It's Morning, America: Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Jon Stewart slams Congress over first responders aid, Hong Kong protests heat up and more.
25:02 | 06/12/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Wednesday, June 12, 2019
Good morning and evening orbit and I'm gonna vote here at the top five things to know this Wednesday and number one the massive protests in Hong Kong police fired tear gas crowd walking into the government building. They're protesting a bill that would allow extradition from mainland China debate on the bill with the late today because of these protesters we'll have more. Com shortly. Number two other key vote is planned in Washington today. One day after comedian Jon Stewart called out congress for failing to make sure the 9/11 compensation fund never runs out of money Stewart made an emotional plea in an appeal on back half of the 9/11 responders. Now suffering from cancer and other illnesses many of them worked. Around ground zero without proper protection. If congress doesn't act future pay out compensation fund are sent me advisement and seventy cents. On to number three former Red Sox star David Ortiz has taken major steps on his road to recovery from Sunday shooting. In his hometown of Santa Domingo and the Dominican Republic and walked. For the first time since the attack but his family says he still thinks several days in the icu at a Boston hospital one suspect has been charged as an accomplice in the shooting but police that the government is on the run Associated Press reports police are investigating whether a brief relationship. It's centered amigos sat and. Motion a chain of events that led to Ortiz being shocked AP says the law enforcement officials are not elaborating on what kind of relationship there back to eating. We at Tennessee for number four please near Nashville say a sneezing fit cost this rollover crash. The video was obtained our ABC station to be KRN. The drivers you see their lost control all personal construction workers. Nearby rushed the rescue. They join together to push the SUV upright which allowed the driver to safely get out just moments. The vehicle burst into things emergency crews right to put out the fire from nobody ever. And finally number five the US women's soccer team will be impairs Sunday trying to follow their historic victory with another win. The Americans that at scoring record blowing out Thailand in the opening match thirteen. Nothing it out for organs Isaac turner record 45 goals. Many of the Ron Paul Ron also made the score sheet and her parents were in the stadium watching. Or. Thank you that say bring it up the floor but there is a reason to keep scoring because totaled goal. Count as a tiebreaker at the end of the president's. First round so good going you know what happens when they get a goal there have been saying god. Yeah. Hope. Plus the fact that fits. Story the emotional appeals from Jon Stewart the comedian unleashing on congress for failing to support the 9/11 first responders they promise. Never expert. It Stewart was visibly furious he tried to shame lawmakers into making sure the September 11 compensation fund never runs out of money. He was surrounded by some of those first responders now battling cancer and other ailments. And this all comes ahead of the crucial vote today ABC's want to Zach has more from Washington a lot of good morning. Hey good morning to you Kenneth and today it no gun store was so impassioned. And hearing from those victims it's hard to see YA. Congress hasn't fully funded this and it's set to run out of money in 20/20. If they don't act. It did their jobs. The courage grace. Tenacity. Humility. Eighteen years later. Two hours. An emotional Jon Stewart tells the filing on behalf of first responders sickened after 9/11. The Meehan in congress to fully fund the 9/11 victims compensation fund nor indifference. Cost these men and women their most valuable commodity. So one thing they're running out. The bill is expected to pass the house today but advocates say the challenge is in the senate. Scotch side look at satellite will have to we've always. Dealt with that in the and a compassionate way. Former NYPD bomb squad detective Louis Alvarez is facing his 69 chemotherapy treatment. We are old worried about our children and spouses. And our fan my. If we are not here nor say you would never forget. Well I'm here to make sure that you. Self the fund has paid out claims to 22000. Victims but according to the World Trade Center health program there are roughly 95000. Who could be eligible. Time awfully tired of hearing that it's a 9/11 New York issue al-Qaeda. Didn't shout death to try baca. They attacked America and these men and women. And their response to it is what raw our country back and you are ignoring them. And not everybody was actually president at that subcommittee meeting there were two members that were actually absent one Republican and one Democrat. And Stewart really took that as a sign of congress' dysfunction. Kenneth today. Lot of Zack thank you so much and you know this really is not even about Jon Stewart this is about the tension that should be on these first responders are it's really deserve our respect our attention lies thank you again my friend. Those other headlines this morning the pilot killed in Monday's helicopter crash on a New York skyscraper was not certified to fly in about whether. Cafe eight records reveal to McCormick was cleared to fly only in good visual conditions. He radioed after take off to say the weather was affecting his visibility officials are trying to determine what led him to crash on top of that building. President Robert for vice president Joseph Biden spent yesterday taking jabs at one another's people descended on Iowa. Biden said four more years of president trump what pose a threat to the country Biden also blasted trump over terror sane American farmers and manufacturers. Are absorbing the pain the president question Biden's mental fitness. He looks different betting is still the acts different that he used. He's even slower that he used that name