It’s Morning, America: Thursday, Nov. 7, 2019

Public impeachment hearings set, Twitter employees accused of spying for Saudi Arabia, “OK boomer” and more.
25:50 | 11/07/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Thursday, Nov. 7, 2019
Good morning I'm gonna move. I'm Jane Harman you're the top I think this Thursday number one the public impeachment hearings now set to begin next week William Taylor the top US diplomat in Ukraine will be the first witness next Wednesday capers as president from blocked military aid to Ukraine. All of requesting an investigation of the fight meanwhile sources say an attorney general William Barr refused a request from president front. The hold a news conference and say trump broke no laws during his call with Ukraine's president number two the breaking news overnight and the trade war with China US and China have reportedly agreed to what's being called a phase cancellation of tariff increases. That's because of progress being made in trade talks. Of course whether those tariffs are lifted permanently depends on the location moved forward on to number three went turn arriving early for millions of Americans nasty people there storm has dumped snow across the upper midwest since then temperatures plunging into the 20s30s. And later today the plates will be flying in parts of interior New England which could see up to fix it says before the bitter cold that. Number for the murder suspects who escaped from a jail in Monterey California last weekend have been captured they were taken into custody while walking across the Mexican border into the US. Maybe there's no word how they first got into Mexico that's you broke out of jail Sunday by escaping through a hole in the bathroom ceiling and probably never fired a college junior and that bad I got the chance of a lifetime sink a basket and a voice student loans for the rest of school. He had to make this half court shot went free tuition. Fancy right there he did it. A bank sponsored the contest. With the University of Nevada Reno was randomly picked from the crowd parent that bit of planning to attend the game but his friend Vincent Gallo. Trees know. Well aren't. Obama's camp says. The chances that you don't have ABC news Africans should get it for all the pending stories. And effect way. Thursday morning have to rely on. Gas is back. Back again. Today as back. Tell love Fran. She felt comfortable. Army sat yeah. Lemon sat out. We've set up new set up yet. Great to have you back problem we've done about impeachment all this week and that is still our big story today the impeachment battle which is now going public Democrats now say public hearings will begin next Wednesday the first witness recalled. Phil Taylor accrue diplomat with fifty years of public service meanwhile overnight we learned about a new request present from me to attorney general William Barr. ABC's creator Mitchell joins us with the new. Good morning Kenneth engine a wheel house Democrats are promising ambassador Bill Taylor is televised testimony is just the beginning. As the inquiry probes president Trump's alleged effort to pressure Ukraine into investigating political rival Joseph Biden and his son. Whistling crowd in Vietnam veteran bill. Taylor at the acting US ambassador to Ukraine will be the first to testify publicly in the impeachment inquiry. Telling millions of people when he told investigators. That the president we count hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid to the US ally his transcript police Wednesday reveals he grew so concerned over the issue he sent her rear cable. To secretary of state Mike Pompeo but received no response the most important facts are largely not. Contested. During a rally in Louisiana overnight president trump fired back. Democrats must be accountable for their hoaxes and for their crimes. Really I mean you believe. What's going on in Washington. Where these do not thing somewhat evil and in some cases very evil people. Also testifying next week former Ukrainian ambassador Marie Ivanovic. One Republican says none of the evidence points to corruption. There or. Perfectly appropriate. We grew close. And there are more. An appropriate pretty quid pro. This morning there in new details about the president's actions just as the Ukraine story first broke. Multiple sources tell ABC news that the president wanted attorney general William Barr to hold a news conference saying that trump didn't break any laws regarding that on July called with Ukraine's president. The bar reportedly declined. The White House lawn dismissing the hearings is raising its defense adding to long time trump allies to its team to come up with a better strategy of pushing back Kenneth. All right Corina Mitchell thank you. In the meantime Republican so therein Paul's blocking a resolution that would. Reaffirmed this and its support of whistle blower protections poll has called for there was the blower at the heart of the impeachment inquiry to be named publicly. Instead of backing the whistle blower resolution Paul spoke in support of his own bill that would give the president the rights to face his