It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019

Top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine testifies Trump tied aid to Biden probe, Putin and Erdogan make agreement on Syria and more.
28:12 | 10/23/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019
Good morning I'm cannot and Hayley hearts and here's the top five things to know this Wednesday number one. Impeachment showdown in Washington US diplomat Bill Taylor has deliver the most damning testimony against president drop since the start of the impeachment extremely said the president was directly involved. Using military aid if levers of pressure Ukraine to investigate his political rivals. The White House is dismissing the testimony as hearsay. Number two the senior trump administration official who anonymously wrote a skating off at last year. It's bound to publish a tell all book an initial passe in the New York Times the official claimed to be acting as part of a resistance in sight the government saying many within the administration. We're actively blocking some of the president. Orders and a person described the president's leadership style as penny. And ineffective. The book out next month is being promoted as an unprecedented behind the scenes portrait of the trump presidency on to number three Turkey and Russia have reached a deal to divide control of Syria cementing their power. The papers occurs away from the border after holding talks in Russia. Vladimir Putin and Turkey's president airline said their forces will now patrol the border they're giving Kurdish fires a new deadline six days to exit the region. The Kurds may have little choice but to accept the deal. After the withdrawal of US troops meanwhile the Washington Post reports or prayer event for the Kurdish people which was schedule at the top hotel Washington. Has now been canceled due to security concerns. We have to Maryland for number four and a terrifying scene as it free fall right into our home. The two teenage girls living room were not seriously hurt their father credit steel refrigerator. For protecting them and saving their lives house was seriously damaged so the family has moved into a hotel fundraising web site. It's now been set up to help them we built it raised about a thousand dollars so far. And finally number five the new logo for the Paris Olympics is getting torched online organizers say combines the Olympic Torch with Marianne the one young woman who had symbolize the French Republic for more than 200 years. Into the bottom lips near the bottom it. Those who don't like can't say what I don't know won't Wear a hair salon or a dating service someone even suggested swiping left on the design house food. Too bad. During the kick things off win. Question of the day and that is what you think about that Olympic logo. Do you see Mary and first or did you see the plane first Harris 20/20 four check it out yeah. Tell us in the comments section let us know ABC news live tweet us. Wanna hear from you on this one way to go atlas logo and I mean another body would criticize that other people criticize every thing nonsocial. It's cool eighteen it's Kristen and her friends there. Well let's get right to that big story the impeachment showdown in the explosive new testimony from the top diplomat in Ukraine. Bill Taylor testified that president truck made military funds for Ukraine contingent on Ukraine's public pledge to investigate Joseph Biden as well as the 2016 election. That contradicts president trumps denial of a quid pro quo when congressman who heard Taylor's testimony called it disturbing. ABC's NFL locker Tara is there and Washington. The reaction and the fallout that's good morning. Good morning Kenneth and KL AL Taylor testifying under subpoena that he ordered to withhold military from Ukraine came directly from the president and that any exchange C Ukrainian leader would have to agree publicly to investigate trans political opponents. Overnight vice president heads insisting there was no quid pro quo when president trump asked the leader of Ukraine to investigate his political opponents the American people can read the transcript of the phone call the president had with presidents of Lansky. And then we'll see there was no quid pro quo. But the top US diplomat in Ukraine Bill Taylor telling a different story during his testimony before congress. In my. Ten short months in congress. It's not even news right and this is I most disturbing. So far. Democrats in the reinstate their were audible gas says Taylor detailed the White House pressure campaign on Ukraine. Taylor says he was given no official reason for why millions of dollars in foreign aid was held up. But that US ambassador to the EU Gordon Sonnen told them trump wanted the Ukrainian president. To announce a public investigation into his democratic rivals. Writing in his opening statement. Ambassador Sama and said everything was dependent on such an announcement including security assistance. He said that president trouble wanted presidential and ski in a public box by making a public statement about ordering such investigations. Adding that the president told Simon the Ukrainian president had to clear things up and do it in public and if he did and Chan said they would be at a stalemate. The White House now calling Taylor's testimony a triple hearsay. With some of the president's biggest supporters still standing by him and blasting the impeachment pro since. Fundamentally un American. And until that changes I will fight back as far as I can. And later today deputy assistant secretary of defense Laura Cooper is expected to