It’s Morning, America: Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019

ABC News confirms Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was on Ukraine call, House Dems subpoena Giuliani, new law to pay college athletes, and more.
26:55 | 10/01/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019
Reporter cannot vote analyst at her here other top five things to know this Tuesday number one. The impeachment investigation expanding ABC news has confirmed that secretary of state Mike Pompeo was on the July phone call on president front repeatedly asked the president of Ukraine. To investigate your by president profits now looking to uncover the identity of the whistle blower who triggered the impeachment investigation. Meanwhile the president's personal attorney and you're Rudy Giuliani has now been subpoenaed by house lawmakers. Number to build world of college athletics is buzzing about a landmark new California law that. The fair pay to play act opens the door to endorsement deals for college athletes also allows them to be paid for. Use of their names and images without losing their amateur status the law takes effect in 20/20 three the NCAA says the measure will destroy this distinction between amateurs and both. And it is considering its next move. No word yet though at those steps will include legal action on to number three California man is charged with spying for China after an elaborate FBI sting operation prosecutors say Edward Payne was posing as a tour guide and have Francisco went he collected US national security information he allegedly picked up digital memory card left at hotels and California and Georgia. And then delivered those cards to Beijing after paying off an important thing is due in court tomorrow he could face ten years in prison if convicted. We head to Hong Kong for number four it. Tens of thousands of anti government protesters. I've taken to the streets defying orders to stay home police scuffled with demonstrators during one outbreak of violence earlier today. The protest comes as China today celebrate seventy years of Communist. More there was. There was a show of force in Beijing today the Chinese military showed off its most advanced weapons including a new hypersonic ballistic nuclear missile. Designed to you've made America's anti missile shields. And finally number five adults in the US are apparently not making the grade when it comes to reading. A new survey finds more than a quarter of adults had not read a book in the past jeering not even part of a buck. In either print or electronic point 27% of adults say they have not read any books in the past twelve months up from 19%. The 2011. We've got much more to talk about coming your way. Read a book America. We say good morning on the first of October let's get right the big sort of new details overnight from the impeachment investigation. As president compasses to learn the name of the whistle blower in the Ukraine scandal. ABC news has now confirmed that secretary of state Mike hunt pale was on the phone call when president trump urged the leader of Ukraine to investigate you bite and. Meanwhile house Democrats have now subpoenaed Rudy Giuliani the president's personal attorney let's get right to ABC's are in a Marshall who's in Washington with the latest Serena good morning. Kent Elizabeth good morning to both the view in the White House nor the president have yet pinpoint what exactly in the whistle blower complaint about that phone call was an accurate the president simply maintaining the. The call was perfect. In our new twist secretary of state Mike Pompeo also line that controversial phone call with the president and the president of Ukraine multiple sources told ABC news. One week ago when he was asked about that call what do you know. Those conversations. So you just gave me a report about it IC was a book open and none none of which have seen. That revelation has the president's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani received subpoenas from three separate house committees. In a statement Giuliani said it raises substantial constitutional and legal issues. As Weld's attorney client and other privileges. But Sunday he seemed to imply his efforts to push you weren't investing ideas where the cast of the US government's it was I don't do this on my own. I did it at the request of the State Department. As for the president he's not backing down on his quest to ID the whistle blowers. If and whistle. Reports things that were incorrect. That some than the whistle blowers attorney says would be against federal law. The president has repeatedly claimed because information was reported second hand he was not to be believed. But we have now learned at the whistle blower had direct knowledge of search and alleged conduct according to the intelligence community's inspector general. This statement part of a rebuke to the president's claim the whistle blow rules were changed up borderless a minute. The statement explaining there was never a rule or law does that information could not be reported secondhand. House Democrats really in the investigation say they don't have a tentative deal to meet with the whistle blower as the senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says. If the house were to vote for an impeachment