I'd rather run against I think Biden than anybody. I think he's the weakest mentally. Had I like running against people that awake bent though it. Mr. vice president why do you think the president says he would rather run against you than anyone. It's I don't no idea. Look at the word Christmas. Trump attended a fund raiser last night before leaving Iowa detoured to the Democratic Party. The never mentioned that the former vice president. Both a tense situation a Hong Kong this morning protesters faced off with riot police. As they tried to block access to government buildings police there firing tear gas into the crowd. That was where lawmakers were scheduled to start work on a controversial law that would allow suspects to be sent to China for trial. The start of the legislative session delayed because of the protests and our correspondent James Longman is there in the crowd the latest. Good morning James. By Kenneth gathered today at pretty. Cahill take scene now. In the last few moments more remote dig out has been coming out does not see bin. Flight to dive into opposition hands Heineken C. Brit does this all along this street hit a place that just behind our building that is than it did legs that building you're talking about just behind that. I'm all morning has been this kind of cat and mouse between the police. And it's as busy indeed in Indiana caps that he could see behind me down there as well the young lady has. Has fallen down C I think it's cutting creating problems octane gas was pretty problem that attendee of smells and take nothing different kinds of my time. To see fifteen and sixteen year olds kids essentially it's his mother in laws in a Dodge City people are struggling to breathe. You know that's that's quite something to witness there though lots of tying gay about that extradition wolf they're ridiculous the hawks. All the sentiment in Hong Kong which is that China is increasingly driving price upon its. Freedoms are supposed to be one country into existence paid one from mainland China but I'm won the Hong Kong this extradition little. The many people hey I'm does not basic premise of why this place exists and people anyone hoping today was gonna remain peaceful offline are out we saw people with flowers they were counting on and today. It has been getting more and more violent and the you know it's they were coming up to the end of electing de that we might have people coming finishing. Black Friday may not mob Dave Ross fuels this direction but gonna have to look back not waive laws they waited. Finishing well now outside OPEC could be more people coming hand to join the protest against the people of Hong Kong failed. Very powerfully about there's. I'm predicting a young generation that feels for the heat that's being cherries particularly in Harold. In 2047 the basic rule runs out hand which is the one that keeps on calling a separate from China business and any that. They don't but I'll have to wait until when he 47 China is taking control already and what do young people is supposed to days the very expensive city. More more Nigel being taken by mainland Chinese. And it's not the man in the coffee we shall see most people hate filled that's distorted going to pulse anyway. And but they wanna be allocated so that they weren't they went back down without a fight conspiring to see semi young people that we'll see whether or not that efforts make a difference. Right chains be safe out there we agree Clinton joining us. All former first couple Barack and Michelle Obama are step closer to becoming anti Napster's their youngest daughter Sasha you see there is now a high school graduate. The ceremony at Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC came a day after eighteenth birthday. Former vice president Joseph Biden and his wife doctor Joseph Biden where they are as well their granddaughter Mazie graduated reports say sauce Obama will attend the University of Michigan. In the fall. Congrats to them while the FBI files on Hugh Hefner have been laid bare for all of us to see. The man behind the Playboy empire died and 2017 at the age of 91. File shall FBI agents interviewed Hafner a number of times in the magazine's early years due to quote obscene material. If you're also conducted surveillance to see if Hafner was breaking laws by transporting pornographic images over state lines. A report determined he was too clever to violate state or federal law it's. And Newton coming up the journalists detained by Russia released overnight how popular. Cry fresher stories to drop charges after this. Welcome back. Now to a nightmare scenario for anyone who has rented their homes to strangers a California vacation rental was reportedly cleaned out. For renters use fake IDs to book the property Bryant's lost you from our San Diego affiliate has the story. From a neighbor's surveillance camera that shows men moving things through bird rock area garage and into a truck. But the men not movers they were staying in the vacation renal but according to the homeowner had checked in using fake credentials fake credit cards fake I. And as I found out I went and told all my employees and in I'll definitely spread the word they're good. There is a crew going around doing something like this Tyler true bridge as a contractor working in the neighborhood. He's had his own tools stolen while working at a home. Knows how the homeowner is feeling and spoke on his behalf you don't wish it upon anybody that's their personal belongings and they've their home was invaded its it's. Breach of privacy and and in some invasion in your in your world. In this case it wasn't small belongings either the owner tells me the men clean the place out stealing everything. Furniture to TV is even the stove. And when I talk actual owner it was a lot more intense than I thought what's more the owner tells me math was left inside. We were there today as a police officer took down a rural poor and the fact that there were drugs in the house to. Leads me to believe that that it might happen again tip La Hoya vacation rentals is the property manager here we asked