It’s Morning, America: Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020

Giuliani associate Lev Parnas gives bombshell interview ahead of impeachment trial, new allegations against Jeffrey Epstein and more.
24:06 | 01/16/20

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020
One cannot look and Jane already had a top I think since Thursday number one of the new Bob Kelly impeachment investigation of the impeachment trial opens today or Rudy Giuliani associate aboard embroiled in the Ukraine scandals revealing exclusive new details about the effort to pressure Ukraine to announce an investigation former vice president Joseph Biden. But part of so MSNBC it was never about corruption it was strictly about bike. And he says president prompt netstat that was going on hold much fun this coming up just. Number two as they beat her drama continues to run for president compass celebrate the first phase of a new free deal with China. It calls for trying to divine additional 200 billion dollars of US products that include planes cars oil own farm goods. I has also promised to take steps to protect us an electrical problem. ABC's Jonathan Karl has more on how the deal affects the price we pay for Chinese jets. Under the deal they'll be a reduction in some of the tariffs and tariffs that the president had threatened to impose back in December will not go into effect. But overwhelmingly most of the tariffs he put in place over the past year will remain in place subject to negotiations that likely will not begin until after the presidential election. Critics say it believes many important economic issues unresolved and doesn't do not helping us factory workers onto number three and eleven a growing Massachusetts is safe this morning after police say she was abducted by a stranger on her way home from school that shares hurt her pales go to Springfield and they've found out she was saved a surveillance camera captured a walkout until a few days ago police say a blue Honda not video appears to be the same car that was you when she was picked yesterday and AMBER Alert was issued after police urgently trying to find that car. This once we realized what we have. We and it's time was of the essence. This was not. The kind of case that we can go home or we could handover we could saying we'll continue this in the morning miss Ford's. Absolutely life and death situation for this little girl. Attacker pop idol after spotting up Wuhan and tropic girl was inside she wasn't hurt that my four year old man is under arrest police say he is familiar to them. Number for the New York Mets are the latest team drawn into baseball's cheating scandal their new manager Carlos Beltran who I've played for gaps present for a seventeen was named. Billy report I find stealing furiously denied any knowledge of the teen using a camera this hillside ESPN reports the Mets are now. At substance through. And filing are five princess Prince Harry and that's just Megan marvel may be ready to step back for a Bailey but everyone is happy about their plans of our time. In Canada Canada's biggest newspapers publicist gave the editorial saying it would be unconstitutional for the royal couple to move there. The globe and mail wrote. Princes are not shipped over here when no useful duties jury found him on the other side of the Atlantic Canada's not halfway house for anyone looking to get out of Britain. While remaining of roil the paper claims Terri may have planned to move would violate laws that keep Canada excuse me robot Britain suffered minor. If there they weren't left your right traffic during the bombshell interview from a key player anything scandal speaking out as the senate takes up the impeachment trial. Unindicted associate of Rudy Giuliani speaking publicly for the first time and he's pointing the finger president. Pop up harness we'll let us and they see the president knew exactly what was going on regarding the pressure campaign on Ukraine. He says is never about corruption but strictly about Joseph Biden. The allegations come just as history is made on Capitol Hill with the articles of impeachment delivered to the senate ABC's make it to prison and joins us with the new. Good morning Kenneth engine made out associate up part is makes this a serious a series of serious allegations that implicate vice president Mike Pence. Attorney general William Barr Republican congressman Dan immune as. And the president himself. The formal articles of impeachment are now in the hands of the senate after being hand delivered by the seven Democrats appointed to prosecute the case. President trot maintaining it was all a hoax even as new. In and you bombshell interview on MSNBC and associate of president Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani says. The president would in the loop when he came to pressuring Ukraine. President trump know exactly what was going on. He was aware of or my movements. He wouldn't do anything without concern to Rudy Giuliani or the president and turned south. The president what he has said about you. He said about you and mr. from anywhere from an I don't know those gentlemen I don't know about them I don't know what they do you're saying that was not a true statement from president elect. Left part is that primary player in the impeachment who would also facing indictment. And more potential charges is doubling down. It's all about Joseph Biden Hunter Biden was never about. Corruption and there was never it was strictly about the recent which included Hunter Biden and Joseph Biden. Harness suggest dean vice president pence an attorney general Barr were also aware of the pressure campaign. I called back because the no go. New Haven remember really go okay they'll see to my awareness trump called up but certain to make sure pencils and over the. So that you believe that mr. pence is trip to the Irish must canceled because they didn't agree are in the hunt hundreds. You evidence handed over five carnage was made public by the House Intelligence Committee text messages emails and