the senate would have no choice but to take it up Kenneth Elizabeth. Three let's talk about this week from the president according to supporters that impeaching and removing him from office wall quote cause the civil war like. Fracture in this country in this nation from which our country will never heal that brought a rare review from a Republican. Yeah I can add that this these Republicans haven't been superb vocal speaking out against the president especially when it comes to this will Butler come place but that review of over that tweet came from a Republican congressman from Illinois that trend seems atom can injure and he said. I visited nations ravaged by civil war I had never imagined such a could to be repeated by a president. This is beyond repugnant as strong words of from a Republican and that act against the president's tweet there. Strong words indeed Serena thank you. Now when it comes to the American public 52% of registered voters say they support the impeachment inquiry I'm 45%. Are against it. And that's same quinnipiac poll it was split 47% say the president should be impeached and removed M 47%. Say he should not. And we are now learning the president asked other foreign powers to help attorney general William Barr as he reviews the origins of that Russia investigation here's ABC's Brett Nokia. And that's right you know in that rough transcript of president trumpet the leader of Ukraine. There's this moment we're president trump says you should speak to my personal attorney and. The attorney general what we've now learned. The president companies dropped William Barr's name with a number of world leaders an official at the Justice Department tells ABC news that just a few weeks ago. President trump told the leaders of Australia and Italy. If he's trying to learn how the Russian investigation started in the first place. And that they should help William Barr investigated. I spoke to ABC's senior national correspondent Terry Moran. He told the key question here is whether bar is acting as America's top prosecutor or this president Trump's private die. I think you can make a case that this is the president operating in the national interest thing no president should ever go through this what happened how does the intelligence community working. To generate such a false story that would be the president's perspective. The odd thing is. That the entire Justice Department can do this and in fact there's a US turning has been assigned by attorney general Barr to do this investigate why attorney general flying around the world. A during the president's bidding like this it's unbecoming perhaps but it they will make the case that it's a legitimate inquiry. And you remember a couple weeks ago attorney general Barr was in Italy to DOJ would not explain why. Well now we know debt busy included discussions. About this project regarding the Russian investigation we'll have a lot more and start here later this morning listen on apple podcasts or if ever podcasting app. Kenneth lists. Brad think you and former national security about the John Bolton is speaking out against president comes approach to North Korea. In his first public comments since you without the from his position bull criticize the president without mentioning him by name. Saying talks with Kim Jung and had only benefited North Korea and he warned that Jim has no plans to. The strategic decision. That Kim Jung on his operating. Through. Is that he will do what ever he can to keep. A deliverable nuclear weapons capability and to develop and enhance that further under current circumstances he will never give up. The nuclear weapons voluntarily. Bolton said the US needs to focus its attention on stopping nuclear proliferation. On the Korean Peninsula. But the president's approach have not resulted in any gains Republican congressman Chris Collins of New York is resigning and ahead of an expected guilty plea in insider trading case. Collins was one of president jumps earliest supporters in congress he won reelection Gloucester even after he was accused of sharing inside information from a Biotech company. Collins served on the company's board of directors. In his son dumped their stocks before they taint. A boarding hundreds or thousands of dollars in losses. The recent arrest of 26 year old and Orlando Florida results an officer being fired but it also drew attention to a stunning crime statistic the FBI reports that child arrests may be more common than you might think the bureau found that between 2013 and 2017 nearly 27000. Children under the age of ten. Were arrested in the US an organization that trains law enforcement agencies and how to handle young children calls that number of arrests ridiculous. A 48 year old man is fighting for his life after falling into a thermal pool out the old faithful geyser in Yellowstone National Park a park official says the man was walking near the guys are late Sunday night without a flashlight when he tripped into a hot spring. He suffers severe burns and is listed in critical condition park ranger suspected the victim had been drinking. They later found issue hat and a beer can your old faithful the man could face charges for entering a restricted area of Yellowstone. Police say that. Fatal shooting of an NYPD officer was caused by