Nevada residents drive to the California border in hopes to hit the jackpot

People drive down to Nevada-California border town Primm, Nevada, the closest location for many to purchase tickets for the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots totalling over $1.3 billion.
17:37 | 10/19/18

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Transcript for Nevada residents drive to the California border in hopes to hit the jackpot
Hey everybody this is Marci Gonzalez we are live in freedom and no bad and we are talking all things. Lottery is still much excitement about this big Mega Millions drying tonight about a billion dollars. That jackpot and were really feeling the excitement. Here in prim because we are right on the California border and what matters is because Nevada is one of six states. Where you can not buy lottery tickets so people. Are coming from all over Nevada here to California State line to be able to buy their lottery tickets and this line is just unbelievable it's getting a look at it wraps. All the way around the building of the Lotto story here in print. Wraps around this parking lot here keeps Allen keeps Al and I write all the way around here to the end of this parking lot of you can pan over there. And then. Wraps background to the far. End of that other parking other estimating there. Between 800 and I was in people waiting in this line right now and moving people through. Relatively click or even when you see how long this line is I just talk to someone who is at the front she said she'd been waiting for about two and a half hours. Yesterday there were people who've been waiting for about three hours. And again when you see how many people are here at two and a half hours actually doesn't seem that got it's a beautiful day in cell people are in good spirits about it just. Waiting for their chance to potentially become a billionaire and we'll talk now to the general manager. Of this conflict here's your Richie come over and join us. Well you had some really long lines here a couple of years ago that for the biggest. Jackpot in the lottery history I was a powerball that was about it a billion and a half dollars it you so long lines then how this compares. You know I I gotta say that this this succeeds it then you know we we did some work to remodel our store to be able to handle high volume for the number one lot of store in the country so we wanted to make sure we can handle. High levels of volume so. After that remodel we haven't seen lines this long with a naval analyst so this is still on the the crowds as is certainly the largest we've ever seen. Cancer cell in a whole lot of tickets give us the numbers give us the breakdown yeah I think go over the last couple of days we've sold over 4000 tickets switches you know a lot of people are by and once he's in Tuesday's but 4000 tickets and that can be many many you know. Per ticket but. Yeah everybody's been grade that the crowd's been been very helpful in and happy and no fights no problems they've been peaceful and they you know everybody's just looking for that big piece of the prize at. Right and so G have depth up your staff. I'm a day like this are how do you guys managed this kind of massive crowds at showing up. I'll tell you it's pretty much all hands on deck right we've got everybody helping out our normal staff in there and we beef that up we've actually had help from the California lottery they sent some people to help us with the kiosk to help people get through things more quickly on the self serve things. Our security steps out here we're fee were bring in pizzas for the people who can't get away for breaks or lunches I've got my a lot of store managers living in the hotel for the last several days so yeah it's it's all hands on that per share. I didn't explain to us why this is the place why people are willing to wait in line for two and a half hours. To buy tickets because it plays as he can just walk right into the convenience store by ticket without away. Yeah you know the unique thing is we're sitting right here on the California Nevada border and although Nevada has all sorts of different types of gambling from slots and and and and table games there isn't a lot of on the state of Nevada so right right forty miles outside a Las Vegas. There's a lot of people who like to gamble if they wanna buy their their billion dollar opportunity they don't have that chance of Las Vegas so we're their home away from home so her body here mostly is driven out from Las Vegas two get a chance to buy their lottery tickets. And Reese long lines here on Tuesday that was the last Mega Millions drawing were there pretty long lines and. Not to this degree I think it must be something about crossing over a billion right everybody just it feels like that's the number I think Agha do with a lot less than that seems to have really driven the crowds we've been able handled in the haven't been as long as he you've seen here they've just been a little bit outside the building and for the most part been able to keep those lines under control but certainly has seen the job census last week carried over. And I'm curious are people buying Mega Millions and powerball tickets because that Parnell drying Smyrna it it's. Pretty impressive to them. Yeah I would say you know your typical players out there by boat but I think some are motivated just by that number and they're out here to get appease the larger prize but that is a lot of sad irregulars that we have out here that when they make the trip they're gonna buy as many as they can and actually by an advance for as far as they can to avoid the lines so much of this is retail driven some of the jackpot driving in consumer. All right Stuart thinking so much for joining us really appreciate it you till. But it's of these people