It's Morning, America: Thursday, June 20, 2019

Iran shoots down U.S. drone, Biden refuses to apologize, police say David Ortiz was not the target of the shooting and more
18:27 | 06/20/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Thursday, June 20, 2019
Good morning and a commitment and I'm getting Norman near the top I think you know this very thing number one new tensions between west and Iran Iran has shot down a US navy strong calling and a clear message to America US says it was shot down an international airspace but Iran's. Revolutionary guard claims the drone had entered a Ronnie and territory and says it is quote. Ready for war if necessary. Tensions between the two countries have been rising since recent attacks on oil tankers in the region. Ever to a Syrian refugee is under arrest in Pittsburgh charged with plotting to attack a local church prosecutors say the ices inspired plot included an explosive device strong enough to destroy the church and likely kill many people in the surrounding area. FBI agents searched the suspects' apartment yesterday. 21 year old who stopped but let's do it. Alum mayor call that came to the US from Syria and when he sixteen the suspect allegedly spoke to an undercover FB I employee about spot. On to number three a police officer killed in the line of duty in Sacramento California shot while responding to a domestic call officer Tara O'Sullivan join the force just last year. The suspect then got into a humid out with. Police went to the campaign for governor before Joseph Biden is not apologizing he declared their not a racist bone in his body while responding to the backlash over his remarks about. Working with segregation or senators. Getting things done with civility art and fired back after fellow Democrat senator Cory Booker called on him to apologize saying Booker should apologize and. Finally number 58 years after the end of her daytime talk show she's not ruling out a revote that sheet. Program who tells Entertainment Tonight that she would lock to make that happen but maybe not every case that the only time she's. This happy nation during election or when something big happens in the news and it's that he's really back it big if. I'll grab. Came back. Look at that breaking news overnight a US official has confirmed that Iran has shot down a US navy drone escalating the already heightened tension between the two countries. Stafford early this morning just days after the US announced plans to send 1000 more troops to the region ABC's Stephanie Ramos is monitoring the situation from the London bureau. Stephanie good morning. Candid in today good morning that's right we are learning that. He Ron shot down in un armed US EB drone as it was flying over the strait of permanence in international airspace. This is any direct attack on a US military acid in Iraq does not denying that they are responsible. Iran's revolutionary guard commander says while Iran has no intention of war with Andy want it is ready for war. And that the shooting down of that US transcends a clear message to America now be commander has also said this morning that quote our borders our hour of red line. Any enemy that violates them will not return and will be destroyed so rotted saying. This happened over their territory but we of course we watching to see where the Pentagon says this actually happened. Stephanie this is not the first of Iran has targeted a drone is that correct. That's exactly right it was just about a week ago when the the United States has blamed Iran for being responsible for the attacks on those two tankers but. He Ron has denied that claim so. With this latest incident the question remains how will the twelfth administration respond to this Kenneth today. Thanks to -- they were on us for joining us this morning from the London bureau to the other big story this morning former vice president Joseph Biden is refusing to apologize. Say seemed backlash over his remarks about working well with senators. Who were segregationist Biden is defending his comment saying he doesn't have a racist bone in his body inspiring back it. No Democrat senator Cory Booker for calling him out. ABC's not a costar Abbie has the details from Washington Mona good morning. Good morning engine and good morning to you Kenneth Biden's comments about the hyper bipartisanship on Capitol Hill these days seem to backfire sparking criticism. But some of his longtime colleagues in Washington are coming to his defense saying that his comments were taken out of context. This morning former vice president Joseph Biden not apologizing for his remarks about his early days in the senate. At a New York fund raiser Tuesday Biden called a time when congress was able to get things done with quotes civility. Even when a man finding common ground which segregationist senator it's. They disagreed with the views of the segregation the point I'm making is you don't have to agree. Biden's words falling flat and receiving sharp rebukes from his 20/20 democratic rivals. To coddle the reputations. Segregation. People who if they had their way I would literally not be standing here. I think. It's just it's misinformed minutes. Senator pummeling harris' comments followed by senator quarry brokers call on CNN for Biden to apologize and I'm simply saying that. For him not to acknowledge. How many people are taking this is hurtful bite and then responding are defending his record apologize for what president Paul. Question apologize. He knows better but not a racist bone in my body I've been involved in civil rights my whole career. Period. More than half a dozen members of the Congressional Black Caucus also coming to Biden's defense including house minority whip Jim Cliburn the highest ranking African American in congress. Who said in an interview with Politico quote. I worked with Strom Thurman all my life you don't have to agree with people to work with them. And of course named Kenneth all of this is coming ahead of the first a democratic primary debate that will be in Miami next week. All right motor thank you for joining us. This morning while some other headlines we're