It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2019

Pelosi puts Trump on notice, California to cut power to fight fires, China presses NBA over Hong Kong tweet and more.
24:25 | 10/09/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2019
Good morning I'm gonna vote and. Claiming as illegitimate. Pelosi says the president's not above the law. And will be held accountable Democrats also subpoenaed the US ambassador to the European Union after the White House. Blocked him from testifying number two the massive power shot off in California people across the state have been stocking up I had a plant power outages that could last for days. Electricity started being cut overnight to nearly one million customers it's a precaution to prevent. Power lines sparking wildfires during heavy rain. On to number three nine year old boy is being charged with murder in connection with the deadly house fire in Illinois five people died when a mobile home caught fire and people investigators are not reviewing the relationship between the boy in the victims. Which includes three children and two adults authorities say it will only say the fire was intentionally set. Neighbors say the Caylee is still trying to cope with the arrest. And I think that he should be followed plunge has thirties and forties. News be on probation for a long time for this it shouldn't just be Kelly's eighteen. The boys charged with five counts of first degree murder in the prosecutor calls the decision Hadley saying quote. It's a tragedy but at the end of the day it is charging a very young person with one of the most serious crimes we have a number of for the CDC reports that sexually transmitted diseases have reached record highs across the US more than 2.4 million syphilis gonorrhea and chlamydia infections were reported last year. That's an all time high expense data on all three conditions were first elected in 1984. Health experts blame the spike on several factors including declining condom use in constant sexual health programs and finally number five Al one minute film played the ultimate. Easy joke on her dad Sarah Smith and the T that to the dining room wall to see how long it would take her father to notice. And he probably get about four years later. The G that disappeared Sunday night the joke is gone viral online some accuse Smith of making the whole thing up saying that tees it. Could collapse that long but Smith points out that swim in Vermont where it's too cold for me most of the year. I have my hero who done it someone about it just to get a competent. Off the Barnes and that's just laughed along pavlik twinkies palace. Good morning let's get right about vick's story impeachment showdown taking a new turn. Just hours after the White House that it will no longer cooperate with the investigation. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is putting president found on notice. In a new letter Pelosi warns the president that he will be held accountable meanwhile Democrats have now subpoenaed a top diplomat after the White House blocked his testimony. ABC's Ann as Dele Qatar has the new. Good morning to named Canada as the White House grows increasingly defiant house Democrats are pushing on. Warning the president that any attempt to Stonewall will be used against him and evidence of obstruction. In a scathing letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi the White House declaring it will not cooperate with the impeachment inquiry. Writing the investigation is dangerous illegitimate and a violation of fundamental fairness Pelosi responding overnight calling the president's decision only the latest attempt to cover up his betrayal of our democracy. And to insist that the president is above the law setting the stage for a showdown between the White House and congress. As this State Department blocked the US ambassador to the European Union Gordon some land from testifying on Capitol Hill the. The failure to produce this witness. The failure to produce these documents. We consider. Yet additional strong evidence of obstruction. Simon reportedly worked behind the scenes to help carry out trumps wishes in Ukraine house Democrats have now issued a subpoena for Solomon's testimony and documents meanwhile ABC news is learning a White House official who listened in on charms phone call with the president of Ukraine described it as crazy and frightening. This according to that whistle blower at the heart of the impeachment inquiry. According to a Washington Post char school poll 58%. Of Americans now support impeachment up from 37%. In July. The president's strongest supporters are still standing by him what we see in this impeachment. Is a kangaroo court and chairman shift is acting like a malicious Captain Kangaroo. Both sides now gearing up for a long fight with the White House tapping former South Carolina congressman trade dowdy to serve as legal counsel to the president during impeachment proceedings to name Kenneth. Art and as a Washington think you police have now arrested two suspects in the death of a key witness at the murder trial of a former Dallas police officer. Investigators say Joshua brown was shot during a drug deal authorities or criticizing community leaders were previously claiming that Brown's death. Was related to his testimony at the trial of former police officer amber Kiger. I assure you that it's simply not true. And I encourage those leaders to be mindful of their actions moving forward. Because they're worlds. Have joked about the integrity. Of the city of Dallas as well as the Dallas Police Department. Joshua brown used to be both in John's neighboring contradicted amber tiger's testimony at trial. Tiger was sentenced to ten years for John's murder Bjork status reporting its first BP related death a seventeen year old from the Bronx died from a severe lung condition. Easily to be the first team in the U lasted die from beeping related illness boy died Friday after being hospitalized twice in September. Meanwhile another gaping death has been reporting California more than twenty deaths there reported nationwide. First Lady bombing accomplice holding a listening session at the White House today you'll hear directly from teens about be being an. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is scaling back its campaign scandal after suffering a heart attack last week. They're still no word on when Sanders plans to resume campaigning but he'll participate in next week's debate in Ohio Sanders families also mourning the loss of his daughter in law reigned Riggs died. Saturday from cancer the age of 46 she was diagnosed shortly before her death. She leaves behind her husband and three children not to restore power outages overnight in California in the power company started shutting off electricity to nearly one million customers across the state. We have the high fire danger and more outages are plain and 34 counties. Now some businesses and medical facilities are scrambling worried that these outages could last for days. Overnight last minute preparations in California before massive plan to power outages. My father in law did it this morning reminded me to do that people stocking up on water and lighting up at gas stations. As a power company started shutting off electricity and anticipation of high winds. They have the potential to spread wildfires. Forecasters predicting the strongest wind event in the region in two years. I'm just charging all my phone chargers hopefully like right you know I have an action some phone home and I'm gonna. Hopefully he's got entirely you know connection to the world. 800000. Customers are expected to be affected with the power being cut to people in more than half of the State's 58 cal needs. This map out the plant outages in northern California showed nearly the entire Bay Area affected except for downtown San Francisco and San Jose. Customers could be without power for up to five days. There's a possibility day could restore power sooner. And I believe that it really depends on how quickly they get out and inspect lines. Officials are hoping to avert wildfires caused by faulty lines in lusting called the largest preventive outage in state history. The widespread shot off comes after investigators determined that the so called campfire last year which killed 85 people and burned a 153000. Acres. Was sparked by power lines belonging to the utility PG NE. That fire led the company to file for bankruptcy after a six point nine billion dollar lawsuit payout. Back in the Bay Area some health facilities are now asking PG need to keep their power. During this week's planned outages. We won't make sure that patients get dallas' what really the other. But this is not sustainable over the long prolonged period of time. But amid the concerns some humor from police in the city of please intent. With a list of helpful reminders for residents like keep your freezer and refrigerator doors closed to keep food from spoiling. If you've teenagers this may be difficult. And the strike at General Motors is now in its fourth week some new numbers show the toll it's taking an estimate of 100000 workers have now been affected by the walkout. That's more than double the number of workers actually on strike in includes 75000 auto supply workers who've either been laid off or had their pay cut. Ever gonna air first look at images of an amazing rescue near Italy and ultralight plane this on here wound up tangled upside down in ski lift cables. Seven Sunday north of the line the pilot isn't hospital after being thrown from the cockpit until one of the we things. His passenger was trapped inside it took crews about nineteen minutes to get them down. Well mother and daughter and Texas are making college a faintly affair fix. Zero MI your hearts and mom Kathy attend the University of North Texas boat they're studying to become doctors and this semester khakis and every one of her daughter's classes. Each of them says the experience has made the relationship stronger. It's a lot of fun we're competitive than a fun way. Who did better on Nancy did better on that so we challenge each other ground and so close they've become best friends. That's last husband Joseph air Hart says. Each of them serves as the other support system Emma and Kathy are both working toward their doctorates some pretty cool Mary Norton well coming up the gaining pro band from east sports tournament. Over support for protesters in Hong Kong for the first Turkish troops head to the border of Syria after US troops pulled back. Well president trumpet saying after this. Welcome back so closely watched case that was finally argued at the Supreme Court comes down to one question. Does the federal civil rights law cover those in the LG BTQ community justices heard two hours of blindly. Arguments about the issue yesterday their ruling won't be handed down until early next summer ABC's Brian Oki joins us the details bragged good morning. That's right Supreme Court observers have been telling us this is a hugely consequential year on the court's and yesterday the justices heard perhaps their biggest case of this term. Activists from. Each side cultural conversation showed up in Washington to human lawyers argue a couple cases on whether it is legal to fire someone because they're gay. Lesbian or transgender. ABC senior Washington reporter Devin Dwyer was in that courtroom so west and in other federal protections for age sex race disability. But there are no explicit protections for gay people are there. The plaintiffs in this case Brad argued yesterday that there are in plain sight in fact they are saying. That a discrimination on the basis of sex he has. Walks covers sexual orientation gender identity because both of those qualities. Are based on sex ink in fact the attorney for one of the plaintiffs in the cases before the court I brought forward an example for the justices Pam Carlin said look. If you're a man and you are in love with her ged and a woman. There's no problem with that in society right