It’s Morning, America: Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019

Top diplomat in Ukraine set to testify in impeachment probe, U.S. troops face angry Kurds, Netanyahu fails to form government and more.
27:44 | 10/22/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019
Good one on cannon mountain. And Caylee hard time here the top five things to know this Tuesday. Number one the impeachment showdown in Washington we're expecting key testimony today on Capitol Hill Bill Taylor the top diplomat in Ukraine will be questioned about his text messages. One of them expressed concern that president couples holding up military aid for political gain it comes as president from calls on Republicans to quote. Get tougher and fight for him. Number two according to issued. Fire weather watch for most of Southern California through Friday night a small but costly brush fire damaged at least nine homes in San Bernardino County late Monday and high winds cost extra problems for fire crews and in Los Angeles residents were seen running in panic as fast moving flames closed in on their multimillion dollar homes. Evacuation orders were issued for about 200 house those orders have now been lifted. On to number three the cease fire that's expiring in Syria Kurdish fighters are facing a deadline today. Draw from northeastern Syria clearing the way for Turkey to set up a so called safe cell. Angry Kurds through potatoes at departing US troops the president traps as we've never agree to protect the Kurds forever. Number for a new warning ahead of the NBA season the league it's cracking down on pants. Increase in negative on court interactions between players and fans. Has prompted the NBA to adopt a zero tolerance policy abusive or hateful behavior including racist sexist or LG BTQ related comments will lead to rejections or more. The league says the number of fans sitting courtside. Who were kicked out last year doubled. And finally number five a tiny bird with a big voice that can't be ignored the YE. Bell burger Brazil attracts potential mate price screaming into her face at the top of his lungs. At 125. Deaths the bulls it has set a new record with a lot of animal mating call ever reported that flatter than a Jack hammer and almost as loud as the jet plane. And. Scientists say more research is needed to determine if the lady birds are actually falling for that impressive beating. I would say no. What a life. Morning and it's morning America and making her its North American debut Caylee hard and let's think for today Norman. Also this your first time on his morning America how you feel it. Feeling good about is still way I still awake alert warning you said earlier that this is the most you've done before like IBM and how. Ever I mean. Els accomplishes this much between the hours of midnight and by the AM some say we do a lot others who say not so much. But I appreciate your energy and your encouragement. As I've weathered to this Don yeah. Strategist stirred up the irony with bishop. Let's get to the big story a key day in the impeachment showdown in Washington a crucial witness has the Capitol Hill the top US diplomat who sat with holding military. Eight from Ukraine would be crazy testifies before congress today and it comes as president trump lashes out and I knew in every overnight calling the Republicans to get tougher. In part for him. He also said he hopes that attorney general William Barr will look into Hillary Clinton's potential ties to Ukraine ABC's Frida Mitchell is here with more Corina good morning. Good morning to you Kenneth in Caylee the president says his allies should be more supportive in standing up for him and his administration. And he's calling out one group Republican in particular. President trump is demanding Republicans only in mind they have to get tougher fight because. The Democrats have tried to hurt the Republican party for the election. He lashed out calling on his party to be more united like his democratic rivals at LLC politicians. But two things they have this vicious. And they stick together. They don't have that rubbed it in their midst Romney has said he's open to the idea of impeaching the president eat the evidence is there. Holding up funds to a foreign nation particularly one that's under military threat. In order to fulfill a political purpose is a real problem. During an interview with Fox News overnight triumph condemned the investigation calling it unfair but admitted. Everybody tells me it's going to be great for us as a Republican Party if they actually impeach me I don't know that's true or not. As the president continues to get damn what he calls a phony investigation. On Capitol Hill testimony continues. Today William Taylor the top US diplomat in Ukraine won't testify behind closed doors. He raised the alarm about the possibility time may have withheld aid for political gain. In a text message to the US ambassador to the EU Taylor wrote quote I think it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with the political campaign. Tom issue ready enough. They're giving good ambassadors who never. I don't know who these people. Now key supporters including senator Lindsey Graham say they'll stick the president