watching a senate committee has reached a rare bipartisan agreement approving four point six billion dollars to address the situation at the southern border. Of the money will go toward the care of migrant children but the bill contains restrictions. Including blocking the use of funds for additional detention beds and the wall the full senate is expected to pass it this week but house Democrats. Have been working on their own version former White House. Communications director hope picks has refused to answer any questions about her time with the trump administration. Fix testified at a closed door house judiciary hearing but a White House lawyer repeatedly barred certain answers claiming she has immunity. Democrats looking at apostles obstruction of justice by president trump say they'll take the administration to court. Well frank Carey military munitions that derailed in north eastern bad at a near that you tossed the line year Union Pacific says 23 cars jumped the tracks but those. To grow cars were not among those carrying explosives. Nevada Highway Patrol so the small amount of fuel spilled along with. Some white aluminum oxide which is not considered hazardous material. Commissioners and a Florida city of Revere beach have decided to pay about 600000 dollars in ransom to hackers who've paralyzed city computers. They called a special City Council meeting where they agreed to pay that ransom and bake going to get their stolen data back the hackers got into the city system when an employee clicked on an email link. That allow them to upload now where. A growing number of congressional lawmakers and their staff members are receiving briefings about reported encounters with unidentified. Aircraft. Increase interest has grown over the last year and a half since it was revealed that the Pentagon had been studying the issue. President trump told ABC's George Stephanopoulos that he is been briefed on the matter the president said he doesn't particularly. Bold move and he left. Well coming up a Minor League Baseball team causing a stir with their jerseys get a look at that dad but design. What they come back. Welcome back up to the fast moving investigation into the David Ortiz shooting prosecutors say the alleged assassin shot or keys by mistake. Police are now revealing who the intended target was and why some of the suspects wanted by authorities here in the US. This morning a bomb shell from prosecutors in the shooting that nearly killed baseball legend David Ortiz. Authorities in the Dominican Republic now say he was not the intended target surveillance video shows the moment a gunman walked up to Ortiz and shot him in the back. Investigators say the real target was or teases friend who reserves the same table every Sunday. And happen to be sharing it with or tease that night each wearing shirts in light colored pants that could appear similar from a distance. Eleven people are under arrest in connection with the shooting including the alleged triggerman rolled leafy air crews who's wanted for armed robberies in New Jersey. Another suspect in custody is wanted for attempted homicide in Pennsylvania. Meanwhile three other suspects are on the run including the alleged mastermind Victor Hugo Gomez whose last known location was in the US he's won for his alleged role with the gulf drug cartel in Houston. As for a motive for the shooting that night investigators say Gomez was seeking revenge against the intended target a relative who quote. Ratted him out years ago two police. Authorities say the hit man hired to carry out the attack for seven 800 dollar still demanded their share of the money as for Ortiz who was recently upgraded to good condition. Let's take a break from the news and check our notification is starting with some clouds that look either not like away blow. Experts say it's a rare phenomenon. They form between two layers of a year. The top is warmer and moving faster. Some bend light up and and I want to. Frame this it's so beautiful. It's so beautiful nexus of athletes celebrating the less fit athletic stabbed body. Minor league teams sported jerseys with a data that bod. Designed yeah hurry back an average and that don't have that much care. Oh okay. OK and here the detective and Australia giving an interview when he says this trouble in leaps and to action. Tackling and I suspect on camera. You so yeah running over there and him more down. Take them out at the knees like he's done that the man apparently had allegedly made some lewd comments to remain starter the man chases after him. The detective to here is not today and now he's been drafted into the NFL. Here at an opera next a new world record at least that's a one Arizona man's claiming after he built this giant pyramid made out of pennies over a million of them it's worth over 101000 dollars. Made 46 YouTube videos of the progress. 65 sacks by 65 sacks by 65 sacks each with eleven. Pennies. While. The pyramid there. And here a little pop of legs too short to reach the ground as he's stuck in a door frames that might help him out. Our troops out how the puppy out orchestration of cute puppies out of this little chunky dog that's in trouble getting through a pet door that's not me for him and that's leave me for the kiddies. Capital or. But he east. And it shows shuttle there yeah. Their egos he's got through. Apple. Or marine on a new gun laws set to take effect in California on July 1 gun owners who want to buy ammunition we'll have to show idea undergo a background check. It as a deadline nears gun stores are reportedly seeing ammo sales skyrocket raising concerns for gun control advocates and business owners alike. Rob McMillan of our LA affiliate has that story. At warrior one guns and ammo in Riverside the owners says these shelves would typically be filled with ammunition. Not lately though when background checks on ammo purchases right around the corner. Bullets are flying off the shelves but all had yes Steve sim Barrow was here to buy ammo today so much is just. And I saw stuck at a stuff she had a limited now what you can buy customers are purchasing. Because they don't want a