testify Caylee in Canada. And as thank you so much and a former vice president Joseph Biden was among those who criticize president trump Tuesday for describing the impeachment investigation has a lynching Biden blasted from saying quote impeachment is not a lynching. It's part of our constitution. But Biden was later forced to apologize after an old interview surfaced of him making a similar comparison about the impeachment of President Clinton back in 1998. Take a listen. Even if. The president should be impeached. History is going to question whether or not this was just a partisan lynching. Or whether or not it was something that in fact met the standard to very high bar. That was set by the founders as to what constituted impeachable offense. And his apology on Twitter Biden said it was not the right word to use but he criticized the president accusing him of choosing his words the liberally and stoking racial divides. Parker's show at least five Democrats in 1998 publicly call Bill Clinton's impeachment a lynching three of them. We're black. The Chicago teachers strike enters its seventh day this morning 34000 union employees plan a large rally today. Targeting the mayor's budget address police warned some downtown streets will be closed during the morning commute. Classes are again canceled today all those buildings are hoping for state house. He stood as of the University of Connecticut have been charts ever shouting racial slur outsize student apartments. There are among a group seen walking through a parking lot is screaming the soar nearly two weeks ago. The two white 21 year old say they were playing a game of in which they dared each other to scream offensive words. Both could face up to a year in prison. And an urgent search is underway for a missing West Point cadet. Military officials say eight Korea. Was from Southern California he's been missing since Friday the twenty year old failed to show up for a military skills competition at the new work military academy. An M four rifle is also missing but west wing officials say Korea may be a danger to himself but not to the public. New video just there from Hawaii of this brush fire on Maui that can be seen from miles around it. Has burned almost 1000 acres and is threatening homes at least one house has been damaged. Some residents have been evacuated officials also have closed at nearby airport. Used by private planes. Former president Jimmy Carter remains in the hospital after falling in his Georgia home Carter suffered a minor pelvic fracture but aides say he's in good spirits. This isn't second fallen less than a month in his third since may. 95. Years old he is the oldest living former president no word yet on when he might be released from the hospital down. And now possible breakthrough for the treatment of alzheimer's disease. Drug company Biogen says it will seek FDA approval for medication to treat people with the earliest signs of the disease. Earlier this year Biogen scrapped research saying the drug didn't work. The company now says that new analysis suggest it was effective and higher doses but some experts are skeptical for several reasons including the fact of the company. Has not released the data. And a New Jersey may assets is apple watch saved his life. James prince Xeon I was hiking with a frank when they got lost in the woods trying to get out it fell over alleged the wireless front it was OK prince on a landed on Iraq in separate the reef fractures in his back. He thought was going to die that is when the apple watch came to his rescue. I just remember hearing now moon what's your emergency and Diana apple lots started talking and I bought it. And stay in my life. Prince you know purchased the watched two days before going on that height. He was messing around the phone in activated the fault detection feature it alerts emergency contacts and calls 911 minute to taxi users fallen. You give me together have to veto that any shielding me in the first born Siri. Thank you Siri. For saving my life. Coming up the new deal between Russia and Turkey on Syria and how will affect the Kurds. After this. Welcome back now to the fraternity at Penn State suspended after the death. A high school student the seventy or was found dead and house off campus while visiting from out of town it comes just two days are two years after a student at the school died in a hazing incident. This morning opportunity at Penn State is suspended. After the death of a visiting high school senior officers were called to an off campus house where police say they found seventeen year old Jack show meg in cardiac arrest. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Police say there were no signs of trauma. And several witnesses were present when the team fell unconscious at his high school in Erie Pennsylvania a memorial is now set up outside shown its marker. With his number eleven hockey Jersey hanging friends describe him as larger than life right now there are no allegations of hazing or alcohol connected to shown its death. The house where police found him was not the paternity is official residence but the university immediately suspended the alpha delta chapter of confines. The head of the fraternities national champ recess is deeply saddened by Sharon its debt. Adding derby at issue incident occurred off campus at a house that is not owned by codify. The cards are fraternity will assist the investigation by university and local officials in any way possible. Journey to death comes two years after student Timothy piazza died following a night of hazing and drinking at a different frat house. That