congressman Adam Schiff the leader in the impeachment inquiry tweeted. The GOP lacked the courage to confront the most dangerous and un ethical president. In American history Kenneth. All right Cory Mitchell thank you moving on to Dallas schools are complete loss after three tornadoes struck the metro area. Many other buildings homes and businesses were also destroyed by the twisters thousands of people are without power overnight. The strongest of the storms had winds as high as 140 miles per hour. May easily there were no reports of deaths or major injuries. It's another tornado touched down in Memphis sending airport passengers in personnel scurrying for shelter again no deaths or major injuries are reported. Oklahoma and Arkansas weren't so lucky though for people died. State and take a look at this handcuffed man who jumped through the wind there window but NYPD cruiser. Yep and try to get away before being tackled by cop other officers helps to do that suspect was originally taken into custody because of a crowd control issue. At the scene of a shooting. It is unclear why. He tried to its deep in front of the cameras and for all those people from all those. Officers. Anger and frustration are boiling over in Syria as American troops withdraw from the country intro. Meeting Kurdish allies behind crowds threw potatoes armored military vehicles as US convoys pass through Kurdish Townsend route to Iraq. And this morning the cease fire negotiated by the US is about to expire it is as Monaco's are happy that's more. President drought made it clear that his decision to keep a small number of troops in Syria is not about the Kurtz that relationship with partners. We ever meet them. You know protect the Kurds instead the president said the move was partly your request from Israel and Jordan as well as to quote secure the oil so we have a small group. There and we security. That there's no reason for it. The president's message breaking with the Republicans on the hill including trump ally senator Lindsey Graham. Who says the US should not abandon its Kurdish allies on the ground US troops leaving northern Syria were blocked by desperate Kurds holding signs one reading quote. Thanks for the US people the trump the trade us. Some expressing their frustration by throwing Tito's armored vehicles and hurling insults. What's wrong remains unmoved at one point insisting that the Turkish incursion made it helped ease negotiations. It would have days of hell. I don't like. They wouldn't I think than a minute you. Under the US brokered cease fire the courage are supposed to withdraw from the seats don't. On the Syrian side of the Turkey Syria border but over the weekend both sides accuse the other of violating that agreement with Turkey offering this warning. If they don't meet girl. Our operation build leased out. According to the New York Times the Pentagon is looking to possibly keep around 200 troops on the ground. A US official told ABC news that one idea is for a mix of US and European forces to stay in the area. Caylee Kenneth. Our thanks to Mona now to an eleven year old from Illinois who has run his way into the Guinness book of. Old record over the weekend eighteen Haas pot heads completed. Half marathon in Iowa. Palladium the first person to run a half marathon in all fifty states he start running when he was just two years old. Aides grandmother says he took part in a kid's race because he wanted to medal. And now he's got a whole bunch of on his first half marathon was five years ago when he was just six it's been a passion ever sex. I love many amendments 'cause. Not me kids my age do it and it's fun to run to get lions young having them at any easier and long distance from because parents are disinvestment of fast. Well his grandmother's says Aden had never asked to quit and she's not forcing him to do it. He finished Sunday's race in just under three hours and 35 minute that's pretty impressive he could beat me definitely and a UN me about it coming up. Last Jimmy him all the tough question. Find out what it's really like hosting late night. Any agent dropped by the first pitch shifts in political power around the world we'll go across the pond for more. After this. Welcome back so it appears destined to go and has won a second term as Canada's prime minister projections have Trudeau's Liberal Party when he enough seats to maintain control. A Canada's parliament but. Trudeau's hold on power will be weaker than it was during his first term his campaign was threatened by several controversies including. Evidence that he had wore black piece. In the past. And in Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu as announced he's failed to form a government after falling short in last month's election. Let's bring in our foreign correspondent Julian McFarlin across the pond in the London bureau for more good morning Juliette nice to meet she you. Warning came. I got my first Joliet in fact before you on move on they're taught some very important news here I love the land that sued ABC's finance. It never met and it's the first time at Whittier across the pond though this share brings people together. What about on the promo. Her day producer. And. Well until out of steak