accuser. And a bill that would make animal cruelty a federal felony is now on president comes to ask the senate unanimously supported the so called for Vinny animal cruelty and torture act. But the house had passed last month that bill is aimed at increasing policies for people who make videos showing animals mean abuse. There's penalties would include fines and up to seven years in prison. Kentucky Republican governor Matt Bevan is asking for re canvas of voting totals in his race for reelection Bevan has more than. 5000 votes behind Democrat any this year. Following Tuesday's election he seeking attack of the vote count to ensure the results were attic correctly that check will take place a week from today. A re campus has never led to reversal of a Kentucky election results. We turn out to the Twitter employees accused of spying for Saudi Arabia federal investigators say the saudis recruited the man to keep track of people criticizing the kingdom. On line. This morning to former quarter employees are accused of spying for Saudi Arabia the middle led to a used their access of the social media giant to gather sensitive personal information. On critics of the Saudi regime. The goal according to the complaint was to find information that would give up a user's location. This ought to serve as a wake up call to not only Twitter but all the big tech companies. They've become large and powerful and there are up against highly complex spy operations. One of the men a US citizen is already under arrest he was allegedly paid 300000 dollars by a person identified only as foreign official one. To access users' private information the other former quarter employee a Saudi citizen obtained a Twitter data of more than 6000 Twitter users. Including at least 33 user names for which Saudi Arabian law enforcement has submitted emergency disclosure requests to Twitter. Authorities also charts a third man. A Saudi citizen who did not work for Twitter the case marks the first time federal prosecutors have charged saudis with the point agents inside the United States. According to prosecutors the Saudi government recruited the men. Because the Saudi royal family grew frustrated by a growing criticism of its leaders on social media a foreign affairs element to this story is gonna grow the allegations come a year of the X situation of jamarcus show he. The Washington Post columnist and critic of the Saudi government killed in the Saudi consulate in Turkey Saudi royal family has denied killing should be despite the CIA finding the assassination. Was directly order by Saudi crown prince Mohammed than some on tick. Here that the saudis word looking for information to punish people speaking against them not just in the terrible brutal murder of mister Kucera he. But in the form of suppression. Two of the suspects are believed to be in Saudi Arabia the saudis have not comment at on these allegations Twitter says its cooperative with the investigation. The police in Columbus, Ohio say a six year old boy brought a loaded. Semiautomatic handgun to school they say another child saw the gun in the boy's backpack and told school staffers. The weapon belonged to the boy's grandfather who had reported stolen for now police say they are not pressing charges. And unfortunately with a child of six years of age in first grade. Criminal intent is hard to articulate. In this case it falls that exact same pattern. Really don't know why the kid brought in school whether then show and tell or are bragging are showing off. Please praise the child who alerted school staffers saying the student follow the rule lets see something say something and other. In health related news scientists have discovered any strain of the virus that causes aids it's the first new strain of the virus be identified nearly two decades. The strings part of the same group behind the global HIV pandemic but health officials say. There's no cause for alarm current treatments for HIV can be used against this strain and others. Please in New York City are investigating what may be a big drug mix ups or perhaps Jose picture and FaceBook look at this saying they took a 106. Pound shipment of marijuana off the streets but the people in Vermont who grew it say it ten. Which is legal it was sent by FedEx to a legal CBD store in New York someone tip off police who made no arrests and seized the shipment. The growers say they're out 30000 dollars and their business. Is this for its wow that's that. Crazy story it is crazy because they're saying that it's legal and which is brings up hole like the differences between. And then narrow marijuana I asked THE but also. You know covering local news a lot of times when there are those big bust police department pull. Lay it all out at all rodeo and you know they're very proud of the work there they've done but in this case it him. Ali Bhutto also fastened said the checked me. I we have an update now on efforts to stop the upcoming execution of a Texas man for murder he says he did not commit 1996 Rodney re was convicted of reaping killing a woman. After investigators linked DNA found on her body to read. But now a