NASA Launches IRIS From Vandenberg Air Force Base

IRIS is equipped with a telescope that will take a picture of the sun every five seconds.
3:00 | 06/28/13

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Transcript for NASA Launches IRIS From Vandenberg Air Force Base
-- -- And -- Immelt you don't count down one we've now completed our pre -- pre takeoff checklist. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anticipated launch in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For deployment. Dip -- apple my market. -- -- -- -- -- Instances -- Vehicles in the armed. And ignition and -- the Pegasus rocket. Attitude has no power -- remained strong with good voltage on all buses. -- -- -- Under way system. Operations are following commands in controlling the -- of the vehicle. Attitude means -- little. 35 seconds into the -- mission or -- Max Q. Vehicle powered buses -- -- vehicles flying all. Two dimensional -- Over fifty seconds into the flight -- we're now over a 100000 feet in altitude traveling over three. 2000 correction 4000 miles an hour. However he remains strong. But it really get into second -- -- one -- that -- burned. Children who burned out. Approximately fifteen seconds constituents separation stage to ignition. Attitude remains -- mountain. -- -- -- -- -- Still anyone except interstate separation. -- to -- is confirmed. Our best and -- stronger -- -- on all buses. Attitude -- snowmobile -- continues to fly along the -- predicted track. And at this point we lose our tracking up the chase plane. With the young Jewish -- the -- We'll be looking for -- ground cameras if. Just peace and operating nominally the -- -- following command and control into the lead of the vehicle. Parents' separation confirmed -- and left after the separated them. Attitude you know. -- after the deployment of the -- Approaching 150. Seconds into the -- mission all systems are performing normally. Vehicle velocity is now 111000 miles an hour approaching 100 miles in altitude. Attitude remains -- little. -- to -- burned out. -- -- now -- a prolonged post it is as we coast up to the insertion altitude. All systems are operating not only. Now -- 180 seconds for three minutes into the Irish Slaton. Toiletries being broadcast from the station antennas we have solid block on telemetry in the center. -- can predict a -- -- matches very nicely with a nominal prediction. The play computer onboard the -- this vehicle has calculated dispute through ignition time. So can ignition timing is 530. Seconds. And that is right on the nominal value. So the coast through -- vehicles in the last approximately five more minutes. We coast up to an assertion altitude of approximately 320. Miles. IRS is remained strong torn true it is good to. Now approximately. 240 minutes into the mission the altitude is over 200 miles. Vehicle velocity is 111600. Miles an hour. All systems are operating nominally. The double orbit for the fire spacecraft will be 387. Point five point 418 point seven miles. Also assumes continued operating nominally during the course -- as a vehicle that approaches the insertion altitude. Congress will orbit the earth every 97 minutes. The approaching 300 seconds into the Irish mission systems are operating nominally. The vehicle is over 250 miles in altitude the speed of over 111000 miles an hour. Attitude remains don't require power buses remained strong -- voltage and expected current on all buses. We -- approximately six minutes into the Pegasus piracy mission all systems are operating nominally. Again the vehicle is still in the coast -- stage three ignition is expected. At 538. Seconds and we are now at 300 and 68 seconds. -- -- remain volatile during this -- it is the vehicle RTS system is being used to maintain vehicle attitude. Now at 400 seconds into the mission vehicles and an altitude of 329. Models. Velocity is. 101800. Miles an hour. Our actual launch time with 72730. -- 000. This is paying an accountant network now with 435. Seconds into the picture is -- mission. -- systems continue to perform nominally a little less than 100 seconds away from. -- ignition. To voice Steve hollow. The -- systems engineer. What was the second the -- assistant will be used to reorient the vehicle in preparation for -- -- mission. Attitude mean -- nominal power questions remain strong. The vehicle is now -- maneuvering into the stage three ignition attitude. -- -- is performing nominally. Vehicle attitude remains nominal during the maneuver. Stage three ignition and thirty seconds. Our vessel remains strong vehicle reorientation maneuver is complete here now with the appropriate stage three ignition attitude. Approximately twenty seconds we'll have -- -- separation followed about eleven seconds later by stage three ignition. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to separation. Five seconds to stage ignition. -- -- ignition. Attitude remains nominal. Two women should -- getting tickets we have LO US from the senator. And this is economic downtown than we had no arrests in the center. All indications are that the vehicle is operating nominally when we went over the horizon for -- -- -- -- -- The arrest hopefully diary airborne asset. Its loss of the tracking signals. To Vandenberg stay right now for crichton's DC eight to acquire. And that we have US -- we have good to limit -- all systems appear to be continuing to operate normally. We're still -- -- troops through burned. Attitude to lose -- little. And we -- to burn -- This vehicle is in orbit and we are at a nominal target orbit for the -- mission. Renowned -- coast is where we -- the vehicle in preparation for -- separation. That will last approximately. Two minutes and thirty seconds from this point forward. Attitude remains now are these vehicle RTS is being used controlled vehicle attitude and is now. Point taken the appropriate direction for iris payload separation. Our best he remains strong global attention -- -- on all of us in Vietnam and having go ahead. Are we do. Attitude remains little. -- -- 650. Seconds into the mission. Expect to its separation at 786. Seconds. Cabinet agency reports that we have an excellent on target. Orbit for -- -- -- and the sooner we are experiencing some lawsuit telemetry which is just underwent -- And this is -- generally have. LOS at this time.

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{"id":19516383,"title":"NASA Launches IRIS From Vandenberg Air Force Base","duration":"3:00","description":"IRIS is equipped with a telescope that will take a picture of the sun every five seconds.","url":"/US/video/nasa-launches-iris-vandenberg-air-force-base-19516383","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}