How to move forward when your faith gets tested

Archbishop Gregory Aymond, Rabbi Rachel Ain and Imam Dawud Walid join us to discuss the limitations placed on religious services and congregations.
4:11 | 03/20/20

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Transcript for How to move forward when your faith gets tested
In trying times like these people often rely on their faith as a source of encouragement. But as the number of Kobe cases rise so do the limitations placed on religious services and congregations. So when your feet gets tested how do you move forward joining us now. To weigh in on this conversation are three leaders of different faiths and our country. Archbishop Gregory Ayman rabbi Rachel Kane and he mom doll would wallet. Thank you all for being with us today it's so important and I know silly people are looking forward forward to what you have to say and he mom I wanna start with you as we all tried to navigate these. Unchartered waters what do you recommend people do to keep their faith during times like fees. Well besides the advice there's been given by the national Muslim task force on co written nineteen as far as staying away from large gatherings right now. We are encouraging. Clarification in community. Through picking up the phone and calling folks arrogance and calling barely members as well there is tuning in to. Religious talks stand. Sermons that are being given almost I'm right now for instance I've moved all of my eight. Sermons on a ball alive right now in Friday to do is our duty to. Car additional career soared 1 PM. I will be giving. The sermon then encouraging our people to Steve patient things be up for cautious but also. Have a hope in times like this. That's right we can all stay connected still. Rabbi and I want to ask you about that because obviously your role has changed so much in light at the corona virus. How are you reaching your congregants. We're doing it in a variety of ways will be art creating person to present connection and making sure that members of arsenic back up all ages are reached out to we have. Twice daily service says that we're doing I and that is doom that you don't need aspirin it's a lot into. Our morning services at our afternoon and evening our nation's services. Are all done and we at having. I'm huge numbers of people and not just our community but the people who live throughout the night beaten cat I think teaching classes online at people as far away as. Israel and Uganda. Join yesterday. And it's. We are offering pre school moments of engagement are teachers are working very hard with our students and families and we are happy are you Rick we'll take place on mine it's well. While it sounds like there's even been an expansion of sorts given. These times over an archbishop amen I wanna turns you now we know the president. Has placed restrictions on mass gatherings so talk about how you're continuing to serve your congregation. And how we're encouraging people to keep observing when their place of worship may be closed. Thank you very much it did certainly a challenging time it's a time of uncertainty and fear and people feel that that's an opportunity for them to. Realize that god does not abandon us in these times but he walks with us carries us. I'm very pleased to say that we have over a hundred parishes in this archdiocese and most of them. But doing something on FaceBook live stream. It's amazing to me how many of our pastors and clergy religious and and lay leaders have reached out to people are very strong way. The guideline in the state of Louisiana right now is that we cannot have a service with more than fifty people and so we are very much. Consistent with what's being asked of us. And so we are having some services but they're very lightly attended so that we can stay within that restriction. It's time we people who come together both in whiff. One another a few. Less than fifty but it's also a time that we are united in faith as a community. And a faith has never been more important than right now archbishop Ayman. Rabbi chain and so many of the people who rely and you appreciate your efforts as well to keep everyone's faith strong.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Archbishop Gregory Aymond, Rabbi Rachel Ain and Imam Dawud Walid join us to discuss the limitations placed on religious services and congregations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69710117","title":"How to move forward when your faith gets tested","url":"/US/video/move-forward-faith-tested-69710117"}