them for an interview but they wouldn't do it. The homeowner in this contractor. Warning the neighborhood. Watch out it's just sad that there's people out there to take advantage of these situations it's got to be something that shakes you up a little bit and bird rock Bryant's Lonsky ten news. Our thanks to. Ryan there. Now let's go across the pond out our foreign correspondent Julia MacFarlane in the London bureau good morning Julia a study in Africa where we've been covering the Ebola outbreak that has now. Expanded to Uganda. Mourning Kenneth that some bad news in the fight for a bad let it hasn't abated since that horrific outbreak but to into any Saatchi and Tony succeed him and boldest headlines. Of this disease which was furiously expanding cross western Africa more than 111000 people died. Back then and while there was logic contained up to 2016 has actually cracked back. In the DeOssie more than 14100 people have died essence lost August and now some really bad news. A five year old boy in Uganda. Has been consigned to how that the disease according to the World Health Organization. The country has issued an emergency response following this outbreak it's sort but he's traveled from the DeOssie to Uganda but a couple of his army members. Have exhibited some signs. Of the disease say health officials while health organization Ugandan officials on of course. Eight what is it that the Osce are really trying to get this outbreak under control before we see a repeat of that horrific epidemic a few years ago. That's hope they do I'm sure they are working as fast that's possible. I'm in Julian overnight Russia was who has released a journalist being held on drug charges that it now would drop effort quite a public outcry so what's the latest there. Tenet this isn't ready ready extraordinary story from Russia nicely because it's kind of I'm pretty strong and one of the first real. It's the sort of exams we've seen of civil. Society of civil action being taken on the government responding to pressure on this remember Russia is ranks around eighty set out to the hundreds. On the world press freedom index a hundred being the absolute last say of course Russia pretty far down on that list. Puzzled the story even golden of he isn't an independent freelance investigative reports. 48 Latvian based Russian. Outlets and he'd he'd done Alatas investment stories on bike lane shot business corruption. All of these sorts of things and last week he was detained by police. On drug charges now there was a huge international outcry about as I'm taking it very very much domestic outcry and this same of these charges what falls. That pictures that. A pitch to shave stashes of message I'm in his apartment what I see pictures of his apartment. A lot of campaign is saying this was sound. And this was growing into a real embarrassment. Full at the crime let. Now one about colleagues has just points out that today actually is a Russian. Public holidays it's an interesting timing for the Russians to release him from prison. And drop the charges against him an Interior Minister today. Saying he's gained bosque Vladimir Putin Russian president. 252. Officials. Who are bold. In this in this whole debacle. But this is really quite extraordinary example of Russian civil society sort of standing up for press freedom and the authorities actually taking names. Stick and interesting timing on that release and interesting. Kate made an appearance with some furry friends. Yes well and hey some. We love these pictures of that visit saying some father is encumbered northern England's. They let tossing the parliament isn't just understanding that what they do and they even got to go out Schering. Some she K that just trying to you very delicately. Tried should receive let's she seems to be tickling the animal cool thing. And yep this is interesting because bomb is. There was that's on schedule to the future king and one thing that's really important to them as Brett exit because they may leaves a lot of subsidies. From the EU. If the deal gays bodies so they were trying to get that message across. The one thing we chosen Eric page she does a lot of that a look at this sort of thing she needs a lot of members of the public sugars and lot of Latin trips and it's what that she has recently been recognized will be by the queen. She's recently been awarded the dame head of the royal Victorian cross which as a ready really high it would. In the British no naval system. I'm not image of Kate and Treasury Secretary Steve nation you can see she's wearing the sash. All of the Victoria cross and she's got a hot or depends that the bulletin it's Britney. Esteemed wanna for the creed to bestow on Kate and that's in recognition of many years of Kate doing things just like this traveling up and Donna country looked boosting charities visiting. Ordinary working people and just getting to know has subjects a middle. I really do believe the queen likes her granddaughters. And law. Yeah I mean we can expect. Meg in is committee really active in doing this kind of lack is while and I'm sure that we can expect American to receive. Similar on his from the queen if she keeps this keeps up with it her. Yes he's definitely they by giving them. Given the queen there are some my beautiful great grandchildren so yes definitely. Hey Julia thank you so much we appreciate scanner has the air and so let's check our notifications. Our firm will dances here to take us through the best of social media. That's right before we get into this that I just what to say I hang out with common people all the time in the queen has never given me at the sash but there that we know that you what we're fiercely. But I think you so much anyways you guys let's get in Jordan notification spreads are Courteney Cox wore a lavender cocktail dress he C a right there. On the red carpet back in 1998 for the Hollywood premiere at the casino thriller snake eyes. And now Cox has passed it down to her fourteen year old daughter Coco saying quote. I'm not want to hold on a things but this with the darn good to purchase yes it was fabulous bed and