new witness has come forward claiming it was the victim's fiancee a former police officer. Who killed her a petition seeking a new trial for Reid has now gained nearly two million signatures. The support low this out there for me. Try not to think about Phoenix. If a new jury were to hearing your case with what do you think. Would exonerate you I'm bill that if there was to hear this case. That this case it moves will itself exonerate me. Celebrities including Rihanna and Kim Kardashian have joined the movement to save read for now he's set to be executed. November 20. Thirteen days really really really hope that they kept this season. The university out there assistants will not be punished if they do present trump this weekend when he attends the Alabama football game against LSU the message from Alabama student government. Hot threatened to revoke seating at future games for those engaging in disruptive behavior but later. That message was clarified to say students have a right to express their opinions certainly constitution. Freedom of speech. That tricky thing there and the school day could be. Longer. Soon for some lawmakers on Capitol Hill get their way. Price and parents to you democratic senator presidential. Yeah come on there's an interest bill that would provide funding to extend the school day by three hours and hundreds of schools across the country. Proposal has been cosponsored by five other senators and the goal is to align at school schedules with parents schedules. To lower child care costs which is great because child care costs a whole bunch of money but you know we just saw for example in Chicago. Teachers on strike for a very long time because of issues like pay. Yes so classroom size threat today. A whole other host city said he sees them at this and you're thinking what will that be mediated via. Well coming up the teacher rewriting of the hit the live those songs. How she's using it to his fire for students at first the false alarm at a busy airport in Europe and authorities scrambling this team. App Store and more. Please go across the. Welcome back the American college then all of the Mexican drug wars funerals. In today for nine members of the same family killed during an ambush officials say it may be a case of mistaken identity but this morning. The victims' relatives say they believe their family was targeted. This morning members of the Mexican military are standing guard protecting the Mormon compound in American family laughed. Just before they were massacred. Nine members of the family were killed in the attack. Including six children. Officials believe drug traffickers attacked the family as they were traveling to a wedding possibly confusing them with the rival gang summons more. Awful when. We ending any of us kind of imagine Kendra Miller was the bride to be in the wedding she and other family members say they're now convince the family was intentionally targeted. To spark a new battle in the ongoing war between drug gangs. Senior senior Finley was used as ponds yes. What kind of men can even call themselves men that murder women and children and they we we believe that they did in central. ABC's Tom yeah Thomas made his way to the compound one of the reasons why the drug cartels are so prominent in this areas because it is of remote border region. Just driving through here as you can see is incredibly capable. There are never ending winding roads. Now he's everywhere you look. It's so hard to get here and that's one of the reasons why it's so hard to. Police once there Tom found Cooley in all of parent a relative who served for the victims after the Hanley realized something had gone wrong. He came upon one of the mothers suvs she was lying on the side of the wrote shot in the heart. In the passenger seat her baby named faith. So the bore hole through the the the the canopy on the on the on the course he we open the candy in the baby smile and. The Americans who are Mormon fundamentalists have been in this area of northern Mexico for decades long before the drug cartels took over. Now the Mexican government says two local cartels are locked in a war a lot of Americans are gonna say why did you guys stay living here with all this drug violence surrounding you. Well there's a lot of goodness around the student. The there's a look there's folks is were around this but but most of people are good people. Mexican officials are vowing to find the killers they say they're now sharing information. With the FBI. Now to Turkey where president herta Juan has announced that the capture of slain ice is leader Abu barker. I'll back daddy's wife saying this actually happened back in June but they didn't make a big fuss out of it so let's go across the pond to burn rover in the London bureau for more. Burn good morning so we know colonel on their throwing some shade at the US for leading what he calls. A communications campaign against and about Baghdad east slain. Yet well I mean it's it's the pot calling the kettle black since he's waiting his own communications campaign in respects of revealing how much they've done to combat finance. And tracked down