handwritten notes. On May third of last year Giuliani message partisan what sap quotes. Boy I'm so powerful I can intimidate the entire Ukrainian government when asked if he had any comment on the part his interview Giuliani telling ABC news. Nine he's a very sad situation the lady. It's interview could put pressure on senators to demand new witnesses possibly even Giuliani himself. Senators will be sworn in as jurors today in the impeachment trial which is scheduled to begin on Tuesday. Kenneth. I'm Megan being felt by the president has not commented on the part of senator be what is. Spokesperson is mocking house bigger Nancy Pelosi. We'll see handed out the ceremonial pants you society articles of impeachment white house Press Secretary Stephanie Gresham tweeted that pose it was so somber. She gave away the dance like prizes served up on silver platters. ABC news will bring you live coverage of today's events on Capitol Hill beginning at noon eastern with the reading of the articles of impeachment. We turn out to the confrontation between senators Elizabeth four and Bernie Sanders after Tuesday's debate or refused Jake Sanders hand and now for the first time we're hearing what. He said to each other Matt its moment. This morning a tense conversation between senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren center stage. Why. Moments after Tuesday night's democratic presidential debate Sanders could be seen extending his hand to warn. She refuses to shake yet the two then get into a heated exchange viewers could hear it at the time. But now CNN which hosted the event has released the audio of that moment. Why on. Looks like doing right now. One of the discussion we'll have that discussion before the heated conversation ward tried to. 2018. Sanders told her oh woman can't win the White House and 20/20 wells a matter of fact I didn't say how could anybody in a million units. Not believe that a woman could become president of the United States this morning once source says the two despite being friends are angry at each other as their campaigns try to work out how they can excuse the situation. Overnight neither war nor Sanders commented about the newly released audio. You may have noticed another candidate Tom sire he walked right into that congregate he appeared to acknowledge the awkward situation online tweeting. Just want to say hi America. Virginia's governor has declared state of emergency over threats armed militia groups plan to storm the capital the emergency order comes ahead of a gun rights rally scheduled for Monday. Protesting several gun control bills under consideration by state legislature the order also includes a temporary ban. I'd allotments from capitol grounds from Tuesday Friday through Tuesday. We're learning new details about the Delta Airlines plane that dumped fuel before making emergency landing at LEX newly released recording showed that the pilot told air traffic controllers twice. And he did not need to release the fuel it was he's Marcy Gonzales has the latest. The FAA now investigating this a delta jet preparing to make an emergency landing at LAX dumping thousands of gallons of fuel some of it raining down on to elementary school students as they played outside during recess. Right it's now. Back. And EEU like little. The FAA saying after declaring an engine issue after taking off for China the pilots were turning to the airport. Told air traffic controllers twice that Dayne didn't need to dump fuel. If you don't need to hold the don't cure anything without. Let it happen we'll look quite know what I'm glad place. But then without warning the plane did start releasing fuel from is low was 2300. Feet. Far below the recommended 5000 feet. But at some point the crew changed their minds even after telling ATC they didn't need to dump fuel. They changed their mind for the safety of the passengers in the safety of the airplane they have that prerogative. Delta says in the statement the release of fuel was required to reach a safe a landing weight. The hazardous liquid misting down on several schools medics rushing to the scene treating dozens of people firm minor eye and skin injuries. Hazmat crews then working through the night so schools could re open. Back to normal schools claim students are safe staffer safe. Delta tells us they are now looking into the procedures that were followed in the cockpit during that emergency landing Tenet and shenae RER thanks for mercy there. Letter could appears to be laying ground work to remain in power even after his current term as Russia's president ends in four years during his State of the Union Address who the proposed several changes to Russia's constitution. They would weaken his eventual successor and increase the power high ranking ministers at a Putin's speeches entire cabinet including Russia's current prime minister. Announce the resignations that Clinton's request. The TSA says they're covered work on that airport checkpoints last year never before more than 4400 firearms bought and checked bags are on passengers of the 5% increase over when he eighteen. 87% of the guns that were found were loaded Hartsfield Jackson airport Atlanta topless with the most guns found was filed by Dallas and Denver. An alto alarming number some scientists about climate change those numbers appear to put the past decade ask the warmest on record here's ABC's James long. Those extreme and deadly wild fires continued to ravaged Australia and the alarming numbers. According to a new report the last decade was the Earth's warmest on record 2019 the second hottest year ever. Global land temperatures increasing scientists say. The bush by as part of the dramatic pulled out from climate change. And rising over Australia this phenomenon the so called fire clouds sporting dangerous weather conditions fueling the flames of battle with the elements goes to the ends of the he doubled in the ocean the highest ever recorded. Melting sea ice at a distressing rate. One study finding the amount of heat being released by climate