fabulous now what do you think Kenneth. I think it's pretty cool let's see what else he passes down to her may be. It is our friends -- maybe in her bedroom at the at the Cox south system how cool would that be if she did have the actual friend's couch with her that iconic captured the little reserved sign on the table that would be pretty cool. Worth something for share. So while apparently just in time for summer now there's a chance to own your own island yes Columbia island it's just minutes from Manhattan it's about an acre in size. But you don't just get the land you'll also be the owner of a 5600 square foot. Four bedroom two bath home. The price just casual thirteen million dollars so the first thing you would do you have an island like this well Lou I would instituted a rule that you could only play beyonce Taylor Swift or the frozen soundtrack and nothing else unless. You get prior approval from the man. I would dare to say get the money to buy that island you can just him bite them on to your island should. That's right I'd be AM would be and Taylor anyway that would need to make a ruling after a breakup of that island party but happy bombed so how about let's make it rain. A little bit what that's an excellent all right check this out this ATM at a London train station. Definitely was making it rain. When it malfunctioned. And he but I mean big guys standing there at first it would be really fun I imagine and then when everyone else starts crowding around you probably start getting a little nervous right like. I would think so but he's got a little duffel bag is going in there had. That would on the dropping like you that the club I guess and I bet what type of club exactly. And so we are both we really both wish we could dance like this little girl breaking it down to live those. Smash hit songs you listen. We're gonna go well. You know and so well millions of lives those saw this video. Yes she's not on GM AC weeded out GM AC's like I I need to meet this girl we got a collapse. And I just wanna throw both my name and Tenet's name in the ring however it's not as well you know. Well I think her moves are much better than ours are ready yeah she's cool and it's usually an anti bingo will while I move on here. They're ago period a coming up there is worth soccer team. The dominant way and and the controversy why some critics say their celebrations for unsportsmanlike. We'll dance will be back. What that. After this. Here's what to watch out for today the president's son Donald Trump junior is scheduled to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee. In a closed door session. Senators will likely ask why he said under oath that he knew very little about a cup Tara. Moscow deal which appears to conflict with testimony from former trump attorney Michael Cohen. He told lawmakers he kept up cheering Fokker from briefed about the project. Meanwhile president profit such a lovely the president of Poland to the White House meetings and bilateral press conference. We'll bring that to you. Live right here anything is live. We'll carry out Aretha Franklin will is set to take place after three separate handwritten wells were founded being sold like home including one and helped cushion. Franklin's lawyer is asking the court to determine whether their ballots. Plus don't forget to turn into the debrief for an update on our top stories and the briefing room break down the latest headlines in politics. The NBA finals aren't the only major sporting event captivating worldwide attention. It's a great time via live this morning especially if your soccer fan. And are all will Cannes is here with a well I was you have some of those fasten the Ripa had I had just off the hair. I mean well when you hit the scored this game it's a hair raising thing that might do you know happen do you tip all right listen up you guys it's funny nineteen. Women's World Cup is officially underway and if you're watching online you may have thought the live stream was clutching but now. The women's team just kept scoring and scoring and scored. It's not good. For the US women's national team in their 2019 World Cup opener it was lucky number thirteen. Defeating Thailand in an historic thirteen to zero victory. Defending World Cup champs setting record after record. Both schools ever. Alex Morgan who scored five goals tying for the most by any player in a men's or women's World Cup match. And ten goals in the in the second half for the most of any happened World Cup history fans of teen USA cheering on goal after ethnic goalie Lindsey rents parents in the in the stands watch her score her first. Game some viewers criticizing team USA's continued celebrations after the goal of former World Cup champ Abby one that's leading the sub. Players this is their first World Cup goal and they should be excited imagine it being you out there this is your dream of playing and and scoring and a World Cup celebrate. And after the game a display of sportsmanship from US captain Carly Lloyd's controlling the gold keepers team Thailand. This massive victory coming on the heels of a lawsuit filed by the wedding scene earlier this year seeking. Equal pay what the men's teams make. It was vital stats looked at the women seem ninety minutes scored thirteen goals on Tuesday events in the scored thirteen goals total. In the past 6202. Eighties. Which is seventeen years if you do the math. Outs the women's next game will be on Sunday and Paris taking on teen achievement award I. I think the highest floor when you talk about 00. Beer yeah. Normally what it's like watching sock yeah right racket up women racket out. Yes absolutely especially now that we know that it makes sense why they keep scoring yet still good for them cannot resist our question of the day will teen USA. Go all the way and bring home the glory again. Tells us think of the comments or treatise that. Evening news will day will. Yes of course they would pay well there you have go to USA arts path that fit for us this morning and tomorrow. You add say we'll see you tomorrow.

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