National Enquirer publisher admits to making payments to help Trump

The tabloid's owner reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors.
5:48 | 12/13/18

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Transcript for National Enquirer publisher admits to making payments to help Trump
Inquire who we know that president trump has had a long see any relationship. That the publisher now he admitting to paying off eight Playboy model and be hearing her story out ballots they any candidate trounce let's go back to caricature is about this. Is this is about really fascinating will get to him in just a second but because this is such a complex story. Let's David Wright with a little bit more of an explainer about what happened. Inquiring. Minds want to know want sensational scoops might The National Enquirer have that are of interest of federal prosecutors. Don't Jay got AdWords they got this. I mean. That was the New York Times they would've gotten Pulitzer prizes. For their reported. The publisher of Trump's tabloid as it's been called is Trump's friend David Pecker. In that plea deal just made public AMI the inquirer is parent company admits to paying 150000. Dollars. Two former Playboy playmate Kari McDoogle just three months before the election. To kill her story about an alleged affair. And according to new details just released in the agreement this was done at the request of the campaign. To suppress the model story so was to prevent it from influencing the election were real feelings between the two of us. Prosecutors also say packer and AM night tipped off trumps longtime lawyer Michael Cohen. The porn star stormy Daniels was about to go public about her alleged affair with Jerome Cohen pled guilty to paying her off. Drops verbal authorization. Recorded by Cohen. When it comes on the financing which will be listen. Paid absolutely pivotal moment prosecutors say all of this was part of a plan and the enquirer is publisher can content with the candidate. Two months after trump announced he was running for president he grew increasingly. To the point where nothing negative was reported nothing negative about trump that is but the supermarket tabloid was vicious about Trump's rivals. During the primaries the enquirer accused Ted Cruz's father of conspiring with Lee Harvey Oswald to assassinate JFK. And trump gleefully seized on the story. I have no idea what they're always right or not to stay actually have a very good record of being right but I have absolutely no idea. It was not true nor were any number of front page exclamation points about Hillary Clinton six months to live Hillary games 103 pounds Hillary hit man tells all. Dean choir would be offered the most scandalous stories. And depending on. The celebrities friendship with. We thought David Pecker those stories and either see the light of day or they'd be killed. Despite its questionable tactics the tabloid has been right on the money on other stories. He was the first to publish that infamous monkey business photo that ultimately brought down one time democratic presidential hopeful Gary Hart. And perhaps most significantly. Back in 2008. The paper broke the story about Democrat John Edwards and his affair with Ryan L hunter. Which eventually saw Edwards stand trial for alleged campaign finance violations. Aaron Aaron this is increasingly becoming eight complex web of stories to keep track up here so. Can you tell us a little bit more about this this deal with the publishing company this is not a new deal was made a few months ago is that right. If it is more than three months ago and my the publisher of the national inquire. Decided to enter into a non prosecution agreement with federal prosecutors in new York and as part of that. And my he admits that it paid Karen McDougal the Playboy model 150000. Dollars to buy her story. Of an alleged affair was Donald Trump. For the purposes of burying it a practice in the industry known as catch and kill where The National Enquirer would. By stories and and that could be unflattering. For favorite sources and and then just bury them never publish them. And so they admit that that's what was going on here in this case the favorite source with Donald Trump. The payment was arranged with Michael Cohen. And this is important because it gives federal prosecutors. Corroboration Michael Cohen said that this was payment made to protect the campaign. The National Enquirer says this was a payment made to protect the campaign. And both say that it was done in connection we've others involved in the trunk campaign those others have not been named. Aaron Aaron especially interesting when you see it right up next to those other headlines Abd Al. Some of Donald Trump's opponents during that campaign very interesting so what are you while looking Forte come next we know developments are seem to be coming it every day faster and faster and really big news here somebody watching out for. Well look I I think anything that The National Enquirer might know and we could be. Juicy could be gossipy and and could be well talked about but it may not relate to the core matters at the heart. Of the Russian investigation and and special counsel Robert Mueller and that seems to be the the primary focus of where Michael Cohen was most helpful. And remember what. The special council's representative said in court Emily that Michael Cohen. Had provided wide ranging and useful information at the core of Russia related matters. That can't be comfortable for the president to hear or for anyone it is orbit to hear. And so we wait to see. What information the special counsel might have and how they may use it. In the meantime at the federal prosecutors in New York are still investigating this campaign finance violation and tracking down anyone who might be involved to see whether they too. Are exposed in the criminal case.

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{"duration":"5:48","description":"The tabloid's owner reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59801163","title":"National Enquirer publisher admits to making payments to help Trump","url":"/US/video/national-enquirer-publisher-admits-making-payments-trump-59801163"}