change equals funny here she may explosions. A second. We know that we've run on Antarctica. I sold a devastating reality firsthand. And climbers such as telling me time is of the essence I'm hopeful we can we can fight climate change. Both here and at home. NASA telling us the higher than average temperatures a down to human activities leading to -- amounts of Kabul and outside. In the atmosphere and if those emissions don't drop we can expect a much more extreme and unpredictable climate. James Bowman ABC knees in London. Thu April details about the plan to gain a thorough and sped off what you can expect. When you can expect. To see if house that bracket but first the latest in the father mrs. bribery scandal that new evidence against Lori Laughlin. After this. Back now a growing concern that a volcano in the Philippines will erupt again in the coming hours about 50000 people south of Manila have been evacuated. Hundreds of small earthquakes have been reported. Some residents are risking their lives to go back home if they built livestock and pets left behind. Return to the explosive new lawsuit claiming Jeffrey Epstein with trafficking young girls to his private island as recently as two years ago. Investigators are Virgin Islands Epstein had help and uses properties abusing girls as young as eleven years old. This morning disturbing new claims surrounding the late finance year Jeffrey Epstein and what he allegedly did on his private island in the Caribbean. What I heard and the allegations were. So fear yes. And really shocking the conscience of many of us here. A new lawsuit claims the multimillion air traffic young girls who is a state as recently as when he eighteen. And some of the alleged victims appeared to be as young as eleven years old Jeffrey Epstein carry outs. And expands its scheme. Up human trafficking. And sexual abuse of young women. And under age girls right here. In the virgin I'd. The attorney general of the US virgin island says investigators found Epstein trafficked raped sexually assaulted and held captive dozens of girls and young women. While deceptively luring them to his properties with the promises of modeling opportunities. According to the complaint his island provided the perfect hideaway to traffic girls with the help of accomplices. AM a special database. The lawsuit also claims Epstein and his associates organized a search party after a fifteen year old tried to escape by swimming a weight. Later holding her captive and taking away her passport. Degrees commissioning. Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein was a registered sex offender in the virgin island since 2010 after spending thirteen months in jail for soliciting sex from an underage girl. A sentenced critics say it was too lenient his death in prison ended the possibility of a sex trafficking trial. The new lawsuit is seeking hundreds of millions of dollars collapsing to see in the Virgin Islands with the lawsuit. Values at 86 million dollars. There's new information this morning in the college admissions scandal court documents reveal federal prosecutors have you Mel's. Proving Laurie lock on her husband knew they were committing fraud messages are allegedly show they rejected a legitimate approach to donating to the RC Southern California. The couple claims 150000 dollars paid. To the accused scheme mastermind Rick singer was a good faith effort to give money to this. Who outside Central Florida a prominent businessman is facing charges of child cruelty and cruelty to animals. I just fourteen year old daughter conducted her own video state. Also she tried to report the abuse for years but don't want lesser so she had a hidden camera with caution in the images are difficult to watch here's ABC's do you Benitez. The video you're looking at was recorded on hidden surveillance cameras installed by a breathe at fourteen year old girl. She told police people did not believe her claims. That this man 47 year old Damon Beck know was physically and verbally abusing her. The girl's mother asking us to hide the teens face the Okaloosa county sheriff's office in Florida looking at this video from late December just watch the man threatens the dog. The group begging him to so. Police say the video also shows the man had going the girl. Damon back mill is facing charges of felony child abuse and animal cruelty. And the girl is now with the state assigned guardian backed bill has been released on bond we tried reaching out form but have not heard back he'll face a judge next month. GO but he does ABC news New York so disturbing thing here. There's an age ricin mystery surrounding a Connecticut mother of five missing since may prosecutors issues. Murdered by her estranged husband at newly unsealed search warrants claimed that baby sitter for the deals fairly told police. FOTs do bush tried to run over his wife Jennifer. Baby -- also claims she saw dealers chasing his wife through the house but Jennifer didn't want to call police. As she was afraid you take your kids to grease his attorney is denying the new claim surrounding the case. The longer Jennifer remains missing. The more rich people's imagination becomes and it won't surprise me in the near term to see people start speculating that voters had something to do with the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa. This this is just. Spinning out of control. There are allegations of another plot allegedly involving two votes and his former lawyer and the new voice mails coming to light. And For more. A federal health officials now say it's a Katie Ian Fleming left as. Grown in California Salinas Valley the CDC has issued at. Advisory November warning consumers to let it might be contaminated with whole life totaled 167. People from two point seven states were sickened. At a closed 85 people who were hospitalized. FDA investigators still investigating the source of contamination. All right let's get check of our notification started the new details of the plan get thrown sped off the HBO says house of dragon is likely