fraternity has been permanently banned it from Penn State. The corners waiting for test results before rolling a show and it's cause of. Death moving on now to Turkey and Russia cementing their power in Syria as that fragile cease fire expires. And Syrian Kurds are being forced to give up. More territory the accord reached by Vladimir Putin and president herta Juan comes after president jumps abrupt decision to withdraw US troops leaving a vacuum in the war torn country so let's go across the pond now to do McFarland. And the London bureau for more Juliet good morning. What does this deal mean for the region. So I do say the package president two on met with the Russian president. Vladimir Putin on that the Black Sea resorts are so she and it took them six is. To flush out an agreement on the situation in northeast serie a and the and the signing they came to essentially was that techie debts. Pretty much what it ones under the deal touches chips get to stay in the areas they have taken control labor are no big. Joined technician on Russian forces pick trailing. On the dot area it's about a hundred mile strip of land in between tear key. Technician border town's now there's been no wed from the cuts. But towards the end of this out of the cease fire agreed with the US that heads did start with doing from. There is towns under that agreement. Now this announcements all of the Turkish Russian on the signing came. Just how is before a senate majority leader Mitch McConnell warned we do not want to be driving a fad that NATO ally into the arms of Russia. Guys the dots more let's examine what happens and. Term while they're in Syria but also in Chile for very different reasons there at least fifteen people are dead after nearly a week of violent protests. Much nation is now under a state of emergency makes us what started these protests didn't get here. Exactly say fifteen people have died so far as news say and 5000 people have been detained the loss few days we've seen quite. A lot. All but violence. From Chile now vessel stock says. They the protest was stuck spot by a rise in metric prices up high school kids we're seeing what. Dumping tons styles. Unloads about this they just couldn't afford to get around. This city. Now the president Sebastian Pinera he has tried spin this he said we want to use this. Instability as an opportunity to reset and to implement some reforms that we really should have done before not try. I'm a prevent these protests from breaking out he is introduced a number of things like lowering energy prices. And raising pensions. So now the whole country is waiting to see about say today's the protest as declines but has been a lot of by violent clashes over the last few days now. I'm guys just before we get we have some breaking news that has just come and police and asked six of England they've discovered. A truck adding this morning which they believe and to the UK on SaaS today inside very very grim discovery that discovered Fet teen nine. Bodies inside all idols apart from. One that teenage the hand secretary. Just responding that very shortly off Japanese press conference announced the good the grisly findings saying that she was shocked. And it's hot and a 25 year old man from NORTHERN IRELAND has been arrested and there is an investigation on getting. Now police say that truck came from Bulgaria but because of course there is free movement while CUK is still within the U. One can expect that the bodies of those inside are believed to be migrants from fad that a field. But we will of course to bring you the latest news when the police make more headway on that investigation. That's some other royals Syria last night duchess Megan Markell made her first public appearance since returning from Africa amid swirling rumors she and Harry may be considering. Stepping out of the limelight. Yeah so then there's been as they come from a Sunday Times story of the week hands that high in my gonna wanted to take some past no time they've got a number of engagements on in November. And then they'll be taking a little bit of the break. And there's been some speculation as to whether they might actually gay to do you west's the parents Karen magna are oak was keen to Od TT. Get in touch with his mom's Ritz. November is of course Thanksgiving month say you'll. A wait and see if they decide to go to. Eight into the yet you asked for that. On the but their Ben all of these dramas like fainting about a rift between the Sussex is on the Cambridge is does because dot documentary. On Harry and Maggie and got as it here in the UK and do over the weekend. And another borrowed by. Najibullah reactions particularly from Prince William. Hear laughter watching the document she whack Harry admitted that. As a as did the two Brothers they have good days and not days. The Kensington Palace SOS in Kensington Palace saying that Prince William was concerned for his brother as so. A lot of interest staying. You know reactions from a documentary which is not she coming out. Today on ABC it's on that's ten east and minds until you can watch it guys I've seen the documentary and it is high in Megan. As you've never seen them before they ought incredibly candid speaking rid Imation Lee not just about that trip to Africa where it was found. But also how they are adjusting to life in the limelight particularly my again and especially in the first two months often options but allowed. Look Julie is you know I mean we. I thought we grew up watching these for use grow up. We fill for the weather and it's continue to go for them as best after the death of the mother so long