friendly fire officer Brian mall Kean and the armed suspect. We're nonviolent struggle when responding officers fired in their direction. Investigators now say the two bullets that killed the seven year member of the force were fired by NYPD weapons the suspect was shot and killed by police. Today marks two years as the Las Vegas concert a massacre of fifty people were killed and hundreds wounded when a gunman opened fire from this week. At the Mandalay bay resort the victims will be honored today with the events and memorials across the Las Vegas area. A sunrise ceremony which will include PP eight seconds of silence is among the planned events. A desperate search for survivors and going on right now after a bridge collapse in Taiwan the collapse sent an oil tanker on to the boats that were in the water below. At least six people were believed to be trapped on one of those votes ten people were hospitalized. Several of them with. Serious injuries the collapse happened in just hours after I typhoons swept across parts of Taiwan and right now though it's unclear if that storm. With part of the reason for the bridge coming down and the start of October also marks the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The disease is the most common cancer in women and affects one out of every eight women in the US it also strikes a very small percentage of men. Experts emphasize early detection is key to beating the disease and this month you will see a lot of people wearing pink to show of support. And coming up to the thousands are taking to the streets in Hong Kong. The city bracing for violence is China celebrate seventy years of Communist rule the first California's governor signing a law that would allow top college athletes to be paid. After that's. Welcome back we turn out to be potential game changer in college sports a new law in California would allow student athletes to sign endorsement deals and hire agents the law to fight a longstanding rule that bans college players from getting paid even as. Universities bring in billions of dollars in revenue. A possible didn't changer in the big business of college sports. This is one of the most significant days in the history. Of intercollegiate athletics college athletes bring in billions of dollars for universities but Dayton never seen a Kenya Witt. NCAA rules do not allow athletes to be paid young to prop up attending the university through scholarships. But now California governor Gavin Newsom has sight of so called fear paying for plane mall while appearing on LeBron James HBO show uninterrupted. Not once did they talk about the needs of these kids what they even listen to you your will they listen to the Illinois after assignment. The new law he does not mean players will be directly paid from the universities it means college athlete ain't California. Could high your agent get shoe deals or other endorsement. And get paid for a signing autographs or memorabilia the debate over Paine College athletes has got more heated in recent years with athletes like NBA star dream on green. Arguing that colleges have capitalized off your talent robots so don't tell us simply will be ripped off it's obvious in his college please bear ripped off. The NCAA admits that improvement needs to happen but is this same thing its business model saying. This new law already is creating confusion for current and future student athletes coaches administrators and campus is. And not just in California. The billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban is speaking out against the California law saying it turns athlete in two employees. When it comes to playing in pain players as employees. And you have to ask yourself what did they get fired. You know what happens if you want to fire do we want to start firing student athletes critics also say the law would give California schools and unfair of recruiting advantage. But analysts predict other ski both student follows Steve. For the first time someone is fighting back someone is saying to the NCAA you can't rule college athletics in the same tired hackneyed way. The law doesn't take effect until 20/20 three the NCAA says it is considering next steps but nowhere jet if those steps will include legal action. So that's our question of the day what do you think about college Athens potentially being allowed to be paid for endorsements. Tell us in the comments or tweet us at ABC news live let us that we think a lot of people are some strong feelings over this. We sell it Mark Cuban he's got a comment on this but still. I can't even had a guy on our ABC news FaceBook site account. And they learn how well. I wary knowing he thinks let. There what are you guys think because quadruples that athletes obviously when you're using her likeness and all of those things. Should be paid happily get the opportunity is there so. I think schools making billions off of these kids right from kids but I guess yeah Madonna the last with the big kids. Hey move it on China celebrating seventy years of communism today with a big parade in Beijing but the anniversary. A security forces and Hong Kong bracing for new anti government protest. So let's go across the pond to do it McFarland in the London bureau for the latest Juliet good morning. Mourning Kenneth yes it was all taiba the