New York Doctor Charged in $10M Oxycodone Ring

Dr. Hector Castro allegedly part of scheme that sold pills in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
2:11 | 03/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New York Doctor Charged in $10M Oxycodone Ring
Live outside the doctor's office here in Gramercy Park but prosecutors say you didn't need an appointment all you had to -- -- -- a doctor a text message. And open your wallet. Prosecutors say the doctor never conducted examination that it's at provided prescriptions for painkillers like -- -- down. It exchange -- fistful of cash this is just drug dealing while wearing a ladder -- No different industry good -- back to -- Federal agents arrested Hector Castro. A 51 year old internist who allegedly wrote thousands of phony prescriptions -- 125. Dollars each. Prosecutors say those prescriptions were filled by unwitting pharmacists across the Tri-State area. For so called runners who sold the pills on the history. For up to thirty dollars per tablet the targets arrested this joint investigation. Pumped millions of dollars worth of narcotic pills into new York New Jersey Pennsylvania and New England communities. In a bizarre twist agents arrested the -- -- -- Castro's 28 year old office manager. -- charged her with stealing and selling Castro's blank prescription pads behind his back. How many people became addicted how many people died. So that the office manager could buy a Louis Vuitton bag -- Rolex watch. Many of the accomplices live in the Pocono Mountains of Eastern Pennsylvania. Where more than forty were arrested. -- agencies literally dozens of high power weapons including automatic shotgun. And it gleaming fifty caliber pistol. Agents say pharmacies in the Poconos were nearly cleaned out of oxy code own. And legitimate customers struggled to find the -- rock. Has a greater impact -- place like the pocono mountain region because there's fewer hospitals there's fewer doctor answers viewer pharmacies in he would find your New York City. Agents crack this case after a tip from an alert police officer in Woodbridge New Jersey who saw doctor Castro's name on -- pill bottle. -- a teenager had died of an overdose of oxy code tonight Gramercy Park and.

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{"id":18834614,"title":"New York Doctor Charged in $10M Oxycodone Ring","duration":"2:11","description":"Dr. Hector Castro allegedly part of scheme that sold pills in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.","url":"/US/video/new-york-doctor-charged-10m-oxycodone-ring-18834614","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}