to premier. Sometime in 20/20 two. They did release out more precise date and no production dates have been set. House of the dragon is set 300 years before the events of throngs telling the story of the house of park area. Next your trial by combat but this isn't a game affair and spin off from analysts to settle a legal dispute his ex wife with a sword fight. He claims a judge in legal filings that there is no law against. A tool. And come back by soared and so he is hoping to. Duke it out but apparently there's all this a stunt just to show. In his words how absurd her lawyer is being we'll see what happens. And watches adorable while rescue from the wildfires in Australia playing with. A little stop having. So much fun there bearing cute what we are in the height of dog shows either but increasingly they all stars of the show. Are the dogs for their hair styles. We better not competitive dog grooming is really a thing and ABC's option thing takes us Las Vegas. Inside one of the biggest competitions of its kind for. As the world of competitive breed of dog. A quirky colorful and controversial industry that has boomers and their pups taking the stage and competing like never before. Cat Hopson is a legend and industry with over twenty years of experience this is Indiana Jones and on to become all. The cover of terminator magazine have taught creative classes. And today it's who presumed. He's going up against the top creative rumors from around the world for the first place spot in the cash prizes when he 500 dollars. Illicit receiver and are pooled data. Are the new kid. I haven't been able to beat a division with cats. I loved it you don't push myself and don't forget those really amazing women because I know that there at bats. For these two it's a passions. Will for the rest of the world has spectacle gets the super. Created even the center of awful about it well groomed streaming on HBO. The public's reactions to these creations are visceral and it's not. We do get some backlash especially hotline that people think that like I'm using my dog effort you know. Followers are contents of. At home elkington Illinois Melissa is a full time group first client today. Still being held working out of a mobile grooming them. He says more and more people around town are taking notice hovercraft. Little by little light bad credit converting some people. Spirit here let's see I mean it started with a tale it now we're twenty years but her real passion is getting Gittens code contests ready. She works on perfecting a single design throughout the year funerals current theme. Fields. For someone who's never seen a dog like it before is Credo grooming humane. Yeah yeah everything is nontoxic that I use and and there are all vegetable based there are you know they're all safe you could eat it if you want it. He's even taken to take tough to prove the point. Not all their owners give presentations on their designs Zealand CES. Hi Harold Sanders and all we have is Lydia during the wedding scene and and it's time for the judges to critique. We are judging color definition this is during technique how smooth the work is if the work is. Very recognizable thank you so laps. After much discussion. And some don't let analysts from. I. So we didn't place but I think it was very popular with crowd while cat didn't at least this time aren't play. I'll listen this whose Elisa who got to go home and some hardware I thought it her beetle juice with. Great we placed third at super there and that we have been the result if it's such an honor to you know be in the top three. Plot comes act. Wide eyed and thrilled after a third place finish it's still business as usual back in Illinois. And when the pups are not on stage. They're just like any other what do these guys like this did us favorite thing is to play ball she loves cats almost insane in Elgin. Illinois. That's our question of the day what's your favorite dog grooming style tell us what you think of the concert treatise a photo of your dog and ABC news why. Coming up we'll tell you off the cot as impeachment trial begins today in the senate. But here comes jeopardy James speaking out about his performance in the greatest of all time. After this. There's a watch out for today game featured polish president compass set to begin as house managers read the articles of impeachment allowed in the senate chamber of the Supreme Court justice. John Roberts who will preside over the trial be escorted into the chamber by a bipartisan group of senators to be sworn and Chief Justice we'll fence where it all 100 senators as jurors. Meanwhile president trump is scheduled to announce new guidance on prayer in public schools at 2 o'clock eastern. The Oval Office the president teased that announcement after the launch of the evangelicals for pumped bullets in Miami earlier this month. And the senate is also due to vote on legislation to implement the US Mexico Canada agreement to replace maps of the US MCA also needs to be ratified by Mexico and Canada before to take effect. Calling from us on this Thursday morning we're hearing from the jeopardy champ who right now it's the second greatest of all. Hi James pulls our talk about his epic three way turned a battle with Ken Jennings and Brad brother Jeffrey James in its second in the fight between the three highest earning champions in the show's history. He says he wanted to win but he wasn't disappointed with his performance. Michael was a play my best and I played my best can kill off a little bit better than I did you know he's absolutely a deserving champion. Let's take absolutely nothing away from him but. You know I've finished my standards ands that is all the really mattered to me I would've looked to win you know the city for. Both Carl. The you're going all in time daily doubles may change the way future contestants. I think he definitely changed the game out we'll spare everyone from senior manager James Stewart are hasn't frosts. Have ago when the F.

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