waiting in line for in long that time he gives them. And to think about what they'll do when they win the big jackpot sell its air base price think you gonna spend your billion dollar. Almost definitely with a plan and one of mice plot of land and build a couple houses for the kids in the family and I'm good after the where is that we land. Several midwest area now self. Florida. Wisconsin. As well as even Arkansas. He. You have homes all over and when you get boredom line and on to the next wells. Pub relaxing with the would be amazing and we have a lot of people weighing in on social media about what the first thing they'll buy her a what their plan as a lot of people are talking about buying homes. What was six to have again I think you'll ever says the home like crazy thing you're gonna go out and get for yourself. I want to see if I can make my teeth my wife steep fall on her mouth when you are my scar Judy spousal hard. Every night and it's people. And we ask them. Pretty confident I mean the odds are definitely against you that's a pretty long shot. Competent enough to see a lot of for a few hours most definitely for an opportunity a chance yes and like out here need parenting and spirit treatment to people. So wonderful stories. On axiom that a lot of what. I'm genuinely. Beautiful and Helena even in the plains about 1245. And my kind of an outside what is at 2 o'clock. Once. You're RN. Actually in film listings like you may be longer when in reality it hasn't been out I'm littering and hasn't the times and with his dinner by the way. We still like Tino homage of reason I didn't like pilots and 200 people like inches in here how people are gonna spend the money just. Think about it. Eight what she do over here he's spending this money in your had already. It definitely got a calculator I don't know what's what's the plan so far. So far just honestly education. Like a lot of people who aren't really didn't as K more elect sciences. Lack of size knowledge of specifically and I wanna know when California's gonna fall off so. See you live in California. Currently no I'm not okay but you me in the back and forth burn so OK and what are you get Ed people working kitchen Jack what's the end we'll definitely breaking from 95 billion dollars. I better quit my Zahara. Do you have a plan for how you'll do it Kelly tell your body you're not coming back. He's just gonna see me on CB. A haunts these has been seen on the A boss. Sorry folks. Just came back experts we notice or something you know. And that's it and not a penny more know. And then what about how do you plan and sharing it with your family it does everyone get a bit lower house back an hour. I mean if they pitch together we probably build a community together. But only if they actually pitched with a mean. I'm still not just gonna immediately spend all my money you otherwise the little reserve that we have for anything that could happen you know. What's the point at the back. Switching the bond hearing we do best Alexia. And I you know to hide our exit 300 million to one of winning the Mega Millions tonight. One in 88. Quadrillion of winning both the Mega Millions and the powerball which that drawing is tomorrow night that's another huge jackpot but. By comparison is not quite as impressive. Your fill your numbers now it is and and so how are you choosing your numbers on the stone around them this particular time we put them out the numbers. Did someone sings you with a list them. And some of the Mir until you okay says there's no strategies of birth dates or is it just whatever number you're feel and the snow just birthdays and stuff and we. And how many tickets. You wait in line for this long you may as well get a bunch it interesting the the general manager we were just speaking with said that most of buying just. Two to three tickets which. Think your weight in his lungs load up yes so what are you going to do with your billion dollars. Buy more tickets. You need you home early with a do you wake us what do you come here often. Known I'm from Los Angeles a I'm staying the biggest guards came back to justice. So much time we wanted to put a lot of scientists came into the equivalent Steve never waited an ally like this before that when you showed evidence. How long raising that's what's amazing how big on the line is on many people. But do you think it's worth. If you win the food sucks if you don't win. You are you meeting a lot of people assume everybody's very friendly on here. So far the cookbook that. Yes so I can't read about. 800 to a thousand people who are waiting in lying here and trim Nevada. And that's because Nevada is one of six states where you can't buy lottery tickets and so have to come here. To California in order to participate in tonight's Mega Millions drawing it is east second largest lottery jackpot. In the history is the largest Mega Millions jackpot ever and a gimmicks to give you a look at this like does give you an idea. Of how many people are here how this just wraps around and keeps it like going and I don't know if you can really tell. How just how far back it goes there. The N line is all the way down by that far late post and it's just it's it's really impressive in their telling me that when there was the power big powerball drawing for the the biggest jackpot in history a couple of years ago. The line with almost as lung except there were fewer people working in sides of the line was moving quite as quickly that they think even more people have turned out now because. 