and yours you great worker Eric thanks for joining eye to flying here to kind of tell us how elections changed the geopolitical landscape. Right so I was I do so we've got a slew of big foreign stories today festival in Canada. Prime minister of trade remember he swept to power back in 2015. Making a silly you. Of progressive pledges I was so much excitement about this he's a style another political dynasty having father he would lead the country previously. How that. Police buzz to four years of Justin K days premiership have been tainted with scandal. Matt and there's also just come yet to be formally announced but he has lost his majority he's caught. Fourteen seats short of winning an area of rural majority. But that is still good news for the two day campaign because they that would pose indicating that he may have lost. Outright. He has been tainted by. A number of scandals as I said that was. And an issue with this oil company which that day Canadian. Cabinet there were two resignations from his cabinet with female ministers claiming. That they had been pressured by the administration to get to kind to kibosh an investigation into this Canadian company. On allegations that it bribed Libya for contracts. Then prime minister should day find himself embroiled in a scandal as a black face and has the eight yen as. So before the chair come pain they say let me can. Governor with a minority government we just have to bill good allegiances in parliament but an interesting stop I had this morning. He now leads the most unpopular. Government in the Canadian history with lessons said he 5% of the fate. And Joliet when it comes to his role what's the story there in the power shifts. Right so we not quite at abide by ABB. Situation just yet but prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He had failed. To form a coalition government prior the president Rivlin. He had tossed that the car and the prime minister west forming a commission governor often results showed no declared no outright majority for any of the blocks. In The Knesset. Now the president he has got three days to decide what to do I'm it is getting to a maj. Pretty soon whether believed of an opposition faction banned ugandans who was Netanyahu's Parma challenge. If heat will be given a Monday told. The next government if he cam. Is he condit's he's gonna paired of about three weeks to do that. If he also cannot form a government behind him. Then that we see ourselves an apparent all around about three weeks whether Knesset or smack to create dissolves. Runs you guessed that. New elections for the Israelis and to be expected in the spring of next yet. More elections more elections I back there in the UK which is supposed to leave the European Union in ten days. I'm not really sure if you have tape I. London bureau you got have a giant clock up that he does tick tick down would Boris Johnson's like little emblem on like little magnet is. True. Leonard it and let you right behind doesn't you can't I'd show you but it political cover guys this is just. It's his right behind the big James long been poster that you guy have hooked up there the Libya. The project Harriet maggots that maybe not yet. So don't yet could do it probably has declined to vote on a boards Johnson's new with the also what's next then. Guys NSA Celtic say just doesn't bring about a lost week hadn't parliament was assisting for the fast time during the week hadn't since Britain was not war. A over the Falkland Islands and the time before dot it was during the Second World War when parliament was sitting on a weekend not just chase you. The gravity of the situation going on right now as we get closer to the back that deadline. Boris Johnson is trying to get his. His deal with the EU push through parliament. Yesterday this because he Ted it's and he couldn't bring that debate to the house. So now what's happening is he's trying to get the legislation. 30. In three days now because he's not getting a bit on his deal yet he's not trying to get it. A different way which would've had to happen anyway it's the fifth of its debate on the deal had gone through which is the domestic UK legislation on. On implementing and ratifying Britain's exit. Now he wants to do that in three days will admit that I the right there legislation to bring the UK. Into the EU in 1970 that took fourteen days of parliament to debate. So that's a situation on at the man at the DN dead bill was published yesterday it's about a hundred pages long that was upgraded. On the pundit website last night late last night I so it just is not about to get ready for bad my fellow. Not gonna read and I have on the that's not. Either present or get that I like and I would say cabinet met I was out of as a government minister on this morning on that made it BBC. Radio four program. I'm the Pentagon to those that have ended have you rides the whole. Of that the bill have you read the legislation. I'm gonzo would. Have a good look at six. There it is married and government menace. Miss so it. The next few days are gonna see long hours debasing and parliament I'm again Halloween is the deadline for when this is based the pigments leave. A hit worst it have you continued spanned the