots and college football history in the honor of the 150 anniversary of college football. And coming in NN numbers are bad. Yeah all the University of South Carolina us cocky they gained cock from my alma mater in the great state of South Carolina. Go cocky. Nyad skipping ahead to the top three coming in third is Mike the tiger from LSU might is a read ill tiger not Tony the Tiger tiger and really by their cousins. Who lives in a 151000 foot habitat on the LSU campus. The serial number Taylor university of Oregon's duck puddles. On game day he's known for shooting don't nuts into the crowd. In keeping fans entertained by ride a motorcycle so you know he its. Popular and topping the list yeah. The Bulldog from the University of Georgia who has his own custom Jersey varsity letter and chills on the sidelines of each game and an air conditioned doghouse but he wasn't in the dog house. This incident happens. But that Warren lot. He'll. Get out of there I've got than. You in the low. United exit used to meet surrogate that is not the running of the bulls. Their local college football game I got an announcer go wild they limited. That's a question of the day what do you think is the best college mascot you can't just realized Niro and Al yeah I think Mike yeah I think John. I like gaga even though I'm not a big fan of yours the Georgia again. Gather not so bad but yet. And the FI and pilot. And we should mention that our Dave our producer digital Dave was upset that ralphie the buffalo was only ranked number six. Brewers seven previous is that by wind does what you think in the comments or tweet that's an ABC news lie let us know. And be a props up all of VO IOC university is making news for its as our trademark request the dust school wants to trademark the word god. Or be the word V for use on clothing and hats the plan is to market items highlighting that the in giant letters but the university. May be too late designer Marc Jacobs won approval for de same request back and you. They can have the but he can't right adding that's there and probably here are some assurance that didn't need to be made really war. Enough said Tom clear shorts. And I mean where's clear short. If you dare Wear clears sorts Willie all rather they didn't Wear. Africa yet coming up we're opening up the ABC news vocal in fifty years into the pack. To Woodstock iconic music vessel celebrating its fiftieth anniversary today. More after this. Here's what to watch out for today president trump has to Manchester, New Hampshire couple the campaign rally tonight before returning to segments of the New Jersey. Democratic presidential candidate that'll work is set to make a major address outlining the path forward for his presidential campaign and help how self. You watch that right here on ABC news live at 9:15 eastern time. ABC news has confirmed former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper is expected to drop out of the race for president. Hickenlooper will make the announcement today after struggling with fund raising and low poll numbers. The 67 year old moderate Democrat made now be considering a run for the senate. New York area Sikhs have organized a protest of India's move last week to strip the disputed territory of Kashmir of its economy. India has imposed a strict curfew in communications blackout in the region for the past nine days and residents are running low on supplies. And it's the fiftieth anniversary of the Woodstock music festival are more than 400000 people descended on a dairy farm in upstate New York to see performances. Janis Joplin. ZZR it. The Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane that moved the band. Jimi Hendrix Santana. And many many more fiftieth anniversary festival schedule where this week was canceled after them. We're conflict. Plus don't forget to tune in to the debrief for an update on dollar top stories in the briefing room from breakdown at the latest headlines. And politics to resign about Woodstock and so where this morning we're opening up ABC news vaulter. August 1989. With. 2020s land share. When what stock was his turn in twenty. The concert that became a symbol of the 1960s took place here won a 600 acre dairy farm and Beth el New York. It was cold Woodstock after it found fifty miles away at town where the festival was originally need to be held. But that was not the only plan a went awry. It was billed as three days of peace and music and the promoters expected to make a profit 100000 fans paying eighteen dollars a ticket. Instead they lost money when nearly half a million showed up for free. Traffic turn the highway into a parking lot water and sanitary facilities broke down. Still somehow. It works. There were dropped from as far away as California and Alaska and united by their love for music and feast. And what was called an alternate lifestyles. Above all they were coming to have a good giant. Okay. Okay. The musicians were the spokes people of the sixties. What they played and sang was nothing less than a message America's young people were trying to send. It was the sound of rebellion against bias and big cities in favor of communal living closer to nature as one. I don't give a day. The evidence to peace that so captivated a generation. Were in stark contrast to the violence of the decade. Our president a senator and a civil rights leader had all been murdered cities and college campuses had been the center of riots and bloody battles. But for three days in upstate New York there was no violence. Members of the counterculture who would mark the rest of their lives by the weekend at Woodstock. The rain and the mud we're simply another aspect of this immense happenings. 400000 people Abu Brad on the first day. Sounds like it was a black like 5000 people owning a medical treatment. I mean aside from that but I mean apparently it was probably. For the medical it was simply not break but having else iconic high Def act that the processor. Have a good one.

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