22 billion dollars. You know why not come out and take the chance and if people understand these odds are. Really slim but someone eventually has to incident figured why not write 1% and dollar and a dream. Our two dollars and Internet two dollars and your part of the reason why these jackpots keep getting bigger because it's two dollars now instead of a dollar and so it is just. It had been skyrocketing. Words were the. I have a chance. That this same silicon that the just like numbing number that are you saying I have a chance. The good share by not the big what do you get a by Bono here. Now I'm the Miami next millionaire. What about you I'll I could buy a house for everyone I'm my children and grandchildren. And then sound. If I can win this answer lately you pay your bills. And that's what you doing it that's are doing. She did look on her birthday it's birthday happy first day and empower them time sir I did you wanna spend your day as. Well. He is harder look out the correct answer any sudden everything out and any director hear her eyes she did not. Just get like. Bomb we're going to wind up. And what do you and so what do you gonna buy what's the birthday guests. Payoff pay off bills there you go that's it no need advice sounds and extravagant sports team. That organized and that meant that the billionaires boys club. After taxes you're not a billionaire. Or close. Well would you would you by a like half the team and which one. If I were to buy a team it would it would probably only lately by either hockey team -- baseball be known it no NFL but they're all billionaires. But police here in the game at least you're in the. At least here and it RA wouldn't name Sergio they're letting you mom Susan Susan happy birthday good luck guys. RA so everyone thinks they have a shot at that's why do you think he used to be the want to win this is going on special. You're special like that even a site have that viable the winner and be back chances. I have got to these. And yeah. Peppered. You have good luck and you and you like just more luck like it viewed as somewhat but this is the ultimate this. I'm when Tim. How do you do that how do you just disappeared. I think of records like they're years. And would you tell anybody would you just. Not a soul about a tag you okay and yeah hamburgers I don't rank anywhere. And I like add up that job. This is that. That some pieces. You just take anyone with him. Family dinner react when they hear that you're a billionaire who win them and I wonder where you. Always one in Rome in the wears. Women and why wait in this lion and he is he's well have a Rutan I get to exhibit Tuesday. You come here every Tuesday for any moment. And what is a lying usually like. Is fair challenging blog and community and come right I was. As have you ever seen it quite this long now. I have an Atlanta before. We hear have you ever seen a thousand people in line to buy lottery ticket again. And I'm Zambian. It's a you're ready you're ready to end. As much it Mohammad Zaher Eric Martin and very nice to meet to best Alexio. Our enemy here is photo and what was that. I'm sorry we Ellie aren't letting people ahead of them. And line don't want to lose your spot when you're waiting for almost three hours to be able to buy lottery tickets. Again people lining up here because this is the closest place if you live in Nevada. And the reason that you can't buy lottery tickets in Nevada is because. The casino is just hope want the competition apparently in people are spending so much money going into those casino they don't want to give people something else. To gamble on and so they have to come here. Q the California border this is prima Nevada and we're just talking to the general manager here in he said only about a thousand people. Live in prim there all employees of this greater complex here so but if people live here and there are about a thousand people. In this line so really puts it into perspective these people are driving and from all over a lot of people coming in. A from Las Vegas and it's about a forty minute drive. To get here and then. Two and a half three hour long way to deal to buy tickets until it's funny time. To think about what. They are going to do when they win this jackpot because it be someone who's here waiting is theory are filling up your number is what's your strategy. Why can't leave it up on line isn't plan. Odds and evenings. Like superior to that eats and an highs and lows and animosity and into quick picks. Still a mix of it yet so are any of these significant numbers are just a mix of odds and even one of them is its muscle phone numbers. Smart Smart and heavy ever waited in line like us now why. Do at this time. I think it's worth it. The chance. Which you do you became a billionaire. On my car so why buy a house fires and I'm a mom a house. And then out also don't name so a living grace home. And now known Maine start a business. Something. Room. High island yeah we keep hearing that an odd people want to buy a house when a buy and Eileen are a lot of people talking about giving money to charity retire to a woman a little bit earlier who said that she wants to build a church and that's why she's waiting in line here is still. A lot of different ideas people hired dreaming they're making new friends here in this flag that got a whole Lotta time to kill. As they wait in line to buy tickets for tonight's huge Mega Millions jackpot be second largest lottery jackpot. In US history. And that is the latest here in from Nevada I'm Marcy Gonzales and you're watching ABC news live.

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{"duration":"17:37","description":"People drive down to Nevada-California border town Primm, Nevada, the closest location for many to purchase tickets for the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots totalling over $1.3 billion.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58623193","title":"Nevada residents drive to the California border in hopes to hit the jackpot","url":"/US/video/nevada-residents-drive-california-border-hopes-hit-jackpot-58623193"}