fast. 1949. Y and the chat of the Communist party of maoists say tone. Stood in the exact same spot in Tiananmen square out watching a vat. Amid a tree parade. Quite different from the one we saw today of course seventeen years again at the day of the founding of the Communist Party. The Chinese Guinea Ford about fifteen act croft back that huge huge difference with that strong and she military show of force. We still. Today some expense expense. Believe that up to us that of the Chinese ICBM into continental ballistic missiles well on. On show today including new weapons such as I miss all that could reach up to 151000. Columbus says that is enough. Did hit anywhere in America not just. The west cased now this is obviously a big show of force for the Chinese they have invested in that army the PLA the People's Liberation Army. Up by 83% in recent years on a lot of that hot lap on Shea today alongside 151000. Troops on the streets. All of that Beijing. But your right to point out of course got a lot of the world's eyes will be looking on Hong Kong because auden in Hong Kong there being. Tens of thousands of protest is. On the streets possibly. More than God's a lot of people are still out still demanding. That five kiosks all of the government in creating. Full steps to withdraw about controversial bill they won't carry long stepped on and they won full suffrage four Hong Kong elections. Now a lot of people they've been singing. My a lot of patriotic songs they've been holding. Flags the Hudson Hong Kong flag of dots. That flower stained in blood and changing the colors of the flight to black that means they say. To say that democracy has died. In a Hong Kong citizen worrying seems a lot of protest as. Have been seen strapping on board the arm cities protests taking another docket time. RA and back there and England Dooley a pop is hosting. A rare gathering of people name Nigel and what's this all about. Got a visit visit the rig. I love those are either I love the start so this all the Gatt and in twenty saying seeing wet the bed then as the office for national statistics and England. They can't out with a study that shade in 2016. That was zero babies. Cool that Nigel now. At a sensitive Nigel you as a hair hazel that he was quite confronted by Dotson said he launched this campaign. Two to get as many nights as a secret to come to the pub for a drink analyst celebrate being cool of Nigel this was a face that act that went viral. And I street hundreds of nine children tugged up full 173 nights it was came to this about acting fleece in in what's to shut and England's. To celebrate. Nigel mess as. Not at night till about the local Nigel have my car and hit them no clinical Nigel so that's music do you think but anyways so it. The main Nigel Nigel Smith who organizes he said. That's I've always thought that the name is much maligned. People would say to the united young Nigel that's got to be a joke name hasn't it that is just to get a few not just to gather in the room to celebrate Nigel stories and celebrate Allah. Nigel does not there was an and I do that came all the way from Texas guys a night go cross Atlantic to joy in his other night those. In the pub sadly they said that when their Nigel is that came along unfortunately they did try to get my jello Lewis. The domestic goddess. Chef here in the UK how they shouldn't come but another another sort of little. Attic there I love from this is that the medical and key. This cold night till MP Nigel Huddleston it came along as well I'm. So it got enough gonna say I heard got a little political because apparently the reason there. One thought was there even have men that many night tools because the Brecht that guy Nigel. Francs a guy I was having me with no. Number two don't want it isn't using because 2016. And our. To draw any conclusions but try music scene was of course the date of but it's usually contested. Controversial breaks it referendum and that was one Nigel. He was pretty prominent got yeah dad. Also in their babies being cold Nigel. Food. But about these guys here in this in the face and they wanted to. Take pot control of that Nigel mess that shall we say. Well court on the street is that at that big party won Nigel Nigel said that it was gray. And the knives also said that it was I'm not Baghdad and that of another Nigel who. Okay you get the joke throughout the night. I loved the lies yeah. Stories out that night music up knuckles of those unemployed and out all night Somalia getting into the script that there take one thing that was nice they'd they'd said they decided CTU I'm. To come up with a collective not own and from Nigel of those and they came up with a nickel of night jewels which I think is delightful regularly written right. Hot. And coming up hey haven't the oh yeah yeah. Let's take whatever the case this article at that out of control delivery vehicle at Chicago O'Hare International Airport. Just keeps during their own ads there on the tarmac while workers try to figure out how to stop it. Then one of them gets an idea he jumped onto another vehicle and crashes that into. The one that seem to that's right there bam. Stopped it in extracts a few water bottles spelled out but no one was hurt no one was hurt. And we have a new world record. This real life fruit ninja