now an employer would simply shrug in fact in a player would give you a couple days off that he got engaged or gotten married. A to go enjoy their honeymoon but if you're a man. And you're dating an imam with another man as was the case with journal by stock. Pam Carlin said in this case resulted in him getting fired and that's not OK she said that's on the basis of sex. Net in the room Dennis that it currency look at tossup but this morning. There are lot of eyes on conservative justice Neil course it's true sink at sympathetic to the plaintiffs' argument however he also wondered out loud. About the ramifications for religious beliefs in this case of a lot more on start here later this morning listen on apple podcasts Wii Fit for podcasting app Jimmy Kenneth. Brad think human Turkish troops are gathered along the Syrian border ahead of an expected invasion now the president trumpets for US forces from a key border region. But the president says he has not abandoned Kurdish fighters who've been instrumental in driving out I says. Let's go across the pond now to do a McFarland in the London bureau for the latest Juliet good morning. Mourning Kenneth yes that's right on the latest news we've just got this morning is dots the Assyrian Kurdish fights has. Have been gone and gathering that forces a cross on the other side of that board in response to that I keep technician military buildup just. A bit via the site to now it's unclear what is gonna happen often as tense standoff but yes today. All the action was ever in Washington because off the present trump announced his plans late over the weekend too with joy US troops. From northern Syria anticipating that. Turkish military a intention there was a storm of criticism not just. From Trump's dependence but also from some of his longest standing rivals. Ally is his closest ally on the hill senator Lindsey Graham senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. But also on this side of the pawns are British parliamentarians. Raise the issue in the house of commons saying that's the west made the catch a debt of on that now in a series of tweets president child a parent to wrote back. And that silly he warns techie that if they did anything off limits they would face devastating economic consequences but also sought to reassure. The tax they why an important NATO ally. He also added that the UK and the US was not getting to the trade because so now or Liza run not boarded to see what happens tonight he makes next may. And in Iraq Julie of violence has broken out amid protests over the past week killing more than a hundred people. There's all shows new signs of cooling off so what are these protests about. Canada's Israeli and saying this has been happening for the last couple of weeks. A number of protests have sprung up a cross. Iraq now what is unusual about this is that these. I'm not ready secretary and protests and a country that has been very very sick tired of the lost he has. These up protests which have been led by. Makes Lee young men in the twenty's and recent graduates from new investing who are unable to find jobs. They have all stunted to protesting. Against government corruption. Against rising costs of living. I'm they're protesting for jobs and clean warts. Now what has happened recently is up security forces have met them with a very heavy handed response more than a hundred. People have been killed recently this is just I really be a boring ten Iran for Iraq just two years after it declared victory. Against the united against the Islamic state. And sticking with coverage of protests again another one and Ecuador where the president declared a curfew after being forced out of the capital. Sounds strange these protests are being led by indigenous peoples looking tells about that Julia. Having had these protests. Evade. As you say they've led by indigenous groups they've lodging sprung up often fuel subsidies. Where it may have to recently spiking the price of petrol up by a hundredth the sentence since. Lost week when government subsidies were me what I've removed. Now it though huge protests. Against this action and fight prep protestors stormed a lot of government buildings say president Lenin RNA he and paste. A government Kathy at Kathy last night on on government buildings in response this try and quell this protect. All right to a McFarland thank you so much my friend good to see you. Thank you cannot I just want to say congratulations. I'm Neal cremation at this legitimacy you in the mornings and love from now on it's been really great lacking with the end really really well at this Juliet thank you. So much I really appreciate that so as we didn't think humor that Twitter shout out as well might be announced was very excited I appreciate that that you friend. Our did check my education yes starting with this video of a dark band stand the heat off the coast of Southern California anyway. Call that it is in a pod of about four. Hundred dolphins were bracing above the water yesterday here Dana Point a move called for precinct. Experts say is the fastest travel mode for all of us pretty proud they do it when they're scared or when there's food in the area how much the engine a run for food Michigan beat. Those don't lose a little bit like bad news. Boy ventured to Korea provided a less than a white she knows are called. Dangerously cheesy she broke the video on Twitter showing TSA agents removing bags of blaming hot she goes from a loop Tom back to swap swap them. It included the message will never forget the day TSA stopped because they thought I was hiding stuff inside my back 'cause all lie catalyst liked when he backed the pipe Tito's as a direct quote. And she says she has sold me because friends and Korea asked her to bring them yeah Colin bears they have been out of that bag and artists Tito's and I can have them achieve yes. They started tonight Dorothea hockey fans can let off some steam in the arena without getting in trouble. The flyers are unveiling what they called