It's Morning, America: Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Mueller frustrated with AG Barr over portrayal of findings, chaos unfolds in Venezuela and more.
22:24 | 05/01/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Wednesday, May 1, 2019
Good morning I'm Kenneth and I'm getting Norman near the top I think you know this Wednesday morning number one attorney general William Barr is testifying in front congress today the hearing comes hours after an explosive report that part received a direct complaint from Robert Mueller. And a letter to part Mueller expressed frustration. How bark characterize the special counsel's report on the Russian investigation saying it did not fully capture the context nature and substance of his work. Number two the deadly shooting at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte two people are dead and four others wounded after a gunman opened fire in a classroom on the last day of classes. Police have identified the 2.2 year old suspect was in custody reports say he's a former student at the university. On to number three the violence and Venezuela the country's opposition leader it's urging her supporters to take to the streets. Today in protest president of zero being monitored for defeating the attempted coups secretary of state Mike Pompeo says president ribeiro was on the way to Cuba. Until Russia and it here ever for a tax is happening at insert grant that some people don't like. Mark Zuckerberg do you tell what's new at FaceBook during its annual developers conference where FaceBook won't answer Graham announced its starting a test and Canada next week. And highs the number of likes our user gets on a post the company says the goal is to make is to grant fuel. A laugh like a competition. And finally number five a new tree for anyone who ever thought it was cool to see someone getting swine. It happened at countless people on Nickelodeon shows over the years and now you can enjoy some slime. As deserves. Orange and lemon lime Nickelodeon's slime bars are now in freezers at Wal-Mart. There are also low fat but no ice cream cups with green frosting swirls. Aren't parent any lacks. Appetizing collars and orange and green. You don't slime who. Good Morning America. We're here right to epic story attorney general William bar set to testify on Capitol Hill today on the heels explosive report that he received a direct complaint. For Robert Mueller himself Mueller was so frustrated about course characterization of this report that he sent him a letter expressing his concerns. Maybe you've lawn that joins us from Washington with the new. Hey they're Kenneth and Renee we also understand that in addition to that letter of frustration. Special counsel Robert Mueller followed up with a phone call to attorney general Barr he wanted to bar to release the special counsel summaries. This age after attorney general he. William Barr released a four page summary of the special counsel report president from claimed full exoneration. No come here and know how obstruction but ABC news can confirm that those conclusions were not along with special counsel Robert Mueller is finding. And that he express concerns to the attorney general directly. Rating the summary did not fully capture the context nature and substance of this office's work and conclusions and a letter first obtained by the Washington Post Mueller says that there is quote now public confusion about critical aspects of the results of our investigation. This threatens to undermine its central purpose for which the department appointed the special counsel to assure full public confidence in the outcome of the investigations. Attorney general William Barr is headed to the capitol today where he will face members of congress some of whom feel bored deliberately misled them at his last appearance. Members of the special counsel's team. Are frustrated too you know what their reference and with that. No I don't did with Bob Lawler support you're conclusion. I don't know whether Bob Mueller supported my conclusion. Senator band hall and now tweeting we now know Moeller stated his concerns on March 27. And then bar totally misled me the congress and the public he must resign that and on CNN congressman Ted lieu says only needs to be held accountable. I'm to push for contempt proceedings. And we've obtained an advance copy of white attorney general Barr intends to say to congress today. He plans to defend his decision ANC plans to say the department's work on this matter. Is added that no I imagine that there are many Republican members of congress who will be disagreeing later today Kenneth tonight brisk. To be a big day on Capitol Hill have a forever when right here on ABC news live thank you my friend it's good to see you create CO. President rob has found common ground the Democrats on infrastructure with both sides agreeing to work toward a two trillion dollar package. To upgrade roads bridges and brought band house speaker and anti Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Emerged in the White House needing touting a plan described as big in bold. It was quite a rare show bipartisanship falling their last meeting in January that ended with the president walking out. We just had a very productive meeting with the president of the united today to. In previous meetings the president is said of these investigations continue like it worked would you he didn't bring it. And so we're going and I believe we can do both at