New York Road Runners CEO: 'Hardest Decision'

Mary Wittenberg said the marathon had become a point of "controversy and division."
3:00 | 11/02/12

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Transcript for New York Road Runners CEO: 'Hardest Decision'
Joining us now on the -- was this important news about the ING New York City Marathon is new York road runners CEO. What -- thank you so much for joining us your reaction to this -- is tough it's extremely difficult. News to share with. In the city. And certainly with runners from around the world who are here and -- And for all the New Yorkers to train -- and hard for this -- Note the I -- city marathon has always been about bringing the city together and when we were hit with this unprecedented storm. Earlier this week from the earliest moments. Near -- the mayor's office came together in the whole idea was for come Sunday. For the marathon to really bring everybody together. Uplift everybody and and help us both honor those -- -- hurt and and and Lawson is really difficult. Tragic storm -- also really move the city forward and it's it's sad but what has happened in these last few days -- became clear that the marathon became. A manner of controversy and division in the city which is just not it's so opposite of what this event is all about so. It was time to make incredibly difficult decision that we made together. And the decision was this is about. Between the city forward it's about -- -- lasting for many many. Decades comic continuing to inspire people and help the city and it was time to just move on and and and let the city focus on our efforts ahead and -- recovery. -- supporting this that you can't have the support of a lot of others. Well I think yeah I think it I think there are lots of different opinions about whether the marathon -- run or not I think. That. For. There are a lot of negative voices in that had lost -- of their decision because again it fed this controversy conflict that. So not what this is all about that there -- a lot of fun it is one of the greatest -- in the -- and brings people together. And and so you've you've made a very tough decision that's extraordinary -- decision I'll tell you -- -- here 40000 voices and tens of thousands of voices. -- from New Yorkers who are going to be not happy about this decision. So you know this is this is a no win the only win here is the -- that really matters it's time to move forward for new York and for New Yorkers -- total and so. You know hardest decision we've ever made that's for sure not one we ever anticipated making there was time to make it -- time time to really go --

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{"id":17630030,"title":"New York Road Runners CEO: 'Hardest Decision'","duration":"3:00","description":"Mary Wittenberg said the marathon had become a point of \"controversy and division.\"","url":"/US/video/new-york-road-runners-ceo-hardest-decision-cancel-marathon-17630030","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}