globe here with this so yeah let's hop on over to Japan. There really dramatic. Ceremony the emperor officially as sending this round. They did did REC a few months it outlets online. Exactly is that amber and marry he'd say he officially became Amre oft his. Bob abdicated that I happened back in May but what we saw. He was the lavish. Elaborate ceremony. That is full of symbolism dot efficient is the official moxie officials Stotts. All of his reign and you know really really beautiful picture isn't so much symbolism and tradition and pageantry. He was it is set a setting and that six point five meet the high. That tax cut me Cora throw iron. He was not ten leading up to forma proclamation. Which is hot of the so many his wife was reported enclaves this assay some chest. Reportedly closed and twelve lay as of Graham's and silks and she of course Catherine muscles aren't. I'm and of course there at the ceremony was held in the presence of an ancient swords and jeweled a sacred. Traces that act has symbols of Japanese imperial power. But guys this is more than just a nice a lack united people's army today that Japan has of course they've been struggling. And office. Natural the sauces I'm not typing how activists which left more than eighty people a bad so this was really nice thing to bring the country. Got definitely but why why tumor twelve layers of silk route Jimmy got cold may be right candy. A little chilly wind have you not seen you wanna walk into the offices here. Well we've gotten that far in this relationship yeah that's the last happened. Hey did. It allowed letting go I note that the jury a juror you are in desperate need. KOA provide wage do you see what he's capable of hate thank you so my eyes are very we appreciate it. Less Maher check our notification is now starting with an Ohio car watch that's going on out probably turning into a haunted house this is so spooky it's scary. Can do it. I no longer own a car winning their city yes but I have one. No way what I paid for a car watch there. And we do take the kids though yeah. I don't care what New York City transit workers have come out what that trashy way to fight back against cuts to their cleaning staff. The union is inviting writers to post pictures like me is of the dirty is subway cars you can find. I can god knows what that is exactly and I don't want to I don't either person some human waste some blood it. Some infectious debris. The first post up win Nina voted no gets 500 dollars and a tetanus shot put its. Please. I can to New York I'm trying really hard to navigate the subway is. That makes Tony. Not one you ethics. And I don't subway car that a day and that with the stents I stayed on. So that I give the other people's reactions are male. And it was hollow areas. Okay. And care to share some of the best reactions. Just like just complete horror and Mike that people turn around quickly and turnaround of got on the sat down anyway because you're New York City you'll like an answer latching in jail and were still on and. Very front and up as a special week. Here in your city ABC and tell us more Kenneth David Campbell taking a show on the road LA backed his hometown of Brooklyn and yesterday we told you about how we sat down with them and I mean you me you eaten. I think comp is all about the you know paint and on the day we wanted to be here give answers through some tough questions. JK back in the case predictable line kicking off another week of shows. This is our second home this is my moral loud no and a leg. Why keep coming back to Brooklyn. We love it here love being here the audience is excited and we get excited and would this beautiful venue were in the Brooklyn academy music is is a great place to do a show. And we get great guests and we eat like pigs you eat your weeks. Your weight and at least my wife her when you touched down here in New York. Street it's a pizza we are right to get PC out. We tell the kids you know -- have pizza and Brooklyn and they loved in my son was only two years old did something incredible last night. He folded as pizza in half and hated. Who way and I have never been more proud cry a little bit a tear KBS. Well night worn Bruce Springsteen. Eight list celebrity heavy hitters took the stage the boss Bruce Springsteen and moral well under Alicia Keys I'm calling it. A journey a journey with psychic gear moved by his side Jimmy is promising hijinks and some surprises. We have a bunch of surprises. Don't even ask what they are Ahmad an athlete cannot tell you. Go ahead net Jamie what's one of the surprise I can't tell OK yet the cac. The 51 year old late night host in his seventeenth season did you even imagine. Seventeenth season no Jimmy Kimmel Live no you're you're a student of late night greats I know I never met him would be on the slot it's weird I sometimes think about this so. I've been doing this show for a longer than I went to school. Because if you count kindergarten and then go through high school that's thirteen years and then college which it did three years of college. Mostly unsuccessfully. I've now been doing this longer than I went to school which is a very strange thing to think about. The Brooklyn native a student of the late night greats