ago but still touches all of us. It's Odyssey that you know obviously they were having portal quote issues. I think a lot of people probably also thought I mean this is what families go through and even the royal family can go through. What so many families across the globe go through and so. Am curious though I mean it's. I and I also heard an. That William. Was trying to say you know I am I'm its admits I'm worried about him but I'm going to keep an eye on him essentially as well that Big Brother mentality one. I can it was interesting when Harry said you he William Ron different paths. Right now. I was waiting for that follow up question will what's your path what's his past yeah what what is that difference when they're both now. Fathers and husbands and obviously William is different duties ahead of him but I wanted a little little bit more yeah. Yeah how arias. Always kind of struggled with the identity of being V that at that this spat as a as we say here in the UK you have the Adler is William and then you have this fat who has. Who is Harry and is live on marrying a woman might make an. Here is independent I'm she's cauldron Paulson life and made. A name because of wave before she Matt howry and became integrated into the world Connolly. That he commanded a role may be it you know may be shaved and they may take their and pocked. Not in no way that how William and Kate really cannot die budge from that conditions on the road that is expected though that's the drug but it's an interesting about that these two Honda that dot. The Sussex as McCain would just. They seem to be doing a lot of communication through the media and a sense you know released. Oh yeah together for dinner like. Apparently died yeah that way. Haven't barbecue and innocent. The so how the problem and six Sheila that you can what can now. That's what bruised his right got to let I. That is what Brothers do what we're rooting for them that's because they are the Brothers who we've been watching for a long time and so we hope that. All that works out for them Juliet thing I don't miss the documentary tonight at you guys elect. The bosses will be very glad that you said that you know great high car thank you do if you're. Woods dedicated to forget about it. Let's our notification is so starting with tropical old topical rather it could be in the Iraq. Traffic because it like Vicky Webb or probably want peace peace in Seward floating though that's what it I'm Limbaugh. No link as soon virgin when he nineteen yet and that's. A sexy sold out pop ice chicken sandwich if you couldn't spell before Wright told you what it would best. Think Iraq following an obvious and if you will be costumes that are just very timely news worthy winds. Oh I mean we're already thing give some here. And put it on ahead noon tight leotard and there. Yeah. They are native. Up next several warm and it being called a medical mystery before I get this having that pick ups for twelve years this one right here. Does he get doctors think that she may have had a stroke during pregnancy that. Sparked all of this in the fact that she's had picked up its twelve year the other can't figure that. I figure it out. She says that what she notices that but isn't really bother her all of that much. But she's a nail technician. Eyed and nervously looked nervous with nail polish next to my fingers and a pick up every now on and coming from my technician Andrea. Yeah the nail polish remover in Dayton and next a date is building in Ohio it's. Very clearly shaped like picnic basket handles and all it needs to you very fittingly made a home they basket company but now. Converted into a luxury hotel. It is and apparently they're gonna build a big go hey boo boo. You know bear from. Yemeni it and the pick admit that I get asked yes. Table that's all they need now. There you have. All they're missing. And it yeah farmer in Tennessee he grew up pumped in so big wow. He turned it into a boat. This period to give way to get all the seeds the CN. Running if they hit her spirit of the good. Spin it any group this Pontiac and what is it more than 900 pounds at what point. Does this boat just rocked. Out right I think very Seri. Thursday what the color of that water. Legitimate point the outlet. You know and a dream carried out bands just that's a that's all accomplishing. Goals but I don't. Who's ever made a pump get out of the boat Natalie and yeah force down. Get and you wouldn't armor from ten thing do we in the next if you hadn't heard if you haven't been watching a show all week. Re in the midst of Jimmy all taping his show on the road in bringing me here our backyard in Brooklyn and. We admit to something about it as promise. Jimmy annual pilgrimage back to his native Brooklyn. We sat down with the man I Gideon you mean you allege that to this God's. Our show and may. We're here all brand for just slightly less time than Felicity Huffman will be imprisoned so. Jamie Campbell back to Brooklyn one night you're with actor Benedict number bachelor Kelly Ripa show he's great what I got. You hear abruptly. Left in his native BT and helping us now on will be now where that show that comes on. Like two hours after yours and right to our till like we have some of the same viewers we call ours the insomniacs. Any advice. Four outs on our show world news now. I will do love the idea that right now it's the middle of the night and the people like me who love being up at night or. Who are disturbed that can't sleep I think or a lot of women are feeding there be new moms ago I'm iams. Shout out to the new moms because those in the those that's who