by daddy's family members he says actually is in double digits and number who try to cross into Turkey. This I think ahead of his meeting next week in DC is not a coincidence I think he's John to burnish his credentials. Author accusations that that on. Well thought out initiative Mellish initiative against Kurdish militia in northeast Syria. Could give rise to lure a ton of iasis and I think he's pushing back on that means he's trying to sort of show that they also fighting iasis in the region. Piper no moving on to Amsterdam and of big scare for the airport way and it seemed that the jet was in grave danger but it ended up. All being a false alarm. Well it he gives you some sense of just how. Heightened tensions that are off to Baghdad is getting actually a lot of people were expecting some sort of response. By Islamic state and I think they shows how nervous people out but the pilot was. Should get inadvertently this long after pressing a button in the cockpit on speculate on a press a button to clean the windows or something. And doubt instead pressed pay hijacked salaam and triggered this extraordinary responses people apple. Armed guards of apple was and locked out but it does show that there are systems in place us pleasant some senses it's reassuring that this is Walt. Happens when this sort of thing is treated we can fit a bit safer path. Tom before your bring out New Zealand's pass a law aimed at fighting climate change but there is a moment that's getting some attention when. Young lawmaker. Apparently clap back at the opposition so what does she say. Well she was a was doing a debate just being heckled and sheets had today doesn't heckling have looked like okay bloom and he you can see it now. And the ye between T fifty I will be 56. Years old. Yates writes now the average age of this fifty seeking parliament's is 49 years old I can't and a I'd current political institutions. Have proven themselves and competence. I have to say I. I was slightly out of some colleges about this being a sort of bloom on myself so I think this terrible that age discrimination embedded within this comment. What's happened to that sign went being old. Was respected I mean frankly being old enough life was something that people used to value in the olden days no suction out respect Jews from the younger generation. It's not a flags is then known by certain people which I think is rather run faster perhaps is that tit for tat war of old vs young. How boomer we appreciate people who get old gracefully. We are very light opera beta boomer anything though I'm. A lot of respect for you Bruno there's certainly you know I care for young people let me tell you now you know gather again to young people. Go young people young people go to be fair boomer you know millennial space a lot of challenges. They'll look at. Employment. Yeah you know. It's. I have decided by any measure let's face it. Murals that federal and you gotta be you can live a longer life I mean that relevant rules of the affluent world and sides as well. A well how broad I will. Laid down that take offense to that I now I understand what you're saying about that there's that big serious debate going on about the okay boomer. Ensemble say that we have taken it too far it was is me to be joke but I do you also see there's some valid points and there. And I would never want to disrespect Bruno because our rally are we are huge fan wears jets fans thank you we thought you behave with your sons are allowed it. What like other daddy all of them. Gut check governor rovers hence the Graham Vick has about it is fantastic that lets it. I'm black kinda say one thing I also I think what it is all about is about being a human being to being an old human being. Opening a young human being either way we all Shas we have more in common that we do I'm difference I think that should be celebrates its. Better gel were particularly from Bruener wrote a message thank you for joining us this morning good to see anybody. And so that's a question of today what do you think of the OK boomer response. House of commons to its ABC news lives we wanna hear from you. Okay certifications. Starting with big but. Who apparently. Has gone missing. Yet been born on missing is that what you're saying gone missing you don't go mixing it banished it disappeared all right yes that's what we learned in local and Florida. Probably the Boynton beach Florida garlic keyboard eight put statute. Of the myth vehicles squat stolen from in front of a mattress store also Florida bill could require couples to read it guy before. Getting married now they're gonna let out costs of DeVore I know that. Leads us we implore apparently of the big stage got a lot of people get married apparently on a whim isn't hardly anything then marriage then landing weather Boris. The Pentagon the person at a cost lambasted just take her at that before I write anything you wouldn't snacks or let the kids call a major flax by AG's gearing up for his annual Shawn Carter foundation that shows really hit today it really is. So he's Shawn Carter kept his Dick foundation gala. And so JV has actually opted