from Carson to Letterman. Opening up about the challenges of late night in the age of trop. We're in this hyper partisan and Honda bikes that time in our country and its I think for the late night hosts. We go to you through a little levity you move from comedy as well what's that like to be a late night host. In a time of the top administration and this time hyper partisan atmosphere where right now. We are so focused on what's going on in politics now and maybe that's probably better to be focused on politics rather than nonsense now. It in this particular situation. Will probably once this lunatic is out of the White House go back to our regular lives but. In the meantime. It's. Sometimes it's exhausting as probable there's a made a stop in Lake Charles, Louisiana on Friday where it once again he use all the best words and our constitution. The. Yeah. He really is the Abraham Lincoln of our time is an. Are always look at this way we let America decide what we talked about and we decide the way we're going to do you go for me proud to cover it. Yeah I do because all I do and I don't because I do think it makes it harder in some ways but also easier in some ways and I have a friend whose name I won't mention who works were one of the cable news channels. Only he took the job there he was kind of despondent he's like. The ratings are great we don't know what we're supposed to be talking about you know and and like like this terrible. Tidal wave in came Donald Trump and just every all that changed the dominant. We could say it's me it's not gonna I'm not. Everything Dick guy's funny tonight show. Benedict convert acts Kelly Ripa from live without Kelly rep. Going to be on the show and then we got Eddie Murphy later in the week. The big surprises you heard him their -- in the you know. An argument tonight Don lemon at the end there are elements that we don't know and so that was. Potential surprise about what he'd say it or not now he did callous but other surprise this. Happened last night when he took the whole audience that over to Barclays center. But Alicia Keys conserved for a Rock the Vote. And my whole audience you mean including yours out there I am wed one of our other. Morning workers here behind the themes and production Andrei. He's the Kimmel fans so he went on over did show had some fun in that first night so. You know you have you have my phone number and I don't know why. I think entering an Indian and by the domestically built you know Lisa Keyes there live I would've been great back up you and I would have so Dana. We'll cover it up we'll take a look at what's going on in the day ahead plus the big news for Star Wars fans we're gonna take a look at the new trailer for the ride the skywalker. Here's what to watch out for state lawmakers are set to hear from the top US diplomat. To Ukraine killed Taylor took over the US embassy. Yet after the president abruptly removed the ambassador. As the president pressed for an investigation to Joseph Biden Taylor said in a text message that it's crazy to withhold aid. For help with the political campaign meanwhile president trouble be having lunch with secretary of state might Pompeo at the White House. Yes she got public schools will be canceled for a fourth day as the city's teachers' strike for better pay and benefits and smaller class sizes. Senator Elizabeth Warren is scheduled to join the practice today as Chicago's. Laurie like is encouraging teachers to return to class while negotiations continue. Plus don't forget to tune into the debris for an update on our top stories in the briefing room corporate on the latest headlines and politics. Finally ten the big reveal last night from our parent company Disney last night on ESPN during halftime for Monday Night Football we got our. First peek at the first trailer for Star Wars the rise of skywalker. What is he doing there is trivial. Taking one just looks half. You know Star Wars fans and the fanatics that they are you out are dissecting. Every mode you know. Of this trailer to see what the film will hold. I mean there there like it's two buckets that he be happy pop up after recovering I was little. Walkway TV. Well. You know every word that he got that's you're on the care to see that comes though I won't do read Arabic only Caylee. Embarq. But we did can't and see that. Freeze they'll take it your writers Scott Walker went on sale last night the movie hits theaters on December Meehan. That brings us to the question of the day what do you think of the new Star Wars trailer let us know what you're excited about in the comments a tweet us at ABC news live wanna hear from you let us know speaker minds. You want like five more Star Wars movie this well. I can handle it by that time maybe K we will have watched the first one. By the second one of the third one I've I've seen. Wind which want. The what Harrison Ford. No. Now take over time you I may look at what came out its plan came out in 2002. Tweet us at ABC did lose. You know me a letter and are that is it for us on this Tuesday more than great FK the hearing gets what she coming back tomorrow. And that after that the move that you did have a good one.

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