once there's. They left it to the president to figure out how they'll paper the plan to help present his ideas when they meet again in three week. It's now to the lockdown lifted at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where police say a gunman opened fire in a classroom killing two people. This morning the FBI's during the investigation as police identified the suspect as a 22 year old. But ties to the school. This morning on north trying to community devastated following a deadly shooting on the university campus I can't tell you the sadness. The entire community. To know them. A situation like this has occurred. On our campus our government opened fire in the middle of a classroom in the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. On the last day of classes for the semester the university quickly sent alerts warning students and a tweak to run and hide. White secure yourself immediately it was like. Stay safe get indoors. I'd be hefty all that students running from buildings others taking safety inside classrooms one tweeting we are okay. Everything was silent not it was out men and without warning known. Just consort there's gunshots are happening. Many students say they mistook the gunfire as a senior prank. Including interest and field who with in the classroom where the shooting took place. At first there have been hurt its opener like image and eighty annoyed some reroute our rusty everyone running like screaming. Mike. Oh this is for real so many screens so many things going on like. I don't know how I don't know how it into another barely. This video posted by Jordan Pearce sure we students with their he has in the year. Fleeing from the campus library on can't over the liked her inner calmness like there's not a situation we know that high. And at that out like I got that Israel. Is actually how so. I grabbed me and I meet a high police officers running in the opposite direction toward the chaos. Or should I remainder of the right yeah. Officers quickly arrived on that scene saying they disarmed the suspect before he could reload this morning authorities identifying him as 22 year old Tristan Terrelle. Reports say Terrelle as a former student at the university no motive is known at this time. FaceBook founder Mark Zuckerberg says the future is pride that a number of changes are coming to social media site which Zuckerberg says will bring back its earlier days. In an attempt to stop the spread of misinformation. ABC's Brad Melky has more. As yet this colds this developers conference every year but in the wake of scandal after scandal this redesign your FaceBook page could be a big moment. It's the backlash began for what data FaceBook provides advertisers Mark Zuckerberg said. It's time returned to the old days let's put a big angry bulletin board with a living were. Well yesterday FaceBook rolled out its remodeling plans I spoke to tailor low rents attack reporter with the Atlantic and I asked her what to look. So there's a big priority now on peace but groups. And you'll see groups you don't need much more certain higher up in the platform less focus on the news feed and people that you are ready now. And why is that like what the what sort of the overall plan he what's the play there is that privacy aspect in the sense that you're not gonna get you know it it does big wide open platform anymore. The irony is that FaceBook has always been a private place and intimates tourist groups actually opens people up there a lot more than you'd imagine. Yes perhaps the most notable development here. FaceBook is creating a dating program it's called secret crush essentially you list your nine friends on FaceBook that you have a crush on if they have a crush on you. It'll let you both know the question here guys is. Do you trust FaceBook right now with your innermost secrets have a lot more on the future of FaceBook on start here later this morning. Listen on apple podcasts or your paper podcasting app. Tank and a. Our thanks to Brad there are former Minnesota police officer has been found guilty in the fatal shooting of a woman calling 911. Mohamad nor was convicted of third degree murder and manslaughter in the July 2017 death of Justine diamond. Diamond Haq called police to report a possible sexual assault behind her home. The forty year old Australian yoga instructor died three weeks before her wedding. Does is not what empire days appear to be over fox entertainment says it has no plans first character Jamal to be back next season. While at still battling accusations allegations that he orchestrated a bogus hate crime attack. His camp though is staying positive about the show noting his contract was extended which represented at stake could mean a future return. So you're saying there's a chains and chef boy RD. Boyer hardy boy. Brad the only you know my palace there refined now that thing they see you back in the day except boy or dean and pronounces Kinnear renounce that anymore. My going to be fine Italian restaurants. But apparently I can't have it set down one of Chicago's main drag. All can police responding to a call that a suspicious object found at this. A rolling canned ravioli with an intent not on the back cars and pedestrians are kept away during the investigation. Subways in the area which in Chicago are not called subways were also shut down. Turned out it was a toy created by DePaul University student in. I've designed by centrist and will coming up the chaos unfolding in Venezuela the