Mothers of the movement

ABC’s Deborah Roberts speaks with seven black mothers thrust into the national spotlight after their children were killed by police or in racially charged encounters.
10:05 | 07/14/20

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Transcript for Mothers of the movement
They are called the mothers of the movement but that's a title that they would gladly give up that they could just have their children back. Seven black mothers all thrust into the national spotlight in recent years after their children were killed either at the hands of police or in racially charged altercations. These mothers agreed to join our Deborah Roberts in a rare and powerful conversation. About their grief and how there trying to turn it don't call for action here's Deborah Roberts with their story. Seven mothers once strangers now connected through heart wrenching pain. We didn't know who want to recover from these we didn't never. Ever want to recall or pundits. Have not met a mom yet the child who is recovered. We never recover from it we live it every. Sabrina Fulton still mourning eight years after losing her oldest son Trey Von Martan. Transient BO. Well at least eight you'd feel helpless. Because you never know when you're gonna be what Jane. New law does story any your home in the AP home. And the next day. You're it you're never gonna not older hanging that we face because you are not experience in that particular night. Known one. Understanding and let this change truly in jail. In all of the dynamic. Com within. Election would have walked and Aaron she. In every day app crede. And those whose don't have to be court on by another person. Lewis heartbreaking. May show Kinney seventeen year old son Antoine on armed was shot down during the police stopped two years ago. None of us and be thrust into the rural. It has become a job or most of us and I'm note for mass. I'm no longer have. Gone out. An arms deal willing to get out their lead away looming. In an open up some doors for some other people. Her agony to date no less than that of the moms embryonic Taylor. Killed in a botched police freed in March or Ahmad. At the same. Big. Hair. Leave it right. In the rear of gathering these grieving mom sent down with me. To discuss their shared hard break thrust upon them after losing beloved children violently most at the hands of police. You sent a message to. To make a pretty honest mom on her birthday. When did you sang. I just wanted to know that I knew that that date is going to be very difficult. I got a month birthday on May eight. And it was based partly as they are a bit Biggio being released. I am that was one of the most. Heartbreaking. Day could ever hang. It was nice does he get that message Justin on. You know somebody feels that way that I CEO and I'm surrounded by are these people they don't. Really understand what I'm going to how she. A lot of people reached out that day people that you don't even know I did a report that day people chanted free on his name as they were protesting. But yet you're dealing with this personal loss what was what was that day like for you. I didn't want to be out there they didn't want India where people go ahead. Nike said it was aren't these people who don't even know who came from everywhere to. Celebrate her life so I had to Gina yeah. And I had to be around these people. You know and I'm great are are really don't have. Just a didian only. Didn't want should be or not eaten enough she's here she went from enjoy. Sabrina Fulton what do you say to. Someone like to Mika Palmer who is so newly in this horrible. Painful club that you are part. You gonna happen come from. From York the Ukraine and you miss your disappointment and just not happened your child and wanted to do things they do not the poor aren't aren't would be in. Stream each one says they struggled to find. Alison John still can't understand how her 26 year old bolt them was shot dead sitting in his own living room. By an off duty Dallas police officer. She was later convicted. I didn't even want to see other people have. I didn't want to keep people who didn't. Because I lost. And who did not diesel who died in the week that he did and I believe. That broke says that we're seeing right now Uggla that we'll look at every single into it and I I reached a point where I I didn't. When will it end but end. I can't stay in his old bundle I thought. Often bulls come it would have been the end I kept saying that I did not want to eat. Another irony could say that he did I am so sorry. Foods and eat up problem. Until wonder who book. I'm Judy are among those who the Los suns modeling bowled well from there. Put these moms witnessing George Floyd's death was yet another devastating blow. More agony more outrage. You re live that although we're at the end and it and then. Candy quite it's anything but PGA DE. Yeah I'm glad. Other and then there are right now yeah. As waves of protest wash across the country era garnished mom Gwen Carr says demonstrations must lead to legislation. All. People. Are we all. Oh yeah I. Oh after her twelve year old son to Mir was shot dead by police while holding a toy gun so Mario rice is channeling her pain into a fight for political change. The platform that I had better America had her right. Leg. We're getting ready to the murder. You know immediately ignored the deadline. That an ordinance only you know. Yeah her hair I will let Akron patent meg. It now the web into 190 that I will be living a normal light. You really need a minute I spotted at Caremark he. Ian unintended harmful Stratton. He knows I'm no end to this position I didn't. I don't think I ever really understood in my position in the fight harder to what happens in my heart I don't. Of course I would diet is not always was worried about what was happening. Actual immunity without it no opposition and another identity and our hats black dot. Sometimes acting yet we don't being that it can happen and because many times this letter W the red. But I'll hear the doors about these black women and I'm now learning that I have a higher position. In. And whatever how deep you maintaining. Its I want to do because. It never happened to another black daughters another black and eerie look. I would encourage people to do is. A little. It would have been would be tragedy. And think you're old wooded wasn't right. Wouldn't that was not water. Just put your family member you'll low wind in their place. And then open your heart into what executed well. And when they get involved or not this Ahmed our own social media life. I'm not just about Reid pulled out an. I'm I'm talking about really a problem I'm not. You can't continue to be soundly. Because it could happen to UAE human current. If you African American. Shouldn't happen to you to get involved. You should but the mere hit to our children. Oil you have compared simple modular thing as children. Should it. Imperiled heated bra. You should not turn your face away from what's going on right now. Your heart in not allow you to do so. As a mother. A mother of a seventeen year old black son and a 21 year old black daughter. I don't think I've ever felt more vulnerable in more. Triton and more exhausted and all of you ladies. With your pain in your purpose give me hope. I personally feel like this. Act Kindle it an animal handlers on out there. Every black or should do I stand by out of the last heated I am black and I and crash and anybody. Who is black should be out their. I'm not and I'm no longer trying to say delight I signed. That is gone. Back in a light among none of them mothers out. I'm gone do it every day of the week. Such compelling conversation our thanks to Deborah Roberts until all of those mothers you can see their full conversation and read original essays from them. And Good Morning America dot com.

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{"duration":"10:05","description":"ABC’s Deborah Roberts speaks with seven black mothers thrust into the national spotlight after their children were killed by police or in racially charged encounters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71765593","title":"Mothers of the movement","url":"/US/video/mothers-movement-71765593"}