deal. Among the dead donors who do. With this BS Norris Sweden is the owner of this store and he wonders if people are denied. What's to stop them from buying gamble elsewhere what is entirely gonna happen from you going to cross state lines and picking it up from somewhere else reading got this notice from the state Department of Justice a couple of weeks ago it says he's going to have to have a laptop a predator a stripe reader which he has. And starting July 1 he'll have full access to the system. But how it's gonna work. Doesn't say Sean Brady is an attorney for the California rifle and pistol association. After all the gun control laws that California residents have to comply with. Go through a background check to acquire firearm. Wait ten days to pick up that firearm paid fifty dollars in fees further background check in that that the tests that they have to pass in order to get it. Now they have to go through the additional group of acquiring. You know they're they're ammo in a way it's almost as an shoes and if not more so than a firearm. We reached down to the state Department of Justice for clarification but so far we have not heard back what we can tell you is folks who want to buy ammo are going to have to provide information. That information will be sent electronically to a state database. And the personal have to pay a fee of up to a dollar. But what happens then what happens if they're denied. We still don't know in Riverside Brock MacMillan ABC seven Eyewitness News. I think there rob there and coming up a court case being washed across the country should the parents of a suspected school shooter be held accountable floor. After this. Here's what to watch out for today president prep me for Canadian prime minister just show at the White House. And speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to make good on a bet she maybe we could go over the NBA final that it after the Toronto Raptors. Front Canada the nation's first ever championship. Former Alabama judge Roy Moore is set to announce whether he'll run for senate again in twenty funny anymore lost a special election to Doug Jones and points seventeen. Her multiple women came forward accusing gore of sexual misconduct when they were underage. The NBA draft begins tonight and duke stars die on Williamson is projected to be the number one overall pick for the New Orleans pelicans. Coverage begins at 7 eastern on ESP and and the World Cup continues as that the US women's soccer team takes on Sweden today. The US is looking for revenge efforts we knocked them out of the sweet sixteen Olympics and a penalty shoot out. Plus every student to the the breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. Not a case being called unprecedented a teenager's parents. Are being charged because of their son's alleged role in a school shooting incident. Authorities say the teen's parents knew had a history of mental health problems and left an unsecured gun in their house. This morning these peers in New Mexico were facing jail time after police say their son calls panic at his high school. In February swat team swarmed the school's hallways near Albuquerque as students filed out with their hands in the eight year police say sixty year old Joshua Owens brought a gun into the building. And opened fire without hitting any 10 with parents senior standing behind him in court. Are now charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor this is a rule. Sort of a new. Phase in terms of trying to get proactive tools to deal with school shootings were generally seen this before. According to court documents a resource officer warned dale and to miracle when that their son may pass threats about shooting up the school the parents were aware of Josh was passed struggle with mental health and the allegedly denied having a firearm in the home but investigators insist Joshua used a gun that was and his parents' bedroom closet. Not locked up fifteen states currently have laws allowing gun owners to be charged to their weapons are not locked away. But New Mexico is not one of them legal experts called this case unprecedented while expressing doubts about the strength of the case because in this case search. Urging parents with not being able essentially to go to predict the future don't educate parents. Did any thing whether they actually had any knowledge network running this problem. They accuse gunman's parents have not entered a plea they could face eighteen months in prison if convicted. Prosecuting parents in cases like this is rare the Washington Post says that since 1999. Only for adults have been charged with failing to secure guns. Used in school shootings. Address is Thursday morning a woman who is proving the old model. Better late than never and she's doing it one step and one medal at the time. The 103. Year old has been competing at a track in field event in Albuquerque. Here's our David Muir. Julio Hawkins when she became the oldest woman to compete in the USA track and field championships at. 102. City new world record in the sixty meter dash 24 point 79 seconds. Julie graduated from Ellis he would 1938. She didn't even start running until she was 100. Anaheim got started running. I didn't need to look at and they. And did a hundred yard again. Some quick people who. For routine Hawkins the hurricane is in the house. Hurricane Hawkins is back and it breaking another record this week. According to fifty meter dash in 21 point full flight seconds to by the way she's now 103. And she's checking in with us I don't. Game that it's been wonderful did the year raising. And a good and I want to go home medals. It's audible siren didn't need to be that it's. Julia it is awe inspiring to lust to. What is your advice Brothers and realize you could still doing it at this. They said David hurricane Hawkins is impressive yet and I say keep on run and absolutely the fact that she started when she was a hundred definitely shows you. It's never too late well that is fit for us this morning we hope you have a great great day we are so close of Friday.

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