nation's embattled president saying it attempted coup has been defeated. But the opposition not giving up. Going up next. Welcome back let's check our certification is that this is going viral army ahead yes we did these photos claiming. Have found evidence of the legendary. Yeah Eddie and social media is going crazy SE Tweeter for the first time in. Indian army mountaineering expedition team has cited mysterious foot prints of mythical beast. Yeah Eddie that left a six million followers see you know people are talking about this may be about SaaS squads bigfoot to Loch Ness Monster next. And it's a from prize of course is prom season which means prom polls illness but this one didn't you co quite as planned turns out this guy. He got the wrong house he showed up to the girl let's listen in for a moment. You can do. My coach and so and so I think I usually don't apologize costs. Just because my back. Yeah have bad kids bad times those teams that a lot of high school where operation prom they all figured out. Until they get in but it all turned out of cape that young man right there he found the right house in the right date and was able. To go to the prom a happy man and I hope that she also. We'll be able to find the Davis we'll hope we'll hear the story from today's Alomar them as their baseball team trying to distract their teammate. During his interview so you think them behind there they scatter all acted out they've got skits galore. See the boxing there you see that young man getting night get behind them. Obviously the player umi interviewed. He had no clue any of this was going hall hi an art maybe he did little smirk there. After that player was night it. They are very skilled. Yep that's the bird will seagull they are just haven't finding a little camera time there in London I believe that is. And method of the traffic report let's like to name X is messing up all our reports here. And imagine if your hanging out at home and you see this streaking across the sky apparently. NASA meeting here. They're in Costa Rica incredible footage just capture the moment that be your lights up the night sky above closer readable for breaking up in Earth's atmosphere. Apparently answers claim a fragment of the rock. Which Schwartz were homeowner's roof. But the fragment up that meter right that's estimated to be. A forty some negatives right. More than fourth Al than a million years old Irish shares that number right that's your number right guys for. 4556. Million years of Opel. Good I don't know the number the so hot desire you sued saying them out loud. But very asked that very old your rights leader right estimate change some gears right now go to that chaos in Venezuela. As the opposition leader supported by the US from these calls for an uprising against the embattled president ABC's Trevor all has more. A country in turmoil violent clashes erupting in Venezuela as demonstrators flood the streets you. In protest of embattled president because. The chaos unfolding in the capital of Caracas troops and demonstrators face to face. An armored military vehicle running over civilians would do row calling it a coup. It began with opposition leader Juan why don't recognized by more than fifty countries as Venezuela's newly elected leader calling for a military uprising posting this video saying now with the moment for supporters and the armed forces to fight back. We want to send a clear message also to dedicate don't it got us motherhood on. Your time it's over. That is what is ready for a change. Among those backing quite go the White House president trump tweeting the United States stands with the people of Venezuela and their freedom and later threatening a complete embargo against Cuba if Cuban soldiers backing the do rove didn't return home. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo told CNN would do oral was preparing to leave the country himself. But was talked out of it by rush and the US government is now prepared to respond. President's made very clear that all options are on the table that certainly includes a military option. Were working to make sure that doesn't need to be the case. What o.'s representative in Washington says this is a constitutional. Process in would continue in the days ahead. But the bureau appears to still have the support of the military. Government officials announcing why don't had already failed. Cover all ABC news walk. So let's bring in our foreign correspondent doing McFarlane across the pond in London for more on the situation in Venezuela Julie good morning to you we're hearing. The dour oh has responded to secretary RKO's comments so what's he saying now. Mourning Kenneth yes so Madera he penned a little shaken and late night state TV. Addressed but this was really. A show of force hip kids surrounded by menace says. And he stuck to Beimel king secretary of state Mike Pompeo he said missed upon Payer please be serious. That aunt and a way of attempting to brushed asides of palm pays claims that he was ready. To fly off the plane into exile how to were it not for the Russians. Intervening. Madera vowed that his rule would continue he continued to blame the opposition on the US. Government for attempting to instill what he cold. I'm illegitimate government to he's also called for more protests as a school Houghton quite the opposition needs and the intern Preston. You mr. white are calling for more protests today so what can expect to really can we expect us to escalate in further