you really want to commit. I like about just like we view on this side right here IA we're on a series newsman that's debatable. That's on me and using the show right past him a shot at but you know we stopped by and as and a mad ennui I try to tell a joke. What I've learned. Joke telling us hard. So we give rise to me at all Tom Welch surround yourself with sick offense that's my advice people laugh at anything you say and then you won't even know you're not funny. Say get out bomb your family traffic I didn't know. Seventeen seasons and on ABC in the late night host has come face it pays with one celebrity after another but does he remember the most famous one of them all. Mean I think help people were friends I don't know war well we are friends. Irish examiner and yep I'm sure die and I just have to prove it to Jimi do you remember me Indian army times we've. Matt. How many times seem like yours are remembering what we'll see how many times a week I'm innocent you know the exact not to know the exact number. Her friends ammunition this is well. You know what's weird because you're on TV so and I have seen you didn't. Let me help you out you just get in the tape here and visit us here is your first time here okay Nara. There was also bad time in Philadelphia and two years ago when I went to TV show and LA did your dad has given me a to war. Oh Mike jagged mile toward that. I wanted to prove they're right that we're actually friends we ask you know each other nights when you've done is the opposite how easy because it we're really frenzied plant looking into it. Do you know I was I try kind of thing Taliban like Q could you actually are fan of the celebrities who come on your show nine out all of them. How do you feel about me. Like thanks Jamie but their work on our relationship. For fifth where you can really were reversed and put this in my house. Forget. Sad this is come to an Agnelli now we all and we I want all mad the Jimmy still here for the rest of the week he's got. Three more shows tonight he's got Tom the national an hour my dad that's right he does. And a couple other guests that I can't remember right now that's my friends that are really upset with me. We can't you guys are coming we established. A bell very Bill Murray and then. And I Bernie Sanders and Eddie Murphy tomorrow thanks quarter to mark union about mark including Kyocera quiet and obviously in Jimmy had all of these commitments in the show but then. Community you to work and my relationship. And we're going to work and you know you that promised him you know I will work on that so that the next time I see him he long ago who you again. When you picture is now at his house without kids why Molly who the writer on the show and all these things amid a marketing manager Aaron. That was bad they're Brothers creepy I've. A tip for the person I've that. Coming up we have a busy day ahead we'll tell you what's on the agenda for the day plus see why this summer is known by the name spider loving you can. Yes after that. Here's what to watch effort today for the drop is scheduled to travel to Pittsburgh today to speak at the ninth annual show and fight conference. For the natural gas industry. Two associates of Rudy Giuliani eagle remain lent harness or doing court to face charges they conspired to make illegal campaign contributions. That's what CEO Mark Zuckerberg is on Capitol Hill this morning to discuss his company's plans. For its own digital currency lawmakers. Will likely also asked about Facebook's efforts to crack down on election Natalie. The first about the read a commemoration of the life of congressman Elijah Cummings begin today at Morgan state university in Baltimore. And the Houston Astros will try to. Even the World Series in game two tonight after dropping game worn to the Washington Nationals last night. Plus don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update our top stories in the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. I'm sure you are watching pitch by pitch that that first OI were wise that I can come here and that's an efficient and map aficionado like guy Caylee part time here get. Like we could talk sports together I know it's been so much button down to can grow up speaking of aptly it. We found align it with precisely the right nickname she's spider woman. And suggests that a new world right Byrd for speed climbing. It didn't just under seven effect of the climbed nearly fifty but wall there and she did it despite a hand injury and trying to read if that's she's Graham and I. Yeah admitted she was an injured speed climbing its neck in next summer's Olympics and spider woman is expected to compete for gold. I did not betting against Turkey I place a bet in like now why did receive some other spider Whitman to how they act guy I know that could you be fast I didn't. Rather she left that other woman right here the day yes she did I a didn't know that this is the competition and sport now why do. I'm so rock climbing the kid and I was. Horrible at it until the winter I finally made it to the top and it was lie like Iraqi tantamount man really was but. I probably that was the end when you're back on day I could do it better but now I cannot I got this bad the how. Can't do it. Too bad at what strides he's handled the times that is just rooftop and you know eligibility left in college either Saturday that that's source knowledge. Well that is there for us on this Wednesday morning. We're halfway through the week. Yeah what it's like me doing. What he I want one day. We'll figure tomorrow.

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