to skip the embossed stationery. Where's invited VIP guests is that as invitations he sent out. 40000 dollar gold. Rolex Watches rapper meek mill shared the is image on social media saying quote. This rich blanket is he hanging out of control. By the way all proceeds from the event already. Huge AZ you do an. Doing good things. Next ready set he acts these things are streaks and animal sanctuary in Australia billed as a compassionate alternative. To the famous at Melbourne. Ware street. House race around. Article and a teacher in early California has turned an adult break up song. In to a viral video starring her second graders Dora the Mallory says she found love with that goes for perfect summer excited she needs it to inspire student. So Mahler Avery wrote the very adult lyrics popping new worth her class came up with this. Sam but I'm serious here. Right up by a very moderate version has by the president about education alerting and have Ito's facts. The kids day and helps them feel loved it lesson feed off each others energy in a lot of energy in the bundle. An and stature back. He'll be obligated. Now. Truth hurts less are now up from the streets of New York to the hockey arena the north and there. This is not easy they already heating up that these people on the sidelines are the dentists. ABC's Brett Nokia has that story. Brett boring. That's right hockey season is underway which means a lot of players are out there all the ice. Losing teeth in fact already this year player from the LA kings reportedly. Swallowed his total when it popped out every arena comes outfitted with its own dentist chair these dances stand ready to work on. In fact they hang out neither bench with a it will kit. If it's. It's pretty big evil I mean it is like pliers. A higher goal I think discreet gums and then no he's not apply he had literal pliers I mean that's that's what they look like hurry I I it's OK it's gentle pliers or better which is likely to seek medical pliers but they're basically pliers that's what they are then they have just loads and loads of those giant Norris. Nova kaine needles that they use to them up players in between period to get him back on the ice to the. Obvious question here is. These guys do more to protect their teeth I asked David why more than don't Wear mouth guards he said. They don't really do much except help against concussions so. If there's a pocket or stick are a fist. He really only service collection Tracy called them for when your teeth popped out have a lot more on this on start here later this morning to podcasts and a worried not too many pictures. Check it out and apple podcasts referred to podcasting app and it's genetic. Are they as a brat there I mean. The DN days that's Spanish for T. Get take care of our hockey go here's. And they were aware of the guards. And expect collection attorney coming up what we'll. Page you have coming up we'll tell you to watch out for on this Thursday they agree a big announcer from. Former attorney general Jeff Sessions after this. Never watch out for today president Donald pump is scheduled to present the presidential citizens. Metal the country. Second highest civilian award after the presidential medal of freedom recognizing that in. You performed exemplary service to this country more their nose. Former attorney general Jeff Sessions is returning to the political stage after a stormy tenure at the top administration. He is expected to announce plans to run for his former senate seat today comes on the first anniversary of his firing by dropped. Looking to unseat Democrat Doug Jones who defeated Republican Roy board will be seventeen. The primary is Slater from march 3. Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson will speak at the University of Chicago institute of politics. Amid reports Johnson could resign later this week. President from criticized Johnson at a rally last book for the city's high crime rate under his here. A New York Supreme Court justice is expected to rule on whether the indictment against Harvey Weinstein should be dismissed. The film mogul is facing charges of freed from all sex act sex abuse and sexual misconduct for incidents involving two separate women. He has pleaded not guilty maintains that any sexual encounters. Were consensual but that it's into the debrief for an update on our top stories and the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines and. House folly from us on this Thursday morning retirement came a little earlier cuts that not for us. Earlier than planned for Texas mechanic. Thanks a gift from his boss 69 year old Albert Prius is now off the clock for bad because his now former Wall Street here and it's. Made the final 5000 dollars left and reduces mortgage units that previous had been just like faintly in thirteen years together. Alpert but the money because he didn't want free yes that wait any longer to reach tied very nice. And we wish him a happy happy retirement with the best chapter yet just called yeah I'm very nice and we wish you a happy day. That's it for us. And have a good one.

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