Mother demands answers after 6-year-old son accused of sexual misconduct

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with mother Flavia Perea after her 6-year-old son’s school reported him to police over an incident with another student.
8:47 | 02/24/21

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Transcript for Mother demands answers after 6-year-old son accused of sexual misconduct
And next to the parents searching for answers after their six year old son was accused of sexual misconduct shook his parents say the school alerted authorities before even calling an aerial Russia has more. A Massachusetts family says they're seeking justice for their little boy after their son was accused of inappropriately touching a little girl. In his first grade class. In November of 2019. Lobbyists say she got a call from the school. Lobbyist says by the time she was notified the school had already alerted police who filed a report which is now sealed. It's important to distinguish between a child being you know sexually curious it's not sexual in the sense. An adult sexual interaction. Under Massachusetts slot children under age twelve can not be charged with a crime but his parents are concerned the little boy now seven. Now has a permanent record on file with the state department of children and families and local authorities his parents say the boy just six years old at the time had no history of behavioral or disciplinary issues at school. Sexual abuse is is a public health issue for our children I certainly don't want over region over blow situation. And certainly make it into something. Much more damaging and criminal when in fact it could have been handled. At the level of the school between the parents. Somerville public schools telling ABC news our teachers and staff have and are expected to follow all necessary reporting procedures an obligation. As required by all relevant agencies and authorities. Adding our district and our school committee are also fully committed to continuing big deep equity work that we have been intensifying over the last several years. Which the school vowing to do better but what does that mean for right now our thanks to area Allen joining us now from Massachusetts Islamiya Correia the boy's mother church and the family's attorney sugar -- thank you so much for joining us tonight coach Tommy and Mike to start with you just what happened when the school called do what reduce what it tastes and what was your reaction. Well to me that long story short I'll call from the dean of students at the school saying that. My sons had touched little girl in his class cursory class in appropriately. And they out we're required. You report all instances of sexual harassment. Shoes state authorities not specifying who what they couldn't explain. What exactly. How and let alone wet. Could a six year old would do that would constitute sexual harassment. I don't ever let the policy question I requested more information. And education but they reported in order alleging. They never ride it. I ended are an unpleasant but how does it reads I called my and don't panic and set you go get our song because it's CT should do. And you say that your son had no behavior or disciplinary issues prior to this incident why do you feel that your son was treated this way. Unfortunately I think it's there are an example our. Young child black Latino Rory classroom. Engaging in developmentally appropriate behavior and they stop they look at him and they see little or eight they see something pathological criminal in the need to engage Iran ports. It's not only air race issue I think it's also an issue of gender. Mom and it is textbooks schools prison pipeline. And he's sitting in for differing accounts just what happened the next first grade classroom what does the school said about that day and who or what is preventing you from finding out the troops. Bright world that the truth wouldn't that the truth right so this initially were at me as sexual harassment. It was we of course are all current. Almost two weeks we were to return him because he talks it was state. And prior assists and slow in this meet district explode and right turn millionaires. It was in that meeting that. The principal Glen de Soto RG. Used. The billboard grabbed her little girl it right art. Satin the next they're detective. Who also used the word. Grabbed. My sons had allegedly. And moreover why not say what it constituted indecent assault and battery even though we are charged with a crime. The what was reported to stay out while authorities is alleged. Sexual abuse of his here. And what was ever urgent that Middlesex district attorney's office outlets an allegation of sexual assault. So what is up many things that's been. Difficult as big. This is how big. Narratives. House this is right it's cool person now any regionally. She was sorry and severe language they used to characterize. Us one moments. Interaction. Between two little kids were friends in the class are copies just something that. Can happily talk consequence certain shadow. If you aren't going to bring you in here in your opinion could this have been handled in the classroom instead of calling in authorities. Of course this unit in hand on class Jim. Question it and I'm. This should have been a teaching moment instead. The behavior and a six year old lawyer colorless brutalize stigma tied. And police were all the child welfare agency was all. We're word in Delaware police report her or than the child welfare agency. Well they should have done once. Call parents worked for the parents work with the students and made his teaching moment. Not an example of the school. And what's the next course of action this when Peter. What we are seeking an elitist policy and its funds from other areas within the police aren't and child welfare agency. This senator she within the local school district. And we will keep all legal options on the table we are all end all. Those items that I just explain a result. If obviate tell us about your son how was he doing it and how did help him process all of this what do you tell. My son is an amazing little boy any moderate thinks her child is an amazing it. Unfortunately. You know it's been hard. News you know you. I didn't have a choice but certain. Go Lee is equal say. They spent over near strikes you six this suit various. Legal state local channel. Problem this morn Ing. When we had to talk to him because the conversation. Is very. Com president. Locally you know people now and it's. This morning if I didn't show you. She actually. Wrote if you can see. Go to jail. Couldn't even verbalize what was the speaker. But she is three. He is a little six year old boy who is straight that the police are going in the way NT into this channeling. She is ten year old sister fourth grader in scenes or. Is afraid that they and a T woo Kim current him overweight from us. It is. Cop it's been a long shot. It is a trauma I had item or worried about my children. What this means for their rocks are so emotional notes. Com and Mikey attrition. Do whatever and do care my children. But this is entirely the result of the incompetence. And the egregious to me. We're wrong actions are part of this always and the police that passed in a tremendous Harmon a in months. Oh yeah. Clearly traumatic. We thank you so much for sharing your story with us Sadia Correia and Peter hunt we appreciate your time tonight.

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{"duration":"8:47","description":"ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with mother Flavia Perea after her 6-year-old son’s school reported him to police over an incident with another student.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76077341","title":"Mother demands answers after 6-year-old son accused of sexual misconduct","url":"/US/video/mother-demands-answers-year-son-accused-sexual-misconduct-76077341"}