Newly Released Video Shows Aurora Gunman's Booby-Trapped Apartment

Video captured by a bomb squad robot shows trip wires and armed explosives in James Holmes' apartment.
1:51 | 09/09/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Newly Released Video Shows Aurora Gunman's Booby-Trapped Apartment
The video is surreal the robot moving through the front door of the apartment and showing investigators for the first time a morass of trip wires blinking lights and armed explosives. A deadly jigsaw puzzle that had to be disarm. Basically what you wanted to do at that point just try to I didn't buy everything hand. Gary Smith is an ATF explosives enforcement officer who helped dismantle all the bombs Hughes. His intent was to. Have law enforcement respond to. The noise complaint at the apartment in the apartment and trip to trip wired so the device. Sixteen improvised explosive devices are homemade bombs that look like a cluster of black bowling balls connected with wire they lay in the middle of the living room floor. Around them also connected with wire and explosive charges are eleven green plastic bottles with gasoline. Set to accelerate the huge explosion and fire that the killer a plan. The killer had also filled large glass jars with homemade napalm made of gasoline and melted styrofoam. And then filled them with forty caliber bullets which he hoped would begin exploding from the intense heat the elaborate and complex explosive chain had three types of using systems. The robot showed investigators that the bombs had timed red and white fuses. And were connected with clips to remote control receivers which in turn were connected to a remote firing button. Devices were also connected to a remote control panel they could fire as many as 32 charges at a time. You got your toolbox for all your tools from all the trained to diamond. You need to appear with promised her what the right tool is in and uses there was also a booby trap note the fishing line across the room. That tripped by police or a neighbor could have initiated the inferno. In addition there were hundreds of rounds of rifle shotgun and pistol ammunition in the apartment. That the killer clearly believe would discharged at the pyrotechnic accelerant began to ignite.

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{"duration":"1:51","description":"Video captured by a bomb squad robot shows trip wires and armed explosives in James Holmes' apartment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"33626293","title":"Newly Released Video Shows Aurora Gunman's Booby-Trapped Apartment","url":"/US/video/newly-released-video-shows-aurora-gunmans-booby-trapped-apartment-33626293"}