now. I think quite a really needs it to add a several things that he really needed to happen yesterday senior military defections that didn't happen. Dot plane that was misstatement or a way that never took cough. Analysts say that while and then opposition activists Leopold let has really well then really respected and Venezuela he's been. Under house arrest since turning seventy and he imagine yesterday off to having convinced his gods to defects and never seen wearing on bonds suggesting that they had defected. But he was seen quietly. Claiming us refuge in the Chilean embassy in Carrasco said there was a sum deflation. I think to the meat and yes they some momentum lost I think one boy they really needs. The numbers come out today. Before you leave us Julie the Russian interference in this I think is starting to pick up a lot of steam here in the US. We talk about Pompeo. But the fact that there interfering do we know exactly just for folks who are watching just to reiterate why is Russia interfering. With Venezuela here. I think this goes to a lot of the geopolitics those alliances between the Russians and venezuelans. The Iranians have both say so that they support Madeira eyes have to key bends. So I think that we are seeing this tan and the more until a kind of proxy. If not save that conflict yet there is set in the NN's national alliance on either side fifty countries have supported quite don't recognize him as interim president. But then of course the Chinese the Russians Iranians. The Cubans. All supporting the government of NICU last Madieu and so this is crisis that emanates far beyond Venezuela's board does. Truly excellent reporting there and it's always give you get your expertise as well entity cannon thank yes. Well coming up the high school track start making nationwide headlines his record breaking performance. On the back to think the white tablet today of course attorney general William Barr said. Testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee which Democrats are sure to grill him about the newly revealed concerns. Robert Mueller expressed on how the findings of Russia investigation. Hoping to trade. Teachers in North Carolina will hurt us at the State Capitol the latest in a nationwide movement calling for higher pay more for staff and smaller class size is. And residents Robin First Lady maligned at trump will take part in the national day of prayer center tonight. Plus and don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on our top stories in the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. Clouds a high school track athlete in Houston Texas who has made it quite a name for himself with a world class record setting performance. He's eighteen years old and already has Olympic aspirations our own Texas native will dance has this story. Good morning yell mourning go ahead and be all but you see this next high school athlete. It almost seems like something right out of the movie. His name as a floor T shirt can run. He's eighteen year old Matthew Bowling Green student at street jesuit college predators and in Houston Texas. Glink tightness that's because Matthew Scruggs a hundred meters. In less than ten seconds. The senior setting a global record for high school runners when he posted a time. A nine point 98 seconds during his 100 meter sprint this weekend and he's not far behind other track legends. Saint Paul's world record in 100 meter dash nine point 58 seconds. This video of Matt he's win going viral earning him the nicknames. White lightning fast is it alive and yet Forrest Gump it. Hidden jewels the Matthew revealing that despite what it looked like. That runs wasn't exactly in step with the body plan. Plus there is pretty gave it. I just cannot agree that like decides that that I it was and that. Inside is thought to myself to keep pushing for that lesson to us have been. Say the did you get time and. Steps in the right direction Matthews who will compete at the state championships and Austin next month. Before heading to the University of Georgia at the end of that finish line hopefully. But for the US Olympic team. And only eighteen are already breaking records that he doesn't need a reason I stay industry. So Matthew did run that record breaking race for the tail wind up four point two miles per hour in some folks consider that an assist. So the national record of a 102 100 meter dash still stands. But as you guys know this is only the beginning of an amazing career. For the white lightning force them to back. I hope so I'm you have so you references to Forrest Gump in there that it was extremely impressed think you. But now I gotta get stretched and I got wiry and I also would be in the Olympics in Quetta area an area that are here were not. Ready set. Out. You hear the wind in his mind he's gone everybody. Every doesn't question of the day you nickname with the story behind it OR one you could I'll take a back. Treatise about ABC news live storming Norman storm and enormous consumer trash you were state place that you were track star known as star of attract. Packed star you have it right athlete. I didn't I ran track on the being fields. Rim circled amid marching mainly you put did you have laid the ground is and I played baze I played there are played squad that route although. Now the vote yes that's all I ever today. But my negative my name first game it's going to be. Most of man. By man in motion. Back.

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