aired this assembly room fans and bass sledgehammers and other weapons of limited destruction snapped up plates TV is mirrors another break the bolts. It's also an area where alien friends can watch the off ice action. Figure out Leno has lost his head. Literally. The Oscar winner tells GQ that he thinks so one might have stolen this thing. Yep let it. Period exact replica of his head on the worth more than 111000 dollars but now letters says yes no clue what happened to it. Say Jared is now jokingly urging anyone who knows burn is to please bring it to their nearest Gucci store. In exchange for some speakers carry out Graham Webster is schooling the country after a Republican talking point went viral. I hop on this the dictionary says searches for the term kangaroo courts. Spiked by 111000%. Of her brother come use the term in a tweet to describe the impeachment investigation. And one Republican even called Adam Schiff a malicious Captain Kangaroo route. But Merriam Webster define kangaroo court and said it has nothing to do with the old children's TV show Captain Kangaroo was not a judge. He got that nickname because of his large pockets similar to look kangaroos and I goods and now. And of the new development and the growing international controversy between India and China China's government is pulling NBA games from state TV after a team executive treated his support for pro democracy protesters. In Hong Kong. Now the league's commissioner supporting that executives a right to free speech here's ABC's Trevor alt. The NBA's. Lost one of its largest international broadcast. China's state television network cctv. Announcing they will not air any NBA pre season games. The decision coming swiftly after NBA commissioner Adam silver was supportive Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey. The long held values of the NBA are to support freedom of expression. And in this case Daryl Morey as the general manager of the Houston Rockets enjoys that right. The controversy began when Maury fired off this tweet fight for freedom stand with Hong Kong. Referring to the massive protests against China in the former British colony. Sweet quickly igniting a fire storm from Chinese fans and its government. The NBA immediately putting out a statement saying Mori's comments have deeply offended our fans in China which is regrettable. Commissioner silver now trying to smooth things over he's headed to Shanghai Wednesday to watch a pre season game. And meet with Chinese officials. Still defending Maurice Wright to share his opinion. Jerrells Tweety has hit what I would describe as a third rail issue. Here in China I understand that there are consequences he will protect our employees free speech. In a statement the network says we are strongly dissatisfied in we oppose silver's claim to support mortgage writer free expression. We believe that any speech that challenges national sovereignty and social stability is not within the scope of freedom of speech. The NBA is the number one sports league in China they have at least points I'd marketing partnerships and 200 stores there commissioner silver has acknowledged this issue is not likely to die down quickly. Cover alt ABC news New York our thanks to Trevor there and meanwhile the NBA isn't alone in responding to China over support for pro democracy in Hong Kong. He's forced company blizzard activism. Expand a popular professional gamer. And disqualify from participating. For the next twelve months is funny one year old university student from Hong Kong was also forced to forfeit his 101000 dollars. Worth of prize money and that's our question of they day hating you think. Companies that do business with China should deal with free speech tells losing the comments are too it is an ABC news five. Coming up we'll let you know what's on the horizon for the day ahead Foster celebrating a special miles five our own. In true homecoming style. After this. And that's watch out for today president trump is scheduled to sign an executive order on transparency in federal guidance and enforcement. At 3:15 eastern time you can watch sat here on ABC news five record controller. Hearing will be held for former front campaign chairman of home in a Fort Lewis. Charged with residential mortgage fraud conspiracy and falsifying business records among other charges a Montana judge will hear arguments on whether to block president comes permit that would allow other proposed keystone XL oil pipeline to cross the border with Canada. Government in TC energy attorneys want the lawsuit challenging the permit dismissed. Teen crime activists Gretchen Burke has called the proposed half of the pipeline not morally defensible and the NASA icon mission scheduled to launch after it was postponed due to abnormal data stemming from. A faulty sensor that has since been replaced the icon will study the upper atmosphere where birth whether. Space whether meat and plus it fits into the debrief for an update on our top stories in the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines. In politics. While today. Is all about this guy. Really hi can have voted. As we marking out today he is now officially the co anchor of world news now America this morning and it's morning with a lot of I we do a lot of TV. Women celebrating all morning and the whole team got in on the find it with a tribute worthy of our favorite stuff. I was telling shockwave biggest bank. He's done this. That's what's the fun being out and it just shows you how much fun we have yeah I can give you. Serious straightforward news but we also I got a lot of problems the morning hours and I have the honor I'm horrible with an overwhelming all the congratulations. And and it's an earlier that the fact that you could fit next to Vista right here ain't so bad so oversold lucky it's nice to be finally finally official Randall. Finally arrived at LA times I'm glad that your officials thank you that's it for us have a great day.

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