or YOK you heard were low rate on this balance board. You know we actually did try this week yeah on the overnight show world news now but we get have a sword. We had a plastic knife okay and I wanted to that's how it that way. You all I really could do it really that that I was I. Wine ninja skills and 13 man mountain paid next. Watch this man. Let me now. Wait coroner there it is. What. Oh. Cool that's cool pretty good back up. I like yeah I asked him core. Exercise your right there that very strong courts how he's still going literally then he's gonna simply gone we're gonna move on to these two people in the surveillance video. Who are accused of putting porn on a digital billboard outside Detroit the racy images were on display for about fifteen minutes about a highway and Auburn Hills, Michigan Saturday night. Please or the pair broke into a shack which houses the computer that controls the billboard. That hacked right on into the system. The suspects are. Still on the loose and still giggling this morning I'm sure you know they might be laughing the police so not. Can be a felony their crop absolutely hamper a couple of four year olds from Ohio all they want it was just a little bit of money. So they set up up lemonade stand then as you can probably guess things just took off from there will dance has that story. When life gives you lemons you make lemonade. And if your four year old Beatrice or her best friend Jack then you set up a lemonade stand. People are picked and yeah and then hold. And I'm only doing to her and then hold. Kids selling a 148 bucks worth of lemonade one Saturday afternoon this summer but that. Which just getting the kids parents encouraging beat Jack and their siblings to donate their big hall. To Cincinnati Children's Hospital organization near and geared to be and her mother. I am roles. And Merval. When be was just six months old she received a lifesaving liver transplant there from her mother Hillary this past Friday Hillary Yasser friends and family to match decades donations at a hospice. The hope says. Is that we can and the wait for all of these people waiting for transplant and in just a few short days the donations pouring in. Faster than B and Jack could ever poured their lemonade day came in at 101000 dollars we had 151000 honors. 20000 dollars and now thanks to donations from local businesses pledges from celebrities like Andy Cohen in Anderson Cooper bees lemonade stand is serving up more than a 125000. Dollars in charity though she may not totally grasp just how much money that is the world's sweetest lemonade stand CEO knows what she wants to do with it. Carolina can mean tactic Kemp can't can hold peeled her powerful. Wow look at them wonderful story and what our note here because they are raising money for everyone still waiting for their match on the organ donor list. Now BS and I should think B rather. And her mom are hoping for someone to be geared my match and matched that 125000. Dollars they have raised with the Linney. They can't be said beat the match about that we've of that sort so much hate coming out we've got to look at what's going on in the day ahead. Plus the first candidate cafe opened in West Hollywood. More afternoon. Here's what to watch out for today president from receiving intelligence briefing and meet with the secretary of defense mark that's for this afternoon. It is the last day for democratic presidential hopefuls to qualify for the Ford city which takes place on October 15. Twelve candidates are currently qualified based on it's now an ace pitcher Max Scherzer. We'll take the mound for the Washington Nationals as they take on the Milwaukee Brewers for the National League wild card game tonight. Plus don't forget to tune into that debrief for an update on all our top story and the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. Finally anticipation. Is high for the opening of the birth of its kind restaurant in West Hollywood. Today the city becomes home to the country's only Canada's cafe. Lol cafe has a special license allowing patrons to smoke marijuana. REK animus infused at a bull's shaft has created dish is that topic candidates like. Pairing wine with food apart from the pot the cafe will be just like any other restaurant and bar. Except they will have a special air filter system to suck in the smoke so use that inundated date you know with the smoke. And all but earlier I thought this was really food would be infused with our own net and again they can't do that health officials that began venables let's find. But if you can't you put the pot in the food. Got you can't make the pot brownies so her serve them up so they're hoping this like a tourist attraction thing would you. Com I don't know hole if I would visit and I'm not really sure ready pin me on the spot. Hey Dennehy but I will say of that apparently had a whole big may you that we thought of the food and wine here is like shooting candidates appearing. And wings lots of wings nachos. I'm serious. I don't like we're gourmet it kind but like you said this is just the first yep normally more coming and they've already got some that are in the works. There yet hey that is that for us on this Tuesday morning October 1. The great day after that would.

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